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Dear White People: You Have Been Evicted from the Big Brother House

How an alliance based on skin color is destroying CBS’ flagship summer show

By Joel Brizzee, August 27, 2021 4:04 am

Xavier and Hannah are members of The Cookout. It’s an effective alliance. Is it racist? (Photo: CBS)

Last month, the California Globe posted a breaking story about CBS’s reality show, “Big Brother” asserting that the houseguests making up an alliance known as “The Cookout” were guilty of racism. This was rooted in their decision to form an alliance solely based on race. This allegation remains true today. And now there are receipts to prove it.

After the Globe became the first outlet to tackle the question of “Is this racist?”, other news organizations have written columns addressing the issue. Last week, the Los Angeles Times carried water for CBS and discounted any criticism of the “Cookout Alliance.” The Times selected quotes from both production executives, the show’s host Julie Chen and past houseguests who have failed to adequately discuss the racial underpinnings of this show’s season. Their conclusion was implied throughout the piece – The higherups and even past contestants say this is “OK” and that it’s essentially racist to ask the question.

Before examining the evidence of racism, a few things should be noted.

The “Cookout” alliance is absolutely dominating this game. To form a large alliance on day four and last this long completely intact has all the markings of Big Brother “Legend” status. They have won a third of all competitions. Every member of the alliance has kept their mouths shut to other houseguests, they are careful never to be in the same room together and their loyalty to the Alliance over other personal relationships has proven formidable. Even during personal strife between its members, they have remained faithful to their cause. It makes for compelling reality television, and although viewership has tumbled this season, it remains a flagship for the woke network.

The question remains:  If something is framed as a minority group overcoming the odds does that mean it’s not racist? The evidence below shows that their gameplay is rooted in a race-essentialist philosophy that if done by white players would (and has been) called out as blatantly racist. Likewise, Julie Chen Moonves’ refusal to address this years’ controversy on air is emblematic of CBS’ current condition. While the show’s adage is “Expect the unexpected,” this column would retort with “I told you so.”

The members of this alliance are Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Hannah Chaddha, and Azah Awasum. Regarding winning competitions and holding the most power in the Big Brother house, Kyland has been the most successful winning four competitions and being Head of Household twice. Regarding the social gameplay and likeability, Derek wins the hearts of fans and houseguests in a landslide. When it comes to pushing the priority of the Cookout Alliance and keeping the ranks in check, Tiffany is unquestionably the leader of the pack with Xavier being her helpful henchman.

Tiffany Mitchell is the primary mastermind of the super alliance. In a situation aired by CBS in Episode 13 that boggles the mind, Tiffany is seen speaking with Kyland and Xavier about her master plan to have the Cookout comprise the final six members of the house. She insists each member of this alliance select a white counterpart in the house to latch onto in order to not raise suspicions and stack the deck. As needed, they will start evicting them one by one. As she’s discussing this with her teammate, she is handling chess pieces, picking up the black ones (The Cookout Alliance) and juxtaposing them with the white pieces (everyone else in the house). The racial imagery of this situation is overt and shocking. If the colors were reversed and Tiffany was a white woman, fans and executives at CBS would be up in arms.

Dissension in the Alliance?

Not all her teammates are fans. Derek Frazier has been vocally opposed to Tiffany for weeks. In a conversation with fellow cookout member Azah on August 12th, Episode 17, Derek exploded – “I don’t want to work with this bitch anymore. I don’t do good with people trying to act like they’re the boss. Bitch, you’re not the boss. We have one player who’s not playing like a team player. I don’t deal with bum-ass bitches like that.” Personal feelings aside, Derek has remained loyal to the racially homogenous group while his allies outside of the Cookout have been sent home.

A conversation between Tiffany and Xavier aired by CBS on August 19th was even more jaw-dropping. Tiffany relayed to Xavier that the other Derek in the house (the last remaining non-black male) asked her if there were any white guys left in the house and if that has ever happened in Big Brother history. Tiffany brushed off the comments. Xavier responded, “They’re all low key starting to put it all together but they’re never going to say it out loud. When they all get to Jury they’re going to ask ‘Did you all notice there are only black people left in the house?’” Tiffany and Xavier then chuckled at their own plan, seemingly pleased that they are likely going to succeed in ousting all white houseguests. Again, if the races were reversed, the outcry would be deafening.

Finally, Julie Chen Moonves is not making this situation any less suspect. In years past she has readily revealed to evicted houseguests that there were secret alliances behind the scenes that resulted in a houseguest’s eviction – see seasons 1-22. Not this year. She has avoided mentioning this all-black alliance to every houseguest who has been evicted, both on the episode broadcasts and in the extended interviews which aren’t televised. LA Times reported, “A spokesperson for the series said Chen Moonves has not mentioned the Cookout to the first group of evictees because “the reveal of the alliance did not play an important part of the evicted Houseguest’s story.” This is not true. The Cookout has accounted for at least 46% of vote totals since week one and had their hand in the evictions of Whitney, Brent and Christian. In the Times story, digital journalist Vince Dixon concluded, “It’s a disingenuous approach that seems calculated and controlled. It doesn’t feel honest or transparent at all. Julie not mentioning the Cookout to the people who are out is a reflection of that.”

There is much more to be said about the racism in Big Brother Season 23 and we will continue to coverd. The Cookout has made the show’s longtime saying, “The Power is Up for Grabs” obsolete. They are in complete control. What used to be a show about physical endurance, mental acuity and social manipulation has morphed into a a “black versus white” segregation soiree. The producers, network and the show’s host may want to consider a different approach before this philosophy bleeds into succeeding seasons and the shows devolves even further into the tri-weekly Anti-Racist training episodes it is quickly becoming.

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377 thoughts on “Dear White People: You Have Been Evicted from the Big Brother House

  1. It’s completely racist. Don’t people even understand the definition of racism. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized and that’s exactly what the cookout is. If it were all white people called the Patriots the show would be canceled next week. Such hypocrisy.

      1. Boggles my mind I’ve been an avid fan for over a decade but cannot tolerate the open racism. I cannot recall anytime a houseguest has been evicted based on color prior to bb23. I’m officially done and pretty sad about it

        1. I have watched it since season 1 and have officially stopped watching it and likely never will again. It will be sad to watch all of CBS’ shows like Survivor become nothing but race vs race competitions. How is it not blatant racism when Tiffany says she has to vote out her #1 (whom she actually likes) over Derek (who she doesn’t like after multiple verbal confrontations) entirely and solely because of his skin color? If that isn’t racism, what is? Such a disappointment. And these asinine comments I hear about finally being representative…of what? African Americans make up 12.4% of the population get 50% of the slots. That’s representative? Of??? So disappointing…

          1. Really people? It has always been an unspoken understanding to evict the 1-2 or 3 only African Americans on the show, they have always been outnumbered! You think because you don’t say it, it’s not happening? Never in Big Brother history has there been this many people of color and you all know it, I guess season 14 of Survivor was a “Racist” season as well, I believe that most of you are more upset by the intelligence of this season’s cast of African Americans than anything else!

          2. I am a lot late to your comment, but 100%. I cannot stand that it seems to be quite okay for Black people to be racists. And it wasn’t just against white people. First they got rid of the whites, then the wrong color of minority, and then the women. EVERY SINGLE PART OF THIS WAS DISGUSTING and Xavier should not be admired and should be called out for the racist, sexist, tool that he is.

      1. The hypocrisy comes from the fake outraged comments that say by for 23 seasons and allowed it to happen again and again until the cookout was formed. HOW DARE YOU ?!?

        1. Did white people on the prior 22 seasons for alliances specifically designed to get out all the non-white people and keep it so only a white person can win?

          1. What Troy said is BS. I have watched every season of Big Brother, and while there have been racist people like XAVIER, these people (except the people of this latest season) have been called on their racism, some have been fired, and they have received plenty of hatred from BayBay fans – it has not just “been understood” that only white people will win. Survivor tried the same thing this season, luckily the Black people who started it cared more about people’s abilities whether or not they could trust them over color in the end.

            When people (and I am not going to say “white people” because hispanic, Black, white, Italian, etc., have all been on this show and people of all colors can be and have been racist against other colors). Obviously, if you were white or the wrong shade of minority, the cookout had it out for you. I Just watched Alyssa who was guilty of being the wrong shade of color who Xavier used, get him booted from The Challenge USA – GOOD FOR HER! Tiffany, the creator of the group, was the wrong gender, so she got a taste of her own medicine via Xavier and I really liked Tiffany.

            To say that ONLY white people ever stood a chance and that all other people of color were taken out because of their color is ridiculous and undermines the game play that some of those people of color actually engaged in. By this I mean, some of these people were REALLY GOOD players and good at competition. They were taken out not because of their color, but because they were a threat.

            You know what has been painfully obvious, BB always loads the house with a group of strong males that can dominate challenges and those males team up and they tend to win. Perhaps that should be a complaint. Black people represent 12% of the population, loading the house with 50% of any group is ridiculous. What is the percentage of jocks out there? What about the percentage of young people v older? What Big Brother America loves are strong, good looking (in BBs opinion anyway), fit, young people. They MAY put in a token older person to be voted out right away. A token gay and MAYBE a token lesbian (gay males are more preferred) and women who tend to be flaky and looking for a man. We see it over and over. No Black person winning should NOT be only one complaint if people want to focus on demographics.

    1. Absolutely agree with this being worst BB ever!! How is it that whites are called prejudiced but non-blacks always get a pass on their behavior? Time to kill BB from the record list.

    2. My entire family has been BB superfans and we will NEVER watch it again. Season after season CBS crucifies on live television any caucasian who makes a statement that may even resemble or be misconstrued as racist, but this season completely ignores and strongly promotes the disgusting double-standard reverse racism of this season’s ‘Cookout’. Our family has evicted BB from our house for good and I hope millions of others, Black and White, will do the same. All CBS is trying to do is divide people yet again. If I were a contestant and learned of this alliance based solely on race, I would refuse to participate in the finale nor cast a vote for the winner.

    3. Absolutely. How can one teach ones children about acceptance and inclusion, and condone this blatant racism? I will not be watching anymore.

    4. Totally agree. If the white contestants had openly formed an alliance against the black contestants, all hell would break loose.

      1. You are completely stupid. No white person ever said I am voting you out because you are black but it’s ok for the Cookout?

    5. I wish everybody remembered what Martin Luther King said (“don’t judge me by the color of my skin but for the content of my character”) The all black alliance all had their favorite white person that they truly trusted and genuinely liked but got booted because they’re not black!! I heard the cookout say on TV that they’re not fond of each other and that they love their white counterparts more yet each and everyone of the cookout has booted out their white so called freinds

    6. Maybe just CBS showing how woke they are! I mean, blacks make up 13% of the US population, but suddenly CBS puts almost 40% of blacks in the house this year. Gonna “throw” one their way, I suppose. Hollow victory if you ask me. And don’t get me started on the intelligence of the whites this season. Geez. #stacked

      1. I believe that the Cookout was created by CBS and the fact that 40% are black and knowing a black would win is why the prize increased to $750k. Another woke coronation ruining something I’ve watched for over 20 years.

        1. Totally agree, CBS has set this up completely. I feel certain they suggested that the blacks should form an alliance. And the $750K was set up to make it a point that a black won the highest payout of any BB. CBS has ruined the show with the reverse racism that is being allowed. And yes, if whites had done this, the players would be warned in diary room, and the show would have stopped. Now will Julie even bring it up at any time?

        2. I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the fact that they had to rig the game for the first black to be the one to win affirmative big brother, or how clueless all the other house guests had to be not to see what was going on, and that they never really had a chance to begin with, with big brothers woke a dope strategy to keep them on the ropes, nice to know you wasted your whole summer for nothing, but at least your broke ass can feel good knowing you did your part to save the world,..hmmm if these idiots are too stupid to figure that out, or worse,.Let them get away with it,.. all in the name of social justice ,then God help the future of this country

          1. Troll. Much. I just found this thread today for the first time and read at least two posts from you. So you must not be too bright to realize that if you take 40% of the members of a show, built on alliances, that are all from one nationality is somehow does not predetermine the results!

            I for one am glad an African American person won the show. After all, I am married to one. That is not the point that seems to fly over your head. It is how they won. They formed the biggest alliance in BB history and then set up the other contests not in their group to pick them off one by one until they were the last ones standing. Now if they were from different races and did this it would be the smartest move in reality show history. But the fact that they did it because of the color of their skin and were way overrepresented in the show is the problem.

    7. This season is disgusting! I can’t believe the producers allowed the race issue get so much air time! If it were reversed, we would have riots and looting in the streets! Enough is enough! Done with Big Black Brother! Sad, it was a good show.

    8. Agree. I’m sure next year all the different races will play for their own race. Let’s see how long CBS let’s that stay on. Especially if it’s white people.

    9. One of “The Cookout” members on live feed brought up about the society woes that have taken place with their race and about Black Lives Matter in the forming of their racial alliance.
      I’m waiting for a smart lawyer or lawyers to get ahold of the evicted and tell them they have been the victims of a hate crime. Racially motivated hate crime. AND as for Xavier being a lawyer shame on you, you should no better and you should know the laws of the land.

    10. One of “The Cookout” members on live feed brought up about the society woes that have taken place with their race and about Black Lives Matter in the forming of their racial alliance.
      I’m waiting for a smart lawyer or lawyers to get ahold of the evicted and tell them they have been the victims of a hate crime. Racially motivated hate crime. AND as for Xavier being a lawyer shame on you, you should no better and you should know the laws of the land.

    11. It’s funny that none of the pro black websites/ anti- non-black websites let anyone leave a comment on what’s really going on. It’s not reverse racism, it is straight racism when they vote people out because they aren’t black or black enough. Black people don’t get voted out because they are black, they get voted out because they suck and have no loyalty.

    1. This show IS garbage.
      It’s only significance is that it is a marker of our decline (not in terms racial groups but as an entire civilization).

    1. The white people aren’t thinking they are being evicted because they are white. They aren’t racist and that’s why they haven’t figured it out/ The blacks are racist and even big d said we have to get our kind to the end and the others have to go! This is the worst season on BB ever. Remember Aaryn Gries, called he roommate Aunt Jemima and was made fun of by Julie as she was leaving and outside of the game.

      1. My thoughts exactly! I’ve been waiting for someone, anyone to make this point. Do you really think DX is a stupid man? No, he has too pure a heart to think in racial terms and has shown only love to his allies. Tiffany has said so herself and I quote “these people aren’t even thinking about doing this to us,” It’s sad that 3 of the 6 have done literally nothing to progress this alliance and are being dragged to a final six chance for this money over DX who took kyland off the block week one knowing his friend may go up in his place. They only thing they will succeed in is making sure future black players will not win, these people are no heros and have done a disservice to their race, most white people do not think the way u think we do, in know many people are disgusted by this networks blatant disregard for racism of all kinds, they are leading these people to believe that everyone is cheering for them and silencing any comments that counter that, I’m waiting for another network who can do a better version of big brother, it won’t be hard!

