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California School District Settles for $100K With Mom After School ‘Transitioned’ 11-year old Daughter

Teachers had her use the boys bathroom, adopt a boy name, and to keep her new gender identity secret from her mother

By Evan Gahr, August 31, 2023 4:07 pm

So who are the real bullies and predators?

California Attorney General Rob Bonta this week sued a school district over its policy requiring parents to be notified if their kids switch genders at school, claiming parents would bully their own kids if they found out.

But the reality is that it is doctors, psychologists, teachers and social workers who routinely bully and cajole confused and anguished young kids into switching genders, with many later regretting the change and returning back to their real gender.

Now one woman who fought back against some of these transgender cultists has scored a resounding victory.

California Mom Jessica Konen just settled for $100,000 her lawsuit against the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey over the middle school there that tried to cajole her daughter into becoming a boy without her knowledge.

Teachers at the Buena Vista Middle School told Konen’s daughter Alicia, then 11, that she was having problems because she did not know who she “truly was inside.” They had her use the boys bathroom and adopt a boy’s name. The school also told Alicia to keep her new gender identity secret from her mother.

After Konen learned about the transitioning and chicanery she sued in state court in 2022. By that time Alicia had long stopped identifying as a boy and reverted back to her true feminine self. Konen was represented by conservative lawyer Harmeet Dhillon’s Center for American Liberty.

In a statement about the settlement Dhillon said, “At its core, this case is about upholding the sacred bond between parents and their children. Parents have an inherent right to be involved in pivotal decisions concerning their children’s lives.”

The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California for Monterey County on June 14, 2022. The defendants are the school district, Buena Vista Middle School Principal Katelyn Pagarn and the teachers, Kelly Baraki and Lori Caldeira, who the lawsuit  says engaged in a civil conspiracy to keep Alicia’s adoption of a male identity secret from her mother. It also charges the defendants with intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence and says they violated Jessica Konen’s rights under the 14th Amendment to raise her daughter as she fits.  The lawsuit refers to Alicia as A.G.

“Ms. Konen brings this action to vindicate her fundamental right under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution to direct the upbringing of her minor child, A.G.” the complaint says.  “Defendants, teachers and administrators at A.G.’s middle school, along with the school itself, secretly convinced A.G.—who was 11 years old at the time—first, that she was bisexual and, later, that she was transgender—i.e., that her gender did not correspond with her biological sex. Despite the profound mental stress these actions inflicted on A.G., Defendants attempted to counsel A.G. themselves, without her mother’s involvement, instructing A.G. that she must not tell her mother, her closest confidant, about her new supposed gender identity.”

“Defendants attempted to actively deceive Ms. Konen of A.G.’s new gender identity by using A.G.’s birth name and corresponding pronouns in her (Ms. Konen’s) presence while using A.G.’s new name and pronouns when she (Ms. Konen) was not present, by instructing A.G. that she must not tell her mother about her new gender identity, and by otherwise concealing facts regarding A.G.’s new gender identity from Ms. Konen.”

The lawsuit describes how the two teachers, Bakari and Calderia, operated an equality club for students that functioned as some kind of creepy grooming operation that they used to cajole kids into believing they were gay or transgender.

“Caldeira and Baraki operated the Equality Club, a school-based club for students comprised primarily of students that Caldeira and Baraki had identified as students who they believed might be receptive to ideas such as homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, gender non-conformity, etc.  Caldeira and Baraki identified students for the Equality Club based on comments students made to them, comments that they overheard students make to others, and their own  observations of students in the classroom setting, and otherwise,” the lawsuit recounts.

 “Once they identified students for the club, Caldeira and Baraki would invite them to participate. In addition, often at Caldeira’s and Baraki’s suggestion, students already in the Equality Club would recruit other students to attend Equality Club meetings.

At Equality Club meetings, Caldeira and Baraki would, among other things, discuss issues related to homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, gender non-conformity, etc. Through these discussions, Caldeira and Baraki coached students on how to express those identities.”

“Sometimes, Caldeira and Baraki would introduce and push identities on students, and the students resisted.”

