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Biden Is Waging a War Against Reality – Are You Prepared to Fight Back?

From now until November, Americans are going to be gaslit like never before

By Drew Allen, February 5, 2024 9:53 am

The White House recently made a shocking announcement: President Biden will finally visit East Palestine, Ohio to meet with residents impacted by the train derailment that took place an entire year ago. The White House will be very busy preparing for this visit; actual residents will likely have to be cleared out of East Palestine—like the illegals during his one and only border visit to El Paso—and replaced with actors, who won’t greet Biden with the middle finger that he deserves.

The Biden visit to East Palestine is, if course, an act of desperation—part of a very long election year checklist intended to give Biden cover for each of the earned attacks his campaign anticipates will come from Republicans and Trump.

East Palestine, Ohio—like the border—is viewed as a political liability by Biden’s campaign and nothing more. It matters little to Democrats and the Biden campaign that this visit is completely meaningless and even offensive. A photo-op is needed so that CNN can insist that Biden cares deeply about blue collar workers and Ohioans because he did travel to East Palestine; albeit a year too late.

It’s both sophomoric and dishonest—propaganda, in fact—but it’s an election year and Americans better prepare themselves for what is coming: a category 5 hurricane of propaganda that still has the potential to raze any hope of America’s survival if we do not prepare accordingly.

From now until November, Americans are going to be gaslit like never before. Fear and other coercive tactics are going to be deployed on a previously unimaginable scale in an effort to manipulate our minds—to convince us that reality is what we are told, rather than what we experience. While your mind may be prepared, many others are not.

After more than three years of deliberate action to destroy the United States of America, the man responsible for it all must now face the American voter in November. While it’s no secret that Joe Biden is nothing more than a doddering, titular President of the United States, he remains—at least for now—the current vessel of the left’s destruction.

Barack Obama’s radical and marxist dreams instilled from his father, Frank Marshall Davis, and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers to destroy America still hinge upon Biden’s re-election at this point.

Despite the wide scale and unprecedented abuse of both America and Americans by the Biden Administration, this same abusive administration must now desperately employ any means necessary to convince voters not to abandon Biden in November. In sane times, Biden should have zero chance at re-election, but these aren’t sane times.

Do not underestimate the manipulative power of a desperate abuser. There’s a reason many individuals choose to remain in an abusive relationship—the tactics are effective. We are already seeing many of those same tactics on display by the Biden administration.

The Biden Administration, for instance, has already begun to absurdly blame the border crisis on Republicans and even Donald Trump. At the eleventh hour Biden , RINOs, and Democrats in the Senate—who want to see Trump defeated—have proposed legislation to legalize illegal immigration to the tune of two million per year. It’s a border security bill like the inflation reduction act was a bill to reduce inflation; in other words, a complete sham.

But truth doesn’t matter. The Biden Administration is prepared to flood the field with lies. How long before the latest “shockingly good jobs report,” is revised downward and revealed to have been a complete sham?

As I remind readers in my book America’s Last Stand:

“In 2022, the Biden administration actually overstated second quarter job numbers by 1 million. Biden lied, claiming, “In the second quarter of this year, we created more jobs than in any quarter under any of my predecessors in the nearly 40 years before the pandemic,”—more than 1.1 million jobs. It wasn’t until December of 2022 that the Philadelphia Fed revealed that its own data proved only 10,500 net jobs had been created during Q2.”

No lie it too egregious for the Biden Administration and Democrat party. For years we’ve been told the border is secure by the Biden Administration only to be told today that it’s not secure and that it’s the fault of Trump and Republicans.

So too have we been told repeatedly that inflation was “transitory.” But in a recent and stunning confession on ABC news, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen admitted that “most Americans know that prices are not likely to fall.”

Democrats and the Biden campaign are waging a war against reality. The last time these tyrants colluded to do so they were successful; convincing American to give up their liberty by locking down and masking up over the equivalent of a severe cold.

It is imperative that Americans brace themselves for the impact of the incoming election year bombing of our reality. Under Trump we had it so good but the democrats and media told us we had it so bad. Under Biden we’ve never had it worse but the same democrats and media insist we’ve never had it better.

Americans must seek out and cling to truth like a life raft. More importantly, we must extend that same life raft to others in order to protect ourselves, our Nation, and our children’s future.

I wrote America’s Last Stand to give Americans a life raft; not only chronicling the historic and unprecedented failures and lies of the Biden Administration, but to remind Americans of the historic successes of the Trump years.

Biden is waging a war against reality. Are you prepared to fight back?

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4 thoughts on “Biden Is Waging a War Against Reality – Are You Prepared to Fight Back?

  1. Don’t forget a key component of their re-election effort, the censorship or downplaying of all dissenting facts….some people actually believe the border is closed, Ukraine is winning, our elections are secure, the economy booming, crime is down, and Biden is the one making the decisions.

    1. I simply cannot believe that people would be THAT STUPID, Rod…. but sadly, you’re right….
      If one were to watch the mainstream media for their “news”, one would believe that all you said is true….and most people don’t understand economics or cost accounting and how all the BAD ENERGY POLICIES of the Biden “administration” is completely WRECKING the economy and driving cost increases at the grocery store….

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