        1. DX did figure it out with Claire earlier, but like X said to Tiffany, “who would actually have the stones to ask that question?” It’s a lose-lose because you m is the answer would be “Oh so it’s a black thing right?” So why risk looking racist on national tv?

      2. Thank you!! This is so completely obvious racist!! And the white contestants are not aware because they are the ones that are not racists. Speaks volumes about reverse racism. Great job Big Brother of helping to facilitate more separation. Just when we thought we were making progress….

        1. The non-black contestants are aware of it now, and have been for a couple of weeks, I can see it play out on their expressions. The black contestants are also aware that the non-black contestants are suspecting, but Xavier has admitted they will not express anything openly. If a non-black were to bring it up they will be accused of racism. I’m white. I am not racist. My family did not raise me to be in any sense of the word. I can spot racism coming from any race, yes, I’ve seen it play out in the black race as well. But I dare not mention it, but to my most trusted companions less I be accused of projecting “my racism” onto someone of color. I make a habit of not verbally accusing anyone in these times and choose to focus on myself and making sure that all of this doesn’t make me bitter towards other races. I stopped watching Big Brother weeks ago. I agree this matter needs to be addressed and I believe it will be soon. I pray in a peaceful and understanding manner but I have my doubts about that. I pray for us all because black lives do matter. I agree with that. I also agree that all lives matter. If I exert that much it puts me in a bad position on either side. I understand why the non-black players aren’t saying or addressing this issue in the game. We aren’t mentioning it outside of the game either. I think it’s time to…no matter the ramifications. Honesty with good conscious will have to suffice. That matters too!!!

    2. Because…in past alliances, even though they may have been all white, the alliance was not created with the idea of keeping blacks out of it. Or at least it didn’t seem that way or younever heard someone comment on it like you have this group called the COOKOUT. The way this black group has approached it, it is definately rascism! It is disgusting. I wish they could see that.

    3. You clearly did not read the article. The Cookout Alliance was formed solely on skin color. It excludes those who are not Black, to include Latinx, White, and Asian. It is the very definition of racism.

    4. It matters Jane because those previous alliances were not formed based solely on the color of their skin. That is the exact definition of racism.

    5. Because they didn’t announce out loud, white power! Let’s kick out every black in the house. Whites forever!! See, how racist does that sound? But this season is okay? Now do you get it??

    6. But they never formed an alliance against the black contestants! This is what’s wrong with the world today!

      1. Yes they were! Most everyone was already white, no need, and the AFRICAN AMERICANS NEVER HAD A FAIR CHANCE! YOU ARE ALL RACIST! IN YOUR HEARTS THAT’S WHY YOU ARE ANGRY!

    7. The difference is never have the “all white” alliances said they need to make sure “someone who looks like us” needs to win. Sorry but this is overt, and before you say “it has happened to black contestants in the past”, no it hasn’t—they never targeted someone overtly based on race. Even a hint of anything racist against blacks has been met with instant dismissal, has anything resembling sexism. But the double standard DOES exist against whites, but because of all blacks have endured in history they get a pass? I for one am tired of paying for slavery and oppression I had no hand in….

    8. Did you ever see those alliances target and say “Let’s get all the non-white people out of the house”? I’ll answer that for you, no. If a group of black people trying to eliminate all non-black people isn’t racist then idk what racism is anymore.

  2. This article is total nonsense, written by a male who’s background (based on the mini-bio provided within the article) when added to his writing, may give a window into exposing bias, a hostile temperament, limited journalistic skills and definite agenda.
    Yes, keep stirring that pot cause what America really needs is even more division, anger and pain in our lives. Right?

    1. It is what it is. Why can’t it just be a game that is played by people who love the game. Why does it always have to be about race? What has this world come to ? It’s so sad! Just remember we all have to stand before God someday and the color of our skin won’t make a difference.

      1. Because they made it about race when they said “White people your being evicted from the bb house. If it was reversed, you can bet there would be a bigger uproar about it all

        1. And also when X said to Claire, you’re the only white person left. Which he later regretted. AH attorney.

    2. It’s race-baiting for the idiots that check this site. Like in BB19 when there was voting for something and the conservative sites had a fit because they said Jillian was being targeted because she was a Trump supporter. They’re finally feeling what it’s like not to dominate everything for once, and they’re feeling left out.

      1. Racism of the past does not justify current or future racism. That is precisely how the the U.S. South has perpetuated racism for so long.

      2. Just admit if it was a group of whites openly saying out loud one of our kind have to win. And then laugh about how they won’t say question anything because of the temperament of this country right now. I thought people want equality not reverse racism.

        1. This is the meaning of racism!!! A black must win!! If a white person said a white person must win, they would be removed from the show!! 100 percent chance. This is very disturbing!! I’ll never watch again

    3. This article is absolutely true and you must be the biggest, and most gullible moron out there if you cant see how an alliance based solely off he color of your skin isn’t racist. Keep letting the media and left wing nutjobs brainwash you. lol you moronic fool …lol

      1. Exactly right! I don’t understand how people don’t get this. It’s so in your face it’s unreal. I used to love this show but all I seem to do is yell at my tv now.

    4. Grimy projection coming from a sexist. Do you really not realize how insulting it is to say stuff like that? You’re basically assuming the people you’re talking to are so dumb they can’t tell you’ve invalidated your own criticism by basing it on a sexist principle. Stop insulting people, you bigot. Thanks.

    5. You realize you’re the one who sounds racist now right? “Keep stirring the pot America.”?? Are you dumb? Because America isn’t stirring the pot the members of the cookout out, cbs producers, whoever picked this ridiculous cast, Julie Chen are the ones stirring the pot here. As many have said in other comments here if this was an alliance of only white people who continued to say let’s get all the blacks out you know the protests, wining, and all the other BLM bullshit would be non stop to the point of cancelling this season. Julie Chen is an asshole who even tried to change her own race – I guess she’s not a fan of Asians – but as we’ve seen in the past she jumps all over anybody she feels has been racist in the past and has no problem calling them out on something she’s very wrong about. So Julie Chen why the fuck aren’t you opening your mouth now??? You’re okay with a bunch of black racists turning this game into black vs white?? I hope you loose your job along with the morons who put this season together. You’ve all ruined the show for everyone good fucking job morons!

    6. So the cookout, which was formed with the sole purpose of getting out all non-black players in the house, is not racist? If a group of white players formed an all white group with the expressed purpose to get out all the non-white players, would that also not be racist?

  3. After 20 years of all white alliances and cliques, NOW you talk about racism? Where was all this outrage for the past 20 years? Where were the loud opinions then? Did I miss those articles that you wrote. Did all of you angry white people voice your opinions then?

    1. Please name me one alliance in the past 20 years where they formed it on the basis of their ethnicity. I’ll wait…

    2. The white alliances were based on character and not the sole fact that the people were white. That’s the BIG difference

    3. Because those alliances weren’t formed based on skin color. There has never been an alliance in Big Brother history that has segregated themselves based on skin tone. This win is beyond tainted! A disgusting and racist win. May the best player win??? More like, “May the blackest player win.”

      1. 1000% Agree!! This is disgusting what is happening. The last few white players think they have a shot and they don’t!! Not even if they play the best game, which that is what this show is suppose to be based on!! Big Brother should be ashamed of what they are allowing to happen!!

    4. There were no all white alliances solely based on race with the intention of voting off everyone who wasn’t white. What you’re saying is false. If there had ever been an alliance based solely on being white and openly saying to the country that we are voting out anyone who isn’t white, meaning blacks, latinos, Asians, etc, there would have been such an uproar! Julie Chen and CBS would have been ready to cancel the show. I don’t understand people like you who think this is the same because it’s not. This type of thinking is absurd!

    5. Let’s see what the reaction will be if, next season, the non-black contestants get together and form an alliance in the first few days, with the goal of voting out all the black contestants. Whether or not that happens, I won’t be watching.

    6. Apples and oranges. Name one instance of an alliance formed openly and condoned, and now celebrated by CBS. You’re an idiot if you think these are analogous.

    7. This was an alliance that was formed on Day 1 based on the color of your skin before the house guests even new each other’s character. If you were black you were in and if you were not you were out. There was never a group of white people that got together and said everyone who is white is going to be protected by our alliance and anyone who is not is our target – let alone doing it on day one before you even know the other people. Racism is wrong no matter what the outcome. You can not say it is okay in this case because it works in favor of the minority. Just because no black person has won BB in the past does not make it okay to justify racism this season. The fact that the other contestants have not seemed to notice the race difference sooner shows the fact that race is not something they see as important in the relationships they made. Race was only important to the blacks. It was important that someone who looked like them won. Not someone who had the same values or morals or viewpoints, but skin color. The people clamming racism against them are the ones being racist and celebrating that racism. Mind blowing.

    8. so, because of CBS’s gross casting faults, its ok to for a team based solely on race, designed to get all other races out of the house, admitted by the group members, and not call it racist? Last I checked, no other team has had this goal in the prior 22 seasons.

  4. Reverse racism is still racism. Derek X is Chinese, the only Asian player in the game by himself yet he wasn’t let into their” cookout”… because its for black ancestry only?!! THAT IS RACISM and this season having only black people at the finals,which is their whole mission, is nothing for them to be proud of, quite the opposite.

    1. Totally agree also ALYSSA LOPEZ she’s a minority also and that Hannah is only 1/2 black this was a total joke of a season
      Very racist against all minorities

    2. Just so you know Chaddah is not a true black….she is considered a brown. Her father is from and lives in INDIA, and her mother is from South Africa. She was born and raised in Chicago. Then there is Alyssa, the 1/2 Puerto Rican and white girl. This Cookout was allowing their choice of other NEARLY blacks in but not Asians or halfies. It is racism BUT because BLM there will never be repercussions. They just think it is “history”. It is really an empty win for whomever wins as they thad to throw all comps up to now, so no one was really playing the game.
      Proof of this…..how quickly X won the POV.

  5. Is this CRAP still on the air?? Watched the first season and had to take a shower after each episode to wash the slime off of me…
    Can’t imagine what it’s degenerated into after 23 SEASONS??? And this crap passes for “entertainment” these days… no wonder we’re in the situation that we’re in….

  6. Where was the outrage when all the black people were evicted immediately? I guess no one saw that as being racist…for the first time on this show African Americans are representing…Good job cookout!

    1. They saw Ovi, Kemi, and David together in camp outfits on stage in BB21 and said “yep this looks right to me.”

    2. actually you live under a rock. There was outrage every year there were racist actions done and it was not just one class of people complaining and calling them out. It was people of all color calling this BS out every year it happened. Even Julie Chen called people out and let HG leaving know. UNTIL THIS YEAR. So don’t set there and act like what is playing out is cool this year. It isn’t oh and if you want to see the latest cookout 6 comments go tune into 3 & 4 on 8/27 starting at 11:37 PM PST TIME. on paramount+ BIG BROTHER LIVE FEEDS ARCHIVED DATE 8/27. Then you tell me what they all said and did would not have people screaming and calling them out like others were called out in other BB years. Oh and remember Xavier calling out Whitney on the egg roll comment about derrick x. Funny how Xavier is more of a hypocrite they Whitney.

    3. Were they evicted because they were black, or were they black people that were evicted??? There IS a difference!

    4. Lies. Total lies. You see what you want to see…don’t make it the truth. Not to mention a black woman won celebrity little brother.

  7. ????????????Y’all mad over a tv show and concerned about white people being oppressed. ???????????? Real freedom fighters.

    1. I got a big laugh out of the dumbass that wrote this article using the phrase “we’ve got receipts”.

      They’ll steal the lingo and culture from blacks, gays, and all other minorities, but won’t let them be in an alliance on a tv show.

      1. Not an overtly racist one no. It’s called do what you like. All people do it. Claims of “stealing culture” is so disturbingly egotistical.

    2. No, it’s the glorification of race essentialism on a television show we liked. Why are you criticizing people in such a stupid way for doing this? At least there is an explanation for these peop;e’s complaints. There is none for yours.

    3. Just tired of having to point out black privilege to my white children. They’re smarter than you, and can see right through the racism on their own.

  8. So Next season there better be a house full of
    LATINOS let’s be fair BB and they’ll be called
    EL FIESTA lol if this was about minority’s then this cookout should have included ALYSSA and Derek X ??? ALL LIVES MATTER

  9. This article is ridiculously weak. Zero good points made. I’m white and the last thing I’m worried about is being a victim of racism.

    1. Who said you were a victim? What about Sara Beth, Claire, Brittney, Alyssa, DX? All eliminated solely because they weren’t black. If that happened to you and you went along with it, you’d be nothing more than a coward. Afraid of being called racist for pointing out racism.

  10. 4 black players have won Survivor. A MUCH harder game, on their own merits. But it takes a stacked cast, with no doubt help from CBS to FINALLY get a POC to win BB. Whomever wins I hope they have a nagging feeling they didn’t win legit as the 4 did on Survivor. Great job.

  11. Guarantee that if at the beginning of the show someone said “Hey why don’t we have an all white alliance” Julie would have called them out on it. Doesn’t work both ways though does it

  12. Will not finish out the season and will never watch again. White people are just as important as black people

    1. Ditto! Cancel this season! Cancel this show if cbs refuses to call out racism at its worst! Cancel julie chen for looking derek x in the eye and implying he played it all wrong because he’s Asian! What???

  13. Any alliance based on a race or gender is simply wrong. CBS made people terrified to target a “POC” when they attacked their winner who did so early in the game for purely game play reasons. They allowed him to be called racist on the finale and today, they are terrified of being seen as racist. MLK fought for us not to see each others skin / race, but to judge based on character, and today they are trying to separate us into smaller groups, while putting us against everyone else. It is disgusting.

  14. I 100% agree. My 14 year old even noticed this and asked how they are allowed to have an alliance solely chosen by the color of their skin. I think it’s great that it’s more diverse and I would have loved to see a black person win, but now seeing how ugly and racist these cast members truly are I’m disgusted by them and CBS. We will not finish this season. I won’t allow that sort of racism in my home.

  15. I was sick of reality tv already when this FIRST came out. Please everybody, do yourself a favor and just tune out, let the network bleed money already.

  16. I’m totally disgusted with bb 23. I look forward to it every summer. This kind of reverse racism is ridiculous! The other hg’ have no clue bec they’re just there to play the game. This was planned .& just to get the white people out! Omg CBS TAKE A STAND , any form of racism is bad regardless.. I hope bb is cancelled….

    1. You watched season 15 with all the overt actually spoken racism and THIS is the season that disgusts you? You watched 21 where all the minorities got voted out in a row pre-jury, and the black alliance is the thing that sent it over the top? You’ve watched basically every season where an all-white alliance runs the table on everyone else, and you can’t stomach this?

      You’re the racist here, Dana.

