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Gov. Gavin Newsom at 12/22/21 press conference. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

California Governor Says State Health Care Workers Must Get Booster Shots

Gov. Newsom says ‘data is overwhelming’ that a booster is needed

By Katy Grimes, December 22, 2021 11:54 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday at a press conference in Alameda County he is now requiring boosters for health care workers.

“California has put more shots in arms than any other state – administering more than 64 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine – and announced first-in-the-nation vaccine measures, including requiring that workers in health care settings be fully vaccinated, adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of vaccinations required to attend school in-person when fully authorized for applicable grade spans, and implementing a standard that all school staff and all state workers either show proof of full vaccination or be tested at least once per week,” the Governor’s press statement read.

At the press conference, Gov. Newsom said the Omicron variant is less severe in those vaccinated and boosted. And now he’s calling for everyone in the state to get a third dose. “8.7 million Californians have received a dose of the booster,” Newsom said.

He also noted that only 3,600 Californians are hospitalized today with COVID.

The booster mandate for health care workers is to “keep staff working and morale strong,” Newsom said. He said February 1st is the deadline health care workers must be boosted.

The governor also said it’s important to keep California’s kids in school. “Florida is not keeping kids in school,” he said, taking another shot at the open and unrestricted Sunshine State. Gov. Newsom went on to say all of California’s school kids will need to be tested for COVID before going back to school in January after the holiday break.

A Bay City News reporter asked Gov. Newsom if the booster requirement of health care workers is too restrictive. But the governor dodged the question, and instead spoke about how most health care workers got the vaccine.

“The data is overwhelming,” Newsom said, “two doses is great. A third dose is needed.”

Another reporter asked the governor what he will do about school districts not complying with the vaccine requirement of students, or those districts with a low vaccine rate. “We already require 10 other vaccines to attend school,” Newsom said. “MMR, whooping cough… I think they should require 11.”

The same reporter asked him if there will be repercussions. “Rules are rules,” he said. “It’s not dissimilar to the previous (vaccine) requirement.” But it is dissimilar in that other vaccine requirements for school children were passed by the State Legislature and signed into law by previous governors.

The governor was asked if other categories of workers will be expanded and required to get the booster. Gov. Newsom replied, “At this moment, no… not at the moment.”

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51 thoughts on “California Governor Says State Health Care Workers Must Get Booster Shots

  1. Leave it to Gavin to announce this when even the most dedicated COVID scaredy-cats are realizing that with Omicron (bad cold?) the whole frighten-the-people industry has all but collapsed. Way to be relevant, Gov!

  2. Shameful.
    Omicron is unlikely to lead to death or hospitalization.
    Can Newsolini tell us how an mRNA injection works? Is the booster good for mutations that are different from the original Wuhan strain? How long will this Omicron strain circulate?
    By the time an effective “vaccine” were to be created we are on to the next variant.
    I hope the medical centers educate the Governor! His so called mandates need to be halted!
    This is not science!

    1. Exactly, CG —– and with the many many many many reports out there that the clot shot and its many boosters can’t touch Omicron, why would anyone even BOTHER themselves to be jabbed, never mind take the risk at this point? No. These people can’t even scare up a good lying doom-and-gloom talking-point circle when it’s so obvious that this mutation is a manageable one.
      It’s time to realize, and maybe even celebrate, that we’re near the end of their ill-fitting jackboot on our necks. People in overwhelming numbers are tired of playing this game. Sick and tired of it. Go out and see for yourself. And when the ruling class’s rickety, vermin-filled building which was held together in the first place with chewing gum and string starts to collapse, there will be no stopping it. They will try again, of course, but it seems to me most people have wised up.
      Merry Christmas to You and to All!
      Even to W666429 the Globe Troll! 🙂

      1. Exactly Show and Tell,
        It should be clear that the injections have failed, they do not prevent transmission or illness.
        It makes no sense. Many people have had adverse effects that have not been reported. Also, after 2 years many people have NATURAL immunity.

        May you have a blessed Christmas ShowandTell.
        God has graced us with discernment and we must use it.

  3. Thank you Gov Newsom for looking out for the well being of all Californians.
    Covid is here to stay. We must accept this new way of life and follow our governor’s directions.

    1. Thank you High Priest Newsom for looking out for the well being of Pfizer and Moderna. Covid is here to stay. We must accept this new way of life and follow our Pfaith and Pfate.

        1. Thank you CA Globe for allowing W16521 to deliver High Priest Newsom’s message of $alvation by Pfaith and Holy Elixir to the Pfaithless.

