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Is Big Brother’s Racial Equity Hurting Reality TV?

Houseguests form all Black alliance in woke attempt to make history

By Joel Brizzee, July 21, 2021 12:39 pm

Two contestant in Big Brother Season 23 have formed a history-making alliance. (Screenshot CBS)

Twenty-One years ago, CBS launched its summer hit reality TV show Big Brother. This is a game in which 16 houseguests are put into a house and cut off from the outside world. There are no TVs, news, radio, internet or phones. Other than brief conversations with the show’s host Julie Chen, they have only each other for company. They are recorded visually and audibly the entire time. The premise is simple: Each week, someone becomes Head of Household and nominates 2 houseguests to be evicted, and the remaining houseguests vote on eviction. There are many twists, turns and competitions that allow contestants to survive their potential evictions, get various rewards, inflict punishments, etc. This is a game both of physical endurance, mental acuity and social manipulation. It has captivated millions.

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After 21 regular seasons, including Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother All Stars, the Big Brother House is full again with 16 houseguests chosen from around the country, jockeying each week to be the last one standing in pursuit of $750,000. This year, in light of the countrywide protests in 2020 and the entertainment industry’s devotion to anti-racism, CBS chose some of houseguests based on race.

CBS announced last November that its flagship reality shows, “Survivor”, “Love Island” and “Big Brother” will include at least 50% people of color starting in 2021. This will include the show’s participants, but will also involve hiring production personnel based on skin color to promote diversity. CBS rep George Cheeks explained, “The commitments announced today are important first steps in sourcing new voices to create content and further expanding the diversity in our unscripted programming, as well as on our network.”

This is the Entertainment Industry’s attempt to repackage Affirmative Action, call it anti-racism and essentially redesign entertainment to focus on race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Throughout the show’s run, the winner of Big Brother is most often a white male, winning 13 times. The second most winning group is a white female, who account for 4 wins. An Asian woman has won twice as well and a Latino man once. These winners include a variety of sexual orientations, biracial heritages and culturally diverse backgrounds.

Big Brother was hit with its first real accusation of racism during their 2019 season, in which fans heard select houseguests using racial slurs during their time in the House. Julie Chen brought this up on the live Finale in which she questioned whether the winner’s actions were based on the other houseguest’s minority status. The winner, Jackson Michie, he denied all allegations and appeared thoroughly embarrassed. ET Canada, in the video referenced above suggested, “If you go looking for racism, you’re going to find it.”

Fast forward to 2021. With CBS’ new diversity rule in effect, something eye-popping has already occurred on the reality show and it did not even take a week. After only four days in the house, the five Black houseguests formed an “all Black” alliance in the Big Brother house. The members of this alliance say, “Not everything in here is about the game. We were brought here to change the culture. Think about the year we just had… It’s important for us to be here and stick together.” This was then followed by clear implications that they needed to find “opposite” (white) people to be close with in order to not let people catch on to the fact that they were forming their alliances solely based on race. They are using race a strategy to win.

Not one news outlet has dared ask, “Had a group of white people in past seasons made an alliance solely based on the color of their skin, wouldn’t CBS have had to publicly address this if not pull the plug on the show entirely for promoting racism?” My request for comment to Julie Holland, Vice President for Entertainment Communications at CBS went unanswered.

The fact of the matter is that this race-essentialist behavior from the houseguests is precisely the outcome promoted by Critical Race Theory and propagated by organizations such as Black Lives Matter as well as the establishment media. When race becomes the most important thing, it becomes the only thing people see.

Big Brother is not only promoting the opposite of what the Civil Rights Movement was looking to rectify, but this is also in direct opposition to what Hollywood used to promote. Samuel L Jackson, Denzel Washington, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Whoopi Goldberg, Will Smith, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and countless others in Hollywood did not receive their stardom because of their race. They became global superstars because of their talent and hard work. All of them, regardless of their varying degrees of actorvism, are superbly talented.

While Big Brother will continue its season through the end of September, it is unclear whether one of the Black houseguests will make it to the end. In years past, various alliances have formed on the base of gender, some more successful than others, but never was race something to be considered. They have already made history by becoming the first Big Brother alliance based solely on the color of their skin. Fan reaction on Twitter have remained mixed to this development, the network has stayed silent, and other news outlets have yet to ask if this is a healthy direction for reality television and Hollywood at large.

Has America’s pursuit of racial equity begun its destruction of reality television? The show’s ratings, which so far show a 23% increase compared to last season, will be the final tell. Stay tuned.

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338 thoughts on “Is Big Brother’s Racial Equity Hurting Reality TV?

  1. This article is absolutely absurd. Never has there ever been an all-black alliance on Big Brother because in every season prior there have only been two or three black houseguests in a cast of sixteen. Moreover, Big Brother has had several racism scandals every year since Big Brother 15, against the FEW black houseguests that have been cast. On top of that, the many black houseguests that we have this season are also arguably already the most aware gameplayers that the show has seen in years. The celebrities you’ve listed haven’t gained their stardom because of their race, but with every celebrity you’ve listed their race is something that is celebrated about them, and is a large part of their identities. The insinuation that houseguests have only been cast solely for their race is, in itself, racist. This really “hot take” that casting more than three black people out of a sixteen person cast is ruining reality TV is clearly anti-black, and written entirely from a place of white privilege.

    1. Uh oh. Looks like the lefties have found out about this site and are now full force into their keyboard social justice warrior shenanigans. Guess they have to ruin everything.

      1. I knew this would happen. Guess I stop watching these shows. What’s the point when you know it will be a gang up on the whites scenario every time

        1. I agree. My husband and myself refuse to watch our favorite show any further. It is clear Big Brother is trying to force a winner of color. If there were ever an alliance of all white because they are all “white skinned” that would be racist…so too is an alliance of blacks who only allow “black skinned” people. RACIST! Not watching CBS reality period.

          1. I agree 100% with your remarks. I understand why a black skinned person wants to win BB, but if all of the white skinned people had formed an alliance to get out the black skinned people, there would have been a riot outside the doors of the BB house. The fact that each black group member has agreed to use one white skinned person to protect them is also very disturbing. Wow CBS, what were you thinking and why do you condone this? My wife and I refuse to watch this reverse racist filth anymore.

          2. I’m done watching big brother as well! They would never allow another race to do this, so why are they allowing it to be done for the Africa American race??? This is only contributing to the problem of racism!

          3. So glad to see so many others have dumped this show. Saw this coming a while ago but had no idea so many have expressed the same. It’s bad enough that this has been allowed to continue but the incredibly obvious tactics are an insult to anyone with average intelligence. How the evicted people didn’t see this coming is beyond me. Since they were such “sheep”, maybe they deserved their fate.

          4. 6 of us meet every week but have now stopped watching Big Brother.
            We will start meeting again when Survivor comes.

          5. I totally agree with Margie. My wife and I are longtime watchers of BB and Survivor but not anymore because it has become so racist and admittedly promoting race over friends.

          1. I didn’t see any of the white people form an all white alliance like this season of blacks did, and it’s not all right!! This is racist in every letter of the word. I will not be watching another show, and as of voting out Claire I will not be watching the rest of the season!!

          1. You can obviously see that this was all set up from the start, why not let a black person win the game fairly instead of planning “the cookout” to buddy up with a white to pick them off 1 at a time, is that not racism too!!Oh no thats right being a white its ok we can do what ever we want with them!!!Im so sick of having this bull oon every station , bye bye big brother another one bites the dust !!!Why not keep it a fair game instead of this shit!!!!

        2. Totally right. I actually have pretty much stopped watching tv. Newscasters, every commercial, every storyline.. bs

    2. Racism not is not right for either race not just black. I see they are going to try to rig the outcome and I’ll be one of the many not watching this year for the first time.

      1. I agree! Yes, this ruined the show. This is not fair in any way. This cast was clearly designed to ENSURE a black person won 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Where’s the equality in that? THIS is racist. Who WANTS to win this way?! Way to completely ruin a once great show CBS! Their is absolutely NO justice with the “social justice” BS. Derek F doesn’t even try because he knows he’s covered by the majority of the house, the all black alliance. The only personthis alliance has outsmarted was SB-who made the dumbest move in BB history by targeting the one person (along with the other 2 whites) she should have aligned with. Derek X could have kept her safe, How couldn’t she see that the 6 blacks were all aligned, as they said themselves,”for the culture”. How dumb. I’m done with this lame season. I’d have loved to see a black win, by playing the best game, NOT by having it handed to the beacon their color.

        1. SB went after Derek X because it never would have occurred to her to keep him solely because he’s not black because racism….

        2. I totally agree this show has become a 100% racist. Anti-White Is the name of their game. I urge everybody to boycott so they get the message. 13% of the population is black, let’s use that number . Wake up stupidos You you’re losing…lost your white audience. I’m contacting each of your advertisers to let them know I’m boycotting them as well. You went woke and to go woke is to go broke. That’s my final message to you. You’re lost fan.