      1. BB has to stack the deck with almost all blacks, for a black to finally win. Why is that? Why not have the house broken down by percentage of population? Whites comprise 60%, Latinos 20% and blacks only 12.5%, and Asians 6%. Wow, BB has jumped the shark. Everyone I talk to who watches BB has either stopped watching this season, or won’t watch next year. Stick a fork in BB, it’s done.

      2. Solid post JB. Sadly, things don’t have to make sense to some people. Their feelings are all that matter. They see advantage being lost and they lash out.

  17. Do African-Americans now want to promote racial segregation? This is the type of behavior that breeds distrust and hatred. Shame on CBS.

  18. Is this a TV show or something? No one with a life watches TV anymore, except for singular events, so it must be a lowest common denominator thing. Doesn’t apply here in this home.

  19. Blacks and other coloreds want to self-segregate from Whites? They’ll get no argument from me! I’m all for their idea! Effin’ BRILLIANT! Safety and quiet at last…can’t wait!

  20. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this as disgusting, the last 4 episodes I just skipped to the end and planned to rewind if it looked worth watching or was just all the black contestants putting up people/ voting out people because they aren’t black. I’ve watched this show from the beginning Season 1 and I’m done with it. This would be off the air and all these people would be canceled, having a hard time even finding work after the show if it were an all white alliance. This is racism, like it or not. Were there all while alliances before ? Yes. Was even ONE of those based on race ? NO! There has never in the history of this show been an alliance with the sole purpose of voting black people out and making sure there was an all white or majorly white jury TO MAKE SURE A WHITE PERSON WON! This is appalling, I won’t be watching anymore. These people think they’re doing something good but in reality going forward white people and other minorities will be making sure a group of black people never get to be the majority again. Most white people aren’t racist like people think. It has probably never even crossed one of their minds to vote out a black person because they’re black. NOW that the black contestants this season have brought it to everyone’s attention loud and clear, it’ll be on everyone’s radar going forward. I feel bad for DX he deserved to win, if he played on any other season he would’ve gotten much further, I hope he comes back on a season without a group of racists.

    1. Oh wow you’re very delusional lol, it’s clear you didn’t watch BB15. How about you do that? Actually I’ll help you go to YouTube and look up “BB15 bigotry” then come back and repeat yourself so we can know that you’re a contradicting hypocrite.

      1. We all watched bb15 and you tube is not a dictionary for the record, you are missing what people are saying here and we do still have freedom to express in this country. At least until cbs tries to ruin that too, Not!

      2. Alliances solely based on race has never been part of the game. It was flawed humans being flawed humans (not excusing)…of all color (black people have made racist comments too…conveniently you left that out). I’ll also point out that 98% of the racists remarks came from one ignorant person. Toootally different scenario.

  21. Lol but yet no articles on BB22, BB21, BB15, etc the list of seasons where the ALL WHITE alliances took out all the people of color early on in the game or back to back.

    You want to talk about hypocrisy? Let’s talk about it.

    1. The difference was all those alliances were based on character and all the meme bets never said “hey let’s get together and make sure a white person wins !!! This is the difference

    2. Difference is the white didn’t form an alliance because they were white. I see Trump comments on here? Really? In order to turn a free Country to a dictatorship you have to turn people against each other. That’s what they did in other Countries but since they all looked alike they did it with religion. Don’t fall for this.

  22. Take a look at the comments here and that should tell you what the audience is for an article like this, and for the site in general. A guy literally called people “coloreds”.

    Fuck off with this bullshit. The black players have the advantage for once in 23 seasons, and now it’s a problem? This is why y’all can’t win elections.

    Also whoever uploaded this to Jokers is a racist too.

    1. That was me with the “coloreds” remark, Joel. I did it as a troll to punk someone, which turned out to be you. Hehehe! You’ve been PUNKED. However, while we’re at it, please explain the difference from your perspective between “People of Color” and “Coloreds.” Thanks in advance. Now, get some rest.

    2. Ummm “we” win elections all the time. Remember 2016. Still traumatized and incoherent I see. You just overgeneralized all people with an opposing opinion with one commenter’s use of the word “colored”. This is the epitome of the lack of intellect of leftists.

  23. This is completely racist. I don’t think the black players are overtly racist people, but anytime you target someone solely on skin color that is the definition of racism. The all white alliances from past seasons didn’t get together to vote non-blacks out. They were in a house with mostly white people. Black contestants will only get away with this one season because the next season people will be wise to the strategy.

  24. I have watched BB for years and I am done! Racism at its finest… if a white person made remarks such as Hannah did about a “cracker” this show would have been taken off the air. More than one time have the cookout made racial remarks but it’s all good because they are black? Unreal!!!! CBS should be ashamed! Hopefully this is the last season of BB. Julie should hang her head in shame especially after the support she got for staying with her groper husband.

  25. I have been watching BB since season 1, episode 1. I will not watch again. Everyone I know that watches the show feels the same. No wonder ratings have plummeted this season. The racism this season is despicable. Shame on CBS. First, the 50% cast is BS. The black population is 12%, so a 50% black cast is ridiculous. The whole “let’s vote all the whitey out” is disgusting. The white players are the only ones not racist, as they were too ignorant to see that CBS set this up against them. It’s been a good run BB. Time to shut this once good show down now.

  26. This has totally destroyed the gameplay why is CBS casting players based on their race in the first place? Moving forward the strategy logically will be to split into 2 groups people of color and people not of color then 1st one to lose a player has numbers.Even if it doesn’t play out like that the damage is done everyone will be thinking is their an alliance based on race? This race based gameplay is disgusting.Derrick x and Haley were close will he want anything to do with her once he finds out she voted him out because of his race?2 seasons in a row BB has been used as a platform.You can’t put pandora back in the box.You can’t undo this. What bright ideas you got next CBS fully segregated race cast? SMH. RIP BB gameplay you will be missed

  27. So sad and all the white people are so afraid of being canceled that they don’t say a thing. If the shoe was on the other foot people would be going crazy. I hope next year a strong group of white peoples get together and make a alliance called The BBQ and the will see what cbs says- it is ok to be proud of what ever color you are without being attacked and that includes. White people

    1. That’s what sucks. They couldn’t even use the words at first to describe what Sara Beth had figured out. Yet the black alliance boasts and carries on with no real remorse. Even Tiffany lied to Claire til the end. Disgusting.

  28. When the show is over, anyone who isn’t black should file a LAWSUIT against CBS for allowing reverse racism be the deciding factor in who the winner is. Everyone who wasn’t black came on the show for a chance to win and wasted several months of their lives because they didn’t have a chance to win. I’ve seen BIG BROTHER intervene for all kinds of reasons but they seem to not care that an alliance has been made based solely on race. I say a nice lawsuit against CBS for allowing this to go on will net Derek and all the others who were evicted because they are white more than the $750 thousand that CBS pays out to the cheating winners!

    1. YESSSSSSS! I have encouraged the same and hope some really smart attorneys (sorry Xavier – I said smart not racist) take up this issue,

  29. There have been all white alliances in the past but not because they were all white proof of that is that there were white people on those seasons not in those alliances. They were just people who got along and joined forces. If they had fall outs the alliances failed. The cookout is clearly only together because of the color of their skin some of them don’t like each but because of the color of their skin they’re not options for eviction. It’s disgusting ????

    1. It’s so racist! If white people said let’s get all the whites in an alliance and get the rest out there would be so much backlash! Not sure why CBS didn’t step in right away and let them know they couldn’t do that. Just makes me wonder what CBS would do if it was whites targeting blacks.

  30. Typical black behavior. They’re so obsessed with their skin color that it overshadows everything else about them and dominates their personalities. Their pretentiousness is comical and nauseating. Kings and queens? Hahahahahahaha! Barf! I avoid them as much as possible because they’re not interesting to me and do nothing to help myself grow as a person. They complain about appropriation and stereotypes but stole my culture for their stupid wu tang clan and regularly post YouTube videos ridiculing my people for eating cats and dogs. I absolutely understand why my Latino neighbors despise them. Stop including us in your stupid POC definition. You’re on your own. Asians work hard and don’t make excuses. We’re intelligent and shun ignorance while you take pride in not knowing the forms of be or how to say the word ask.

    1. You ever notice how the media are always sure to mention that a white officer has killed a black man but never once do they mention that all the crime against Asians is committed by black people!? It’s all so one sided and they are trying their hardest to create racism where it doesn’t exist. Sure there are some racist people still out there but I believe it is few and far between. The media and news outlets will know what a monster they have created when all this ends up on there own back yard.

  31. This whole topic makes my skin boil. If it were reversed and an all white alliance was targeting blacks, there would be a huge issue. One point that pissed me off is when X was talking to Tiffany and one asked if they think people were catching on and one responded with “even if they were, they can’t say anything.” Which means they know it’s racist but no one else can point it out.
    It’s not even a great game play because none of them are thinking about their end game and wondering whose at the bottom of the alliance because now is the time to make a move, which they could have with Derek last week to further their personal game.

  32. The uncomfortable truth is that The Cookout was formed purely and simply based on skin color. Sure, we’ve seen racist behavior on BB in the past, but it was always a few individuals bringing their special brand of back-country views to the small screen, not an organized conspiracy. Justify this any way you care to, but this is reverse racism. The sad part isn’t that all the African Americans got together in this way, but the truly sad part of this debacle is that CBS is trying to spin it into wholesome all-American fun. As long as we think in terms of race, racism will exist. Sorry, but there have been too many comments by The Cookout, while on their own, that they are thinking in terms of race. If CBS is trying to promote some kind of conversation, well they blew it – why aren’t they addressing the conversation??

    I think CBS knows they have a lit box of TNT on their hands, and they are burying their heads in the sand, hoping it will just go away. They should be up front and out in the open about the elephant in the room that they have given birth to. They HAD to know this was possible when they stacked the deck with their choice of HG’s. Weeks have gone by since the beginning of this, and CBS has done nothing constructive to frame the conversation – just denial. This season will always be remembered as the Racial Season.

    Anyone that denies that the motives are racial, or that it is OK because this somehow makes up for some of the wrongs of the past, are just fooling themselves, and perpetuating the behavior to which most of us are so opposed.

  33. The racism I am watching this season, is not reverse racism, it’s racism. Previous alliances were never based on color. This one is. CBS has bent over backwards to lead the show in this direction. Julie Chen has never mentioned the Cookout to the voted out houseguests. What’s going to happen next season and every season will be a discussion of race in the house and people will vote out others based on color because too many white people remain or too many black people or too many Latinos……. In an early episode, Aza (not sure how to spell it) was crying about racism………..
    We all know the staff on BB advises the houseguests and tips them off with what to say. Not a pleasant season, and you have really disappointed this fan. I watched the show because of the various houseguests and alliances and was oblivious to color. CBS has made this season all about racism and it feels ingenious.

  34. I have not watched one episode this year. I’m totally surprised to read that an alliance is formed based on the color of your skin. I have stopped watching other shows and guess this one here just made the list!

  35. I used to be a fan, but not anymore. This has become a racist show, based on color. Before this, everyone was seen as an individual, and now all I see is people treating others based on the color of their skin. Survivor has had several black winners, and deservedly. Not based on color , but based on playing the game. . . Yet CBS has made their show now about race just so someone of color will win. And apparently, if someone brings this up…….it’s racism?

  36. So an Alliance is formed based solely on race!! I would go so far as to say that CBS offered the name, so people at home didn’t think racism. If this had been reversed, the show would be off air because Al Sharpton and all the other hate baiters would be screaming. BPM Black Players Matter. Nice job teaching racism 101. If there is a show next season, you can bet you butt that the blacks will be out first, and then everyone will scream, they were voted out because they were black!!! Hell yes they were! Same as in society today. I quit eating at black restaurants because I was told I have to eat there. I quit supporting a black business because I was told I have to support them. I never cared about what race someone was who owned a business before. I do now. Thanks society for taking us back 50 years

  37. Alright, with the exception of the lovely AZAH, & the funny Big Derek, — Xaxier & that “DREAD{FUL}” Tiffany are the Poster Children of BLM!

  38. I’m absolutely disgusted with what big brother has become and I’m out. My wife and I will not watch it anymore. And we happen to be black. That doesn’t matter though. Racism is racism and this is a huge example of it. No thank you.

  39. It’s so sad watching Claire celebrate Tiffany’s win and Sara Beth being super kind and in X’s corner thinking they have a final two. Knowing they’re coming for them due to not being black. This is the most disgusting thing on television right now. Or them all acting so sad about having to vote Derek X out …..AGAIN just because he’s Asian. Get these racist clowns off the internet.

  40. Imagine getting voted out and finding out you lost because you weren’t black. I agree with some of the comments above, I would be finding a way to sue cbs.

  41. I hope black people are watching, because CBS lost my viewership. I don’t need to waste my time on watching woke reality. It’s depressing. And not at all entertaining. Too bad because I really liked big brother.

    1. Sad Ava, but you have to be blind not to see alphabet networks not bending over backwards to racist, woke, cultural Marxists. Don’t see any of this ending well

  42. Race aside, this is a terrible season. The earlier years of the show were much more fun. Too much added crap this season that just makes it too confusing and a waste of time. Go back to the old formula when viewers enjoyed watching and participating. Remember Marcellas and Cheese Amy? Food comps? The key box? Fun times!

  43. I would think that black people would want to move forward in the fight against racism. More racism, even if ‘justified’ because done by black people, is only a big step backwards. You don’t solve racism with racism. No one with half a brain could possibly see this as a step forward.

  44. If a white person said that they’d be pulled out of show .
    I’ll never watch this show again !
    How dare u let me his be ok !
    Cancel this crap of racial bs ! Give a person money for being a racist n you network condones this horrible low class call mental ! Shame on you !

  45. As a super fan of big brother all I can say is this May very well be the last season I watch. Never has there been an alliance on this show based solely on race before. And this season not only is that what’s happening but they openly talk happily about doing so. I don’t care if you’re white, black, polka dots or zebra stripes, playing a game solely off of ethnicity is wrong. If you believe any different you’re part of the problem.

  46. I can’t seem to understand why so many people are looking for righteousness from a reality TV game show that encourages lying, manipulation, and backstabbing. Maybe the non cookout houseguests should contact the Big Brother Equal Opportunity Office. This show is not a reflection of of the USA and it won’t move the country closer to or further away from equality. It’s not real. But I would like to know where it is stated that the racial makeup of the houseguests is supposed to mirror the demographics of the US. I’ve looked online and I haven’t found anything yet. Is there an episode where Julie said? A press release somewhere? And why is a solely racist alliance any worse than a partially racist alliance? A little bit of racism is ok but too much racism. Is bad? There have been all White alliances season after season. Are we expected to think those formed organically? Come on. The cookout is saying the quiet part out loud. Anyway. Trash in, trash out. BB was racist long before this season.

