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Assemblyman Evan Low (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Another Gutted Bill Amended to Compel CA Employers to Require COVID Vaccine as Condition of Employment

‘In order to avoid further shutdowns and prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed, it is critical that all eligible Californians get vaccinated against COVID-19’

By Katy Grimes, August 26, 2021 11:01 pm

Another California Legislature gut-and-amend-bill has been amended to replace existing legislation with language that seeks to order an employer to require a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. The bill also warns that to avoid further shutdowns and prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed, “it is critical that all eligible Californians get vaccinated against COVID-19.”

The now 35 pages of AB 1102 by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Palo Alto), make these changes from the former “Telephone medical advice services:”

    •    Amends current state discrimination statute (Section 12940 of the Government Code) by specifying that the law does not prevent an employer from requiring a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. And specifies that employers may require booster shots that are recommended by the CDC.

    •    Also clarifies that employers may require employees or “applicated” who are not vaccinated to submit regular testing to confirm a negative COVID-19 status.

    •    Applies the provisions to apprenticeship training programs, unpaid internships, or any other program to provide unpaid experience for a person in the workplace.

    •    Sunsets on January 1, 2024.

“It’s pathetic,” said a Capitol source. “The progressive legislators play ‘Vax for the win’ [of money prizes] while the people of California have to walk down-urine soaked streets and needle strewn parks. Pathetic.”

AB 1102 now joins AB 455, which was a transportation bill amended into a bill ordering a vaccine mandate on private industry, as the Globe reported Wednesday.

AB 1102 legal language addresses more some Californians’ “vaccine resistance,” and in particular, those who already had the COVID virus and recovered and have chosen not to take the vaccine:

Amendment 2, Section (e): “There is a need for people who have been previously infected with COVID-19 to get vaccinated, as researchers have found that getting “vaccinated after infection boosted by 50-fold the activity of neutralizing antibodies needed to repel the virus and prevented infection with variants.”

The Lancet, and other Medical journals, as well as practicing physicians, have stated that children remain at a very low risk of COVID-19 mortality because of natural immunities.

AB 1102 says:

Amendment 2, section (f) Children under 12 years of age are not yet eligible to be vaccinated, which puts them at risk of contracting the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant.

Notably, the bill also says this:

(h) In order to avoid further shutdowns and prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed, it is critical that all eligible Californians get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The amendments specifically name “The Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines,” and say they “have been proven highly effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death” against COVID-19.


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121 thoughts on “Another Gutted Bill Amended to Compel CA Employers to Require COVID Vaccine as Condition of Employment

  1. 10818is asinine . No one has the right to tell me what to do with body period. Its no ones business. Not the government, No medical official, . no teacher scientist no one tells me I have to get a vaccine. Only I decide what goes in body. I suggest every one do research and make there own decision. We can debate facts all day and away goes your stupid idea. If you think an experimental mRNA is better than God’s immune that works faulsly. Get all the vaccine you want. There long term effect, The test are 94% incorrect according to CDC. CDC are invested in pharmaceutic companies and have made billions off there every narrative. I could go on for several weeks however I don’t have the time. Shove your experimental vaccine where the sun don.t shine and do your job and mind your own business. Dumb ass

    1. ^^^ THIS!!!! Agree 100% Whitey – thanks for saving me the effort of parroting your perspectives….

      I WILL add one parting thought though… WHY are they so DAMN interested in FORCING people to take the shot… and WHY are they all being presented by DEMO(N)CRATS out of the Bay Area??? WHY???

      Feels like a concerted effort on behalf of some other, larger, nefarious force…

      1. And at such an “inconvenient time” for one person who works for me. SHE JUST CREMATED HER FATHER WHO DIED FROM THE VACCINE and his girlfriend, who took the vaccine at the same time, LOST HER ABILITY TO WALK AND HER HEART KEPT STOPPING. This person who just lost her dad to the vaccine is a single mom. She fears getting this “life saving ” jab and leaving her child as an orphan. I so hope that Evan Low, clearly one of our all knowing overlords, can tell me what I should say to her. I look forward to his wise words.

        1. Vote no. This is not a democracy if Bills like this get passed what to stop the government from taking all of our rights

          1. Your right to freedom does not give you the right to transmit a potential lethal disease to me or anyone else. We do not have smallpox, polio, etc., because of required vaccinations. This virus will not go away. I worked for the March of Dimes and with polio patients in iron lungs, respirators, etc., and without vaccination polio would still be with us today. Get vaccinated and protect others from getting the disease. It is a small thing to do and a big thing for the world.