        3. I’m very disappointed in the direction this show is going. Tiffany is running (ruining) the show and no one seems to care!

    3. there has never before been a group on BB come together & openly admitted they came together solely based on race- never. This is racist, plain and simple, there is no way to paint over or sugar coat it (to call it anything else you would openly be admitting you are for racism against white people)

      1. Several black people have been in alliances with each other bayleigh and devone black girl magic alliance is just one example and it’s going to be black people alliance from here on out if white people have an alliance they would be racist I’m afraid this will cause more racism because every season from here on out will always have black alliance which is the definition of racism when one race come together as one based on skin color

      2. Yeah and god forbid one of the white contestants realizes that there is a all black alliance and says some thing about it! The white contestant will be the raciest one smh I’m over this season already.

        1. This happened with Kyle a season later. He brought it up as a possibility and got absolutely murdered by everyone, lost his girlfriend, and got kicked off the show. He’s an ignorant kid now dubbed a racist and now has to live life with a ruined reputation so that woke Americans can feel better about themselves. Shameful.

      3. I could not have said it better! You are so correct. What would have happened 5 years ago if we as white people came out and said us white ppl need to stay or stick together. They would have been running around like chickens with their heads cut off to see who was going to be first to pull the plug!

      4. I can understand the cookout coming together just based on their race because this is the future of our country. We are laser focused to make sure we divide on that one trait alone. It may have started with good intentions but It’s very majorly flawed and will not end well. Most intelligent people can see this, but Hollywood and main stream media is pushing this agenda so hard. For me, I just don’t find the houseguests interesting any longer. I loved some of the seasons, but this season has been a snooze fest. My recommendation is to hire a better casting person.

    4. Owen, do you know any other reality show where a white or black contestant has openly (airing that discussion on TV) went after each other based on race. The very fact that CBS allowing this to occur creates further division. I cant wait for the white contestants on the show find out what is happening. They will be crushed. Think about the next time Big Brother takes applications. CBS should change the name of the show if you get my drift. I am tuned out.

    5. white people are dumb and naive to not see what’s going on with the blacks on here this week. No white person on BB has ever purposely targeted black people…ever.

    6. I’ve seen every minute of BB since season one but this year it’s ibvious what is hoing on at CBS. When only 14% of the country considers themselves black, why would you go out of your way to cast such a high percentage of the 16 black. CBS is creating a race issue just like the Democrats and this season just proves it. Hell, I can’t even watch Law and Order anymore either.

      1. Absolutely 100% accurate.
        Over the next few years the “Woke” mentality influencing our culture in general (originating from a small but influential percentage of the population) will wane as the larger percentage of rational-thinking people will have had enough and things will return to normal.

      2. Great points. . . . . .have stopped watching BB, but can’t wait to see if others agree. . . . . .and the ratings for the show tank! So tired of this “game” with diversity! This was soooo blatant. . . . .and the boy did America get a peek at racism from the other side! Oh well. . . . . .have loved watching BB in the past. . . . . .but this too shall pass!

    7. How many black people in a cast of 16 would represent the % of black people in the country???
      The answer is 2.08.
      Is it racist to know that?

      1. Lol, no. Its being aware. But you know and I know, it’s not about the show reflecting what society looks like. No matter how often producers say it.

    8. CBS openly admits to castings this years big brother by skin color !!! They said ahead of casting the it would be 50% colored this year. How is that not openly racist?

      1. Total crap ,I will not watch that show again.I am so sick of the double standard!!!!CBS,ABC,NBC are all causing the division.They all suck!

    9. Just fuck off, lol. “50% of contestants will be of color starting in 2021”. Thats fucking racism, Owen you stupid fucking clown, lol. Seriously did your mom drink when she was pregnant?

    10. This isnt up for debate — CBS has MANDATED that all casts from now on will be 50% people of color, as they say. There shouldn’t be BLACK PRIVILEGE. The ratings will tank with this obvious racist decision, as it should.

    11. How can you not call the “Cook Out” alliance “racist” when they come out and admit it will be all black and a black winner. The funny thing about all this is that it’s no different than when schools were integrated over 50 years ago. All learned quickly to win an election (e.g. class President, etc) a race would have to all vote together and BOTH white and black did that by meeting prior to the election and voting on whom all would vote for. After this season that will always happen on this reality tv show.
      I don’t plan to finish this season or the future seasons. Sad, I’ve watched all the previous.

      1. I totally agree with you. I have been watching Big Brother since it first aired but this newest season has left me feeling very angry. I am also sad that I won’t continue to watch the show anymore. All good things come to a end. Shame on you CBS

    12. The biggest issue facing all people of all races, colors, creeds, sexes, economic class (except the super wealthy), are the class divisions that are rapidly rising. The Haves and the Have Nots. The Haves have always existed, but they are consolidating their control and power like never before in human history. We truly have 2 clearly defined classes in this country now.

      Media, Big Tech, and 99 percent of all politicians are owned by corporate/banking elite Robber Barons. They are 100 percent behind all the divisions being promoted in societies today.

      BB is no different…. just playing into the narrative. Last year they tried very hard to force a black winner. But they did it using a white boy to help them! Pretty dumb to start with. And what does that say about what they really think? This year they were so desperate they came up with this 50 percent equality gibberish as a flimsy cover for what they are doing this year to guarantee a black winner. It’s open and blatant racism for the first time on television in modern times.

      I have no interest in this season. I’m happy to see a black person win BB. But only by merit. Forcing a black winner is sad, racist, pathetic, and divisive. For a long time I’ve said “propaganda kills creativity”. This season is a perfect example of that.

      1. CBS has always been racist. Come on,they replaced Nora O Donnell with Gail King.Even CBS sister station put Gail Kings sister in charge. They have no journalists skills whatsoever. Just wait and see what this season of Survivor has in store. Bet you there all blacks maybe 1 or two others will be white or Asian. They are being given the wins without having to compete. Just stay black together and vote out the white and Asian and others out.Im done watching this racist crap. When I see a majority black people on a reality show, I turn the radio on.

    13. White privilege??? Are you serious?? Whites are being eliminated due to the color of their skin, no other reason.

      That’s RACIST.

      1. yes, this is serious racism going on in front of our eyes. Blacks always ASSUME whites are racist, even when 99% aren’t. Yet here you are, black people being OPENLY and APOLOGETICALLY RACIST.

        It’s disgusting when white people are racist and its equally disgusting when black people are racist. It seems clear to me who the real racists are.

        With the riots, BLM, looting, violence and now the Big Brother flagrant racism that is allowed, it has changed how I look at things…. and that is very unfortunate. 🙁

    14. You noticed. Congrats. 19% of the pop is black, but on Black Brother it was 50% this year. Talk about stacking the decks. If it weren’t for racism, the black members wouldn’t have gone tribalistic and celebrated the voting out of white people and the one Asian. Is this what we can expect on a societal level when blacks become a majority. Scary stuff. Instead of individualism, we get an eye full of tribalism. May as well just have another Big Brother, with all black contestants. FUCK CBS and FUCK reality TV.

    15. look what happens the first time there are more than 3 black people, which is already over-respresentation relative to population size. what a train wreck

    16. That’s bull! Not a lot of color people want to be on reality shows. I’m black and what the guys that are left was uncalled for. This isn’t the way. It should never be blacks against whites ever. People say whites are bullies but what are we doing now????? We are being bullies. We should all work together. There are more black gangs then white gangs. We should work as equals in this nation. Not fighting for rights. In Chicago, there were more kids killed in gang shooting that kids getting covid.

    17. 2 or 3 house guests are proportional to the percentage of blacks in America. Reverse racism is just as bad as racism and should not be tolerated. CBS and Big Brother have sent a message to the viewing public that racism is acceptable, great lesson for the younger generation!
      People should win or succeed because of talent and ability, not because of their race or sexual orientation.

    18. The BIPOC population is 13% of America.CBS now says at least 50% of cast and crew need to be BIPOC.I don’t have a PHD in mathematics but those numbers don’t add up.
      Is BET going to start hiring white people to appear on their shows now..
      As soon as the ratings drop,and they already are,advertisers will pressure the networks and the pendulum will start to swing the other way.
      What happened to just playing the game and leaving the PC BS at the door.

    19. This is insane. And it’s on EVERY SHOW. It’s like when white people showed up to support George Floyd, Hollywood decided we ALL want to see 75% blacks on tv. I am so sick of being force fed WOKE shit that I am no longer a democrat. I used to be a woke person. It’s TOO MUCH and IT IS RASCSM! Not reverse but PLAIN RACISM and blacks are able to do and say whatever they want…but if a WHITE person even calls Racism when it is OBVIOUS, we are Cancelled. I hate Democrats now and even though I despised Trump, I now am WOKE, WOKE to the RACISM against WHITES! Systemic racism says All Whites are Racist, and that is BS. I never thought about race until recently. And I sometimes feel guilty or did UNTIL I read ROOT magazine and our new GOVERNMENT Civil rights person who is A RACIST and tells WHITES to donate their homes to blacks while BLM leaders buy 1000000 homes and 4 extra ones. They fooled us and now we are all paying ….. I am WOKE. I am no longer a DEMOCRAT!

