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Attorney General Rob Bonta. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

AG Rob Bonta’s Political Lawsuit Against Chino Valley School Board Lacks Legal Ground

Bonta cites ‘reports’ and ‘studies’ but no legal cases

By Katy Grimes, September 5, 2023 1:19 pm

California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced a lawsuit filed August 28, 2023, to immediately stop the Chino Valley Unified School District from “outing” transgender students to their parents.

What is Bonta’s justification? He claims the Chino Valley policy “violates the California Constitution and state laws safeguarding civil rights, and has already caused and is threatening to cause LGBTQ+ students with further mental, emotional, psychological and potential physical harm.”

Bonta’s lawsuit is only possible because Democrats in the California Legislature killed AB 1314 by Assemblymen Bill Essayli (R-Corona) and James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) to legally solidify that a parent or guardian has the right to be notified in writing within 3 days from the date any teacher, counselor, or employee of the school becomes aware that a pupil is identifying at school as a gender that does not align with the child’s sex on their birth certificate. AB 1314 would have reaffirmed parental rights, but Democrats in the California Legislature killed the bill in the Assembly Education Committee by denying even a hearing on the proposed legislation. Specifically, Committee Chairman Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance) refused to allow the bill to be heard.”

As the Globe reported last week, “There are California school districts which have secretly transitioned students without notifying their parents.

What are those civil rights laws and constitutional protections Bonta claims trans school children have?

Bonta says “Education is a fundamental right in California” under the Equal Protection Clause of the California Constitution. Okay. I agree. “Including those students who are transgender…” Absolutely. Children are children.

Then his lawsuit says Chino Valley Unified School District “singled out an especially vulnerable group of children and youth for discriminatory treatment: transgender and gender nonconforming students.”

Here are some specifics of the lawsuit:

“The policy mandates that Chino Valley Unified School District employees ‘out’ transgender and gender nonconforming students to their parents or guardians, regardless of the students’ wishes, whenever the student asks to be identified or treated as a gender “other than the student’s biological sex or gender listed on the student’s birth certificate or any other official records.”

According to AG Bonta, this is “forced disclosure.”

Besides being legally feeble, Bonta’s lawsuit is just the latest dubious attempt by California state officials to run roughshod over parental rights, as well as rejecting parents’ rights and concerns for the health and welfare of their own children.

“Transgenderism” up until very recently, was rare. It was also referred to by the American Psychiatric Association as “gender identity disorder” …until they changed it to gender dysphoria in order to “reduce stigma surrounding trans people.”

And now we have many many examples of school officials coercing and bullying confused children into adopting the identity of the opposite sex; convincing children that their mental anguish is because they do not belong in the girl/boy body in which they were born.

The Chino Valley Unified School District board merely authorized notification to parents if a child starts to identify as a different gender. That is a really drastic event and one in which parents need to know about.

Bonta’s lawsuit says:

“Since the first day of the 2023-2024 school year, Policy 5020.1 has placed transgender and gender nonconforming students in danger of imminent, irreparable harm from the consequences of forced disclosures. These students are currently under threat of being outed to their parents or guardians against their express wishes and will.”

If a student got into a fight at school and his arm was broken, the school would notify the parents.

If a child vomited in class, the school would notify the parents and insist they pick her up from school.

But if your daughter goes to school and expresses confusion over her gender to her teacher, according to Attorney General Rob Bonta, not only does that teacher not have to notify parents, the teacher now has unfettered access to your daughter and the ensuing discussions about gender, sex, and transitioning, without your knowledge, consent or input.

Parents bad; school officials good. In the Communist Manifesto of 1848, Karl Marx called for the abolition of the family. Marxists also realized that the way to completely change society was to destroy the most important civil society institution, the family.

“Transgender students in unsupportive or unsafe environments suffer significant levels of discrimination, abuse, and harassment, both physical and mental, well above their non- transgender peers.” Bonta is referring to your home, with your children.

This is no assault on the privacy rights of students, but is an assault on the rights of parents. Bonta claims that school officials are bound by constitutional standards to hide information about student gender identity and sexual behavior from parents.

If a child comes to school with obvious evidence of cutting up and down her arm, is the school obligated to notify parents? We used to assume that schools were obligated to report to parents.

Bonta’s lawsuit says without legal citation:

“Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students in Unsupportive Environments Experience High Degrees of Discrimination and Harassment.”

“Gender identity is not a choice, and it is not a mental illness. It is an essential part of one’s identity and being, and cannot be voluntarily changed.”

“Transgender students in unsupportive or unsafe environments suffer significant levels of discrimination, abuse, and harassment, both physical and mental, well above their non- transgender peers.”

Bonta cites “reports” and “studies” but no legal cases. He even cites the California Endowment… as if that is credible.

“A report analyzing 2017-2019 data concerning students across 2,749 California schools—in grades seven, nine, and 11—found that transgender students in California reported negative school experiences and poorer mental health ‘at higher rates’ than any other ‘sexual orientation subgroups.’ (Hanson et al., Understanding the Experiences of LGBTQ Students in California (Oct. 2019) The California Endowment, pp. 9, 52, https://tinyurl.com/v452ty7s.).”

“A study of 2015-2016 data from California public schools found that more than 40 percent of transgender students reported being bullied because of their gender identity, as opposed to only 7.3 percent of non-transgender students who reported gender-based bullying or bullying on the basis of perceived gender identity. (De Pedro et al., Exploring Physical, Nonphysical, and Discrimination-Based Victimization Among Transgender Youth in California Public Schools (2019) 1 Internat. J. of Bullying Prevention 218, 222.).”