          3. 1) why has every article written, ignore natural immunity as real, requires Antigen or antibody testing. But still valid. And if are immune saves alot of lab expenses, because then no need for booster, or even a retest for many years. Yet, this vax, has a 10% to 14% failure rate, esp. for variants, the mean is designed for a specific spike protein, therefore variants are the same with slight difference, and cause less symptoms, but that is assuming you are in the 83% to 97% and your body created some protection. Gee, if you didn’t create protection, you are not vaccinated, that’s why they require 2 faxes, but there is still the outlier 10 %. Unless those vaccinated retest every 2-3 mos. Unless you do this, you really can not be sure, some are not. Are all vaccinated being tested weekly to see when their level drops? No, but there is no threat to employment. Think through the entire issue, not just a way to get your name on some bill!
            The need for booster for them is still unknown.We must have a bigger reaction to be heard. It’s not helpful for someone with naturally acquired immunity, recovered from an actual infection to have a vaccine. It wastes a vax that someone else wants. Let the children who are uncompromised physically alone. Covid is here to stay, just as the seasonal flu. It will be back yearly. With all the same side or efficacious effects.
            2. You can’t just mandate health care. The choices have to be as multiple as the care for personal situations. So there is no need to legislate. Waste of time and money. Allow full exemptions. If you want routine testing everyone should. People can decide.
            Problem is, as citizens( not me, I didn’t vote for these idiots) people gave legislators the right of yes or no, it will be passed in their halls, not by our pens! We need to be very proactive to stop this. Write letters, march down their streets. Sue if they don’t represent all citizens without discrimination. if they pass any law telling a citizen what they can and cannot decide about their health choices they are on the ultimate Slippery slope, OUT@”. And what’s the difference between this and their support of abortion on demand. For whatever reason cited, a citizen has a choice about their body, even in death, we have the right of advanced directive, whether we donate organs, etc. BTW, researchers are still out on opinions whether a vaccinated person can donate blood to the unvaccinated or naturally immune person as it could have catastrophic results.
            Let people decide. No legislation needed.
            Where’s our heros in Sacramento. Do we have to picket their homes? Maybe then they couldn’t close deaf ears. Use your time to stop crime, move the homeless into organized shelters, and mentally ill back in medically supervised care.
            Do something positive. BTW, I’ve been an RN for 49 yrs., am highly educated and still work. I have researched these vaccines.The reaction here is so much like the HIV crisis back in the 60’s.;
            If you want to legislate medication, have medical passports, then you need to include every disease that affects a community: If you have syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS Complex/HIV, on chemotherapy that poisons the community three natural elimination, but isn’t able to be removed thru sanitation dept, We could go on and on. We have special disposal regulations for radioactive/ nuclear medical waste, but none for small community homes..

      2. We do not comply to tyranny this is not communist China. Or Germany we the people do not comply!!’ I repeat we do not comply!

      3. Dear CriticalDefense9: you have not become aware of Karl Schwab’s The Great Reset??? Please go online and retrieve some of the thousands of hits explaining in very clear words that The Great Reset in the Western World is directing all of this Covid Mess. It’s all part of their “de-population” program. Bill Gates, and a whole slew of US/European multi-billionaires are behind this whole operation.

    2. Agree????????. My sister and my daughter’s companies are requiring the jab. I pray they get their exemptions. Sadly, our freedoms are quickly fading away. Our government sucks, they are all liars.

    3. Please call your legislator and tell them that you oppose Bill 455 and Bill 1102. Tell them to vote no on these bills and give them your reasons. I have called and the more people that call we hopefully can stop these corrupt bills that take away our freedoms.

    4. Please look up your state representatives, then call, email, fax and snail mail letters to them indicating your voices against. I did that last week. It does help, a lot. They need to know who is in charge . . . NOT the legislators; we are!

      1. Not getting a vaccine for a virus with a 99.9x% recovery rate and murdering an unborn child are not even in the same ballpark. Get real!

    5. “The CDC recommends the vax.” Keep this comeback handy: “The CDC also recommends anal sex.” (It’s implied on their website males-who-have-sex-with-males or MSM.)