    20. Lol Owen you’re an idiot. Groups do that women do that against the men, the men have become too stupid to see it for some damn reason. Blacks they will win the game by simply voting the white people out. end of story. As far as I’m concerned big brother is dead. You can look at the people in the beginning of the show and know exactly how it’s going to turn out.

  2. To think that no prior BB hg made an alliances based on race is laughable. Countless times we have watched the “young white Bro’s” and “pretty young white girls” form alliances that excluded black hg. Always they stated “I just don’t connect with them.” Year after year we watched many white hg inability to work with black hg, always claiming that race had never had anything to do with it. Sometimes, like in season 21 with Jack and Jackson it was overt. Watch the vids of Jack imitating black hg David by walking like and ape, and watch Jackson laughing and encouraging him. That’s just one of dozens of examples that you don’t have “to look very hard” to find.

    1. Maybe everyone else who has been on the show was a horrible racist. That would be something I would want to know and I would be against them.
      The issue is that NEVER has an alliance been made SOLELY on the color of one’s skin!
      I am against that mindset no matter the color of the person who holds that mindset!
      Do you agree with me in opposing that mindset???

  3. What a stupid article. He obviously has no idea what the CRT is and makes so many false and absurd statements. Has this guy ever watched previous BB’s.?

  4. This season is already been figured out. They reported that there will be a black winner so why watch…..

    1. Exactly. First time in all the seasons I’m done. Seems like CBS has propagated racism. Never watch again and I’ve been loyal 22 seasons

      1. I agree BBLM not fair to all players. You know an alliance of all white cast would not be allowed to talk about them selves. But add 7 all black payers to the “cookout: ” is okay. Will not watch BBLM this season. How dumb are these players?

  5. by the way if 13% of the population should be 50% of the show what is up with that that’s ridiculous that is corporations cow-towing and concerned about looking like they care when it’s not reality 13% of the population should be what maybe two of the people on the show come on when are people going to realize their actions reflect on themselves and no one else

  6. Where was this passionate argument for the 20+ seasons were people of color are picked off first? Where was all this fiery speech for all of the all white male/ female alliances ? Seems like when black people band together “the others” start whipping out their keyboards to discuss how scary it feels for them. I coulda burst into tears when they formed that alliance. Truly a beautiful moment.

    1. Um, who cares what the skin color of people “picked off” is? Why is skin color so damn important? Stop. Please just stop.

    2. shut up, you are probably one if those dumb white people laying down on the ground apologizing for being white. you are an embarrassment to all white people, your wokewhitea$$ won’t say that when you get robbed in your craphole democrat run city you live in.

    3. shut up, Julie E. you are probably one if those dumb white people laying down on the ground apologizing for being white. you are an embarrassment to all white people, your wokewhitea$$ won’t say that when you get robbed in your craphole democrat run city you live in.

      1. Are these white people idiots? I mean come on. How obvious can you get. The whites that are left and even the ones that just got voted off are totally naïve. They are thinking “Oh, the black people would never do this against us white people because we would never target them.” Are you STUPID? Don’t you know that color is what motivates them? That’s all they see. Get real. Well, you’ve waited too long now. A black is a winner of this season for sure. I will never watch this show again. What a shame because I’ve watched every season before this one.. Bye BB

    4. The “scary feeling” I get is how people don’t see how truly shortsighted it is to band together based on one’s skin color.
      You mentioned previous seasons where black people were voted out, surely you can understand that their fellow housemates banning together based SOLELY on their common skin color and voting them out because they didn’t share that skin color would have been worse, right???

    5. And did those alliences ever stated that they can have only white members and their only purpose is to get all black people out of the game? No, because that was never their goal. And yet that is exactly what Cookout did as early as on episode 3.

  7. Watched the first or second episodes 21 years ago an haven’t watched since…

    In fact, reading this article lowered my IQ 25 points…

    NOTHING quite like a show that CELEBRATES “The Seven Deadly Sins” under the guise of “entertainment”…

  8. I am sure the producers floated the idea to them early on.. the reality is not many people are interested in that culture so i expect the ratings to suffer. Hopefully the show will be cancelled.

  9. White liberals and white woketards are black people’s worst enemies. I’ve known quite a few. They pander to minority groups for their own self-satisfaction. They see themselves as superior to blacks. Therefore blacks need them to fight on their behalf. Otherwise blacks won’t succeed because they’re just too stupid and incompetent to do things themselves, while white liberals are sophisticated and savvy. This program sucks anyway. I hope it implodes.

  10. I disagree with a race based alliance, but in the end the best person will win. If I feel that it’s hedged for any particular group or person I will never watch again, and cancel my subscription to their streaming services. This show above all others, in the past has shown proper diversity, based on American makeup of race and gender identity.

  11. I start this by saying my favorite Big Brother player of all time is from BB3 – Danielle Reyes – who was a brilliant, calculating player, who was robbed of 1st place, who just happens to be a black female.

    Now this group of 5 specifically calling out a alliance based upon their race is RACIST & DISGUSTING! It’s wrong and it should be immediately called out. The only one that appears to have a conscience to date is Azah Awasum.

    1. She wasn’t “robbed,” you stupid jackass. She played both ends against the middle, was able to leave everyone with the impression that she was their ally, and her plan blew up once people were voted out and were able to see her machinations behind the scenes. That is where the idea to sequester the jury came from. She played a masterful game inside the house, but the lack of sequester meant that she probably wasn’t going to win the game. Try not to bother thinking. You suck at it.

  12. Again the Liberals are just causing more racism. I agree that the population of blacks being only 13 to 14% why are we making it 50%? More people are being ticked off at THE blatant liberal HYPOCRISY. This country will never come together when you have that kind of stirred up Idiocracy of the so-called woke liberals. Get a life people get a life!

  13. It’s NOT close to being equal this season. Blacks make up 13% of the US., nearly 40% of the season. There should be more Hispanics. BB is doing everything in their power to make sure a black wins this season and it takes away from actual game play.
    I actually like Kyland, Tiffany and Xavier’s game play, but Derek F is as lazy as they come and shouldn’t even last to jury, it’s undeserving.. .I like Azah, but not her game. Hannah, I’m still waiting. She shows promise.
    Having a pre-game alliance is b.s., especially when they have stopped players from playing because of pre-gaming. Somehow, it’s okay this year.

  14. If BB allows this All Black Racist group to promote Racism against any race is a racist!!
    I will make sure, My friends , and family see Big Brother promotes racism!!, if this group is not called out for their racism, I will boycott Big Brother, and CBS!!! I will send all my contacts on any level to boycott you for allowing your racist agreement!!

    1. I agree this program this year is pure racism. I’m sick of them using the phrase reverse racism……………it is pure racism.

  15. I LOVE big brother but this season is garbage. Everything has turned into race now and this show is not worth watching if they will have alliances based on race. How fun is it that four players who are African American have pledged an alliance and are dedicating their game to send all the white players home. In the past house guests that were African American went home because they were bad at the game not because they were black. Also Julie Chen is a hypocrite, she called out a player for perceived anti-Asian comments but says nothing when Jeff S went on a homophobic rant. Sigh…I thought this show still had a couple of seasons left but like the bachelor it seems the PC police have taken it down prematurely.

  16. I stop watching about 5 season ago. Never enough black. We are out numbers. On this show no way to win,

    1. David Bennett anyone can win on any season. No one’s skin color ever stopped anyone from winning. Except this season. This season is the first blatantly and openly racist season.

    2. This is not the way to promote everyone to be treated equally, so this is right to have a all black alliance to oust white or asian, doesn’t show equally to me, opposite of what i thought people wanted in this world.

  17. Black…white…we are seeing what happens when there is a majority of either race. Either is more than likely going to band together. “White privilege” is not even recognizing that the black contestants would possibly unite, and the need to combat that by grouping up with your own. If Big Brothers does implement the 50% rule and the “cookouts” make it to the end, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the white and black contestants separating in future seasons. It could be a disaster for the show. There are rare individuals in any race, white or black, who transcend their race and see the truth of humanity. Kyland is most likely one of those individuals. Empaths can usually spot other empaths of any race. The rest, in my opinion, are clueless, regardless of ethnicity. If the “cookouts” make it to the final six, we will see the exact behavior which white contestants have exhibited in past seasons. The group will start eating their own. Oh the joys of human nature. lol. I want an “all empath” Big Brother…just empaths of all races. Screw the rest of you. It would be really boring, but I’d feel a little better about humanity in general.