  47. I see why people say never read the comments. Whole lotta cringe worthy hate there. I can’t seem to understand why so many people are looking for righteousness from a reality TV game show that encourages lying, manipulation, and backstabbing. Maybe the non cookout houseguests should contact the Big Brother Equal Opportunity Office. This show is not a reflection of of the USA and it won’t move the country closer to or further away from equality. It’s not real. But I would like to know where it is stated that the racial makeup of the houseguests is supposed to mirror the demographics of the US. I’ve looked online and I haven’t found anything yet. Is there an episode where Julie said? A press release somewhere? And why is a solely racist alliance any worse than a partially racist alliance? A little bit of racism is ok but too much racism. Is bad? There have been all White alliances season after season. Are we expected to think those formed organically? Come on. The cookout is saying the quiet part out loud. Anyway. Trash in, trash out. BB was racist long before this season.

  48. This is racist and pandering. There is such low expectations of a certain group of people the show had to way over populate with them. Then they structure the group alliances to give that group an advantage. Such low expectations is just as racist as the cookout. No longer watching.

  49. I was banned in the Paramount/CBS Big Brother live feed chat room for answering a question that was addressed as, Why do you white people have a problem with the Cookout when white alliances have controlled for years. I answered , White Alliances have never evicted based on color. The Cookout is. I was banned for that answer and sent a letter from Paramount that my chat was egregious. I have paid for feeds for years and ha e never been banned before. I was banned twice for that same answer. This season will be the beginning of the end of BB as this season will lead to future alliances of white vs black. I’m totally disappointed in my banning. There was nothing wrong in my answer especially when it was directed to you white people.

  50. Not only is this racist… you would have us believe that not one other person in the house even detected that these 6 were in a group together from the beginning, expelling white people.. It could have been a fun season if it was done honestly. It also makes people of color look bad, because to me it is implying that they believe a person of color couldn’t have won if it wasn’t staged.. Wow – how sad is that.

  51. This is exactly Critical Race Theory. They’ve said multiple times that is owed them and it’s for the cause. This is what we have to look forward to.

  52. I’ve watched every episode of Big Brother. Never have I seen the racism that’s on this season. It would not have been tolerated for white people to do this. Its ruined BB23! Why haven’t they been called to the diary room to discuss this racist game play?!!?

  53. Have been watching for years and this will be my last season. I’m just sticking it out to see where the chips fall once these obviously non racist, white /non black people realize they’ve been evicted because they’re white. While there may have been racist individuals in the past, that doesn’t mean that the largely white alliances were racist. The truth is it’s a popularity contest! So yes BB, congrats for contributing to a greater divide between the races rather than promoting a healthier dialogue about people’s differences.

  54. It is racist. They are evicting people “that they would otherwise keep,” solely because they are not black! That is racist.

  55. Not one season of big brother has been won by anybody but White’s. Some seasons for the majority of the season be completely white. White people form alliances all the time and they don’t have to mention race because they’re the only race on the show. If you bleach demons ain’t about the stupidest, whiniest people…. LOL
    I think POC should bully and freeze yall out more. Give u all a taste of your own medicine.

    1. You win the prize for the most racist comment so far. If you want to perpetuate the problem that you complain about, then you are on the right track. Look in the mirror!

    2. White People Tears – you should focus more on your illiterate speech and pathetic attitude than calling white people names. You are the reason things will never change. You are obviously very jealous of white people, you’re embarrassing yourself. Stop being a POS and show a little dignity. And you are wrong, Jun Song, Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark were all winners. This season of BB is going to be the downfall of the show as well as CBS, I’ve already cancelled my Paramount + sub. It’s sad the only way a black person can win this show is by being a racist. They will never be able to claim victory, it’s a pathetic default win at best. They will not get the respect they think they will because they don’t deserve it. They played like down in the gutter racists, just like your comments show you as the racist you are. ALM

  56. If I were a black person, I would be offended by every aspect of this alliance. They’re checking every box for what we are trying to end in this world. Why would anyone want to use the color of another person’s skin as the sole reason to hurt, define themselves as more deserving, or laugh at the failure of them in any way? Just because someone is White, Asian, Hispanic or any other race, doesn’t mean they deserve to be treated as if they don’t have feelings too. It’s great to have alliances and work as teams! I’m white and I couldn’t stomach anyone that tried to form an alliance and based it on “taking out anyone who wasn’t white.” I’m sure the other houseguest couldn’t either and they’d be gone!

  57. If a white person had said ” Dear black people, you have been evicted from the house” it would have top news and a racist remark. You black people need to stop being racist before white people are going to, you are the problem

  58. To “White People Tears” comment , Seasons before, yeah there were white alliances but that’s only because the black contestants were too stupid to know how to play the game. It’s a shame that CBS has to cheat in order to get a black winner on Big Brother. You want to call us bleach demons you’re just jealous that you’re not one, whoever the hell you are. Maybe if you learn how to speak and act like a normal person , blacks might be included in alliances instead of always acting like they’re in the “hood”. Get over yourself licorice stick.

  59. My family and I have watched every season of Big Brother but after this racist BS this season were done with BB theres other things I can watch like Fox News.

  60. I used to love this show, but I am so disgusted with the racism this season and CBS letting this happen. I agree with the comments if white people formed an all white alliance, it would be knocked down immediately. All of us WHITE folks should BOYCOTT BB. Maybe CBS will realize it’s Black people who keep racism alive, so sad.

  61. Disgusting !!! I like ALL the players this year but I am turned off by “the black alliance” using the other players as pawns. I have watched big brother since day one and have never seen someone targeted because of the color of their skin. I think CBS has orchestrated the show’s demise with their setup this year. They have made it a racist issue where there was never one before. The idiot who decided this is a moron.

  62. We have been loyal BB fans since episode1 of season 1. Never mised a show. This is the first season that makes us want to quit watching. The openly target of white people is uncalled for. Just as if it would be wrong for a white alliance to target all the blacks in the house. If they were a white alliance doing what the Cookout is openly doing…. Big Brother would be taken off the air immediately. But now the Cookout is getting away with it. This is a game not a political move to prove something. Very disappointed in this season.

  63. I’ve been watching for years and after what has been done on this show which has said they are getting rid of the white people if it was the other way around it would of been known by some complaint by now I won’t watch mo more this use to be one of my favorite reality shows but not after this season I’ve seen enough one side Ness going on

  64. This more diverse cast as you put it is not a reflection of our society. Black people only make up 12% of our population. Should their be 12% black, then the percentage of Asian, Latino, White, etc. This show is truly offensive this season and is only perpetuating the race ‘wars’. If it the other way around, the show would be cancelled. Their would be an uproar of epic proportions. The cookout is being blatantly racist. I don’t ever recall hearing a white say, ‘let’s vote him out because he’s black. I’m shocked that CBS doesn’t step in and do something about this. With all the ‘all lives matter’ rhetoric we have been hearing lately, how do they see this as a positive model? CBS—STEP UP!

  65. I agree, the racism this season has gone further than it ever has in years past. I guess we’re all supposed to look the other way and keep our mouths shut because it’s white people being discriminated against instead of black people. If the whites in the house formed an alliance with the primary goal to get the blacks evicted, the uproar that would create would be deafening. Julie Chen would pointedly address the offenders, make a compassionate announcement to the viewers, etc. This is just sickening. You can’t have it both ways. All lives matter, people.

  66. Wow just read most of the comments on this article and see that many people are not happy on how this season of BB 23 has played out so far. I have to agree with most of the people in their analogy on how this has made people of colour look like racist. I have never based my friendship’s with people based on the colour of their skin, and therefore, I have a very diverse group of friends. Any game show that is structured to reflect any type of racism needs to reflect their abilities to host such a thing on TV. Can we honestly say that producers of BB23 could foresee this happening? Maybe not but all circumstances should of been reviewed and measures put into place to avoid such a thing from taking place. The game should be played on what it was originally designed to do, and that was to pick the best individual who played the game. Alliance’s and the way they are structured need to be reviewed, otherwise this type of racism will not leave the show.

  67. If you dont think its racist, then do a big brother with all white people, cause everyone knows if the roles were reversed, it’ll be a huge uproar about it all!

  68. It is rumored that they originally called the alliance “black out” but production made then change it to “cook out” even though they never cook and almost burned down the house with steaks in the oven.

  69. Big brother will be racially divided
    After this season forever. !
    , What a shame, it was a fun show to watch. Cookout will succeed, but maybe at the cost of the show, Goodby BiG BROTHER. !!
    IF Big brother makes it another season there should be the 4 major races divided evenly,
    What a Shame
    Take it cookout , it won’t happen again,

  70. I am white and will be on BB24 and will vote out every black person there. So that means I am not racist, right? What’s the difference?

  71. Voting out based on skin color. Made an alliance based on skin color. Totally racist! This is their attempt at revenge because they believe they deserve they should win by doing what the white racists did to win. Well now you become JUST LIKE THEM! When you had a chance to win this season with dignity,fairness and respect because the house was not all whites! For once it was racially fair and equal! You all could have made a real difference!! Too bad.

  72. I have been stunned by the blatant racism this year. When it actually happened I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a larger outcry. All I could think about was if a white person had said we have to get the blacks out, they would have been removed from the show. That sentiment should never be tolerated.

    Did you happen to see the latest season of Big Brother Canada? When it came down to final 3, the person who had the choice actually said they were making their choice based on the colour of the person’s skin. Again I was stunned.

    Even if you thought that way, why would you say that? The white woman who didn’t get picked was a member of 2 minority groups in terms of big brother winners: she was a woman, and she was a mature competitor. No older competitor has ever won BB Canada. So to say I have to go with a person of colour because they are under represented in winners is disingenuous. It was a decision based solely on race, not on game play.

    If a white person said I am choosing the white player over the black one the world would have freaked out. But hardly a peep. I thought the woman should have told the jury members why she wasn’t chosen. At least it would have been honest. And the HOH and the show would be held accountable.

  73. CBS I will cancel your channel. The fact that it’s okay to target non blacks is okay. If this was done by all whites you would condemn that. Just like it’s okay to have BET but if white people had a channel they would be slaughtered in the media. Can’t have it both ways. You are discriminating against non blacks. You have BLACK LIVES MATYER organization a platform. Your why there is racism. By the way I am black. Good luck with your pro racism platform.

    1. Big Brother is a numbers game and the producers stacked the deck in the Blacks’ favor. And the Blacks jumped on it fully taking advantage of it. They didn’t have to do that; they could’ve done the fair thing and played their own individual games, but they chose to blatantly target all unsuspecting non black players. None of them deserve the money. But I will enjoy watching the Cookout eat each other. Pun intended. Shameful.

  74. Tiffany said it well, “…a win for darkness.”, while her and her fellow clan members bandy about terms like “friend” and “love” for their useful idiots.
    Seeing the Cookout’s sheer joy of committing the sins of our forefathers, one has to wonder how far they would go, given sufficient laissez-faire indulgences. Do they secretly wish to hold slaves as well?

  75. Pretty upset about the cookout in this season. Particularly xaiver with comments such as “ get the last white person out” “ have to get the non blacks out”. Very surprised paramount/cbs aired that. Sure, there has been a number of all white alliances but never did anyone openly target black people based on there race. I sadly will not be finishing a season big brother for the first time in two decades :/.

  76. Just like in the 1960’s, the southern blacks stopped riding the bus in protest. All of those who think there is racism going on here should STOP WATCHING BIG BROTHER! That is is the only way to hurt CBS and the big advertisers that are advertising during the show.

  77. 100% agree with this. It’s racist. No matter how you slice it. If it were an all white alliance, due to the color of skin,, the show would be off the air. Yep we are done with this show.

  78. The cookout is racist…its not even debatable. Textbook definition of the word.

    There are two BIG problems that make this a shortsighted ploy. The biggest by FAR is…what happens 1 or 2 seasons from now? The white people will see what happened on the past and think…we better band together and get THEM out before they get US. Thats what we have to look forward to…BIG BROTHER RACE WAR. Its gonna happen, im sure of it.

    The second thing is that theyre sending a message that a POC cant win on their own, playing their own game. Whoever wins will have a tainted victory (especially Big D or Azah) because they got carried along just because of their skin color.

    Shamefull all around.

    1. 100% agree. It’s going to be the BB race war moving forward. Who in their right mind would not consider getting rid of any groups based on race after this season.

  79. So sick of the double standard. I guess CBS will be ok with a group of white contestants on season 24 forming an alliance called the “plantation”.
    If you base anything on the color of skin it’s racism!!!

  80. So sick of the double standard. I guess CBS will be ok with a group of white contestants on season 24 forming an alliance called the “plantation”.
    If you base anything on the color of skin it’s racism!!!

  81. So sick of the double standard. I guess CBS will be ok with a group of white contestants on season 24 forming an alliance called the “plantation”.
    If you base anything on the color of skin it’s racism!!!

  82. The majority race in any society is charged with the protection of rights of minorities. Throughout history, when the majority is threatened by the minority, the minority haven’t faired well at all. So maybe treating ALL whites as enemies, maybe it’s time for minorities to remember that the VAST majority of Whites protect equality of minorities.

  83. Thank you for this article!!! This is absolutely reverse racism. If these were white people CBS would be up in arms. I would not be surprised if this idea was thought up by CBS and planted in Tiffany’s mind. She is smart but not smart enough to come up with the Cookout (black) Alliance AND pairing up with a white person to cover.

  84. Worst season in 23 seasons. Anti white racism allowed and even cheered on my Julie Chen, it’s disgusting. I had a lot of respect for Chen in the past but no longer. If white contestants blatantly targeted all minorities there would be an uproar. Not to mention there is no game play, it’s all been the same crap day after day week after week. I paid for Paramount + just to watch the live feeds, biggest waste of money I’ve ever spent. After all these years in done with BB and cancelling Paramount +, I could spend my money on something more worthwhile like toilet paper. Not cool BB, should have done better. Racism goes all ways and this was so obviously against white contestants it’s pathetic. Why didn’t you just have an all minority cast, that would have been less insulting?!?!

  85. I have watched every episode of big brother. Enjoyed all the surprises. Applauded the show for taking out people that were racist.
    This season, is my last. In fact will not watch the rest of the season. Julie says this is not racism. It is totally racism, and Julie and all the producers of this show need to be fired to have watched this happen. I am completely disgusted. If you want to stop racism, stop all racism. I am not sure this show will survive after this season. If I was the network, I would cancel it in a heartbeat.

    1. I’ve been watching BB for many years, and it’s always been about who plays the best game, not the color of your skin. I think this BB23 has turned into a race game. At the very beginning when the Cookout was formed, because a black person has never won BB and that the 6 were together, it would be guaranteed that 1 of them would win. In all the years I’ve watched BB, it’s never been about race. It’s a double standard. If a white group of 6 people made an alliance called, “the rednecks “, and they started to push all people of color out, there would be such an uproar about it. Then, if 1 of the rednecks alliance members said to another member, that they were acting like they were black as Tiffany said to Big D.( Derek Frazier) that he was acting white because he was looking after Brittany. There are comments that are always being made on this BB23. It’s ashame, we have enough issues to work through as Americans and things like this tend to go on with many races. Racism is not ok for any color of a person. It’s wrong, point blank. I quit watching it.