    6. Wow, from “two weeks to flatten the curve”, to “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!”. This is so wrong and disgusting…. and many just don’t get that. Reports say that over 31% of Americans have already HAD covid, so our natural immunity is being completely disregarded. This is just evil.

  2. An ammendment to an assembly bill quotes Dr Fauci “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is unreal to me. Show us the science, the analytical data, clinical evidence, autopsies. How an assembly bill can be amended on one persons personal opinion without presenting the scientific data to support such is insane. Other countries recognize natural immunity (immunity passports) while USA completely ignores it. I read one autposy completed on a vaccinated elderly man admitted for other reasons, was COVID negative but was housed in a room with a COVID positive patient, once he was exposed to that person, he tested positive and died quickly. Results of his autopsy revealed the COVID vaccine protein spikes were found in all organs of his body when the manufacturer states the protein spikes are supposed to stay local to the injected muscle or in nearby lymph nodes. My point is we need more information from reliable sources. I would appreciate answers to all my questions. Wouldn’t our political leaders want these answers as well? Too many stones unturned. Why are they so adamant to go against science and demand those with natural immunity get a vaccine that would potentially cause more harm to them then good?

    1. The normal testing process for a drug to come to the market is between 2-7 years maybe longer. Also, if there is 25-50 deaths related to the drug being tested, in the past have been pulled, why is that standard being conveniently ignored.? This shot that is proclaiming to be so effective came to the market in mere months. What happened to proper ethical standards within the medical community? . How can the medical profession support this insane chain of events? When you have Government trying to convince you to get a shot by offering money, gifts, payment of bills something is wrong, is it not? And now they are threatening your livelihood if you want free choice? If you feel your provider, Doctor, medical association has provided the proper informed consent with risk/benefit ratio about the shot and you chose to take it good for you. But, I can say for certain with the obvious lack of testing to support safety/efficacy of a drug I’m not interested in their current regime.. All I can say is follow the money, it smells like a rat.

    2. Excellent points made here by Stacy and other readers.
      All they have to do is look to Sweden, no mandates, no lockdowns, just common sense applications. They are near 0 daily deaths and have achieved the illusive herd immunity that the vaccinations touted as the answer to getting back to our lives.

      You know what Swedes have to look forward to? No ongoing 6 month booster cycles!

      1. Interesting. However I have a friend living in Sweden, and he said virtually everyone has gotten vaccinated because they comply easily and fully believe in their government. He also said the EU has created a vaccine passport, and if you want to go anywhere or do anything, you need to have it. He reluctantly got the vaccine.

    3. Lord Fauci IS NOT to be QUESTIONED, Stacy!!!

      Any more outbursts like that and YOU WILL be deplatforned here… {sarc}

      But seriously folks, the little garden gnome wields WAY WAY WAY too much influence and a properly aligned media, doing REAL journalism, would have called Farceci out for his political BS MONTHS ago…

  3. If they are going to go this far, then why not
    *Require unvaccinated to wear an arm band clearly identifying them.
    *Limit access to bank accounts of the unvaccinated.
    *Require local police and sheriff to maintain a list of all unvaccinated individuals.
    *Require the unvaccinated to obtain permission to travel outside the city, county or state.

    I mean, they have made their intention clear here and they clearly want to escalate the situation, so why not do it the right way, like how Mao or Stalin would do it?

    Maybe they are just shy?

      1. No people we too stand against them God speak church is standing against trynny and so are others across the land

    1. Don’t give them any ideas, although this probably their next move… remember those FEMA camps & massive plastic coffin shipments that were being reported during the Obama (Obamanation) regime???
      Could this be a long-term play by the WEF/Agenda 2030 useful idiots???

    2. Actually, I’ve been seeing reports today that legislation will soon be introduced at the Federal level that will do most of what you’re predicting. No bill numbers yet, but it’s worth watching for. There’s already one bill (H.R. 4890) in Congress that would prohibit anyone who’s refused the shots from flying on commercial flights, and may prevent them from purchasing firearms. The political climate has reached the point where I no longer have hope that the rule of law and the Constitution can be restored peacefully. I’m now just wondering how and when the shooting will start.

      1. I don’t doubt at all that they will try this, awful as it may be to contemplate. Thank you for the information.

      2. Kevin Low like most the Dems legislators in Cali are disgraceful to the citizens of this State! Time to send a message real loud and vote them gone!!! We will not take they tyrant actions and far over reach and infringement on our rights!!!

