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Sen. Wiener's flyer for Climate Change Package. (Photo: screen shot, Sen. Scott Wiener)

California’s Elected Climate Mental Patients Push ‘Climate Accountability Package’

Do the corporate sponsors have any more understanding of who their clients are than Budweiser does?

By Katy Grimes, August 23, 2023 12:15 pm

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco), Senator Henry Stern (D-Los Angeles), and Assemblywoman Tasha Boerner (D-Encinitas) will rally on the West Steps of the Capitol today (Wednesday) in support of the Climate Accountability Package” of legislation.

Because climate change is what’s on everyone’s mind these days, right? I mean, aren’t the Maui wildfires because… climate change? Isn’t California’s hot summer weather due to climate change? How about Hurricane Hilary – downgraded to a tropical storm – climate change?

If you follow mainstream media, that is what you’ve been told, ad nauseam, rather than elected lawmakers accepting responsibility for their failed “green policies” – which have blocked proper forest and land management and maintenance by reducing the fuel load, reducing ignition events such as proper power line maintenance would achieve, and better firefighting practices, said Alex Epstein, author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels and Fossil Future in a recent interview. Primary responsibility for the Maui wildfires rests on politicians’ implementation of green policies, resulting in mismanagement of the most important fire prevention practices. It’s a California deja vu, where Gov. Gavin Newsom defunded power line maintenance to pay for green energy, according to Epstein.

Sounding like climate mental patients, Sen. Wiener’s press statement says: “The Package, which consists of SB 253 (Wiener) and SB 261 (Stern), is the premier set of climate bills the Legislature must consider during the remaining weeks of this legislative session. Together these bills will set the national standard for corporate accountability on climate change by requiring large corporations to publicly disclose their emissions and the risk posed to their business by climate change.” (h/t Steve Milloy)

Senate Bill 253, SB 261, and SB 252 make up the Climate Accountability Package, modeled after the 2022 Climate Corporate Data Accountability Act, last year’s SB 260 which failed to pass, the Globe reported in July. SB 260 mandated all companies with over $1 billion in gross annual revenue disclose and set up targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

These gems “Raise The Bar For Corporate Climate Action.”

SB 253 (Senator Wiener) will require all large corporations that do business in California to publicly disclose their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. “It’s time for the corporate community to come clean about their progress toward meeting our climate goals,” said Senator Wiener.

SB 253 is a business shakedown under the thin veil of “Climate Change.”

SB 261 (Senator Stern) “is modeled on the climate disclosure rules used by CALSTRS and hundreds of major financial institutions, as well as Federal securities risk disclosures that focus on financial risk related to the climate crisis. It protects consumers that stand to lose billions of dollars collectively if financial institutions fail to account for new risks associated with climate change.”

SB 261 and SB 252 just continues the disastrous political investment practices of CALSTRS and CalPERS, rather than remaining focused on the best investment practices for optimum outcome.

SB 252 (Senator Lena Gonzalez), “harnesses the power of California’s public investment funds, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS), to push businesses to act on climate change while protecting these vital public funds from fossil fuels’ inherent volatility.”

All three bills are business killers – big business killers, authored by three lawmakers who have obviously never signed the front of a paycheck, or had any real employment responsibility, or accountability.

Remember, Sen. Wiener authored Senate Bill 260 last year, the Climate Corporate Accountability Act, and failed to drag it across the finish line by the end of the legislative session on August 31st. SB 260 would have been the first law in the country to require U.S.-based companies — those doing business in California and generating over $1 billion in gross annual revenue — to disclose all of their greenhouse gas emissions and set science-based targets to reduce those emissions. “This legislation will hold corporations accountable for their emissions, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the near- and long-term, and help California stay a national leader in the fight against climate change.” The bill failed to pass so Wiener brought it back again this year as SB 253.

What you are looking at is Democrats refusing to cast a vote for Wiener’s SB 260. This bill was even a bridge too far for 18 Assembly Democrats.

Sen. Wiener boasts of the corporate support they have for his climate accountability package:

“In recent weeks, a coalition of businesses have announced their support for one or both of the measures, including Salesforce, Levi’s, Microsoft, the American Apparel and Footwear Association, and many more. To represent this coalition of well-intentioned businesses, representatives from Patagonia, REI, and Persefoni will address the rally. They will be joined by premier California climate advocates from bill sponsors Ceres, Enviro Voters, Greenlining Institute, and Carbon Accountable.”

Do these corporate sponsors have any more understanding of who their clients are than Budweiser does?

They wrote a letter of support of the climate change bills, claiming among other things:

  • Climate change poses a significant risk to our long-term economic success, impacts the health and livelihood of the communities in which we operate and live, and disrupts the value chains on which we rely.
  • We are already taking action to reduce and disclose our emissions.

These corporations appear to be saying, “Don’t look at us – we support you. Tax those other polluting businesses.”

Climate change does not “pose a significant risk to our long-term economic success, impact the health and livelihood of the communities in which we operate and live, or disrupt the value chains on which we rely.” But banning fossil fuels does accomplish that. And pushing for an all-electric grid in California takes energy choice away from ratepayers and users, making all Californians the slaves of only one form of energy controlled by one source – government.

Asm Approps Major Companies and Institutions Support SB 253


Should you desire to watch the Rally For The Climate Accountability Package, the event will be livestreamed here.