        2. In Africa omicron had many cases but near zero deaths, thus flu was worse and they didnt push boosters and are fine. You know that over half of Congress had stock in Pfizer and near 100% have stocks in pharma….dont you ever think that maybe other than health is coming to forefront of their minds? their interests are keeping control and raising their pocket book numbers

      1. See what happens to people who take the vaccine, they lose all common sense and the ability to read and think for themselves much like W69420. I’m sorry for your loss.

    2. So Globe Troll, are you Gruesome Newscum’s press secretary or just some brown noser who thinks Governor Hairgel listens to your rhetoric..???

      Ha ha ha..!!!

        1. pFellow pFaithful, you must wish everyone a maskful and boosterful holiday season, per the wishes of High Priest Newsom (masks be upon him*)

          Amen, awomen, and amask.

          *except for the French Laundry, the hallowed grounds where Covid dare not enter.

        2. Hey, Globe Troll..!!
          As my cousin from Atlanta would say, “Bless your heart”.!!
          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…!!! Unlike you, I never wish anything bad on people..!!

    3. This just in! Governor Climate Change has discovered a cure for Wuhan I mean Covid! Just submerge your head in a toilet is all you have to do! Just make sure you are wearing your mask (unless you are at the French Laundry) when you do it. Easier than flattening the curve in fifteen days!

  4. Governor Climate Change is lying when he says “Florida is not keeping kids in schools”. Florida has had their schools open since August 2020.

    1. Say it ain’t so, John, Gov Gav lies?????
      He is very jealy of Florida!
      Newsom helped create the Great Brain Drain of California.

  5. Newsom is driving doctors and nurses out of hospitals to increase the covid deaths. Without fear and death he has no power.

    1. Notice how annual flu is ‘non-existent’ for the second year in a row. Or so you would think if you’re following the proclamations of the dictators. Odd, isn’t it. Another indication that the All-Covid-All-the-Time propaganda is about something sinister. As you know.

      1. Spot on Showandtell! You may remember that in January San Diego County had less than 40 cases of seasonal flu where they normally have 12,000 cases in a normal year.

        1. Exactly, and thanks for the numbers, John! I have trouble keeping them all in my head. 🙂
          Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

          1. Good point, who would guess the flu would be eradicated by a lab created virus?
            Now that is science!????

  6. So, you gotta ask… will the “Science” to justify the mandate be online soon?
    Comirnaty is the only FDA approved shot, and it’s not available, so are “Mandates” legal for an “Experimental” vaccine/booster, that is a mRNA gene therapy (not a vax) legal?
    The Supreme Court will take up the Vax argument on Jan 7 Nuremberg 2.0 filed in International courts.

  7. Question: Which California county is simultaneously one the most vaccinated? Which county has the highest spike in case rates according to CDPH data? Hint: it’s the same county.
    Answer: San Francisco
    Fun Fact: According to CDPH data most counties are seeing declines in case rates. The exceptions are San Francisco, Los Angeles & Stanislaus.
    See for yourself by clicking on San Francisco at https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/ca.open.data/viz/COVID-19CasesDashboardv2_0/CaseStatistics

  8. I find it insane that politicians like Gavin think they are medical professionals and know what is best for each of us. So many followers, like W69420, are to stupid to read the fine print for themselves and immediately submit to emergency use vaccinations and illegal mandates. That is ok, this world is a better place with them locked in their basements. Medical companies will be making tons off of their submission in years to come with special DME/procedures/medications when they lose their normal bodily functions.

      1. Why do you attack your pFellow pFaithful? Are we not all in this together? Repent and our Lord pFauci (boosters be upon him) will over look this transgression.

        1. Wow, Fed Up, remind me to hire you when I need a detective. And what you found is very creepy and ominous, isn’t it. I think I’ll go with it until I’m corrected.

      1. Got it Stacy, the same W that always is full of optimism and sunshine!????
        The “viral blizzard” schtick gets a little old around here but ya know it is a contrary opinion that magnifies the importance of educating oneself and not depending on the government to be your Big Daddy or Santa Clause(tis the season????????).
        Stacy, I hope the sun is shining and you have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.

      2. This is hilarious. YES, we do have the troll’s number. So we knew who you were talking to.
        Merry Christmas to you, Stacy!

  9. I am so happy I left this criminal state behind and moved 1800 miles away from CA. I feel sorry for those of you who are still hanging on. Nothing good can happen to CA, can’t clean up corruptness that has been in power too long.

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