  86. COOKOUT is a black owned fast food chain in the “South”. This is where the name came from. Cast members of Cookout were introduced to each other before the show to plan this. How do I know this ? I am one of the producers at CBS. #whistleblower

  87. Watch how bad this gets in the future. This little cookout stunt will have people making decisions based solely on race from this point forward. Well done cookout and CBS. You have now spurred a BB race battle for all seasons to come.

  88. The cookout alliance is racist as hell. If almost the white people started an alliance together, it would be racist and blasted everywhere.
    These black people on BB want another thing handed to them like their welfare checks and food stamps.

  89. Big D even feels guilty for not having to win or prove a dam thing to anyone to make it down to the finals. Dude could stay asleep this entire season and possibly win $750,000… He feels bad because the one and only reason he made it this far, is because he is black. With that being said, I truly believe Big D is the only black person in the BB house that isn’t racist.

  90. Lol at racist whiteys whining about no whites left when black ppl/minorites have been ganged up on and outnumbered and bullied by whites and u hypocritical morons never batted an eyelash. Rock on Big Brother!

  91. Totally agree. I hope this is the last season. I haven’t watched this season and glad for it now. I won’t be watching finale either. Hopefully y’all take a stand and its enough to produce the lowedt rated finale.

  92. I am all for what is happening on Big brother. I am white. I feel these 6 black players would not have been cast if Big brother wanted to give a person of color a chance to win for the first time. Maybe there needs to be separate big brother seasons. One for whites and one for blacks and one for all other people of color.

  93. Completely agree….Big Brother made this season so a black person would win….don’t have any issues with anyone winning, but when a group says only blacks…..imagine if a white person would say a group of only whites??? After last season and currently issues B.B. wanted to ensure that this year’s winner would be black.

  94. My family has made this show a staple for 20 years. Well all but the “celebrity” crap. We even joke every year.. “well what are we gonna do the next 9 months after finale night. This will be the first year there will be no finale night. CBS and BB should be ashamed. It’s disgusting. Those that argue that it is ok are oblivious to the truth. Total discrimination, total racism, wrong and deep down you know it.

  95. The cookout is racist no matter how you look at it, it was formed with the sole purpose to get a POC winner by voting out every non-POC player, how is that not racist? POC can be just as racist as white or Hispanics, or even Asians for that fact, Racism has no boundaries and the people who are defending this alliance are essentially supporting racism. In the history of the entire show, there has been no white only alliances targeting minorities only because that would get called out immediately. If a POC player won the game without an alliance or by targeting another race then they would deserve to win, enjoy your win this time – it’ll get harder and harder for future POC players here on out, and that is just sad.

    Soon as the cookout formed with its nasty and horrendous intentions, players called out this blatant racism and so they should, it should not be tolerated by anyone no matter if it’s a POC alliance, or Hispanic alliance or white alliance. What this is going to do is Season 24 is going to make POC players get targeted first, so POC watchers at home will call the racism card and complain, CBS this is really your fault for this mess and has heavily damaged the integrity of the show.

  96. I agree as well. Long time viewer. I won’t watch anymore. I am not interested in a black vs. white reality show. That’s nothing I want to watch

  97. Does anyone remember Jodi Rollins? The only BB player evicted before spending a night in the house? No one cried racism when the ONLY person of color was evicted; leaving only whites in the house. What about ANY other season when the dominate alliance is made up completely of all-white members? There has only been one season a black person has made it to the finale. Now, Big Brother has made it where there is a level playing field (equal number of POC and whites). A strong alliance was formed and every member has made it to jury. I’ve watched every season of Big Brother, even the distasteful ones, and will continue.

    1. I 10000% agree with you Angela , I’ve watched big brother since season 1 and this is the 1st season in 23 years that there have been more than 1 or 2 POC sprinkled in the cast. Along with that not one of those 6 individuals have ever uttered a word of racism or racial slurs while in that house about anyone black or white, the only thing they’d stated is “it’s for the culture” which isn’t at all racist it’s a simple fact that in 23 years of that show not once has there been a black person to win or more than 3 black people in the same season. The comments everyone keeps mentioning about “all the white players being evicted / the only white person left etc” have all been stated by the white cast members, the only time one black player “agreed” (mind you he only agreed, he didn’t bring it up in conversation) was Xavier. The true “racist” and “most disgusting” seasons were season 15 with that Aaryn Gries girl (who was openly racist & homophobic to a few people in the house ) or season 21 with Jackson (even though he was hot lol) or Michie how he “just so happened” to target all the non White House guest on the 1st night or when Tyler on season 22 told the 2 black women in the house that “he didn’t want to be there anymore & wanted to end his game to save them bc he sees they are playing for a bigger cause (hinting at the BLM movement)” using that to give them hope then not bothering to give them the courtesy that he changed his mind (& yes I know he doesn’t have to give them courtesy bc it is a game but like why even mention / hint towards BLM at all to the 2 black women … even going back to season 4 when Erika called the Asian player Jee a racial slur. No one seems to be up in arms or “I’ll never watch this show again” after all that open hatred or actual racism. Also , If you actually watch the show and pay attention each black person is actually closer to the white person they are attached to as their duo, and would like to keep them around , 1/2 the black people don’t even get along lol. But it’s sad and shows how closed minded a lot of the people leaving comments are when one time in 23 yrs a group of black people stick together to make history on prime time tv & not been at all “racist” in doing so

      1. They targeted all the non black people. That is racism. When other alliances were formed it was never stated to vote the black people out in years past. Call a spade a spade for Gods sake.

      2. Sindy, I hope that you weren’t expecting a reply or rebuttal bc I sincerely doubt that you’d receive one from the opposition. Fantastic post. Clear concise examples of racism on past seasons that caused no uproar, no hypothetical situations , or name calling. Facts, straight up and down.
        The majority of the posts are: I’ve been watching BB my whole life, the Cookout is racist, this is disgusting could you image what would happen if White people openly aligned, I’m mad and canceling BB, you should too. Over and over again. It’s a echo chamber for soft, white rage. Thanks you for taking the time to research and put together something coherent and substantial.

  98. Has anyone noticed this is also the first year they’ve increased the prize, so CBS, and Julie Chen, decided it would be good for a black player to win the big prize. My question is why haven’t they increased it in the past, why wait for this year? Answer….Because it was fixed and set up this way from the beginning before the season started. I’m through watching the racist Julie Chen, and CBS Big Brother.

  99. I have to thank Big Brother for providing me with a perfect example of racism to explain to my children. You have purposely manufactured a racist divide for all of America to see. You have not advanced black causes, you set them back 100 years. The entire “whitey gotta go” was designed by CBS along with an increased prize, to fabricate a black winner of the biggest prize in BB history. It is as obvious as the sky being blue and grass being green. All this on top of them being the most boring players in BB history. No wonder your ratings are tanking. America is sickened by your actions.

  100. Shouldnt be much of a surprise if next season is totally different, and noone should have to hide the message, sorry cbs

  101. I agree as well. Long time viewer. I won’t watch anymore. I am not interested in a black vs. white reality show. That’s nothing I want to watch

  102. Congrats to “The Cookout” they have succeeded to make it to the end of BB intact and will do what they set out to do..what they also did was to make sure this never happens again…I would be surprised if future houseguests (not quite as dim as this bunch) would let it. Win a battle,lose a war….and shame on Julie Chen and CBS for being two-faced….

  103. Racism is alive and well on big brother. I have finally reached my limit, I will no longer watch this now boring very predictable racist show.
    What happen to the big brother where individuals played their own game instead of all this I can’t vote the way I really want because my group will get mad. It’s a bunch of racists cowards now, so over it.

  104. Great Article! Sad part it is true. Plus the show is so scripted this year. Season seems fake and all the white people who have been evicted seem okay with not winning $750,000. End of BB for me!

  105. Agree with nearly every statement and have said all of them in the privacy of my home. We have been taught NOT to notice, not to observe, not to speak. These pathetic NON-black contestants can’t even bring up the IDEA of what they are seeing, because to do so immediately labels them racist. It’s like training children that stoves aren’t hot. I think the alliance and their strategy to have a non-black shield has been absolutely brilliant. Not to mention their loyalty to their agreement has far surpassed any alliance previously. The gamesmanship is top notch. However, the abuse of people’s trust and the LONG history of trying to breakdown racist and WRONG stereotypes being used as a weapon to win…is sad. But the saddest of all…their shields’ complete and utter trust and faith in their relationship has all been a lie predicated on race. Their shields are crying, making an effort, believing they have a shot and they just sit by and let the injustice happen with no shame or remorse. Not to mention, this is not reflective of the U.S. demographics and is disingenuous. I am wondering if ALL of it wasn’t orchestrated by CBS – the stacking and the idea to have a shield…brilliant game moves. Not that Tiffany couldn’t have planned it, but CBS has more than $750,000 at stake as motivation. Their investment in this narrative is a gamble, but could prove highly profitable. If so, the gamble will garner them far more than the top prize this season. At the end of the day, maybe “the Cookout” isn’t racist so much as complicit accomplices in their own manipulate CBS…?

  106. Tifffany-Claire your my girl and I love you but I have to put you on the block. now I love you more
    than the others but they are my people. Claire-have I just been hustled? Tiffany- Gotcha Bitch!

  107. Tifffany-Claire your my girl and I love you but I have to put you on the block. I love you
    more than the others but they are my people. Claire-have I just been hustled?
    Tiffany- Gotcha Bitch!

  108. Yes season 15 was horrible with racism. And season 21 as well. But in the eyes of whoever says this years big brother cast isn’t racist, is dead wrong. I don’t see how anyone can’t see that an alliance formed solely on someone’s race, is not racist!!! How can people say it’s not?? It is wrong no matter what. If this was an alliance with none but white people and they specifically said it was Bc they were white that they were sticking together no matter what, and eliminating anyone who wasn’t white, the media would be in an uproar!!! It’s just a double standard and it is CRAP!!!

  109. Racism pure and simple! BLM and antifa must be loving it. I wonder if Xavier’s law partners will be as happy! I’ve watched this show from the beginning and now I’m done!!!

  110. It’s a sad pathetic bunch of people that try and defend this from being racist. This seasons actions of the cookout is in fact at it’s basic fundamental level, RACISM. Discriminating someone BASED ON THEIR RACE. They aren’t black, so they can’t stay. Agin and again, if this were done by a group of caucasians to prevent any “blacks” from winnings, there would be rioting in the streets. I’m so sick of the hypocrisy.

  111. Nobody can convince me that CBS did not put those words into Claire’s mouth to dispell the accusation that every race except for blacks that are represented in the house are being discriminated against. I am shocked that CBS would allow this to go on and will not be following the remainder of this show. I am completely aghast at this. If the roles were reversed, the media would be having a field day. All lives matter people, not just blacks.

  112. Biggest case of RACE war starting crap ever. If white people did this the black people would riot in the streets. And the left wing government would back them. But let a white man call them out and we get told we are racsist

    1. Big Black Brother or BTLM is now a SJW show which I stopped & will never watch again. Would have been better to start out with all contestants minorities. This is just a cash $ giveaway to a black to appease BTLM. Why throw a couple of crackers in to take up space and air? Pure designed racial show from the get go. Is Kappernick on the next one? NEVER watch BBB again! Racism @ its finest.

  113. It is really sad that this has become a show that has put people up against one another because of color. In all the years I have never seen a group get together and vote out because they aren’t a certain “color”.
    I have no problem with anyone winning , red or yellow black or white IF it has been based off of game. CreAting a group solely on color is not right. Had a “white” group done this it would have been shut down immediately .

    1. So here is my spin on what has happened on BB – Hey CBS, how many elderly people have been selected to be houseguests? How many have won? Shouldn’t there be a larger percentage of older people selected to play ? Diversity can be spun in many directions!

  114. Julie Chang can suck —- . Shame on her to uncover all other alliance accept for this one it’s because she knows it’s wrong but doesn’t care.

  115. What a bunch of racists, in a show that was planned from the beginning and no need to “expect the unexpected” from this pathetic group. Regardless, to suggest this racist group succeeded in some milestone for the black race on BB, let me remind everyone that singer Tamar Braxton was the first black winner of the BB franchise by winning Celebrity BB2 over black Ricky Williams.
    way back on BB3 a sweet black lady named Danielle Reyes was a runner up. And to counter the absurdity that this was needed because of some inherent white power racism in the past, let me remind you that Korean female Jun Song won BB4. Oh that’s right , she is still white as far is this racist group is concerned! Certainly all planned, and would not be surprised if the producers “cooked” this up from the beginning with cookout crew and made sure they had the numbers from the beginning. Also no “battle back” competition…might upset the plan, can’t let the whitey back in the house, even if it is that damn Asian whitey! Also, host Julie not disclosing the cookout to evicted houseguests…afraid they might be slammed for racism by a pissed off whitey! One thing is for sure, you won’t fool the next group of whiteys so you might as well rename it Bigot Brother, hire Spike Lee, and move it to the BET channel!

  116. The white, Hispanic or Asian didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to win this season. They increased the prize to $750000 and they weren’t even in the running for it. Had I been on this season I would be pissed. Let’s play another season and have the whites say the same things about getting the blacks off and see how fast the show would be canceled. There should not be a free hall pass for racism. Unfortunately, they were given one and the network allowed. I am disappointed with Julie as well as she should have stepped up and called a spade a spade. Sad, sad, sad!!!!!

  117. This show is a great example how our media networks are trying to divide this country right in front of our faces..What do u think would happen in this country we’re white farmers and other business started only selling to whites.Is this right No it would be seen as being racist it is no different what the cook out group did.Every person of color befriended someone of a different group and stabbed them in the back for there cause.

  118. This show is a great example how our media networks are trying to divide this country right in front of our faces..What do u think would happen in this country we’re white farmers and other business started only selling to whites.Is this right No it would be seen as being racist it is no different what the cook out group did.Every person of color befriended someone of a different group and stabbed them in the back for there cause.

  119. This season is just simply disgusting. As a person of color I’m ashamed to be watching this trash. The “cookout” is an outrage. Never in the past has any alliance (either white or mixed race) targeted others for eviction based solely on their ethnicity. The cookout members should be embarrassed. This is not an ethical victory for African Americans in any way.

