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Larry Elder, Rose McGowan press conference. (Photo: ElectElder.com)

Actress Rose McGowan Endorses Elder, Slams BLM, Outs Gov. Newsom’s Wife

McGowan Bombshell: Said Gavin Newsom’s wife tried to bribe her to keep quiet about Harvey Weinstein rape allegations

By Katy Grimes, September 13, 2021 7:40 am

Did the October surprise just land in California’s Recall Election? Over the weekend, Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and actress Rose McGowan held a press conference where McGowan endorsed Elder, slammed BLM, and dropped a bombshell about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s wife, Jennifer.

McGowan appeared with Elder in Los Angeles Sunday endorsing him, after accusing Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom of attempting to coerce her in 2017 not to go public with rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

“So this woman, I don’t know, some blonde lady name with the last name of the Newsom, cold-calls me, and was like, David Boies wants to know what it would take to make you happy,” McGowan said during an appearance on “The Rubin Report.”  McGowan said Siebel Newsom had a message from Weinstein’s attorney David Boies, Fox News reported.

McGowan also announced she’s no longer a “Hollywood Democrat,” as she denounced the Black Lives Matter movement for promoting race labels, saying they are dangerous, and “humanity” should be the focus. “I finally came to a point where I am not a Democrat, because everyone who has harassed, stalked, and stolen from me in my time in Hollywood has been a Democrat.”

“It gives me no great pleasure to call out Democrats,” McGowan said with Elder, expressing sadness at California’s decline. “I was a Democrat.” McGowan said when her family first came to the U.S. from Italy, her mother sent her out to pass out packs of cigarettes that said “Vote for Dukakis.”

McGowan said, “The reality is, today, I challenge this state, I challenge these voters, I challenge the media, to back up. Be human first, vote for humanity.”

The media was mostly silent on the McGowan/Elder press conference. However, the media that attended the press conference were called out by McGowan. A reporter said, “Ms. McGowan explained why this is a voting issue… Gavin Newsom’s name is on the ballot, not his wife’s… we sometimes separate the spouse if we can…” McGowan replied, “You don’t think Jennifer Siebel Newsom went home that night after first making contact with me and talking to her husband – her brother-in-law is Schiller, Bois’s partner’s son. That makes him the brother-in-law of Gavin Newsom.

“Their all in it together,” McGowan said. “Obama’s daughter interned for my rapist two months before I exposed him in the New York Times. They’re all in on it. And you know it,” referring back to the reporter. “That’s a disingenuous question, my friend.”

Elder said if it was his girlfriend who had called McGowan to ask her what it would take to make the Weinstein sexual assault allegations go away, it’s all the media would be focused on. “This is a double standard I’ve been subjected to the entire time [of the campaign], and I’m sick of it,” Elder said.

McGowan said that Elder was the “the better candidate and the better man” noting that the Democrat Party was like a cult.

“Boies is the powerhouse Democratic Party attorney who co-founded the law firm Boies Schiller Flexner LLP alongside Jonathan D. Schiller and Donald Flexner,” the Daily Mail reported. “Jennifer Siebel Newsom is the sister of Melissa Siebel Schiller, who is married to Joshua Irwin Schiller, the son of Jonathan D. Schiller. Joshua Schiller is also a practicing lawyer with his father’s firm.”

You can watch the McGowan/Elder press conference at Elder’s campaign website: https://www.electelder.com/news/rose-mcgowan-details-how-gavin-newsoms-wife-approached-her-on-behalf-of-harvey-weinsteins-lawyer/

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9 thoughts on “Actress Rose McGowan Endorses Elder, Slams BLM, Outs Gov. Newsom’s Wife

  1. It’s interesting about this event. I think if I were in the anti-recall camp I would try my best to dismiss it, slough it off, shrug my shoulders, ignore it. And some of that DID happen for sure. Re the time-honored leftist method of ignoring important stories, video of it was almost impossible to find yesterday, indicating a main media blackout. Then, some of the excerpts that WERE posted were embedded in biased articles (e.g., Raw Story) which featured poor quality out-of-context video; clearly an attempt to make Rose McGowan look foolish and crazy. But most revealing was the reaction to her story and to this event on Twitter, which was what I noticed first. The “Twitterverse” writhed and spat about her as if they were Regan being doused with Holy Water in “The Exorcist.” To say this was very upsetting to them is probably the understatement of the year.