  18. Anyone who thinks this open black alliance is right is a sicko. I am so sick and tired of the BLM movement I could puke. If whites were doing it, it would be a big scandal, everyone would have to apologize, blah blah blah. Oh, and lets up the ante, $500,000 isn’t enough to award a black. Lets make sure it is a black winner with a first time mega prize of $750,000. I am done watching CBS big brother. I hope this season bites you and them in the ___! Also, get rid of Julie Chen. She is a hypocrite and tries to promote ill racial feels on her interviews.

    1. Could you imagine what would happen if all the white people got together and plotted to get all of the black contestants out???? They would kick them off the show and ruin their life. I will never watch another episode or season of Big Brother!!!!

      1. Almost every single year- the alliances are all white. Regardless of how they came to that, they are. It’s still entertaining because all white people are not coming from the same experience or subculture. Neither are all people with black skin. Dealing with people like those on this blog, is a shared experience among minorities but, beyond that, they are as diverse as any other ‘white’ alliance formed.
        Speaking of skin color, Xavier, Tiffany and Big Derek are the only black Americans.
        Azah is an immigrant, Kyland is mixed and raised by his Mexican family and Hanna is half Indian and lives in a Chicago suburb with a very high Indian and Asian population.
        Amazing- no interesting, how every comment seems to begin and end with their race. It’s like all you can see is they have black skin. Well, non white skin. Shame.

        1. Excellent post. Good points, all facts, and not a single “I feel” or “can you imagine.” Keep shooting it straight.

        2. People say that, because this allience began with them saying they are all black and that they need to get all white people out of the house. So it makes sense people talk about their skin color. BTW There were white alliences only because of the casting. If 15 people out of 16 were white of course there were all-white alliences. But that was not racism, it just wasn’t mathematicaly possobile to avoid that.

        3. The argument here is simple: the cookout formed with the express desire to expel non-black people, and they plainly stated that was the goal, several times. This is racist by design and intent. It’s interesting that you try to bring up diversity within the cookout as some kind of defense – that just solidifies the concept of race-based discrimination here. There may have been instances of people on the show acting in a racist manner, as a big stretch you might even say there were alliances based on it, but never, ever would it have been condoned for a group to plainly state that was their purpose at any cost. Also, to claim the white people they duped into believing they had an alliance was acceptable strategy is an absurd double standard. Finally, the claims that “white people did this before” – even if it was remotely true – don’t mean that someone else gets to do it again.

  19. Everyone is afraid to say anything anymore. Your not allowed an opinion or your racist. Its totally true if a white group of individuals BLATANTLY got together SOLELY on the fact of the color of their skin there would be hell to pay. But since NOONE wants to go against racial injustice they say nothing.

  20. It’s not worth watching if you “know” a black person will win? Gosh, that doesn’t sound blatantly racist at all.

  21. Been watching since Season 1 and pay for Paramount + to watch the live feeds. If a white person was to form an alliance based on race we would never hear the end of it. I will be canceling Paramount + and will no longer support or watch Big Brother, unless action is taken. So tired of BLM, get it together people All Lives Matter.

  22. There might have been “the white boy alliance” or the “White girl alliance” but this cookout alliance includes all the black players and they clearly say let’s get “them out”. Are you kidding me. If there was an all white alliance, meaning every male and female, not including Hispanics, black, Asian or any other race and their goal was to “get them out” the show would have got canceled.

  23. Most racist season I’ve seen. The “cookout” is based 100% on race. The exact definition of racism in basing actions purely determined by ones race. Pretty sickening that CBS is not calling this out for what it is. I guess racism is okay with this production team. I’m pulling for anyone to win who’s alliance is not based on race!

  24. If the white people in the house all formed an alliance with the intention of voting out every black player… there is no doubt that all Hell would break loose, and people would be screaming it was racist! They would be correct is saying that because it IS racist. It doesn’t make it not racist when black people do it! I hate the double standard. There is no exceptions to being a racist. The perception in allowing this kind of an alliance is that white people are not allowed to be racist, but black people are. CBS should have a zero tolerance on race discrimination with every single player regardless of race. The way they are allowing this game to be played just causes division, and makes people mad. Based on this season, Big Brother should just divide everyone into black and white groups next season and call it The Battle of the Races! Every season going forward after this one will be separated by race because CBS allowed this to take place! To me this is the worst season ever!!!’

    1. CBS’s Survivor: Cook Islands (Season 13) already did the battle of races in 2006. The following season, it was back to business as usual. People got overly emotional about a reality game show, threatened stop watching , and came right on back. This season didn’t go your way, so be it. Stop watching, or don’t. It’s up to you. It’s a game show, not these United States of America.

    2. I’m not white nor black, but this whole season is disturbing!
      Haven’t watched BB for a LONG time and after watching this season………I would say, this show is definitely an eye opener. ‘Some race’ just made me realize are just plain stupid.

  25. I am so disappointed in Big Brother for cultivating and allowing this blatant racist alliance. There is not even any attempt to disguise it. Why are you in my alliance? Because you are black. If thats the way that you have to win, are you really a winner? No, you’re just a racist manipulator. Sad.

  26. Most racist episode to date… I’m done with bb… been a loyal fan for 20 yrs… I have watched my last episode! Bye bb!

  27. So if a non cookout member were to bring up that there might be an all black alliance, holly cow they would be called racist. The blacks in the house are being openly racist in front of millions of people and nothing happens. This is a bunch of crap!

  28. I hope everyone with a brain who thinks on their own and is not in group think mode stops watching! I hope the rating tank and no one watches this year, or maybe ever again! I definitely am not! Blacks are the only racist ones in this country! period! cbs needs to quit kissing BLM a$$e$ AND all of you stupid white people need to grow some balls and quit apologizing for being white because the blacks are walking all over you! anyone else sick of every freaking commercial now has all black people in it! its sick to see all of these companies bending to the blacks. boycott all of them! this is all everyone’s fault who voted for incompetent biden, and all the racist blacks who only voted for him because camala is black. vote out all democraps in your next election! support your police morons!

    1. Whites need to protest to get their voices heard! Seems to work for them. They whine, they get their way.

    2. Are these white people idiots? I mean come on. How obvious can you get. The whites that are left and even the ones that just got voted off are totally naïve. They are thinking “Oh, the black people would never do this against us white people because we would never target them.” Are you STUPID? Don’t you know that color is what motivates them? That’s all they see. Get real. Well, you’ve waited too long now. A black is a winner of this season for sure. I will never watch this show again. What a shame because I’ve watched every season before this one.. Bye BB

      1. But what can they do? They can’t work together because they would all be white voting out blacks and would be labeled racists, get kicked out of the competition, lose their jobs and wouldn’t be able to find new ones. So they can only sit and wait to be eliminated. It’s sad what BB turned into.

  29. Why is it ok for you to form an all black alliance and not be called a racist? If it 6 white people that formed an alliance they would be called racist. It’s not right. It’s taking the fun out of watching, for the first time ever, i’m passing. I’m so sick of it.

  30. If white people said let’s form an all white alliance and vote off all the black people..they would be called racist. But when black people do it, it’s celebrated. Racism at its finest! This woke culture is actually promoting racism and its shameful. I know so many who have decided to take a stand and discontinue watching BB after many years. Don’t cry out racism when you encourage it!

  31. Absolutely disgusted with this season of big brother! Outright racist alliance formed and its allowed cause of how scared and so called racist it is to call it out lol. Just sad that a great show is being ruined.

  32. If a group of whites formed a group and obviously formed a strategy to vote out all non whites ,(this is what is happening) , liberals would call for thier heads. Where is the outrage??

  33. I turned the channel when Whitney was voted off 10-0, and I’m sure like many thousands of people, I will no longer be watching this racist garbage anymore. We are now watching a scripted version of a “black vs white” civil war, except the writers of this version are using social dominance instead of physical weapons to make the black race appear to be the kings, queens, rulers, and winners of our society. It’s clear that any time a white person will be on the block with a black person the votes will be 100% in favor of the black person remaining in the house, but only because all of the votes this season are scripted to make the black race appear to be the dominate race. God did not create different races for one race to be dominate over another race, which is why racism 60 years ago, 150 years ago, or at any other time in our worlds history was 100% wrong. We’ve come a long way in ridding our country of racism since the 1960’s and the days of the great Dr. Martin Luther King, but over the past year racism has gone backwards in time to when slavery was rampant. It’s clear that our sick and twisted media wants the white race to appear weak and submissive to the black race. They think it will raise their ratings; but I will be one of millions that will no longer be watching.

  34. If it were the “white BB alliance saying we are sticking together because of our skin color, the show would be shut down. I picked my few favs for this season and it was a white house member and 2 black house members but after watching last night’s episode I will no longer watch the program I loved for years. Its sad but the black house guest’s are racist. Enough of the critical race theory.

    1. If you read some critical race theory, maybe you would understand the problem with what you wrote. Take a breath. You can keep watching – black viewers have watched minority houseguests get ganged up on for 22 seasons.