  120. It’s completely racist. How can you justify it. If it were an all white people alliance then the show would be cancelled and people would be looking for heads to . How is it ok the other way. As a HUGE BB fan since the very first season I am very disgusted that people are being voted out just by the color of their skin..I cannot recall another time in BB history when someone has been voted out by the color of their skin. It actually makes me very sad and angry and I will not be watching anymore now & if this is what future BB seasons look like then count me out, you have lost a fan..STOP watching & hit them with the harsh ratings to show it’s not ok!
    Racism is NOT ok no matter the color of your skin

  121. Its 2021… do we need CBS to mandate how bad white people are, by getting a bunch of kids of color (there brains aren’t even fully developed) together to prove to the world that they are smarter than any ol’ cracker? Well, some of them may be, and some are not. Welcome to being a human, wether you have skin pigment or you don’t.
    You are all smarter than Claire, who blubbers out “I understand it, i get it”!!!!!! Right after a sword is plunged in her back by her bff… You can’t make this stuff up! Or can you CBS?

  122. This all needs to be taken beyond this website. This type if behavior should not be tolerated, in any direction. It’s out of hand. I’m a minority and I’m COMPLETELY offended! This needs to be a MUCH bigger stink than just comments on an unknown website. This is just so sad…MLK is spinning in his grave.

  123. Here lately I was thinking damn, how stupid are these non-black people to not see what is happening right in front of their eyes. I’ve realized the reason they don’t see it is because they’re the ones who really aren’t racist. If they were they would notice that there is an all black alliance, especially the last couple of houseguests who have been voted out. Their so called friends who are still in the house have pretty much humiliated them and made them look so stupid and foolish. I hope once this is over they tell the Cookout to kiss their ass for manipulating their games just to push their racist agenda. I have a feeling that the whole jury house will praise them and go along with everything they’ve done, mostly because they know if they say something negative about it all of blm, the left and all the other assholes will jump on board and they’ll be the ones called out as racists. It’s so screwed up. I’m disgusted by this whole season and what CBS has perpetuated.

  124. This season is totally NOT cool in so many ways. We should be at a point in time and society when anything (repeat anything) based on skin color from any side is wrong. And before I’m preached about my white privilege, with my dad being part Native American and frowned upon most of his life, I never knew what privileges of any kind meant. But I do know what racism is and this is racism. What’s going to happen once it’s all black? Start with the lighter shades of black and work up and let the very darkest win?

    Big D contributed absolutely zero in anything, except being in the black alliance and was always the first to lose competitions, yet he’s cruising under the radar, he’s dead weight but doesn’t have to worry because he’s black. If next season shows any hint of being a racist season like this, as a longtime viewer, I’m no longer watching. I’m seriously considering canceling this rest of this season but I’m curious how this all ends.

  125. Absolutely racist! They created an alliance solely on the color of your skin. If you weren’t black, then you weren’t allowed to be in the alliance. They told each member to choose a non-black partner so they wouldn’t look racist to the other houseguests. I stopped watching weeks ago because I was getting sick to my stomach that CBS is sweeping it under the rug and supporting this behavior. I have watched since the first season but if its going to turn into a white vs black show then I’m not interested. You knew who would be nominated before it aired because of the other houseguests SKIN COLOR! At this point, I could care less who wins because if you won being a racist then you don’t deserve it. I would have loved to see a POC win but only if they EARNED it.

  126. I mean, if you’re going to make sure Black People win this game, why not select people who have really been oppressed. These people all have lived very privileged lives. CBS is the worst cause of racial division in this country. I wish more people would wake up to that.

  127. Canadian here…
    Shrug, whether this is something you condemn or something you celebrate; this is a one time occurance.
    Why? Because it has happened. In previous seasons of Big Brother, both the USA and the Canadian versions, the male houseguests would get all in a tizzy should they suspect that there is an all-woman alliance, and begin to pick off their suspects (real or perceived). Now that there has been an all-Black alliance, players in future seasons will be looking for this and will probably respond to any perceived or real all-Black alliance the same way the do if the suspect that there is an all-woman alliance.
    Also, the initial four teams created a situation that allowed for the “Cookout” to go undetected until it was too late. As did the “Cookout” strategy (borrowed from a previous season) of duo-ing each “Cookout” member with an expendable non-Black person that they were in a fake “alliance” with.
    Finally, normally the show has a Double Eviction much earlier in the season and the fact that the producers waited until there were only two players left in the house who were not “Cookout” members is suspicious. One has to wonder how much the producers engineered the “Cookout”…
    At the end of the day, still shrug. It is improbable that these conditions will be repeated in a future season. As for Big Brother Canada, the winner and runner-up of the recent season were both Black, as part of a “final-two” alliance — they go there by strategy and not due to a racist alliance supported by the show producers.

    1. Good post Canadian Neil. Thorough. In addition, The Cookout was able to pull this off bc they’re mission was to ensure the first African American winner in the US. AA Contestants won’t be able to say that after this season. I’m shrugging with ya.

  128. watched since day one. this year is a joke. has nothing to do with big brother at all. done. and the racism toward the non people of color is absolutely horrible. big brother production should be ashamed they orchestrated this.

  129. I totally agree with the disgusting way they have kept it from other houses mates and the jury itself, not talking about it with evicted house guests is way of course from the normal and it almost seems to be hidden from anyone that’s not of color for a reason. They have tweaked it to allow no one to talk about in interviews. This is some of the worst examples of racism I have ever witnessed

  130. I’ve been a BB fan since the show started and could not wait for the next season but now I am officially DONE with my ex favorite show!! I am mortified that the Cook Out was allowed! Very racist!! SMH
    Now if next season whites or Hispanics or Asians do it I’m 100% positive the black community will be yelling their heads off! I’m not racist and never have been but I’m getting pretty passed off on how other minorities are treated by the black community! I’m so done with all of this!! Wake up people! White people ARE NOW the minority!! And are passed up for jobs and sports and etc just to make it fair!? It’s not fair cant I’m tired of sitting around watching it! Big Brother only had ONE Asian on the show and how many latino? BB YOU ARE the racist and I am now looking for a new favorite show! What a shame! I use to love this show! I stopped watching! And will NEVER watch again!!

  131. The delusion in these comments is sad. Black people always get voted off of this show for being black. Most of the people nominating them never said it outright because they didn’t want to be labeled as a racist on national television. Even that wasn’t always the case. Season 15 there were so many racist comments against black people and Asian people. Talking about how black fish always float to the bottom and white fish always float to the top. Saying “watch out for her at night you may not be able to see the bitch” referring to a black houseguest. Them saying how Howard was a physical threat and how they had to target him despite him never winning anything.

    Black houseguests always went out early and rarely got invited into big alliances. When they did they were at the bottom of the totem pole. In Season 21 Jackson got the camp director power week 1 and immediately nominated three minorities and the oldest houseguest. He later participated in a conversation including “I don’t F with no N*****s”. Anyone saying no one has ever targeted a houseguest based on the color of their skin before is beyond deluded.

    You were fine with it until now and now that it’s occurring the other way around NOW suddenly it’s a problem. You are extremely deluded and not self aware.

  132. I am loving all the white outrage & whining! In 22 SEASONS of this show there has never been a black winner. In the past 11 seasons, there has only been one black person in the final 6. ONE! You won’t admit that was race-based? Y’all talking about “those alliances never said they were based on race”. THEY NEVER HAD TO. Everyone knew what was up. Are you trying to imply it was based on friendship alone, and after 22 seasons they just happened to never be close enough to black contestants for them to be in an alliance? GTFOH. Y’all think people are stupid. As evidenced over 20+ years, blacks are usually quickly eliminated. Low-hanging fruit if you will. Now y’all are mad that black contestants have plotted to ensure something that has NEVER happened on the show, a black winner? Stay mad while we howl with laughter. The shoe feels a little snug on the other foot doesn’t it? Now you know how black folks have felt all these years watching white people dominate the cast, be racist, and firmly stick together no matter what. Y’all have been protecting your own since the show began, don’t be salty when black folks play by those same rules. Y’all are always pissed when we do anything for ourselves, as if you haven’t used that playbook for hundreds of years. The entitlement of it all. Stay mad that the black person wasn’t the first to die in this movie….bwahahaha!!

  133. I love it when people on this forum say that white people never really cared about the blatant racism on BB before now, because it was white-on-black racism. That simply is not true. Believe it or not, most white people are deeply disturbed by the racism that has been seen in past seasons – at least most of those that are aware of the behavior. CBS has never made these ‘scenes’ widely known. This is not the stuff that got network airtime. Those few times when CBS alluded to such behavior, it was watered-down with many of the words bleeped/cut out. I have been reading different forums over the years, and there has always been an uproar on those forums when hateful individuals on the show spewed their nastiness, mostly on live feeds. The great majority of people watching BB are only watching the hourly shows at night and are missing the 98% of stuff happening on the feeds. We already know that CBS is scrubbing their own forums. And the viewership of BB is a relatively tiny portion of society, so the uproar today about this current season is really only visiible on these forums. One has to LOOK for discussions about what is going on this season – the issue is not being addressed on CNN, ABC, NBC, or CBS. The general public is simply unaware that anything is going on this season, or in any of the other seasons. I have NEVER seen ANYBODY (white, black, brown, etc) marching in the streets over the racist displays on any season of BB. Essentially, you are asking America to be in an uproar over something that 0.01% of the people are even AWARE of. AND you are delusionally claiming that the 0.01% that ARE aware of what goes on behind the scenes of BB really don’t care when, in fact, many other forums have shown that they DO care when the shoe is on the other foot compared to the issue this season. Tell yourself whatever you have to in order to maintain your paradigm that white people don’t care about white-on-black racism. We do care. Believe it or not. But we already know where your beliefs are on that.

    This reminds me of when I was married. I had two rules with how to treat my wife that I followed to the end. (1) Tell her I love her every single day, and (2) buy her a bouquet of flowers at least once a week. Even when things were going south, I stuck to those rules. During our last argument when she accused me of having an affair (which I wasn’t – I didn’t even have female friends which might be ‘confused’ as being my girlfriend), she screamed at me, “When was the last time you said you love me? When was the last time you bought me anything???” (“Well, this morning on the first, and 3 days ago on the second.”) As it turns out, according to her, “THAT DOESN’T COUNT!” Sometimes we only hear what we want to hear, no matter what is being said.

  134. To be clear about Claire’s acceptance of Tiffany’s “reasons”, she said that she understood why Tiffany had to adhere to her beliefs and desires for a black person to win. She didn’t express any realization that she had been victimized and exploited by a larger alliance from day one. We call that “burying the lead”, Tiffany.
    The cherrypicking by CBS is no surprise. Their broadcasts and advertising are obviously targeting a certain audience. I’d suggest not being a “Claire”, and expressing your appropriate disinterest in their new norm, the same as many of us compassionate crackers drank from the “colored” water fountains, and passed up the “whites only” establishments, back in the days when the shoe was on the other foot. Let CBS and these Cookout bigots be hoisted on their own petards

  135. You have allowed black lives matter to manipulate you. They are full of shit as is Antigua. Shame on Julie Chen Moonvez to take part in the whites are privileged scam created by the RCT organizations. I am white and I am married to an awesome black man. We both will be telling CBS TO Get lost!

    1. You could not said it any better thank you. Here we are white to and we are Lds and we don’t even deal with racism. We believe we are all created equal by God and to love one another. Cbs we are not going to watch this junk sorry no more big brother.

  136. I thought there were more white contestants that tried out for big brother and that’s why there has historically been more white winners. Big brother what is the ratio of applicants skin color that tried out for show?

  137. Shame on CBS and the Big Brother Show. They knew exactly what they were doing and most likely set this up. Go Woke, Go Broke! I hope everyone boycotts your channel. If the roles and and game play were reversed…..CBS and the media would go completely insane!! Reverse racism at its finest!! Liberal insanity!

  138. BTW, someone already said it, but I am tired of the term Reverse Racism; it implies the first person was racist and they deserve any racism they receive. When the blacks decide to vote out the non-blacks because of their skin color, it’s not Reverse Racism, it’s simply Racism. The Blacks are racist to Whites, Asians, and Mexicans a like. I refuse to call them POC, because if they were, they wouldn’t have gotten rid of the other minorities as well. Why couldn’t DX or Alyssa be part of their alliance since they are POC? Blacks want to segregate themselves and continue to be the victim and anything they do is justified for the slavery their parents and themselves never endured? Everything is the white man’s fault.
    I agree with Bob Banks, the non-black contestants were the non-racists and even when they figured out what the COOKOUT was doing, they couldn’t bring it up or they would be labeled racists. I have been waiting for the opposition to speak against this article, as it appears to be just white people complaining. I have been extremely curious what argument could they pretend could be valid. I am not sure if they are ignorant or just delusional? (I think both) Bringing up past BB seasons to justify the clear-cut racism in BB23 doesn’t make sense. Yes, there have been a select few people from past seasons that made racist comments (and suffered severe consequences), but it doesn’t mean the entire house or any alliance voted them out because they were black. Honestly, if the Cookout would have had an alliance for any other reason, I would have loved to see any of them win. They are smart, likeable, and physically tough and could have won without a racist alliance. I will not tolerate double standards.
    Blacks are mad at BB14 and BB21, two POC were kicked out the first night, even though David lost his competition fairly and Jodi was just a victim of a BB twist. If it were a white person instead, then it’s ok? BTW, there have also been 2 white people kicked out in the first 36 hours. Even though it’s equal, it’s still racist? Blame CBS for who they cast and not every single individual. They claim to try to be as diverse as their audience. Being diverse isn’t just racial, it is also religious, sexual identity, sexual orientation, poor, rich, jock, nerd, etc.… Sorry if you don’t see black people that fit every category. Just because blacks were slaves many years ago, doesn’t mean we need to continue kissing their ass. Time to repeal AFFIRMATIVE ACTION.
    Sindy must be confused, “it’s for the culture” wasn’t the only statement made. They also said “for our people” as in they are separate from everyone else. They make too many direct and indirect racist comments to even begin listing, which maybe someone else can do later? Also, 2 wrongs don’t make a right and 6 racist black people don’t make a non-racist. FYI Barbara Garza, this will be the last season any black person will ever win anything, because CBS has sealed your fate and your ignorant comments will make sure of it. Take pride in “your culture’s first and only win.”
    I have no clue how BB will recover from this? This has caused more separation in this county than even Donald Trump. I think they had good intentions to add more POC, they just didn’t stop a racist alliance from forming and allowed it to fester. Now they are too committed to back down now. You will not see much information on CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC news because of the very Liberal content. PLEASE CANCEL THE REMAINING SEASON BEFORE THE FINALE. Split the $750,000 between all 16 contestants and maybe there will be a BB24?

  139. It’s interesting how non minority people like to call out racism, when they see behavior in other people that reflects themselves. Society does not SAY “white only” but the actions of the media has always been to favor that of whites. All prior BB shows have always had a cast of mostly white, yet whites pretend not to see that. The minorities are always voted out early (women and non whites), yet whites never complain about that. If you see racism this season, look at yourself. As a minority, there is explicit racism and also subtle racism. Just because a person doesn’t openly say “let’s get rid of the minorities” doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist. Did you say complain when prior BB casts said derogatory remarks against minorities? If racism against minorities didn’t exist, this wouldn’t be a history making BB, now would it. Get over it.