      3. @ John which Congress wrote this bill? I’m searching and cannot find it. I know it’s out there. I’d love to read it. Thank you

    3. @David Bravo! When you state this is where they’re going, you’re called ridiculous and a conspiracy theorist. Re-framing it as a suggestion–well now they have to think about it and say, “hmmm no that’s silly.” Oh, you think?

  4. It is critical that all eligible Californians get vaccinated against COVID-19 which has a 99% percent recovery rate for most people? One wonders if Assemblyman Evan Low and other Democrats in the legislature are getting payoffs from big pharma, the CCP, and others who have a devious agenda?

  5. Okay. Let’s step back and try to look at this nonsense objectively if we can. I think we know by now where they are going with these mandates. Or where they HOPE to go. It’s obviously not about, and has never been about, the “science.”

    First of all, we’re talking about a small group of politicians who are behind all of this stuff. They are mostly from the Bay Area. In a state of 40M people! Soon-to-be-recalled Gov Gav Gruesome, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, the nutty group of frequently-cited usual-suspect legislators, and the list goes on. In spite of their obvious deficits of intelligence they have somehow managed to figure out that the vaxxed and un-vaxxed approximately align with political party and world view. Let’s call them the “sensible vs. “delusional” instead of “Repub” and “Dem.” The delusional want sensible people GONE. Forced out of the state. Or powerless. Imprisoned in their homes. Whatever. Out of their hair! I actually once heard one of these delusional politicians say to a sensible dissenter at a town hall, “If you don’t like it you can always move to a red state!”

    Looks like they’ve also noticed there are A LOT of sensible people in California. Maybe too many! What to do? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let’s see, they’ve already tried burning down the state, withholding water, turning the state’s cities into drug-and-filth-infested playpens from hell (with occasional riots), turning the schools into indoctrination centers, enabling skyrocketing crime and mayhem, cheating in elections, punishing and ruining small business, the middle class, the religious, people who use their common sense, just to name a few. Some sensible people have fled, but not enough, according to the delusional. What’s left? Deny them employment, freedom of movement, et al, by isolating them as “un-vaccinated.” “Let’s get that caste system cemented in the law before it’s too late!” they say. “That’ll fix ‘em!” they say.

    Meanwhile, I liked what commenter “Jaye” said on Katy Grimes’ article about the previous vaccine-mandated gut-and-amend bill (below): “This vaccine mandate bill is utter insanity, as if the authors wanted to take Newsom down by forcing him to sign it. Go ahead, just do it. And make sure every single voter now knows the gravity of their recall vote.”

  6. Many do not realize this but the Legislature created a series of additions to the labor code that institutionalized covid in the workplace. These statutes generally make covid presumptively industrial under certain conditions: within 14 days of when a person last worked or if there is an outbreak of covid at the workplace. Of course the standards set forth in these labor code sections are completely arbitrary as is the rest of the covid data and rules coming out of the current state government but what these statutes really do is give employers an incentive to go along with the mandates and make vaccination a condition of employment in order to protect themselves from liability for a disease that exists in the everywhere and which absent these crazy presumptions no one would be able to pin down the place where an individual got sick – so they create a presumption and arbitrarily assign fault to your work. The first thing that needs to happen in order to end this insane covid nightmare that we are in is we recall this governor – the second thing is we press to repeal those presumption statutes – third thing is we vote every single incumbent out of office.

    1. This isn’t like Newsom’s other mandates where a new Governor can simply rescind them. If this were passed, signed by Newsom and become law, the recall doesn’t change the fact it’s still a law. It would take the legislature to remove it or the courts to strike it down.

    1. Even if newsom is recalled and Larry Elder wins, the state legislature has enough dems to override any vetos by Elder.

      1. Some time ago Larry Elder pointed out something a lot of us didn’t know: If a bill is vetoed even under circumstances such as these (Dem legislative mega-majority) they typically don’t try again. We’ll see…….

        1. Nothing has been “typical” for several years now. The Left rigged an entire national election and got away with it (so far). There is no reason to believe that September 14th will be any different. The Dems get two bites at the apple, due to the way the recall was set up, and thus, two opportunities to retain power. First, the yes/no vote to recall Goofy. Second, the chance to elect an even more radical replacement. It will be interesting to see which vote count sees lots of new ballots suddenly appear.

