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Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, Assemblyman Bill Essayli. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Assembly Republicans Boycott Judiciary Committee Over Bill Essayli’s Removal

Assemblyman Essayli’s statement is far more mainstream than what the Democrats are doing – protecting illegal immigrant pedophiles from deportation

By Katy Grimes, June 4, 2024 4:04 pm

Republican members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee boycotted a hearing Tuesday to protest Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas recently removing Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Riverside), a former federal prosecutor, from the committee in retribution for Essayli criticizing Democrat colleagues for voting “to protect illegal immigrant pedophiles.”

The boycott move was made at the request of Assembly Republican leader James Gallagher, according to Politico.

As the Globe reported Monday, Assembly Speaker Rivas removed Assemblyman Essayli from the Assembly Judiciary Committee Thursday following a vote in the Assembly to end sanctuary state protections for pedophiles.

And Essayli shared his thoughts on X/Twitter calling Democrat Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo a “pedophile protector,”

Assemblyman Essayli called Schiavo a pedophile protector because she voted with Democrat colleagues to block his attempt to force the Assembly to vote on his Assembly Bill 2641, after refusing to allow his bill to be heard in the legislative committees.

Following the Assembly vote on his bill May 21st, Essayli said:

“It is disgusting that Assembly Democrats just voted to protect illegal immigrant pedophiles. But they are now all on record that they care more about protecting illegal immigrants — even those who rape an innocent child — more than protecting American children. Today is a sad, shameful day in the California State Capitol.”

“Last week Democrats silenced me for forcing a vote on the Floor to end sanctuary state protections for pedophiles,” Essayli said May 30th. “Today they are punishing me by stripping me of my seat on the Judiciary Committee. I will not be deterred by their threats and intimidation.”

For that statement, he has paid a price. Yet Assemblyman Essayli’s statement is far more mainstream than what the Democrats are doing in the Assembly and Senate – namely protecting illegal immigrant pedophiles from deportation, and trying to prohibit schools from allowing parental notification regarding their child’s “changing” gender identity in Assembly Bill 1955.

“They cut my mic, killed the bill, and punished me by removing me from the Assembly Judiciary Committee. These people are truly shameful,” posted on X Tuesday.

There is so much gamesmanship taking place – the California Senate pulled a fast one last week and voted to pull Assemblyman Chris Ward’s AB 1955 from the Senate Health Committee and send it straight to the Appropriations Committee.

Assemblyman Essayli said:

This is “democracy” under the Democrat control. Suppress opposition. Break procedural rules designed to allow for transparency and debate. Rush rush rush before the public finds out what they’re up to.

Assemblywoman Schiavo penned an op-ed taking shots at Essayli and misleading on the proper legislation process:

“Last week, a colleague of mine – Republican Bill Essayli, who is so extreme he attacks members of his own party and will refuse to join their Republican caucus meetings – caused some controversy in Sacramento.”

“No bill can be taken up on the floor of the Assembly unless it passes a committee, a fact that Assemblymember Essayli is well aware.”

“And, Asm. Essayli didn’t stop there. He then went on to lie to the public, saying that his colleagues – including myself – opposed the legislation itself and that we were against the policy he was putting forward. The fact is, we never voted on the bill, because he didn’t take it through the legislative process.

The fact that Asm. Essayli chose to not have his bill heard in committee, and then asked his colleagues to break the rules for him – with full knowledge of the rules, process, and what would happen along the way – is proof in and of itself that his intent had nothing to do with the policy at all. In fact, he is using those he is claiming to protect with his legislation, minors who are victims and survivors.”

Essayli responded with an op-ed of his own:

“On Tuesday, documented pedophile protector Pilar Schiavo published an editorial attacking me for holding Assembly Democrats accountable for their heinous public safety policies that protect illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes against minors. Her piece was filled with all the vitriolic rhetoric and misinformation typical of the Democrat supermajority in our State Legislature.

Let’s start with the facts. Under sanctuary state policies enacted by Sacramento Democrats, it is the official policy of the State of California to protect convicted illegal immigrants from deportation, regardless of their crimes. The law, SB 54 or “The California Values Act,” makes it illegal for any law enforcement officer in the state to transfer a convicted criminal in their custody to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement in response to a hold request, known as a detainer.”

“This policy is what led to a Colombian illegal immigrant — convicted of raping a 14-year-old girl — being released onto our streets. He was finally apprehended in Boston by immigration authorities and deported last month.”