  35. If a white person called a colored a slang name, all hell would have broken loose. Hannah called Brent a “cracker!” She should have been ejected from the house and made to formally apologize. These networks will never be able to survive from that community. I know so many others who feel the way we do. Goodbye Big Brother.

  36. So CBS announced 50% of contestants are going to be people of color? Is this not racist given the fact that 13.4% of the US population is black?

    1. Indeed. I stopped at episode three. After I loved all previous seasons, BB over the top and celebrity BB. What a shame how they ruined the show.

  37. As a black man, this shit is racist as a mug! Y’all using y’all’s race to pick out the white folks and then y’all turnin on y’all’s peoples anyway! This shit is just like the streets in the black community! Blacks all using each other to get what they selfishly want! Y’all ain’t real black folks! Y’all’s some straight up sell outs period! Show some motha fu……….. pride and step up and be a independent person, not “black” needy cheatin, back stabbin, propagandizing slave to dolla!!

  38. What happens in future seasons with white contestants when they have already seen this season and know the black contestants will vote as a block including the final? Will they also vote as a block?

    1. I think Big Brother is in trouble in future seasons. If you are white, how can you not vote out blacks so they can’t control the majority. I don’t see a black voting against a black in the final. Big Brother needs to Woke up.

      1. For sure. Thanks to Cookout every season from now on will be black against white and it will only be about who will be able to get the other race out first. Which sucks big time. I was so happy when they announced that diverse cast. I didn’t expect it would bring more racism, not less.

  39. They were rumored to have originally named the alliance “The Blackout” but the producers made them change their name to “The Cookout.” More PC that way.

  40. I stopped watching the BB this season along with love island. Both have forced agenda and will be cancelled. There is extreme racism against white houseguest. I am not going to watch and support any form of racism towards any group.

  41. Can you imagine if the people inside actually find out the truth about the Cook Out Racist Group. If I was in there, I would walk out. This is a disgrace. What is CBS thinking. This is wrong in so many ways. It’s not just wrong against the white race, it’s against every race. Come people, you are letting a television station take advantage of you! Can you not see this. Wake the hell up! Pitiful. Big Brother, I have watched you from day 1. You have lost one of you fans and of today! Good Bye!!!!

  42. I have always enjoyed watching Big Brother.
    That is until now. I can’t believe you would allow a racist alliance. I have never seen this before. It is outrageous. If it was an all white alliance, the show would probably be canceled. Wake up !!

  43. The worst part is that Julie Chen hasn’t commented on the cookout to the hg that get voted off at the end of elimination episodes…yes, of course the cookout is racist!

  44. Does the title of this article say Racial Equity????? Where do you see racial equity? It’s racism in full force. One of the girls on the block wants to know what she did to be put on the block; well I will tell you what you did, you were born as a white person. There is no other reason either of the people on the block were put there, other than they are white; it’s all part of the new scripted version of big brother. Pelosi and her gang wanted to spread hate, division, and racism, and this is how it will be achieved, by forcing white people to once again hate black people who now think they are gods in our world.

  45. Most of the internet will support the Cookout because the internet is censored against negative criticism of minorities. Thank goodness that this forum exists and won’t delete the criticisms being posted. The media will portray that everything is great with CBS and their new guidelines that 50% must be minorities. The media is not real news but their spin on news. But this will eventually blowup in the face of CBS. I wonder if ultra-liberal ABC will follow? The white girl on the Bachelorette sees the limo’s pulling up with 1/2 minorities. The couples on Bachelor in Paradise are all mixed race? Not normal. Minorities definitely should be represented but not a hard 50%. I used to watch every minute of Big Brother but I now watch only the last 2 minutes. After everyone sees what happened this season the next Big Brother could get real racist with the whites and blacks teaming up.

    1. My husband and I agree with you. This is not a historical win for black people. This show has shown how white, Asian, and Hispanic people are supportive to black people, however, black people show their true colors by supporting only their race.

  46. racism at its finest, blacks dont make up 50% of population, why is big brother promoting racism just so a black can win, REALLY?. disgusting ,all the white fans should boycott the show

    1. REALLY?!This is the finest example of racism you can think of? REALLY?! And when did BB start choosing houseguests based on the racial population of the US. They cast whomever they please.

  47. Big Brother now a racist game. If any other race doesn’t wake up to the fact that they will always stick together then they will never win. It’s racist but okay because they are black ? BS.
    I might watch next season and I hope I never see that as again.

  48. Still going to watch but it’s pretty evident what CBS is attempting to do here!! It’s not about the contestants, its about image , as you can see this is forced

  49. Clear as a picture,
    #1 Only whites are getting eliminated
    #2 All Black Alliance
    #3 CBS is settling up BLM with a $750,000 winner
    I will never watch this show again!!

  50. If the Big Brother viewing audience falls off the cliff due to CBS’s 50% minority rule, they can always move the show to Black Entertainment Television (BET) is an American cable television channel targeting African-American audiences. It is owned by the ViacomCBS Domestic Media Networks unit of ViacomCBS via BET Networks.

  51. I smell a boycott coming….BBBB … Boycott Big Black Brotha & CBS NOW!!!! first of all if you voted for Biden this is all of your fault, unless you want this country to go down the $hitter further then you all need to 1.) vote 100% republican at all elections, 2.) boycott ALL companies that gave money to BLM including CBS, google, facebook, amazon, apple, walmart, target, home depot, ea games, etsy, h&m, everlane, toms shoes, spanx, levis, gap, athleta, old navy, warby parker, lululemon, nike, mcdonalds, wendys, coca cola, peloton, and more BOYCOTT THEM ALL NOW, JUST DO IT. dumbocrats are anti american and if you voted for biden you might as well go slap every veteran in the face and dig up the dead ones and slap them in the face too because that is what you did by voting for this demented president, and you blacks who voted for him because of camela, you are racist. also unless our dumb black vice president stops illegals coming in everyday then, don’t wear a mask, don’t get vaccinated, refuse to show proof of vac at restaurants and stores since she is not asking the infected illegals to get vac or wear a mask.
    ALSO boycott all catholic charities and anything related to the hypocrite catholics, stop giving them money to do this! they are shipping these illegal kids all over the country and the only reason is so that their pervert priests have a fresh supply of kids to rape.
    if you have any common sense at all, vote for law & order, support your local police, vote republican!

  52. It is absolutely racist. An all black alliance gunning for their white contestants rather than even nominate anyone else based on race! If the role was reversed it would be all over the news!

  53. Big Brother gets “equity” by allowing contestants to create a openly racist alliance. Look at the consequences. EVERY WHITE MALE evicted. And the white women are next. CBS has purposefully presented black “equity” in a way that actually demonstrates just how disruptive it is in our society. Attack merit. Attack success. Only black folks advancing in the game. For folks who say they are looking for equity, and not equality, this is CBS virtue signally at it’s worst.

  54. I’m ok with whoever wants to align with whomever. And I don’t have a problem with casting a disproportionate amount of people of color. I’m just bummed that because of the network’s agenda to ensure a black winner, we won’t get to see the game play relationships that could have developed between let’s say Tiff and Claire in a final two. Or Xavier and Derrick X- the beautiful racial unity moments that one would hope for.

  55. Yes BIG Brother…We see you purposely casting a more colorful cast. Lol,and yes it’s 1000% hypocrisy to rig a show. AN ALL BLACK ALLIANCE VS. 5 WHITE CONTESTANTS VOTED OUT IN 37 DAYS! Not to mention that we have heard 0 about it on the news.I guess it isn’t racist to form an all black alliance ( that was designed by the network to ensure a black final two) BTW. ???? God this season makes me want to vomit.Casting the dumbest, lamest, white contestants to date( aside from Christian) while casting the most accomplished black contestants! Big Brother you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY!

    1. What news program reports on Big Brother or any other reality tv gameshow? It must really be breaking front page news when White Americans face the slightest injustice. Go ahead and scream it from the mountaintop.

  56. Man. As a white dude I’d love to have this conversation with a black woman/man to get there thoughts. Some of the comments from the white people in this thread makes this sound like a damn klan meeting. This is a seriously and uncomfortable topic but you mfs in this thread are rotten to the core and the fact that some of you talk like that makes me want black alliances every year just to piss in your coffee. And I’m putting my real info down unlike most of you freaks. Feel free to email me my black family. It’s all love with me. Just an interesting topic for sure

  57. I hope that this is the end of Big Brother. I have faithfully watched this show from the beginning. I will not finish this season and I will never watch again. This is blatant racism as “the cookout” is a self proclaimed alliance of black people only. If a group
    Of white people did this, they would be crucified or stoned to death. This is wrong on so many levels as the BLM movement preaches that they want equality! Why is this ok? Why is there a double standard. Racism is racism no matter what your skin color is. The members of “the cookout” are racist but no one will call them out! I hope Big Brother is cancelled very soon! #racistbigbrother2021 #racismonBB #bigbrotherpromotesracism

  58. It’s “racist” when the tables are turned? People of color have always been the first to go, except when Paul had to come on to take Josh to the finish. It never had to be spoken, it was just understood (wink, wink). My only problem is that the “cookout” seem to have compassion for the targets. When have we ever seen that on BB?