  7. As I was preparing my letter to my assemblyman, I came across some interesting CDC data.
    It is an updated case rate map of the U.S. The case rate per 100,000 people is 0-11.2 per day.
    [(h) In order to avoid further shutdowns and prevent the health care system from becoming overwhelmed, it is critical that all eligible Californians get vaccinated against COVID-19.]

    Is this bill warranted this is poorly written with outdated/ ignored data.


    It is not about public health, it is about control.

    Please write your Assemblymen!

  8. Deceitful and dishonest, sad but as usual from government When government and legislator attempt to pass their own agendas and bill against the will of the majority by means we see here, it is deceitful and dishonest. Where is the petition to stop this bill?

  9. IT IS VERY STRANGE: the Department of Health and Human Services have committed an unlimited number of illegal and criminal acts, Bill Gates became the epidemiologist of the world (Backed by “little big man” Something Faucci), real and very effective treatments to C-19 (Whatever it is) have been hidden and banned, C-19 death certificate reports were unilaterally changed by the CDC to allow to report any death as a C-19 one, medical malpractice that has possibly killed millions of humans is still happening, the C-19 tests are a known fraud, AND YET, THERE IS NO LEGISLATURE OR JUDICIARY INVESTIGATING

    This should help you to figure it out:

  10. Once again – let’s recap this :

    EVERYBODY must be vaccinated with the clot-shots, and the largest propaganda program of my 50 year lifetime has been used to run ALL sorts of inducements nationwide, including free beer/food/doughnuts, concert tickets, lottery entries & winnings and since that wasn’t enough of an inducement to take the gene-modification therapy, now we’re moving from the proverbial “carrot” to the proverbial “stick”…

    SO – if this was REALLY about “safety” , “health” and “science” – WHY HAVE PREVENTATIVE/PROPHYLACTIC treatments like Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Azithromycin & others been BANNED by the CDC, WHO and state medical boards??? These products STOPPED the “Indian” surge, now affectionately known as the “Delta” variant, IN ITS TRACKS, but the American media has a blackout on that news and instead parrots the gaslighting message that “everyone must be vaccinated”…
    What about natural immunity? (MINIMIZED and spun that only a vaccine will enable natural immunity to be effective, supposedly)

    What about non-coercion of experimental use authorization products, of which Pfizer’s ACTUAL PRODUCT IN USE is still considered – the FDA approval was actually given to the BioNTech Comirna product, WHICH IS NOT IN PRODUCTION… but Pfizer’s army of slime attorneys filed the FDA approval by tying the two products together and the mainstream media enablers picked up the story incorrectly and here we are…. look up Dr. Robert Malone’s videos on Rumble or Bitchute for the exact details – the filings are convoluted and complex, and have been exploited for political means…

    If it’s TRULY about “health” and “science” – then REMOVE the blockade against OTC products with a 50-year plus safety profile, REMOVE the mandates that everyone needs to be shot up with the clot-shot, and allow for testing for natural immunity and grant those exemptions…

    This whole “shoot em up” narrative is AT BEST inside profiteering on the “Big Pharma” stocks and (more likely) AT WORST a depopulation effort to set people up for what was SUPPOSED to be slow, long-term inflammation conditions to manifest themselves and kill off people slowly via “natural” means (heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms) but unfortunately, those conditions apparently manifested themselves much EARLIER than the planners’ plans and the jig is up and people are realizing the health HAZARDS associated with these clot-shots…

    This is insidiously evil and these governmental enablers NEED TO BE TAKEN OUT OF OFFICE ASAP as violators of the Nuremberg Codes against forced implementation of experimental medical procedures, which this mRNA delivery system most certainly is….

    NOT taking the shot, ever… fire me, I don’t care…. it means that much to me/us….


    1. Yes or they just simply IGNORE the science to push an agenda.

      Please push this news to all you know and through social media.

      We must alert everyone around us who still believe in liberty and health privacy.

  11. Kevin Low like most the Dems legislators in Cali are disgraceful to the citizens of this State! Time to send a message real loud and vote them gone!!! We will not take they tyrant actions and far over reach and infringement on our rights!!!


  13. They fight for the “right to choose” so to kill MILLIONS OF babies saying ” my body, my choice” but now say we’ll have NO “choice” with out bodies and health with this vax which has killed many, sterilizes women, doesn’t create immunity, and will make us sick. What happened to their so called “My body my choice” rant they always said was a person’s right??? They flip flop, lie, adjust, hide evil agendas in these ” transportation” bills. Totally demonic, pure EVIL, “mask of the beast”.