Like all bullies the teacher relied on secrecy to do their dirty work. The lawsuit says:

“Caldeira and Baraki took measures to keep students’ participation in the Equality Club and student’s new gender identities secret from students’ parents. Specifically, Caldeira and Baraki: (1) instructed students that they should not tell their parents about their new gender identities; (2) purposefully failed to keep Equality Club rosters or records so that parents could not discover their children’s participation in the club or new gender identities; and (3) held Equality Club meetings during lunch—as opposed to after school when other student clubs meet—so that students, who were too young to drive, did not have to ask their parents to pick them up so they could better hide their participation in the club and their new gender identities.”

Alicia was one of the students that the teachers actively recruited against her own natural inclinations, the lawsuit makes clear.

“A.G. started school at Buena Vista in the sixth grade during the 2018-2019 school year. At the time, A.G. was 11 years old. Near the beginning of A.G.’s sixth-grade year, she attended an Equality Club meeting at the invitation of a friend. Initially, A.G. was not interested in the discussion, and she decided not to come back to the club. About two weeks later, Caldeira approached A.G. and asked her to come back to the club. Caldeira told A.G. that she ‘fit in perfectly.’ A.G. agreed to come back at Caldeira’s direction, and she began attending Equality Club meetings on a regular basis.”

“At these meetings and in other discussions, Caldeira and Baraki told A.G. that she was bisexual. That idea did not originate with A.G. In fact, she did not fully understand what that term meant. Shortly thereafter, Caldeira and Baraki told A.G. that she was transgender—i.e., that her gender did not match her biological sex. As with the bisexual label the teachers applied to A.G., the idea that A.G. was instead transgender, did not originate with A.G., nor did A.G. fully understand what it meant.”

Soon, “Caldeira and Baraki encouraged A.G. to change her name to a boy’s name as an expression of the new identity they were encouraging her to take on. A.G. assumed the name “S.G.” and began wearing boys’ clothing. At first, A.G. used the name S.G. at Equality Club and among her friends only. Caldeira and Baraki also began referring to A.G. as S.G.”

The lawsuit says that with the principal’s knowledge the teachers told Alicia to keep her new masculine identity secret from her mother.

In the fall of 2019 Alicia told Caldeiera that she wanted her mother to know about her her knew identity but the teacher did not comply with her wishes. But finally, the lawsuits says:

“on or about December 18, 2019, the principal summoned Jessica Konen to her office and told her that Alicia was using a male name.

“Defendants’ acts have driven a wedge between Ms. Konen and her daughter, sending the message to A.G. that her mother cannot be trusted and does not support her, and Ms. Konen’s relationship with her daughter has been seriously damaged because of Defendants’ actions as set forth herein,” the lawsuit says.  “By cutting Ms. Konen out of the decision-making process for A.G. on matters as intimate and consequential as gender identity, Defendants have caused Ms. Konen and A.G. to suffer severe emotional distress, mental anguish, psychological damage, and damage to their family dynamic of such a substantial or enduring quality that no reasonable person in a civilized society should be expected to endure it and reasonable people would be unable adequately to cope with it.”

Center for American Liberty associate counsel Eric Sell told the California Globe that he hoped the settlement would be a game changer for parental rights. “This is as far as we know the first time a school district had to pay money to a parent for socially transitioning their child” without their knowledge. “This settlement will hopefully serve as a deterrent effect to schools.  If they know they will  be financially liable for transitioning a child in secret we’re hoping they won’t do it.”

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6 thoughts on “California School District Settles for $100K With Mom After School ‘Transitioned’ 11-year old Daughter

  1. “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

  2. What a creepy weird thing to do to a child. The mother is quite right to have sued and fortunately won the case, which is good news. I hope the parents of other children in the so-called club file suits as well.

    The next step is for the “teachers” to loose their credentials.

  3. Isn’t trans surgery an “elective”, non-lifesaving and/or “experimental”? Such “experimental” procedures of all kinds have already been performed on children with horrific results throughout history. It is somewhat macabre like Dr. Josef Mengele at Auschwitz. Those who know California history know that the state purchased the Nazi Germany handbook on “Eugenics” in the 1930s as part of a novel state-managed sterilization program. This should show anyone that California does not have a sterling history with anything to do with children, period.

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