    1. Just wonder how CBS cast the previous Big Brother the people who got on big brother have no choice in the contestants. This year is the first year I have seen more than 1 or two minority players so instead of blaming the players as being racist we should look at the casting of CBS.
      Or possibly minority players weren’t that interested in playing and this year they targeted them.

    2. Can you please let know what season an all white alliance specifically TARGETING another contestant based on their race? And I mean openly talking about it, joking about it , up and coming victims of that racism noticing and talking about “all the white males are gone”, “am I next cause I’m half white”.

  140. I always look forward to watching big brother and I cannot watch anymore this year after watching how they can allow racist acts.
    It’s so disgusting that if things were turned around it would be called out immediately but to allow this to happen to people that took time to play the game and mentally abuse them for not being black in color is just crazy, to think all of these players that got kicked out because they are white and don’t even know it, I would be pretty upset if I were those players, they should have a lawsuit against cbs for allowing that to happen

    1. Sarah Beth was informed by Kyland through parting comments that there was the alliance and she didn t stand a chance.
      Now that Claire was blatantly told by Tiffany that she s gone because she s not black. And she s voted out. She politely refuses to give hugs. Was Claire given the always parting comments? I don t think she did?
      Allysa is still niave. Then awakens and realizes what is coming. Allysa walks out the door, has short conversation with Julie. Julie SENDS HER AWAY without any parting comments to Allysa. NEVER SEEN ANYONE SENT AWAY BEFORE!!!
      So now Sarah Beth, Claire and Allysa have seen the light.
      The least amount of time showing the jury house ever….?
      Damn, Julie and CBS. You are dodging and prolonging the inevitable.
      Who will be the next juror that will walk into the juror house, with all the present jurors pissed off that they are in the jury house only because they aren t black.
      Sad but this will cost every one of these players after the game ends, even the one that comes in first.
      Big brother.
      THE END

  141. So if I’m getting this right, all the previous white winners were racist? The previous winners of color were just lucky? Targeting people based on their color is ok if your black? If white people played the same game as the Cookout they would be racist. From the start of the rigged random school yard pick, you could see how the production was geared for this to happen. Don’t forget the first black winner gets the biggest prize ever $750K. No accident. Non-Cookout players; you just spent the entire summer away from friends and family for a pre-planned outcome. Production did a great job in finding player like Clair who “understands”, “people of color have never been looked after”. Based on what?? Sucker born every minute!!! Paramount Subscription, not gonna happen either. More articles on this please !!!

  142. If they want to make history, BET should’ve created a BBAB (Big Brothers All Black) on the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TV and the NON BLACKS continue on the WET channel: oh wait, we don’t have an all WHITE ENTERTAINMENT TV channel do we? Hmm nor do we celebrate WHITE HISTORY MONTH. That shit just irritates the hell out of me. What happened 500 years ago to their Ancestors WHO THEY NEVER MET is still being told today with Hatred and Anger which causes the Prejudice and I HATE NON BLACK people attitude cycle continues.
    All previous BB seasons, they were not racist; the BLACKS were Prejudiced against NON BLACKS and didn’t allow themselves to have an alliance with a NON BLACK person and that is what caused them to get VOTED OFF

  143. I feel a couple of things with big brother this year. I do feel if the roles were reversed and some of the things said would have a great many people making noise. There were a lot of different races on this big brother why could they have not taken some of them and not just people of color.

    The second thing that I wonder is I believe Tiffany or Xavier could have own this on their own merit playing the game the way it was intended. But wonder why they felt the need to drag people who contributed nothing to this game along with them. This year has been the most boring an uninteresting game so far.

    I believe that CBS has played a part in this either suggesting it or pushing for it at the beginning when interviewing the contestants of color. I also believe that CBS is trying to get more minority people watching the show and push for the minority ratings. Which is wrong in itself. All I can say is that this just decides America more and is creating more racial issues.

  144. Just wonder how CBS cast the previous Big Brother the people who got on big brother have no choice in the contestants. This year is the first year I have seen more than 1 or two minority players so instead of blaming the players as being racist we should look at the casting of CBS.
    Or possibly minority players weren’t that interested in playing and this year they targeted them.

  145. Will never watch again! Such racism implemented by CBS! All white alliance knocking out people of color would never be allowed. And CBS, 50 minority does not make up the demographic of the US, your such losers cbs!!!!

  146. Since the group has been working together in agreement, getting out the others because of their skin color, and that the Hispanic brown color did not qualify as being dark enough, then they should be in agreement that the winner should be the blackest charcoal of the Cookout bunch. Perhaps they could have the producers arrange to have them get live DNA results to disqualify by percentage of non-African DNA? I mean, don’t they really want the ambassador of this milestone to be a true Black and not one of the Obama like half-blacks?

  147. Done! Not sure why the colour of your skin should come into play……after the last year of rampant racism in this world Big Brother has now also contributed by allowing and airing it. Last night watching was tonight, I am done!

  148. Sick of all the reverse discrimination and the condoning of white shaming that’s been happening from all the almost all of the TV Networks all the way to the White House! There are racists in EVERY race, not just whites. Throughout history and even today, there are cases of slavery across ALL races. These are not an ONLY white race abomination. None of it is right and to have such a blatant, outright admissions by the members of the group calling themselves The Cookout stating that this was their “mission” from the beginning, to have a black winner and then to have CBS congratulating this totally racist achievement?!?! You know, I was not a racist before, but this is precisely a situation that causes those feelings of anger among the races. Makes my faith stronger in the Bible. It speaks of in the end times, nation will rise against nation…I used to take that as geographical nations, but as I see the divisions increasing between races, I’m thinking the Bible may be warning of racial nations rising against each other as the meaning. Very sad state of affairs all around.

  149. Derik X. In the jury house “There has never been a uh uh not even a black female”? Sarah Beth. “No”. DX “I’d have done the same thing”. Yah not so fast. First you would need 5 more Asians to work with. But you didn’t. Also if you had, they would have shut you down in a second for targeting a Black person for eviction based on their color. Get it ????

  150. Derik X. In the jury house “There has never been a uh uh not even a black female”? Sarah Beth. “No”. DX “Good game play, I’d have done the same thing”. Yah not so fast. First you would need 5 more Asians to work with. But you didn’t. Also if you had, they would have shut you down (rightfully so) in a second for targeting a Black person for eviction based on their color. Get it ????

  151. … so riddle me this, Julie, No black person ever won big brother in 22. seasons,….22 seasons!.. not one?.. Not even a final two! Then low and behold season 23 rolls around,. And not one,.. not two,… but six,.. SIX! Black house guests are left standing, at the end, so you’re trying to get us to believe that after 22 seasons of no black winners on big brother, along comes season 23 were you have no less than six black finalists??Hmmm, now what could possibly have happened to change the odds in their favor over the past year?… seems to me there lack of winning in the past is more of an indication of how they sucked at playing the game, then the game itself, yeah, nothing says historic victory like a little helping hand from the social justice warriors at CBS, but in the end it’s all about racial unity, …..that is, as long as the faces of that race are black

  152. Big Brother is absolutely condoning racist behavior here. The contestants themselves say outright that they wanted the winner of this season to be an African American from the onset. How is that anything but calculated, premeditated racism..? Oh that’s right… the double standard of it being okay when it benefits a minority group. Wake up Julie Chen Moonvez! #cancelbigbrother

  153. Over 20 seasons with no black winners?! Are y’all kidding me?! This show should have been cancelled many seasons ago. As long as whites continue to win they won’t complain, but as soon as blacks win there’s a problem. They had to form an alliance because that’s the only way a black would win I. This racist country. Lmfao at big brother.. it’s now called big “brotha“.

    1. Look you need to go educate yourself boy. The problem here is that the blacks went after people because of the color of there skin. When people won in the past it was based on plating the game had nothing to do with color. You all are the racists not the white. Get the chip off hour shoulders and man up get an education and make better decisions. End of story white hasn’t done any of you wrong

  154. We know that CBS loaded the cast, openly admitting they did it. The split should have been 60/40 (60% white and 40% of not white – reality) not 50%, black, leaving out Asians, Mexicans and Indian? I honestly don’t see color, but it seems CBS does. Shame on CBS for allowing the cookout to happen. Had the cookout been whites targeting black, it would have been shutdown. There has never been an eviction of a black person based solely on color, yet this season was based on blacks targeting whites…which CBS thinks okay but not if it were in reverse.
    Survivor, same story coming. Time to get rid of cable and CBS. This should be equal and reality; and like the anger of minorities over what was not equal in the past, I take the same stance they did today. You can’t change the past, regrettably, but you can change the future by behaving equally.
    CBS….in a year, you could lose the majority of your viewers; white, black and brown. What you are doing isn’t reality. Our country needs to unite and heal and do better. Thanks for making things worse.
    Boycott Survivor. Regardless of color, it is offensive and shameful and most important for this show, NOT REALITY.
    Mix it up….try 50% blondes with blue eyes, or 50 Asian or 50% Mexican. Maybe you can equalize the damage you did to uniting the country and the people. We are all equal.

  155. I love how none of you whites were complaining had an issue with all white alliances in the past. Or predominately white casts..Because you see yourself as the standard and the norm and your very existence is threatened by A TV SHOW. The second you dont see yourself in the limelight your whole world comes crashing down. Laughable really. Get a grip. And GROW UP, its 2021. No one cares if you stop watching the show. Go cry about a black winner of BB 23 to your white racist ancestors 😉

    1. Love how you mention ” your white racist ancestors” … If you did some basic research you will find racism has been around since the beginning of civilization. People always talk as though it is a white race problem, however history shows racist behaviour among early civilizations that were not white at all including Africa and the Middle East …. For example in Africa it was Black slave owners who sold their slaves to whomever would pay the $$ who happened to be British or Spanish explorers who used slaves as very cheap labour in such places like Jamaica where sugar cane was a huge and profitable commodity. It has never been about race and has always been about the almighty $$… if you traced anyones ancestors back far enough you will find racism could and most likely was at play ! So don’t keep saying things like ” your white racist ancestors” … that is a foolish generalization indeed !
      If an all Black society had the power and $$ at the time , trust me , they would have had white slaves !!!

  156. WHY is BIG D always “off limits”? He’s done absolutely NOTHING in this game but lay on different surfaces all over the BB house. I Seeiously DO NOT GET why he is still there AFTER the cookout has accomplished their mission.

  157. I’m honestly afraid to make a reply , when I commented on Facebook bb23 concerning someone’s post about how proud they were of all the jurors accepting and understanding the goal behind the cookout to which I committed that I thought the episode was scripted and I couldn’t see how anyone who chose to leave their families for three months in hopes of winning this big prize money could possibly be okay realizing they never stood a chance because they were targeted and evicted because of the color of their skin. This was so sad to me I was immediately not allowed on Facebook BB23 to make any further comments until after September 20th at 10pm

  158. Screw blm, Julie, and the game. Hope they replace her with a black and have an all black cast. See how the ratings go. One more show off my list.!

  159. This show needs to be canceled. I stopped watching the minute I saw all the black people say there going to ban together and get rid of the other colors that is completely bull that so many black people are hypocrites. Shame on there race very disappointed. Would be a big deal if white people did the same thing. The only people constantly reminding us there’s a color difference is the blacks

  160. Big congratulations on turning the show into one of the most boring shows on TV. Funny thing is that during the game play none of the non-black contestants ever considered they were being targeted by this alliance. This is because they would never consider mentioning it even if they did suspect the alliance because they would have been tormented and labelled a racist once they returned to society. I think X even mentioned it one time that they could never bring the idea up and then he laughed ! Play the game and best player wins … in this case BB23 had very weak players make it to the final 6 without taking any risks … I do not think that is the general idea behind the game , to have weak players go so far … Ohh well , another garbage show bites the dust !

  161. Big Brother (CBS) stacked the deck on this season from the start. Over 50% of the cast they chose were black when the US demographic shows the US black population to be approximately 14%. They placed all of the cast into teams, initially, and they put most of these blacks on the same team, eventually becoming the “cook out”. They were also very methodical with the Blacks they chose to play the game. All of the blacks demonstrate a very strong team spirit in the area of “Black lives matter”. The whites they chose were very weak in spirit and in strength, with only a couple exceptions. It was obvious in the first few episodes that CBS was doing this to make a statement and to finally have a black winner. This will be the last season I watch Big Brother. Looking at the cast of the next Survivor series, I see that they are probably going to play the same game with this show. Nearly 50% of the players are black. I will only waste my time on a couple of episodes before deleting this from my recorded series on my DVR. I never watch CBS news because I’ve known for a long time that they are extremely left wing. Now I guess I will just be done with CBS all together.

  162. We are all part of the same race, the human race! CBS has totally ignored this fact by allowing the racist behavior exhibited on BB this season! They should be ashamed!

  163. I am sick of the double standard. Basically that blacks can be racists and it’s ok, but if a white person doesn’t 100% support a black person getting a free ride, then they are racist? No one is against a black person winning, it’s just because of how they targeted non-blacks because of their skin color, which is racist. I am tired of black people being ignorant and pretending that the cookout isn’t racist and that all whites are and that is why there hasn’t been a black winner before. The reason there has never been a black Big Brother winner (US) is because the past black contestants sucked and were ignorant. They purposely excluded themselves from any of the alliances because they were racist themselves. Blacks need to stop pretending that white people are only complaining about this season because they didn’t win. Stop the ignorance. We are made because they literally said they were voting people out because of their skin color. They could have still won without voting out every nonblack person first. Heck if you would have voted out at least one black prior to the final 6, then it would have been less sickening. See how the blacks will be treated in future seasons. Enjoy your pathetic victory for now, it will not last for long and you will not succeed again. You could only win by cheating or being given it on a silver platter.

  164. The game is no longer a game about strategy or taking chances. The idea of the game is for the best player to win and to be the best player involves winning HOH or VETO at the appropriate time as well as throwing them at an appropriate time , studying your opponents and coming up with a better strategy to win in the end and to convince jury members to cast a vote your way. This season , the cookout alliance undercut the whole purpose of the game and I find there is no honour in winning the way the cookout approached the game. If it just so happened the other 6 non-black contestants had formed a similar alliance at the same time by matching one of its members each with an opposing black contestant and saying the goal is to have a non-black win in the end , the show would have been cancelled immediately …. but as you know the other 6 contestants dare not even consider such an alliance or even suggest it knowing the backlash they would have received … but it was definitely OK with 6 black contestants forming the cookout alliance and blatantly say the whole purpose was to evict the non-black contestants… totally racist as it was solely based on the colour of their skin and nothing about personalities, or being a dangerous player … In the end we are now left with a winner of $750K to be given to probably the weakest player ever in the history of the game, unless Xavier wins… at least he played with some skill and at this point in time deserves to win over Azah or Big D . However a very boring show this season !