  14. “One way, or another. I’m gonna find ya, I’m gonna gitchya gitchya gitchya gitchya one way or another.” –Blondie.

    Katy, thank you for reporting on this. Seems they will sneak in any crack or crevice to get us real healthed up with the clot shot.

  15. @FreedomWarrior–I Just listened to this interview yesterday–FANTASTIC. I wish I could share it with everyone I know. Unfortunately I’ve been sounding this alarm since April 2020 (when I first learned of Kaufman) and almost no one I know is open to the truth. 🙁 Some of them eagerly bat the truth away, so I quit. It’s bizarre. Anyway, nice to “meet” another Health Ranger listener.

  16. This is the letter I sent to Patrick O’Donnell and Lena Gonzalez today: ” I here express my opposition to AB455 and AB1102 and assert that these two bills are essentially an illegal attempt to constrain me in the exercise of my Constitutional rights as a US citizen from the freedom to work and travel in my own state and country without the authority of the medical establishment and the self-ordained political ruling class. These tandem bills together are criminal in nature and those who try to make me a criminal in my own country should be removed from office and prosecuted under Federal law as traitors.”

    1. @Tony
      Great letter!
      This is what is what is needed.
      Call or write your assemblymen and state senator.
      Tell them you do not consent to these bills being passed.
      Our voices for liberty and freedom need and should be heard.

      1. Your communication with your Asm and Sen can be short if you lack the time and talent to craft one of these wonderful letters we’ve seen posted. I merely used my rep’s contact box on his webpage and contacted both of them this way saying, in a nutshell, that I opposed this bill, as well as opposing so-called gut-and-amend, and hoped, as his constituent, that he would loudly speak up and do everything possible to oppose it too. (I didn’t add “or else,” ha ha.) Seems to me what matters is the pile-on, the numbers, and the fact that you are a constituent. The phone ringing off the hook in their offices makes ’em nervous too.

    2. I will submit this – and I AM VAXXED / I was badgered into it (or face job loss and/or divorce). JJ gave me shingles – and MD put me into VAERS. My insurance refuses to pay for any treatment received or medication associated with this – as it is “experimental.” My MD either retired or got fired for submitting REAL SCIENCE into VAERS. He told me no boosters – and the next might kill me (or cause me to lose my eyesight).

  17. Maccabi Healthcare & Tel Aviv U.: Those previously C19 infected have BETTER immunity vs DV than Pfizer’s C19 vax.

    This is NOTHING out of the ordinary, but having to say this out loud is yet one more indication of how weird the psychos bullying everyone have made our world

  18. The vaccine protects only the recipient, and we don’t know to what degree. It does not protect others. A vaccinated person, asymptomatic, pre-symptomatic, or symptomatic, spreads the disease.
    The only way to stop it is to test people, trace and isolate.
    We need to focus on getting the preventative treatments into trials, and to promote them. Enough bowing at the altar of these vaccines!

    1. Very well said, Karey.
      If only our public health officials applied common sense to their approach..

  19. This is my public notice to all government corporations:
    I do not consent to any vaccine related requirement, mandate or whatever they want to call it.
    I do not consent to relocation camps, facilities or whatever they want to call them.
    I do not consent to anything this current CA government and federal government is doing whatsoever.

  20. Each human being has one thing that is their own-their body. No one and especially any government or employer has the right to tell anyone what to eat, where to live, how to dress, how much education to have, who to love, where to travel, what job to take, and what to put in one’s body. Mandating a vaccine is a draconian, dictatorial reaction to a presumably short-term medical problem. CA lawmakers who support a mandate should be voted out of office. The Wuhan virus will never be eradicated. The flu has never been eradicated, despite 60,000 persons dying from it every year, except this past year, when it has almost disappeared, mysteriously. People die from many causes-cancer (800,000 annually), heart disease (800,000 annually), smoking (450,000 annually), and so forth. The world does not close down for bigger killers of people. This pandemic is a Chinese created virus with help from Fauci and a few American virologists. Did the Wuhan lab release the virus negligently or intentionally? Regardless, China owns the primary responsibility for four million deaths worldwide and should pay to the world as compensation.at least nine trillion dollars.