  59. It’s okay… let’s go ahead and watch a black win then laugh our butts off when they squander it all in 2 months since 90% of them have no idea what it means to save! Then we can make a new show called BIG BANKRUPT! They do not respect money because most of them grow up on welfare and get everything for FREE. And blacks love all of you woke democrap your pants idiots because that means they get even more stuff for free. The crooked Biden administrastion (to beg and ensure blacks vote for dems) just allowed the biggest long term food stamp increase in history! SO now they can buy even more Doritos, chip ahoy, mt dew, Oreos, ice cream, pork rinds, cheese dip, and yes this is what blacks buy with their free SNAP food stamps using our taxes!….. What a joke!!! If you are a real American You all seriously need to start VOTING OUT ALL DEMOCRATS ASAP starting with loser Gavin Newsom.
    The black winner will go buy something totally stupid like a 700K yacht that they can’t even pay the taxes on, haha. Think back to all of these dumb blacks who made millions then lost it all because of their dumb decision making?….. Mike Tyson – BANKRUPT & JAIL! HAHA, Michael Vick – BANKRUPT! HAHA, 50 cent – BANKRUPT! HAHA, MC hammer – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Michael Jackson – DEAD & BANKRUPT! HAHA, Ginuwine – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Allen Iverson – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Gary Dourdan – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Kelis – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Marion Jones – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Terrell Owens – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Suge Knight – BANKRUPT! HAHA, TLC – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Toni Braxton – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Ron Isley – BANKRUPT & JAIL! HAHA, Young Buck – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Dionne Warwick – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Wesley Snipes – BANKRUPT & JAIL! HAHA, R Kelly – BANKRUPT & JAIL! HAHA, Warren Sapp – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Mekhi Phifer – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Antoine Walker – BANKRUPT! HAHA, Sheryl Swoopes – BANKRUPT! HAHA
    We do not need CRT in schools, it’s pretty clear we need to teach blacks from age 2 that -they are NOT victims of anything -no one owes them anything just because they are black -food and housing are not free -teach how to NOT sign up for welfare and instead teach them how to count their own money they earned though hard work. Their parents can start by paying them to pull weeds in their ghettos and pick up all of their Burger King & McD trash they throw out of their car windows onto the side of the roads.
    Feel free to copy this and paste anywhere you want guys.., your welcome, Tyler

  60. The shows formula in the past was to have the house guests reflect the demographic make up of he US — CBS this year wanted give more power to black houseguests so they stacked the deck and the black houseguests are doing exactly what anyone could have predicted.

  61. Big Brother was one of my favorite shows, until the racism started. How dare CBS allow this show to be so bolden about getting people out because of their color. If this was the other way around, the show would have been pulled. Guess I will have to find a new favorite show. Screw you Big Brother!!!!

  62. The players that are already sent home had no idea the other players would form a group and send them packing. I am so glad the white skins didn’t ban against the black skins, that would have brought out the race card for sure. Just play fair like in the past and keep this great show on tv. It’s a very sad day when this happens and it not helping the country to come together.

  63. Last year, the whites voted out all the blacks first, Asian second and right down the list of minorities. The winner was extremely racist. I think that’s why this year, over 50% of the houseguest were NOT white. Great! It’s about time. So as long as the people are far more equal coming into the house now, they totally blew it by making an alliance based only on skin color! I truly wanted a black houseguest to win because it has been so long but not by voting out based on race. They did things right by equalizing out the houseguest! Every race now had a fair chance! They didn’t have to take a HUGE STEP BACK!!!

  64. My wife and I generally do not agree on mutual TV interests but we always enjoy watching shows like Big Brother, Survivor and the Amazing Race together. I told her during last night’s episode that I’m about done watching this season due to the racist alliance that CBS seems to be promoting. I will probably watch one more episode just to see who Sarah Beth puts up on the block and then I think I’m finished with this one.

  65. Blacks make up 12 percent of the population. That means only 2 blacks should have been picked out of the sixteen participants. CBS made sure a black person was going to win the biggest prize ever.

  66. Kyland stated last night that all of the white guys have been voted off for the time ever. He was bragging about making history. I don’t care what color the winner is. I watch for good , smart ge play. Never watch again

  67. I have literally been saying this since the night the cookout alliance was formed. The second I heard it I instantly thought to myself if an alliance ever formed made up of all white people BASED SOLELY ON THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN that CBS would freak out big time!! Is CBS this stupid that they don’t realize this will cause more harm than good?

    Also, I can’t believe that I’m just finding this article now and it’s been out for so long. The article is perfectly worded, it hits the nail right on the head.
    Thank you Joel brizee whoever you are!!

  68. One last thing just to let people know I have deleted the rest of the episodes I have on my DVR. AIso I stopped recording future episodes. I’m all done with CBS and their shows.

  69. One last thing just to let people know I have deleted the rest of the episodes I have on my DVR. AIso, I stopped recording future episodes. I’m all done with CBS and their shows.

  70. The author of this article does not understand Big Brother or its history of structural racism against Black people.
    Historically CBS has cast 2 or 3 Black tokens a season for exploitation purposes. They know these people will never win because BB is a numbers game. You can only have a chance to win if you are part of a large group because they have to vote for you. So the majority White cast has to choose whether or not you can even play. And to make matters worse, CBS deliberately includes racist White people (not all but some) in their casting. How do we know this? They do psychological testing, so they know when they have a racist. CBS does this for “drama” which all reality thrives on, but CBS did this at the expense of Black contestants. We also know these White contestants are racist by their behavior in the game – at least as far back as 2013 host Julie Chen Moonves called out a woman for racist comments (and she was not the only with racist comments and actions that season).

    I also see you using gratuitous buzz words like “woke,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Critical Race Theory” all out of context just to stoke fear and illogical race based hatred of your audience. This is totally irresponsible journalism. Please educate yourself on such matters. If you did, you would know they don’t have anything to do with this topic.

    And how are they using race as a strategy? They have only agreed to not target each other since the Black contestants have been targeted by the majority for 20 years. What are they supposed to do? Should they just sit back and watch each other get voted out? They smartly (and appropriately) removed race as an obstacle and are actually playing the game. Sticking together is the only way ANY of the Black contestants even have a shot at winning. So they did not use race as a strategy. They prevented their race from being used as a strategy against them. Kudos to them for that.

    It’s funny how some here are saying since Black people are 13% of the population that only 13% should be allowed to play per season. Would you be willing to accept this type of limitation for your favorite NFL or NBA team? Name one team owner that would agree to this. Nobody would accept this because that team would get their butts kicked. So stop talking ridiculousness with these artificial and arbitrary barriers to prevent Black advancement in this “game.”

    Also you lied when you said they had to go find White people to hide the alliance. The Black contestants all had alliances with others in the house through the “team twist” BEFORE they formed the cookout alliance. So they didn’t need to go “find” White people to be close with. They didn’t do that, but it would have been perfectly fine within the context of the game if they had done it. Your exaggerations are ridiculous.

    You obviously don’t understand that Big Brother is a game of manipulation. Key word here being “game.” This is the first time Black people are actually being allowed to play it. Why are you trying to make this all about race? If you watched the show, you would know that this season race is not a factor AT ALL and it has vastly improved the quality of entertainment. CBS has hopefully learned that they did not need race based “drama” (at the expense of Black people) to make the show interesting. Hopefully they will continue with this trend.

    CBS did the right thing by attempting to remove the barriers to Black contestants being allowed to play. If a segment of the audience is threatened by a show that is fair and equitable, there is an easy solution: change the channel. But as you said, with a 23% increase in viewership, Big Brother isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So those that don’t like a fairer (and obviously more interesting game) can stay mad!

    1. How much more racist can this stupid show get? Maybe the reasons there were no black winners in the past was because they weren’t smart enough and didn’t know how to play the game correctly. This show gives racist blacks the platform to do whatever they want. I guess that’s the only way they can get a black to win is for CBS to rig the system and then give them a big huge prize of $750,000. All you woke asses at CBS and Hollywood need to go back to “sleep”. To hear the racist comments coming from all of their mouths about getting their place in history makes me want to vomit. . When the Black contestants can make racial comments about the white contestants, and nothing is done ,what does that say about the show? I think CBS brought in white people and paid them to not play the game, so that the blacks could take over. How pathetic! This will definitely be my last season of watching The super racist Big Brother! I’m surprised Julie Chen didn’t go to bat for Asians. There should be equal Asians, Latinos and blacks according to their ratio in this country. You could have saved me a lot of time watching this show , if you had just picked out one of the blacks and said,” here’s your check.” All the blacks have to do is gripe about something and the liberals do backflips to give them what they want. Play the game don’t play us.#wokeneedstowakeup!????

