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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

California Moving Proposed Constitutional Amendments to November 2024 Ballot

By Chris Micheli, September 22, 2023 2:45 am

Senate Bill 789 (by Senators Allen and Wiener) is moving two legislative measures from the March 2024 ballot to the November general election next year. Specifically, SCA 2 and ACA 5, which had been anticipated to be on the primary ballot in March, are instead being moved. In addition, ACA 1 and ACA 13 will also be on the November 2024 ballot.

Pursuant to the California Elections Code (Section 9040), a constitutional amendment that has been adopted by 2/3 of the California Legislature is to be submitted to the People on the ballot of the first statewide election occurring at least 131 days after the adoption of the proposal. Because the Legislature adopted SCA 2 (2022 Session) and ACA 5 (2023 Session), they were to be placed on the March 5, 2024, statewide primary election. In addition, ACA 1 was recently approved by the Legislature and would therefore appear on the ballot at the March 5, 2024, statewide primary election, according to the Elections Code.

SB 789, if signed into law by Governor Newsom as expected, would call a special election to be consolidated with the statewide general election scheduled for November 5, 2024, and would require the submission of SCA 2, ACA 5, and ACA 1 to the voters at that election. This bill would also declare that it is to take effect immediately as an act calling an election, which also exempts it from a referendum.

Finally, ACA 13, which was also approved this month by the Legislature, is being held at the Assembly Desk until November 1, 2024. Thereafter, it will be submitted to the Secretary of State, which means it will also be on the November 2024 statewide general election ballot.

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3 thoughts on “California Moving Proposed Constitutional Amendments to November 2024 Ballot

  1. Thanks for the update, Chris!
    Please join me in praying California voters are smart enough not to pass these sneaky, underhanded propositions!

    1. AMEN ! False titles leading untrue claims about propositions and bills and amendments, etc. have lured the unread public long enough. EVERY item on a ballot should be as open, honest and truthful as directions for operating your toaster or the contract when purchasing a new auto. House the gimmicky writers on an asteroid where they can practice on each other.

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