Bonta also claims “Conversely, transgender children who socially transition have mental health outcomes that mirror those of their cisgender peers,” and. cites this study: (Coleman et al., Standards of Care for the Health of Transgender and Gender Diverse People, Version 8 (2022) 23 Internat. J. of Transgender Health S1, S77.)

He even cites “The Trevor Project, 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, p. 4, https://tinyurl.com/2fn5xfjr.),” which many say “want to cut parents out of the process of helping their distressed children.”

In Bonta’s lawsuit, there are anecdotal stories by teachers about how the “forced disclosure provisions have created an environment of fear that has substantially harmed their students.”

“A second teacher observed ‘significant change’ in students at his high school. As the faculty liaison for the student-run LGBTQ+ club, this teacher had in previous years seen students expressing their gender identity and other parts of their personality ‘openly,’ with ‘enthusiasm,’ ‘energy and excitement.’ After Policy 5020.1, students are ‘withdrawn’ and ‘no longer . . . speaking up’ about “LGBTQ+ rights.”

That’s some real credibility.

The lawsuit finally claims:

“the Attorney General has determined that Defendant has violated the California Constitution, Article 1, section 1, by infringing on the privacy interests of transgender and gender nonconforming students, without the compelling interest necessary to overcome the privacy interests of those students, and because there are feasible and effective alternatives which have a lesser intrusion upon students’ autonomy.” (CA Globe emphasis)

Here is California Constitution, Article 1, section 1:

“All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.”

Bonta’s argument is really weak and looks more like a political stunt or political campaign.

These are still students – minor children – under age 18 – parents are legally and morally responsible for their children. If your kid borrows your car and plows into a Dollar Store, the parents will be held financially responsible for the property damage.

And one parent has already won a lawsuit against a school for doing just what AG Bonta claims is illegal: California Mom Jessica Konen just settled for $100,000 her lawsuit against the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey over the middle school there that tried to cajole her 11-year-old daughter into becoming a boy without her knowledge.

More parents need to sue school districts for illegal transitioning of their children, and perhaps name California Attorney General Rob Bonta in the suit.

Here is AG Bonta’s video announcement – be sure to watch the entire press conference. It is noteworthy that Bonta prioritizes children’s desire “to be yourself, be who you are,” and “as their authentic selves,” over their adult parents’s concerns, authority and experience.

This is the lawsuit:



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8 thoughts on “AG Rob Bonta’s Political Lawsuit Against Chino Valley School Board Lacks Legal Ground

  1. Bonta (and his wife) are completely incompetent. No one with this little intelligence and lack of scruples should be in a position of leadership here or anywhere else.

  2. Rob Bonta is such a disgusting excuse for a human being it now makes me feel sick to look at his photo. And I’m not kidding or exaggerating, either.
    He doesn’t believe in this stuff, he knows what he is doing. Imagine that, he KNOWS the harm he is doing to these kids. And of course because he tries to emulate Gruesome he is arrogant about it and comes off as an even bigger horse’s ass than you-know-who… if that’s even possible.

    Readers might want to call their state senator one last time ASAP because AB 665 is up for its final votes between now and Sept 14. AB 665 is the one that allows kids as young as 12 (and up) to get mental health counseling without parental notification or permission. I contend AB 665 (if it passes, God forbid) will be mostly used to funnel so-called “gender-confused” minor students post-haste from secret tele-health “counseling” sessions at school (say LAUSD) directly to the nearest participating hospital’s transgender department (say, L.A. Children’s Hospital “TransYouth” wing) where they will then be super-fast-tracked to puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and mutilating gender-switch surgeries before anyone can blink an eye and without pesky parental interference. Of course it sure looks like AG Rob Bonta and the Gang of Junior Gruesomes are 2/3 of the way there already without even a law in place. AB 665.
    And, oh, by the way, you might want to include in your contact a strong insistence that your Senator also VOTE NO on AB 1078, up for final vote too between now and Sep 14. AB 1078 is the “anything goes” centralized state curriculum piece of garbage bill that will force local school districts to keep shoveling — with gusto — pornography, gender nonsense, CRT, and every other damaging topic you can think of down the throats of your public school kids. It’s frigging unbelievable that we’re even taking about this.
    AB 1078.

  3. So the same people who claim that “gender identity” is a “social construct” that is not tied to biological sex also claim that “gender identify” is “not a choice’ and “cannot be voluntarily changed”. As always, their logic is completely flawed. These are also the same people who want to say that being “trans” is not a big deal so parents don’t have a “compelling interest” in knowing if their child has been tricked into identifying as one but at the same time claim that being “trans” is so important that we need an entire month dedicated to celebrating them. What a complete clownshow this state has become run by absolute evil, incompetent people.

  4. As one Republican state legislator stated, “If you love your children, you’ll flee this state!” The Communists in Sacramento want to take all of our rights away, especially parental rights. It’s the Marxist way.

  5. It is time the Bonta Dynasty to be defeated. This is why I am running for State Assembly 18 against Mia Bonta. This is about our future generations. The most important wealth this nation has is the minds and souls of our children. This is what our nation was founded on, the principel of “general welfare”, as God created us in His image, with a creative mind to advance our future generations with lawful scientific and culture developements. Join my campaign for State Assembly 18, Mindy Pechenuk. This is our turn in history!

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