    2. Excellent post Chiuck. You hit on a lot of hypocrisy I picked up on reading the article and comments. For example, BB has always been a numbers game and not the numbers that most of these people are using for their rants. When did Julie state that the BB hg demographics we’re supposed to mirror the demographics of the US? Did I miss that episode or was that just their assumption because it justified more White Americans to join the cast? Guess it just seemed right – more pleasing to the eye. CBS is a business selling product. If they’re smart, they match to demo of the houseguests to the demo of the VIEWERS. But then it wouldn’t be as easier to vote the minorities out. I bet this season’s cast is the best representation of viewership than any other season~hence the higher ratings.
      Furthermore, what is all the “solely racist” talk about? Would it be more acceptable if the alliance was based on say race and gender? All African American is wrong but African American and male or Asian American and female is cool?. Just can’t be based strictly on race?Foolishness. I could go on but this is getting long winded.
      Good to see someone willing to think past simplicity and preference to see what’s really going on. If a reader disagrees with this point of view,, feel free to read the comments of the people who you agree with. Would you like to get to know those people? Work with them or for them? Would you be comfortable with them marrying your child. If so, congratulations. You’ve found your alliance. And feel free to stop watching. Cancel, cancel, cancel.
      Thanks again Chuck.
      God bless.!

    3. How ignorant are you? I have never watched BB And the contestants with a view of they being black, , white, asian or anything else. They are all humans!!! All the same in my eyes. There has never been an all white alliance made solely because they are white. I understand that blacks have dealt with white racism for a very long time, however the majority of white people do not see color in people!!!!! They are just people just like all of us. People like you and certain blacks are keeping racism and separation going by constantly acting as if they are not equal!! Now they are the racists against whites??!! Are you kidding me???!!! You think this is a step forward??? This thinking perpetuates separation and racism!! This world is F***** with all the dumb ignorant people in it. You want equality? Then act and live like you are equal!!!! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!! I know there are a lot of intelligent blacks who can see the harm this sort of thinking is doing to the effort for equality.

        1. It takes 6 black people to take out one white person. How would that look if 6 white people ganged up on one black person. Race in either direction is racist. I’m so done with this show.

      1. Patricia. Who is your post intended for? You through out an insult but didn’t attach a name to it. It couldn’t have been me seeing how there was no rebuttal for any point I made. But Iet me ask you something. Who are you to speak for the majority of white people on an issue as encompassing as race in the USA? The audacity! As if you could EVER know what’s in hearts of the so many people. “Live like you’re already equal” The privilege! This is a reality tv show. It’s not really a mirror into the soul of the country. It was merely a trigger and it worked. White people are upset with a 50% chance of winning. I see that now. Now I’m off to go find some robust debate.
        And one more thing
        When the bully gets a taste of that medicine , things change so I guess what’s good for the goose ya da ya da ya da.
        Be blessed.

        1. Well Vj my post wasn’t for you. You say who am I to speak for the majority of white people? I’m speaking for what I’ve seen and the fact is I have not personally known one white racist in my entire life. So guess I should have emphasized “my life” for people who want to nik pik and pick apart comments and not try to understand the overall context. And first off VJ. I have no problem with the amount of black people in the house or if a black Person wins!! So petty of you to assume that this is what this is about!! This is about perpetuating racism. I dont care what color your skin is!!!! Racism is racism!!!!! And until people see this and stop it will never end!!! You VJ are an example of a person who keeps stirring the pot, you are someone who keeps racism going. I see all of us as equals but evidently you do not. Honestly this is not difficult to understand! And like I said this isnt about how many blacks are on the show or if a black person wins, it’s about the obvious alliance formed on race. Racism is wrong for any race, and now you Vj are enjoying every minute of it. To you the tables have turned And you like it, evidenced by you saying “ When the bully gets a taste of that medicine , things change “ oh yeah, and who are you to say that whites are bullies?! There in lies the problem. Have a nice day , I will not be responding to any more of your comments. Oh and btw I love how you totally ignored how clear my comment was to the fact that I am against racism and yet you try to portray me as racist.

          1. @Patricia, When you start a post with how ignorant are you, you forfeit the benefit of nuance. So I am left with your words. Your assumption that my goal to portray you as a racist is false as your assumption that I am enjoying this.. I’m came here to learn what others think. You don’t seem racist to me. You don’t seem to understand the history of how things get changed in this country. People in power don’t believe there’s a problem, until it’s their problem. Hence, the schoolyard bully analogy I used. You used the goose gander analogy and I responded with the school yard bully analogy. The better term would’ve perpetrator instead of bully. Leaves less room for nit-picking. Oh and if I was interested in nit picking, I would’ve pointed out that the term is nit picking, not nik picking. (Jokes). But the tables haven’t turned. Intelligent African Americans know that this show isn’t going to move the the country any further or closer to equality. They are concerned with systemic, governmental issues. This is just tv talk. But you fight the fight the best way you see fit. Peace

    4. They literally said on episode three each of them needs to lure in one white guy so they don’t get suspicious and they can get rid of them later. So most of what you wrote is actually incorrect.

  71. “Also you lied when you said they had to go find White people to hide the alliance. ”
    Ummm…. nope. They had a Cookout team meeting where they specifically discussed exactly that – find a white person for cover. Fairly likely that’s why Derek X doesn’t have a partner on the Cookout.
    Is it Racist? Definitely – here’s the proof:
    On BB, when a smart player finds out there is an alliance, he/she either joins that alliance or actively works to break it up. There are no players on BB that aren’t in the Cookout that would be allowed to join so that option is out. That leaves one option – actively target the players that are in it. How does that work?
    Imagine the discussion:
    Derek X to Claire – ‘Yo… we need to get out a black player to even the field. Let’s go get Sara Beth.’
    Claire – ‘Umm … Isn’t that kind of racist?’
    >deafening silence<
    BB is Cooked.

  72. This is a shame. There are a few members of the cookout who would have done well even without this race based alliance. I’m assuming next season everyone will immediately align based on race if they want a legitimate chance to win.

  73. Watch s23 episode 19…17 min in…and you tell me if this isn’t racist. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you can’t be racist.

  74. Sociological joke. I do not see a lot of diversity in this season. 750k is a lot of money and people will turn on each other to get it. Great job BS. I heard a liver goes well with beans. An ahole is an ahole. No matter the the skin. This is funny yet very sad.

  75. Where is this privilege. All I have is a variety of ethnicities, but not enough of any to be accepted. But I am pale, disabled, and poor; therefore hated by all. Thanks for making this about race, which I do not have enough of to be accepted for it by any group of haters. I prefer the variety of people, maybe find some that are actually in dire need of this money who will actually follow the rules. I.E.: no whispering, no racism/hate, follow the predestined levels of sharing who they are evicting and when, do better training for the game(need to watch at least five seasons), better background checks, actually be diverse- half the house by race, half the house by orientation, & have people who actually need the money play one game and people to donate another game. Number one, don’t be afraid to stop the game because of hateful/shallow actions and perhaps restart once, kick reoffenders. This will open the doors for a bigger variety of people to win. Maybe make some of the evictions based on something other than popularity… Now there is a fair, nonbiased idea. Don’t call me hateful just because I believe of not automatically making someone who isn’t like me kiss my ass until I say that’s enough to be accepted and then snicker behind their back saying you ain’t ever going to be good enough because you weren’t born like me.

  76. I have been watching this show from the day it began. Where is the legality PSA that CBS had shared with the viewers season 21. This has gotten out of control. For the cookout to have “others.” When will people understand we are all one regardless of color! I feel with recent events over the past year and a half; should remind us all it doesn’t matter what race or color we are… we are all connected!!!!
    This show has turned into something out of control and something unnecessary… it used to be a fun escape watching people just trying to win some money for their family and the growth of their future. Julie has not mentioned anything about the cookout and the “others.” I feel some people in the cookout are even being pressured by their own alliance. Regardless, we are one in the same. My kids stopped watching the show now, because they feel it is no longer fun and about helping someone benefit their future. It is just now another sad news broadcast story. Please can we all just move past this ignorance and come together. Big Brother I bid you adieu…

  77. Ive watched BB every year. I will be canceling my subscription to cbs. They’re encouraging racism and separation

  78. After 22 years of watching and enjoying BB I will watch no more. The producers have gone totally racist. Color not character or ability controls this show not competition or strategy. The facts (1) only non black players have been voted out and (2) not one non black recognized this, reflects the dumbest nonblack players were chosen by the producers. The show has lost its competitive edge . It has become a boring show.

  79. Yes this year is just racist! This just goes show you how one race acts towards another. The black people are doing what they do but if the white people were doing it they would be screaming it’s a racist! It’s sad

  80. I contacted bug brother by email they never answered. This is completely racist show because everyone is afraid. I stopped watching this show.

