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United States Senate chamber. (Photo: public domain)

CA Senate Candidates Recite Democrat Dogma to LGBT Activists

They also spoke out against efforts to bar biological males from competing against biological females in sports

By J. Mitchell Sances, February 8, 2024 2:41 pm

All three of the top Democrat contenders for the California U.S. Senate seat spoke in front of a LGBT forum this past weekend. The Senate seat recently opened after the death of Dianne Feinstein. One by one, Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee, and Katie Porter each recited whatever version of the Democrat dogma is en vogue currently.

Congressman Adam Schiff at the 2024 USC U.S. Senate Debate (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

The event was held at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and was sponsored by Equality California in partnership with the center and the TransLatin@ Coalition—no, that is not a typo; it is the coalition’s feeble attempt to disgender a gendered language like Spanish. Much to the presumed chagrin of the LGBT Center, interim Senator Laphonza Butler who holds the distinction of being the first black lesbian in the Senate is not seeking to be duly elected to the position. Instead, the LGBT activists are stuck courting one of the three aforementioned clowns from the House of Representatives.

All three of the candidates spoke separately and were asked the same series of inane questions. The candidates did not engage with one another in a debate-style fashion. Many of the questions and much of the conversation centered around transgender issues as these seem to be the hottest topics of political discourse involving the LGBT community.

Congresswoman Katie Porter at the 2024 USC U.S. Senate Debate (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

Unsurprisingly, the three candidates each pledged their support of the Equality Act, a now defunct piece of legislation that Congress was unable to pass. The bill is touted as “a sweeping LGBTQ+ rights bill that would add sexual orientation and gender identity to existing federal civil rights law” according to the Advocate, a LGBT activist publication. However, with current Supreme Court precedent dictating that discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation is unconstitutional, such a law seems unnecessary.

Furthermore, there is a laundry list of rather frightening aspects packed into the Equality Act that many do not know about. For example, this legislation criminalizes medical advice that contradicts radical gender ideology. In writing about the contents of the bill, Kenneth Craycraft, a licensed lawyer, writes, “The Equality Act would also outlaw certain kinds of psychological or psychiatric treatment, including any treatment for gender dysphoria that does not conform chapter and verse to extreme gender-identity ideology. Gender ‘confirmation’ hormone therapy and mutilating surgery will also be protected ‘health care’…” It is possible that under the Equality Act a doctor who advises against removing the breasts of a gender-confused developing young girl could be in violation of the law.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee at the 2024 USC U.S. Senate Debate (Photo: Evan Symon for California Globe)

Speaking further on healthcare, all three senatorial candidates voiced support of ensuring that “gender-affirming care” would be covered by the Affordable Care Act. Lee and Schiff went a step further advocating for expanded Medicare to cover all Americans, essentially creating a fully socialized government-controlled system of healthcare. These candidates are suggesting that the American taxpayer should foot the bill for the hormone-replacement therapy, sexual reassignment surgeries, and any other body modification needed to satisfy the desires of a transgendered American.

A study done by Johns Hopkins broke down the cost of this type of healthcare. “In the first five years, the researchers found, providing health care for transgender people cost between $34,000 and $43,000 per year of quality of life; after 10 years, the cost dropped to between $7,000 and $10,000 per year of quality of life,” the study reports. If the estimated 1.6 million transgendered adults is an accurate figure, then that would be adding more than $340 billion to the national expenditures every year just to cover the extra healthcare cost of trans people. To be very clear, not only are these Senate candidates condoning behavior many deem immoral—especially when it involves children—but they are also demanding that the rest of the American citizens pay for the immorality.

Furthermore, all three candidates condemned the recent actions of some of California’s school boards in requiring schools to notify parents if their child expressed gender identity confusion. They also spoke out against efforts to bar biological males from competing against biological females in sports. Porter spoke specifically about how keeping some children out of sports is a detriment to those children, although in saying this she seems to be prioritizing the feelings of the handful of trans kids over all of the young girls who want to excel in their chosen sport.

Overall, there seems to be no difference between these three candidates when it comes to LGBT issues. They all read the Democrat extremist manifesto and recited it chapter and verse to the appeasement of the rabid LGBT activists in the audience. The cast of characters is assembled: Barbara Lee, who praised communist dictator Fidel Castro’s “social improvements” to Cuba; Adam Schiff, who lied countless times about Russian collusion; or Katie Porter, who verbally abused her husband and threw scalding hot potatoes at his head. The California Democrats are not sending their best, but it does not look as though a Republican can beat any of them.

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2 thoughts on “CA Senate Candidates Recite Democrat Dogma to LGBT Activists

  1. Allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports is one of the most evil things I have the misfortune of witnessing in my lifetime. I was on my university men’s wrestling team for four years. I was average. I won some matches and lost others. I am confident that during that time I could have beaten the women’s Olympic gold medal winner (assuming she was a she and not on steroids.) It isn’t a skill issue. It’s a horsepower issue. Allowing some mentally ill man to ruin a woman’s lifetime dedication to sport is actually beyond evil.

  2. The radical leftist members of the alphabet mafia at organizations like Equality California are just as delusional as the three Democrat clowns who regurgitated radical far left dogma back at them? They do not represent the politics of the majority of Californians?

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