  21. I am not in favor of passing bill AB455
    I do not consent to any vaccine related requirement, mandate
    I do not consent to relocation camps, facilities
    I do not consent to anything this current CA
    government and federal government is doing whatsoever.

  22. My body my choice !!! And I oppose and will no matter what continue to oppose getting this vaccine.. to make it a mandate to work or even live would be very detrimental to all of society as there are so many that feel the way I do.. We the people are not required to disclose any medical condition or at that any medical condition being treated for, due to the hippa law!! We the people have rights and we have the right to say what goes in our bodies and I personally believe it is against Gods law for it to be forced upon anyone!!!

  23. Low appears to be Asian. Has anyone checked to see what ties he may have to the CCP? If he does, that will explain his position on this BS mandate.

  24. Enough of this Tyranny from the “DEMON-RATS” and their “PLANDEMIC!”
    This is only full control access to the tyrants, the end of our freedom & leading straight down to Communism!!
    Oppose AB-455!!

  25. My body, my choice whether to take the vaccine or not! We have a constitution to uphold! We have rights! We stand for our rights!!!
    Oppose this bill AB-455!!!!

  26. All those who are for it, just wait until they decide to inject something into you that you are not ok with, oh well, you will have no choice in anything added to your body and that will be on you for agreeing to this crap. Where are all the my body my choice people??? hmmm… yeah

  27. And how many people are dying from the vaccine ? That’s the trillion dollar question . I will never take that vaccine nor will my family . Our bodies our decision period .

  28. OPPOSE AB455 and AB1102 and ANYTHING that tries to force/mandate a medical treatment or procedure on individuals.

  29. This is ridiculous this is the land of the free and that consist of freedom of choice stop trying to make California communist China! We do not consent and we are millions vaccinated and unvaccinated believe in freedom of choice !!!!

  30. Recall gavin newsom he has destroyed California and livelihoods. No on AB455 and AB1102 we the people oppose!

  31. What are they gonna do next dent us treatment or medical coveragetreatment because we opt to not get the vaccine. I’m retired I believe we’re entitled to our choice and I don’t get it you gonna take away my medicare? I choose my medical doctors I’ll take my business elsewhere I guess I could always leave the United States move to another country it’s like we are a 3rd world country now ran by dictators. How do you mandate homeless, elders who live in care facilities that say no. I am so tired of this crap. It’s actually against our constitutional rights what are they gonna do rewrite the Constitution. I am one who chose to get vaccinated because my doctor felt it was best for me I’m now trying to figure out how to get the chemical out of my system.

  32. Katy was Buffy Wicks AB 455 Emergency Vaccine mandate on Private Industry the Vaccine Passport ? These Legislators including Governor Newsom must have been born with a silver spoon in their mouth and never had to experience what is required of a business owner to succeed. Hundreds of hours of planning and Thousands of Dollars are spent before earning a dollar and now more standards and demands they want to require that will shut them down? What do the People need to file to make Gut & Amend illegal? Is AB 1102 another Emergency Vaccine Mandate forcing the elderly (Gates depopulation) , adults, and our children to be vaccinated with experimental drugs? Anyone who trusts Government at all levels had to have been born yesterday.

  33. California Globe)
    Another Gutted Bill Amended to Compel CA Employers to Require COVID Vaccine as Condition of Employment

  34. Once you know the end game, the push to vaccinate every living human makes sense: Inject 7 billion people with injected patented nanotech, scannable QR code, all human activity tracked by 5 G fusion centers and satellites, by which we become a commodity to be owned and traded on their human resources “stock market.” Freedom lovers and useless eaters will be targeted and killed by “natural diseases” or in FEMA camps. We are the lab rats for the magic gene “vaccine” to extend the elites’ lives forever. That is why the insane push to vaccinate all, over, and over, and over with “boosters.”

  35. I hate when ignorants compare this to the measles or polio vaccine. Those vaccines took 10 and 50 years to developed. They were not mandated when they were still in experimental stages. These vaccines have caused death and damage – some of us have strong immune systems and use good old fashion preventative measures that work! No mask required. This is a violation of our human rights and if we allow the govt to pass this, they will get away with anything. What’s next!

  36. I called my Senate and Assembly reps and was told that the bills had not been gutted or amended. I checked legislative info online and could not find that the bills had been gutted and amended. Where did the amendment changes posted in the article come from? Where did the reporter obtain this information from?

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