“The Democrat Difference that Assemblywoman Schiavo can always count on is that her bills will never be denied that ‘privilege.’

In my case, I was left with no choice but to bring my bill up for a vote directly on the Assembly Floor.

According to Assemblywoman Schiavo, I was pulling from the playbook of far-right “MAGA extremists” last week when I forced a vote on AB 2641. If wanting to protect our kids from illegal immigrant pedophiles is Sacramento’s definition of a far-right MAGA extremist, I’m happy to accept that label.”

It’s quite clear that Democrats aren’t used to a Republican fighting back with such fervor and determination. And Democrats don’t like it.

So, it is good that the Republicans boycotted the Assembly Judiciary Committee today. Voters need to see their elected politicians fighting back – they need to see much more of that, but with the fervor and determination of Assemblyman Bill Essayli.

California Democrats should be forced to take a position on sanctuary protections for illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes against minors, Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Riverside) told the Globe.

We need to know why there are Democrat lawmakers in California opposing a bill to protect American citizens from criminal illegal aliens.

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6 thoughts on “Assembly Republicans Boycott Judiciary Committee Over Bill Essayli’s Removal

  1. I’m glad that the Republicans are taking a stand. While it may not make a difference becoming galvanized around solid principles is good. In time this will begin to attack other principled people to get involved. Nobody wants to run for an elected office only to be alone on an island. Good Job!

  2. So good to see Republican Assembly Leader James Gallagher throwing his weight behind what Asm Bill Essayli has so rightly championed here. And so good to see the spotlight thrown on those who choose to protect CONVICTED illegal alien pedophiles from deportation with the excuse of CA as “sanctuary state” (puh-leez!) Hard to believe but that’s what they’ve been rushing along when they hoped you weren’t looking, folks!
    By the way, there’s no need to keep pedophile protector Dem/Marxist Asm Pilar Schiavo around much longer in the state assembly to pull this stuff. Those of you in the 40th Assembly District have a GREAT candidate running against her on the ballot in November, Patrick Gipson. He has a great chance of defeating her, by the way. I’ve heard him speak and he is the real deal. Check him out, do what you can to support him, and be sure to vote.

  3. Maybe California Globe should have included a photo of Democrat Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo so readers could see what the “pedophile protector” looks like? Apparently she is a former labor activist who worked for employee unions for 20 years (aka union thugette) before her entering her first campaign for political office in the 40th Assembly District, representing the Northwest San Fernando Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley by narrowly beating incumbent Republican Assemblywoman Suzette Valladares in the November 2022 election by just 522 votes. Hmmm? Not surprisingly the LA Times supported Schiavo being the extremist leftist union boss that she is. No doubt Schiavo was installed with Democrat voter fraud, rigged voting machines…and maybe some help from the cartels who wanted a compliant Democrat stooge who would support their lucrative drug and human trafficking operations?


    1. Democrat Assemblywoman Pilar Schiavo, a member of the Legislature’s “happiness committee,” authored Assembly Bill 2999 that required school districts, county offices of education and charter schools to develop guidelines for K-12 students that considers the mental and physical strain on students. Apparently her daughter asked her if she could make a law banning homework and dingbat Schiavo came up with this legislation. Not surprisingly, Democrats on the Assembly education committee on April 24 approved an amended version of the bill that softens some requirements and gives districts until the 2027-28 school year and the full Assembly dominated by Democrats passed the bill on May 21.

      Meanwhile, most California public school are abysmal with students falling short of grade-level standards in math and reading.


    2. In her photo Pilar Schiavo looks like “What, me worry?” The way the worst of ’em always do. Meanwhile, according to the info TJ posted and the inaccurate op-ed screed Schiavo wrote about Asm Bill Essayli’s perfectly reasonable and appropriate actions taken to protect the public from convicted illegal alien pedophile child rapists and sex offenders, it sure looks like she has given her constituents A LOT to worry about. Worries they simply wouldn’t have if she were not the District 40 assembly rep. Which is rich when she won the District 40 assembly seat by only 522 votes! As TJ noted! Who knows but this was probably not only due to “just enough” fake votes piled on at the end of the extended vote counting process but also perhaps due to creative redistricting by the Dems. Or a combo plate of the usual election rigging moves, who knows.
      Hope everyone will please be sure to share the website of her Assembly District 40 opponent, Patrick Gipson. What a difference he would make in the seat.

  4. Unfortunately, the Republicans can boycott everything and anything in the California legislature and it makes no difference. Democrats have supermajorities in both houses as well as the Governor’s office. In California absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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