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15 thoughts on “California’s Elected Climate Mental Patients Push ‘Climate Accountability Package’

  1. Quoting: “Primary responsibility for the Maui wildfires rests on politicians’ implementation of green policies, resulting in mismanagement of the most important fire prevention practices. It’s a California deja vu, where Gov. Gavin Newsom defunded power line maintenance to pay for green energy….” No kidding, who out there is more familiar with this B.S. than an abused Californian? Camp Fire in Paradise, anybody? 88 dead? And of course that was not the only govt-green-policy-caused horror in recent years. As you know.
    Once AGAIN, it’s MORE than enough with these people. The Usual Suspects have become infamous. Wiener, Stern, Tasha Boerner, Lena Gonzalez, et al. As you can see above, re the Katy-highlighted SB 260, push-back DOES work even on the Dem legislators. Wiener’s bill was stopped —- YES, it actually FAILED, gasp —- at the 11th hour vote last year because the knees of Dem Assembly members — who are more vulnerable than Senators —- were shaking like a cartoon from the blow-back they obviously received.
    Also helpful to see a list of phony virtue-signaling “look-over-there” corporate traitors. IKEA, huh? Eileen Fisher, huh? Many of us sane people are their CUSTOMERS, for crying out loud, and hordes of other sane people are customers of the rest of ’em. These companies need to re-think who their customers actually ARE. Just like Anheuser-Busch had to do some very serious re-thinking.

    These bills must still pass the Assembly. We need to let them know we have had more than enough of these made-up “crises.” Speak up about your NON-SUPPORT of these bills. Be civil, as always, but FIRM, especially if your Asm Rep is a Democrat.
    Find your rep and their contact info here:
    Insist that your Asm Rep Vote NO on SB 253, SB 261, and SB 252

  2. I don’t believe a single company, whose logo is in the letter above, actually manufacturers anything in California. Most of the actual manufacturing has been chased out of California to other states or other countries. I’m sure they enjoy the new jobs and resultant prosperity. The only remaining company that manufactures in California and is head quartered in California, is Chevron and it is in the process of moving hundreds of jobs to Houston. I believe that it’s only a matter of time before more employees and perhaps their headquarters move out of California. Of course, their tax base will move along also. (Several other refineries including Valero and Marathon have refineries in California but do not have headquarters in California.) Capital budgets on expanding these refineries has been slashed so if EVs are not successful, today’s gasoline prices will be considered cheap.

  3. Well of course those “green” businesses signed the letter of support. It will behoove them to have this “Climate Accountability Package” passed because what corporation still wants to do business in this state? It lessens their competition.
    Large Corporations such as Amazon, UPS and even Tesla could not pass the greenhouse emissions litmus test, Tesla uses rare earth minerals to power their cars, it takes a lot of greenhouse gas to to extract as well as child labor.
    Do these “mental patients” consider oversees transportation costs as well?
    Some of the aforementioned companies just offshore their dirty manufacturing to third world countries. Eileen Fisher most likely has factories in China and India, where they wink, wink practice zero carbon policies. 😏 Maybe Eileen Fisher, Everlane, REI and Pantagonia can refashion the original fashion sportswear,; The Fig Leaf!😉
    Recology can then compost it when the time is right. Win, win.
    I guess it makes more sense to support the heavy hand of government. After all it worked for Pfizer.

  4. I reckon NVR means No Vote Received. In which case 25% of our very serious and dedicated Assemblymembers, including mine, did not have the time to vote on this or were unwilling to take a stand.

    1. I think it means “No Vote Recorded,” which means the Assembly Dems listed above abstained from voting (there was also one Repub, Heath Flora, reportedly a RINO), which to me means they were afraid of being on the record voting NO, but couldn’t be convinced to vote YES, likely because they had loads of blowback from SOME camp that opposed it, maybe even within their own constituencies. As Katy Grimes noted it could also be that this B.S. legislation was too much for even THEM, which is really saying something, considering the kind of stuff they usually support.

  5. Go, Katy, Go!
    So glad the Globe points these ‘glad hand’ bills our representatives force on us, nobody else does. Not KCRA, not news 10, not KOVR. There are no California main stream media that does the journalism of the Globe.
    Also, good mention of Alex Epstein, ‘The Moral case for Fossil fuel’, good read.
    Other good reads are, ‘Physics for Future Presidents’ ,by Richard Muller.
    Another is ‘How the World really Works’, by Vaclav Smil.
    These books don’t solve our problem’s but give us a better understanding of what we have to work with.

  6. This publication wishes to keep everything an oil-based economy, which means death and destruction to the planet and zero freedom for its citizens who are forced to be petroleum junkies. There is no moral justification for Big Oil. None. It’s all a Big Oil lie

    1. No boogie boy this publication will give you facts something you leftists don’t pay attention to. You want more real facts on climate? Try cfact.org, climatedepot.com, realclimatescience.com. A good book for you to read is “Global Warming Skepticism for Busy People” by Roy Spencer. This book is LOADED with climate facts and has graphs that even lefties can read and understand. You can read graphs can’t you? By the way, Roy Spencer never worked for “Big Oil”.

  7. Looking at the list of corporations above that push the UN and World Economic Forum globalist’s bogus climate change agenda, it’s good to know which corporations to now boycott? How many of these corporations have BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street as their major investors that aggressively push the globalist’s climate change scam? Probably all? No doubt deep-state Democrats like creepy Sen. Scott Wiener are receiving payoffs from their globalist masters to push the climate change scam?

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