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Downey Councilwoman Blamed for Violence for Removal of Pride Flag

Last month the Downey city council implemented a neutral flag policy

By J. Mitchell Sances, June 24, 2024 4:39 pm

Downey City Council. (Photo: https://www.downeyca.org/our-city/mayor-city-council)

Claudia Frometa, a Downey, California, city councilwoman, was elected as the incoming president of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) this month. However, Frometa was not allowed to enjoy her accomplishments and success. Instead, she found herself at the center of more smears and ire coming from the rainbow cult activists moonlighting as the LGBT community.

Last month, the Downey city council implemented a neutral flag policy. That is, official city buildings will only be allowed to fly the United States flag, the California State flag, local municipality flags, and the POW/MIA flag. No other flags will be allowed to fly on government buildings, and this includes the Pride flag during the month of June. Downey is the second city in southern California to adopt such a policy—Huntington Beach was the first just last year. 

At the time the policy was enacted, Mayor Mario Trujillo, the openly gay mayor of Downey, lambasted the move as homophobic claiming the city council finally gave in to the whims of MassResistance, a conservative special interest group who opposed the Pride flag. Of course, the council members dismissed this notion claiming the move was motivated by an increase in requests to fly specific flags, such as Blue Lives Matter and the Israeli flag. Rather than having to pick which flags to allow and which to deny, the neutral flag policy strips it down to the bare minimum. Considering the recent Israel-Palestine war and the fact that MassResistance has been trying unsuccessfully to have the Pride flag removed for over 3 years, it stands to reason that the council was nipping a problem in the bud rather than giving in to the demands of an unknown fringe organization.

Furthermore, let’s assess who really is to blame for the neutral flag policy. This is a rather new policy adopted thanks to the actions of radical Progressives. Many Progressives resent the fact that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and that it still has a majority of citizens who espouse those beliefs. In the past, flags with Christian messages or iconography have flown from atop government buildings. Unwilling to allow God-fearing believers to have their recognition, Progressives petitioned government buildings to fly flags that Christians would find offensive, such as the Church of Satan flag—this exact scenario happened in Boston 2 years ago.

Rather than allowing a Satanic symbol to fly above its buildings, out of fairness, government officials were forced to enact neutral flag policies. If not all groups could be recognized specifically, then no group would get such a privilege. The petulant tantrums of the Progressive left were rewarded. No extraneous flags means no Pride flag for the rainbow cult, and they only have themselves to blame.

Now that Claudia Frometa voted to enact a policy in Downey that Progressives helped usher in, the LGBT activists are condemning her victory and election to a prominent position in NALEO. The HONOR PAC, an LGBT organization that raises money for Latino candidates, took to social media to bash NALEO’s election and Frometa. 

The HONOR PAC statement reads:

“The Pride flag is a symbol of pride, inclusion, safety, and hope. Ms. Frometa’s vote on a motion disguised as a ‘neutral flag’ policy was nothing more than an attempt to silence and ignore the voices and lives of all LGBTQ+ Downey residents and those who love them.”

The statement went on to add:

“Ms. Frometa’s vote on this motion is [sic] a shameless and violent act against our LGBTQ+ brethren whether they are out of the closet or still struggling to come out of what many know to be a dark and lonely place.”

To say the dramatics expressed by HONOR PAC deserve Oscar-level recognition would be an understatement. One would think that Frometa had personally and directly called for the extermination of all LGBT Californians. Casting a vote to remove a flag has been equated to literal violence in the eyes of HONOR PAC. Fortunately, contrary to their hysterics, there have been no reports of the gay citizens of Downey collapsing in the streets due to one less Pride flag in their line of sight, and they will most likely not start pouring in anytime soon. 

Frometa, of course, contends that her vote on the flag policy came strictly out of the need for neutrality and was in no way in animus to her LGBT constituents. These activists demonizing Frometa and voicing disappointment in NALEO are putting their victimhood ahead of logic. To them, it is not possible that a neutral flag policy is fair to all. To them, it is not possible that an organization focused on the more socially conservative values of the Latino community might prefer to be led by someone of similar values. Every action is single-handedly an affront to them and their way of life. Such a miserable existence seeks to tear down the success of others, like Claudia Frometa, who will hopefully ignore the hate and embrace her newly elected position and responsibility.   

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2 thoughts on “Downey Councilwoman Blamed for Violence for Removal of Pride Flag

  1. Good for her…
    Rational governance and not playing favorites to the vocal & emotional minority…

  2. Does these activists have a problem with the rape of children and the killings committed by trans people? You know – actual violence? Probably not.

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