  165. The writer of this article is full of shit and is probably a confederate flag waiving Trump supporter. For 22 seasons we’ve seen all white alliances dominated the game and all you white people ate it up. It pains you that much to see 6 black people form an alliance protecting each other from not getting picked off by white players in previous seasons. This article trash and full of covert racism.

    1. No, what we have NOT had is a group of white people aligning PURPOSEFULLY because they are white and to get black peoples out. You are not comparing apples to apples. It is no secret that different races and cultures feel more comfortable with what they perceive to be as their kind. This situation was a concerted effort to unite as black peoples and get the whites out. How is that much different than being a white power supporter?

  166. Too many KARENS on these comments… no one died here always being dramatic. Save your racist tears for someone who cares. Let the people have their victory to become the first black BB winner since BB started….. this is a game no hate crime here. Get off your privileged pedestal for once in your life. You don’t have to watch it … we woke people will watch it for you. You are welcome.

  167. you have been spoon fed an engineered win from the corporate overlords at cbs for a ratings grab. it failed. bye.

  168. OMGosh! Julie gave AIR HUGS TO EVERYONE until the winner came out of the house then She nearly crawled up everyone’s you know what!!! She is such a hypocrite! I guess after the votes were counted that Cove it just simply went away!!

  169. This show sickens me. To say this isn’t racism is a facade. If these were white People saying “Lets get out all the blacks”. The white People would be EVICTED. I have watched every season BUT I’M DONE WITH THIS SHOW. SHAME ON YOU BB!!!! How racist!!! A white Pierson couldn’t ever be kept on the show if they made a racist remarks. The BLACKS CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT. Thanks BB for making this ANOTHER racist issue!!!!

  170. Been watching BB since it started. Very disappointed with the racism that has taken place this season. This has ruined the show for years to come as each new player will have their guard up for all black alliances or whatever race it may be. Voted out because of skin colour, instead of intelligence and game play is just wrong.

  171. OK, what is the next plan ? Oh let us see , now that a black man has finally won , next season maybe we stack the contestants with 6 black females so we can finally complete the field and have a black woman win finally. Next up make sure any other visible minorities have their chance to win as well that have not been represented yet. This went from a dumb reality game show to an even dumber, more boring show than we could have imagined back in season 1 …. it really took a bunch of TV executive to fail under pressure … this just falls in line with society today where every kid deserves a trophy for just trying, takes the pride out of being a winner ! Crappy show !

    1. I’m so with you on the ????! What’s with that? Is it just too overwhelming to learn that in life people win and they lose?

  172. Screw you white people. We all know it’s racists to kick you out because of your skin color, but know one cares. Now you know how it feels to be the minority and this is how it will always be in the future. Be careful or we will send you to Africa and make you our slaves. Black Lives are the only ones that Matter. We are taking over the world, because we convinced everyone they were racist and no one dared to questions us. Lol and Lmao

  173. It’s quite interesting really. The ramifications go way beyond a game. Potential contestants watch this show religiously. This year, the white contestants were duped by black contestants to believe they were in smaller black/white alliances. What happens next year when everyone is clued into the new rules. CBS along with the rest of the woke group, just set race relations back 100 years. There is already an issue of trust between races. Who will trust black contestants next year. Fool me once as they say.

    I am white and have had many friends who are from different backgrounds (Black, Hispanic, Indian, Asian etc..). These friendships have been built over years. We are open and honest with each other on the politics of today. Non of what is happening in society is healthy or will repair trust between people. I hate to see it. I believe there are so many good people in the world of all backgrounds and color. When we place any group in a box, it is much easier to villainize that group no matter the color. It’s where we are today and we need to figure it out fast or it will turn us against each other even more than we are already experiencing.

  174. I am confused about several things, The contestant that said she was only half black, she was half white correct? She asked, when she began to see what was going on if that meant she was leaving next? Two cookout members said to her face, NO. But when asked in the diary room they both then exclaimed YES! It seems like the Cookout was not about being a minority (the asian player was not included. It was about being white. The half white half black girl was excluded because she was half white. While the half indian half black girl was included in the Cookout. This was not about inclusion or about being a minority this was about being racist against white. Why the non-cookout members did not agree to vote instead for the less deserving player at the finale is beyond me. At least the earned the right to vote by making jury. They were duped but could have returned the favor. This was supposed to be a game. Not a race relations summit.

  175. This reverse racist show will never be on my screens again. The cookout decided right away to cancel all the other races. Cancel culture is destroying the world. I used to enjoy the competitions and different plans forming. This is a disgrace. CBS will not be aired again in my house. I need to find a list of advertisers for this show and boycott them.

  176. Totally racist! It is not ‘reverse’ racism…no such thing. Racism is racism and it doesn’t matter the target. I love watching BB because I can whisk myself to a different world of stupid stuff when my day is full of ‘actual’ reality lol. No, I am not a minority, nor do I come from what is considered to be a marginalized group so I may not know what I am talking about but if I were, I would not want to do things to further the divide or bring negative attention OR win anything with tactics like this that . I think it is a disgrace and they should feel ashamed, not proud. As soon as Tiffany was crying and telling her ‘supposed’ best friend Claire that she had to vote her out (because she was white) I was done. I cancelled the PVR recordings and didn’t look back. There is already so much work on repairing the damage from long before our time and then this happens. I still won’t paint any group with the same brush but this was super disappointing and ANY group of people showing this blatant racism should be held accountable. They should have been kicked off. I may watch again if there is another season but at the first sign of something like this and nothing is done about it, I will stop. No room in my life for racism no matter who it is coming from.

    1. I 100% i had to spot watching the show after I seen the cookout celebration after they voted out all the white people. I mean me even saying that and watching that on any show my God. What a low point for this show, I never thought I would see an alliance built on day one solely built on skin color would ever happen. I I 100% agree I will not support any racist based shows i believe i peoples character and not their skin color. For the show to think to make an alliance only based on skin color wow beyond shocking and I would say to those people who were voted out because of their skin color…. they may have legal action to sue the show! As they were forced and exposed to being openly attacked because of their skin color. I will never watch this racist show again and I hope everyone stops watching this show to prove any fodm of racism towards anyone ia play wrong it doesn’t matter what your skin color is. This season proves anyone with any skin color can be racist and this hurts the black lives matter movement as you had an alliance of people of a certain skin color vote out anyone who wasn’t the same skin color and then openly say on the show….. one of our kind should win… shocking those words were said in 2021. Just shocking and im done with this racist big brother show. Everyone should be valued on their character as a person and not what skin color they are. Shame on you big brother… you are a racist

  177. The media and CBS and social media have LIED everyday about this. It was framed as overcoming odds. FYI this nation is still over 70% who identify white. Due to media driven false narratives against whites in last few years that number among Hispanics and Latinos who identify as white has gone down. Nation was at 76% white but that when down when hispanics and Latinos who are in FACT white skin now want to be seen other then white because of media. Doesn’t change that they are still white lol. But my point is that blacks make up barely over 12% of population and in a home with 16 people they were way OVER represented in the BB house. Way over! The excuse way cause women and minorities go home first. I did my research and so should the media. That is false. In 22 seasons of BB the first person voted out was usually a white male. That is FACT. But media, Cubs and contestants in this show use lie to justify their racism. Based on percentage of population, why did CBS have so many black contestants to by 4 to 5 times higher then what they represent in general public. Because CBS like social media and media in general have created a false narrative about white Americans. They have done more to cause racial division to make it worse then it’s been in 40 years. And now this week on survivor the first mention of race was made by 2 female black contestants. Forming alliance based on race. The fact that majority of past winners on some of these shows had white skin when nation when these shows started was closer to 80% white makes sense that most winners would be that color. If hispanic or latino they should anger cause threat are much bigger percentage of nation but blacks were way over-represented. I have not watch and won’t watch every again. I never heard one white person, asian person or Latino make alliance based on race on either show.

  178. The bottom line is the majority of white people do not think in terms of race, which was evident by them not realizing what was going on. The majority of black people think in nothing but terms of race. That is the real.

  179. This is the DUMBEST thing ever written lol. First you should all look up what Racism mean. Be wise anybody that is not white in a majority white country CANNOT be racist. They COULD be prejudice, but if you’re a minority it’s impossible to be racist literally the definition of the word.
    They had to stick together bc America is a trash hole to minorities and they have NEVER had a chance in the BB house. Look at this season. Look at season 3, 15,16, 20. Like you’re all blinded by your white ignorance, and HATE to see anyone not white win. Get an education, stop watching FOX.

  180. This is the DUMBEST thing ever written lol. First you should all look up what Racism mean. Be wise anybody that is not white in a majority white country CANNOT be racist. They COULD be prejudice, but if you’re a minority it’s impossible to be racist literally the definition of the word.
    They had to stick together bc America is a trash hole to minorities and they have NEVER had a chance in the BB house. Look at this season. Look at season 3, 15,16, 20. Like you’re all blinded by your white ignorance, and HATE to see anyone not white win. Get an education, stop watching FOX.

    1. To Jesusloves:
      Here is the definition of Racism. It also includes prejudice and it may typically be directed towards one that is a minority but it does NOT mean a minority can not also be racist. So black people can also be racist and be a minority at the same time. This show has proven my point and only an ignorant person wouldn’t understand.
      prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

  181. To Jesusloves:
    Here is the definition of Racism. It also includes prejudice and it may typically be directed towards one that is a minority but it does NOT mean a minority can not also be racist. So black people can also be racist and be a minority at the same time. This show has proven my point and only an ignorant person wouldn’t understand.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

  182. yo, checking in from 2022 big brother. Guess what, they made it racist again at the end. YAAY, 24 hours of footage edited to paint the worst possible picture. Thanks BB. Never again.

  183. Exactly time to end this hypocrisy of a show stopped watching season 23 mid season due to the racism no ethnic group should be singled out ever play it as people was an avid big brother fan till season 23 now paramount even removing past seasons due to expected issues that weren’t an issue then I say scrap the whole show and be done with it they will never allow it to just be about game play again!!

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  185. Here we go again this is second year in a row you guys made it racist because now there is Taylor and there’s Monte that are in the final two and don’t tell me it’s not he slept with her so he of course he’s going to take her to the final two it’s so wrong the way CBS is doing this I hate Big brother anymore I will never watch it again

  186. As a black woman who has watched Big brother since middle school i find these comments ridiculous. The cookout is not racist. You can say they discriminated against non black players but that’s it. Learn the difference between discrimination, prejudice and racism. Additionally I have watched many seasons of big brother and have watched a large percentage black people and POC leave the show first or within the first few weeks for no apparent reason and it definitely sucked watching them leave and being targeted. As a young woman seeing black people leave first and not make it far in the game seems similar to many other social situations and how society views black people before they get to know us as individuals.I still continued watching the show even though I know the odds were stacked against POC. For everyone to stop watching the show because a group of black people wanted to ensure a black person finally wins saddens me and so do the comments. Also Xavier is not racist he stood up for DX when Whitney made an off color joke about him

  187. so one day in a psychology course, we were going around the room, as a ice breaker everyone was telling little stories of life and why the class was important to us, we get half way around the room and a gentleman stands and says hey I’ve been victim of racism and that his mom explained it sll to him. it’s was his reasoning for wanting the class so he could help others , so proceeds and say” when I was a little kid our mom took us to the park the predominantly white, and he was playing In the sand box with a white little boy and they were having fun , 15min or less the white boy mom came over hurried and said to the his mom that she forgot her sons white” boy doctors appointment, and rushed off not to be late , the guy in my class then explained his mom told him the truth that there was no doctors appointment and the lady lied because her son was playing with him , and that she was racist, and most white people are , there was a lot assumptions made in that event that shaped how that guy felt his whole life, , I’m not saying she wasn’t racist, but why the only possibility is that she’s lying , isn’t more detrimental to assume that any action that someone of different skin is being racist , maybe there there was a doc appt ,why assume they know someone actions , and thoughts are automatically racist and why would you tell your son that when there’s no evidence, should I assume that if I turn on to isle at grocery store and there happens to be a black guy there , and he looks up and sees me and walks away almost in a sprint should I assume he don’t like white people, or can I think hey he must be busy or forgot something, maybe it had nothing to do with me, not needing to have that moment of self importance of victimhood, the point I’m getting at is I keep hearing people say oh well white people have been voting out black people through the seasons of BB and that justifies the cook out literally choosing to target people of a different race in almost all comments saying that they got evicted of beong black , in that 2 things are happening 1 is the fact that your saying the person beong voting out has no game play and is not strong, and that they could only be voting out because thier black , and someone most racist the reality is that they are being evicted because if game play and intellectual abilty always trying to get out people that may win in competition , has nothing to do with skin, the only ones screaming that are people that have been either raised to believe that, or you like assuming you can read minds and the other effect is your the really telling people that thier skin color is all that really matters, not how smart they are or great game play, believing or assuming and saying out loud you know why they were evicted is not giving people the benefit, not a black person that does have talent and the the white people that are playing a good game and trying ro pit people o. the black that has a good game, so who’s the real hypocrite, I can assume that the Cook Out is all racist by that damn assuming standard or I can look the cook out and say yes they had a good alliance, and I don’t have to assume the were trying to make a statement by having a final six as all black group and that they didn’t have to verbally say let’s get all the white people when all they had to do was stick to the alliance they created and everyone elss would still be evicted , I won’t assume they had malice intent I’m sure it was good intent that was misguided by skin color , , I’m sure there are racist out there just as I believe everyone can have prejudices, and I’m sure I’ve seen things and freaked out someone picking on anyone that I feel is being bullied , maybe this will a good lesson it does not matter what others do , it matters to Me what I do and I can use my will for good or bad just as everyone eles can but each day comes with a choice of being the example or setting the example, I choose to set the example and make my own path not letting the pedophiles that hurt me, stop me from moving forward, by not seeking revenge always looking to tomorrow, because revenge begot revenge which begots more revenge no matter the subject, you can waste years looking or wasting thought on the past or can smile knowing you already won cause if the simple choice of not looking back, I’m sure someone will scream your white I’m not allowed to tey to compare to my story to what others have been through and that’s absolutely true however if someone can get passed or relearn something that drilled in to us to believe and fine thier choice I don’t care. if making 1 difference in someone’s thoughts or perception then I’m one step closer to God’s jobs for me ,

  188. I saw it coming 100 miles away. When everything in the united states started saying all whites are racist i knew this show would be the ring leader of making sure a minority wins. So i didnt even know about the cookout because its been so long since i watched. I noticed reindeer games and there were enough older players on here that made it fun to watch, but i assume this summer it will go back to making sure a black person wins.

  189. The national anthem is for OUR country it’s not for a race.. if you think it’s right then we should play the Hispanic, Asia , Irish , white, etc. so for people that don’t get it, our national anthem is for all races . All the black national anthem does is divide our country..

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