    1. Demonic exorcism is an apt description of the den of snakes that is today’s Democrat party…

      VOTING IN PERSON TOMORROW to send a signal that Election Day is supposed to be ONE-DAY ONLY, and taking my driver’s license to log-in and process my vote in person…

      RECALL NEWSOM – Elect Elder and partner with Kiley to restore SANE management to California, even though the entrenched demon-swamp will writhe and scream as the “holy water” is sprinkled on them….

  2. I should have added be sure to get your YES to RECALL NEWSOM vote in. By mail, if necessary, in case there are unexpected crowds for in-person voting. In L.A. County, where I live, husband and I mailed our ballots last Tuesday. We tracked our ballots on Saturday and saw they had been received and verified.
    L.A. County Registrar ballot track:
    If you have to mail it, you can do so even on Election Day, tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14. So keep that in mind and you will be in good shape. Just get your ballot in. And if you vote in person hang in there if there is an unexpected wait. VOTE YES to RECALL NEWSOM!

  3. And right on cue local “Inside California Politics” publishes an “exclusive poll” that shows Newsom winning the recall 60 -40.
    The story about the armed felon who had 300 ballots in his car was wiped away with a plain vanilla explanation about how it would be looked in to and no follow up about what they supposedly found when they looked into it.
    The story about a whole community of voters being told they had voted already and would have to be content with submitting provisional ballots was swept under the rug.
    This kind of partisan hack “news” unfortunately is what we can expect in California.
    You want your kids to be back in school? VOTE
    You want to be able to work and earn a living and provide for your family? VOTE
    You want to be able to make medical decisions for yourself in private? VOTE
    Newsom has declared that if he survives the recall he will view it as a mandate – you can only imagine what fresh havoc an emboldened Newsom will wreak on California if the machine engineers this for him.
    VOTE people VOTE like your lives depend on it.

  4. Flexner. That name ties in to what we are experiencing now-demonizing natural cures and propping up big pharma. Some of the earliest cult members, bribed into it by JD Rockefeller.
    I wonder if Donald Flexner is related to the Flexner brothers? Listen to this to crystalize whats going on today, she explains the Flexner brothers role in how we got here.
    “Dr. Rima Laibow – Depopulation Conspiracy & Self Healing” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4feaQKL4v4Y
    Article: “If you’ve ever wondered how modern-day medicine got to where it is today, you should begin by learning about Abraham Flexner. He’s probably one of the most influential men no one has ever heard of. ”

  5. What’s that little phrase? The truth hurts.
    All you need to do is connect the dots. Rose McGowan goes public with her claim. Mrs. Newsom, the “First Partner” of California, then sent off an email to a friend that was somehow leaked. In the email she admits she contacted Rose McGowan but just to reach out. You can read it on Rose McGowans twitter feed or do a search. Now take into consideration, the family relationship, her sister is married to Josh Schiller an associate of David Boies who was at the time lawyer to Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

    This is just another piece of the corrupt puzzle Newsom has laid out, PG&E donations to his wife’s foundation, the questionable purchase/ gift of the Marin County home. Then let’s not forget all the bad policy and tyrannical reign in the last year.

    This is just one more thing to consider when voting to recall sleaze ball, Gov Gav.
    Oh yeah, and if you do not want to choose between the jab or your job, VOTE YES TO RECALL NEWSOM

  6. The 46 candidates on the ballot are a joke and the last thing CA needs is Larry Elder. I voted NO on the CA recall and the majority of CA voters support the NO campaign. Newsom will win.

  7. Rose McGowan is Brave and Courageous. This woman brought down Weinstein. There would be no way she would make this up or fabricate it. What for? She already bowled a strike in the first frame, this is the second frame and that’s two in a row. Guaranteed the left does not want to hear this story. It received good traction and made news all over the world. This is still a very big story, it has not gone away. Election day was just proof that Fear won and Courage took second place. The Democrats only know Fear, they don’t understand Courage, Honor or Integrity.

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