  81. The Us population is 16% black, This is the most racist show out there. While our President gets americans killed in Afghanistan

    1. Exactly ! The show’s make up should ne representative of the US population. Racist indeed ! News talks about Anti Asian crimes, look and what they did to Derek X. We know which race has harmed the Asians the most

  82. CBS admits its racist by “stacking the deck” let alone what the cook out has perpetrated, and one of them is a lawyer..

  83. Funny how Julie Chen usually tells the evicted contestants about alliances in the house , but she hasn’t mentioned the cookout to any of them ! Wonder why ? Guess she didn’t want to admit there was a racist alliance !

  84. It’s good to see so many White people and minorities coming together in unity and agreement on CBS’s and BB’s racist nature. Truly inspiring. And if you can’t stomach this season, I get it. But before you give up on BB completely, go back and stream some old seasons or your favorite season and look for the overt and covert racism. Take a minute to see why Black Americans have viewed this show as racist for a long, long time. Truth is, whatever the ism (racism, sexism, ageism, ect) isn’t a problem until you feel that it’s your problem.

  85. Black people make up 13.4% of the population in the U.S., so why are almost half of the contestants black? Here is the makeup of our society: White 60%, Latino 19%, Black 13% and Asian 6%. Based on these stats if you really wanted a true diverse representation of our country you would have 10 white contestants, 3 Latinos, 2 Black and 1 Asian. I’m a latino and I don’t agree in the systemic use of affirmative action to equal the playing field, this argument has been made and it actually does the opposite and gives a unrealistic temporary advantage to a group of people simply because of their skin color.

    1. Where is it stated that the demographic make up of BB is supposed to mirror the demographics of the United States? I’ve searched online. Can’t find anything.

  86. That’s exactly right Rafael H P. If the houseguests makeup matched the US, there would’ve been 3 Latinos on each season for years. I’venever seen that happen Evidently, casting never broke down by demographic lines. So what’s the basis for the percentage argument?

  87. Well, the end of Big Brother and CBS has arrived for me. The hypocrisy of this show has hit an all time low. All the AA members are voting out their closest “Friends” based on color. This has been the most open example of racism I have ever seen play out on TV…..if white contestants planned to eliminate all the other competitors based on a proposed outcome of ANY race other than white, this show would be IMMEDIATELY be taken down as a white supremacist show. But this is a new and embarrassing day for CBS and America to allow this type of Race Baiting on National TV. I have watched BB for almost 10 years but I turned it off tonight after these poor people are crying that their best friends are being evicted but they are more loyal to the color of skin rather than the quality of the relationship that were established. The cookout is an alliance based solely on the outcome of any winner of color. When one race promotes their race above all others that is absolutely 100% wrong…..

  88. Everyone shoud call and write to cbs George Cheeks he ia responsible for creating ramming this black cast down our throats!!

  89. I like the contestants this year but I don’t want to see anyone win (or lose) just because of the color of their skin. The other half of the house didn’t ally against the POC when CBS dangled that carrot in front of them, they showed more integrity. This makes the others look bad and like cringe-worthy martyr wannabes and that’s not how people should be represented, especially on national tv. Sad thing is, they took the bait. CBS handed the season to them on a silver platter knowing that even if the other half of the house caught on they would be the ones called racists if they called out the racist alliance. Those alliance members stated several times that if it weren’t for the Cookout they would have played the game very differently and stood by their friends of other races. And Tiffany’s strategy of bringing a ‘white pawn’ along and then discarding them is downright sickening. It dehumanizes the houseguests and proves she isn’t a true friend to Derek X or Claire (letting them think they had a shot when really they never did because of race). If you can’t win on your own merits and without jumping on some warped social justice bandwagon, that has nothing to do with justice and pushes double standards and division, then don’t play the game.

  90. I get it. I would love to see a person of color win this year. But the only way they think they can do it is to have an all Black alliance! Try winning on your merits.

  91. You “white skinned” people are truly disgusting!! “Black skinned” people NEVER had a chance playing this game! Starting from Season one! It has absolutely nothing to do with merit when you have 14 to 2 or maybe 3. If the show started off equally and giving “black skinned” people a fair chance from the start then I would consider some merit ish here! Everything that happened in 2020 has opened a lot of people eyes!(mainly the “white skin”) to seeing that “Black Lives DO Matter” and they want to change their perception of “black skin” and they also want to seem as if they are not racist! I’ve noticed the same thing in “Love island” also in 2020, “give the win to a black skin” so we won’t seem racist blah blah blah!! All because of the world witnessing what happened to George Floyd!!!! Soooo now is the big change in television, they know what has to be done now because “black skinned” people are no longer being silent!!! We are speaking up and speaking out!! If these shows started off equally from the start!! You “white skinned” people who are soooo upset and talking about not watching the show no more, would have been stopped and quite frankly I don’t think the show would have lasted 23 seasons, because a “black skinned” person would have absolutely been won!! It would have been a fair chance from the jump!! And now that it is a fair game and it’s beginning played how “white skinned” people play by “black skinned” people…. now y’all soooo upset and got y’all panties in a bunch! Stop watching who gives a F! That “white privileges” ish really got you guys messed up!!

  92. Well, this isn’t going to do much for race relations! In future seasons, non-black contestants are going to be distrustful of the black contestants on the show aligning based upon race, because they have seen it happen this year. In fact, going forward, we might start seeing the house dividing up according to race. The lesson here, is that all the white and Asian contestants lost because they were not paying attention to race and targeting others because of race. The black contestants were all targeting the non-black contestants because of race. In the past, there indeed have been alliance that were all white, but these alliances did not include every white contestant in the game. That is a big distinction. It’s really a shame, because many of the black contestants this season are very savvy players, savvier than most of their non-black counterparts, and could have potentially won without this alliance. Way to calm racial tensions, CBS!

  93. Ok … my biggest problem with CBS is how they have chosen black people in the past. It would be like choosing 2 Derek F type players and bitching about how they were picked off ? David screwed himself so badly in Allstars … he was just a terrible player like Asah and DF. For me it is more about true strategy combining personalities that further you in the game not dragging a person along based on color. In addition, watching unassuming white and non-white people get caught up in the Cookout’s bullshit is just very disheartening. However, casting set it up to help placate poc and apologize for some crappy behavior from a few shitty white people. What about the nerds like Nicole ( red hair ) totally screwed . Maybe a band of nerds next time .. or older people … to even out society… yeah and make the Pot bigger too. I feel pissed watching this. It feels different than when one player dominates or some jerks drag people along. The only thing I can say is whatever CBS’s agenda is worked but made the show feel rigged and alienated ALL people who are not black.

    1. Way to nail it… many of the black contestants could have won on their own merit, regardless of the “cookout” alliance. There didn’t need to be an all black alliance.

  94. Bigot Brother, since the dawn of the human race people have been tribal. I think the cookout are
    good people that have been set up by cbs for ratings.

  95. This is going to have a lasting effect. Obviously the only people focused on race are in the cookout otherwise “the white folks” would have maybe noticed they are being voted out 1 by 1 but they aren’t noticing…hummm and who’s making race an issue. The plan to use their “white person” as a shield is racist. No question Funny Big Brother will probably end up an example in future college courses about social behavior. Not good. Always watched but no more. I absolutely agree the show should be more diverse even mandating diversity is fine but where this has gone is setting society back. Sad

    1. I actually think it’s been nice in today climate to see the house guest actually like each other and laugh together it would of been fine if the black contestants bonded as the game went on that’s not the sin.it’s that in the beginning of the game before they got two know each other they made the alliance based on there skin they said it out loud the other contestants are not thinking of a black alliance clearly because there not playing the game with there skin color shame to see this it’s a personality experience not a based on skin color I think the black people missed the mark on this I understand never a black winner I get it but this missed the mark on this great social game. I do think the black people on the show are good people even though they chose to go this route at the end there’s one winner they will have to play for it to win in the end the cast will stay friends and next year let’s get back to personality based even if it has to be a all black contestants all white hope it doesn’t come down to that hope they can play together without out race

  96. I can’t believe how some of the cast didn’t see this coming.This was set up from the very start of the show by the network . I give the cast credit for not hiding their goal from the very start.I don’t like the idea if white people came out with the way this was done it would be pulled off the air.Every group under the sun would be in an uproar

  97. I actually find it disturbing any group on the show banded together based solely on race. Even worse that they planned to buddy up with a non black to use them. I’d be equally appalled if a white group ever did this. Course the show would probably cancel the season in outrage.

    It’s actions like this that cause racism.

  98. If the majority would just stop watching, that will speak volumes. Low ratings will kill a show. Think they planned this to be the last season?

  99. This is truly the most racist thing BB has done. Well scripted to vote out every white and asian person. Completely done with this nonesense. CBS has totally runied this show. Never again will my wife and I watch this garbage again. Julie Chen Moonves can also take a hike with her husband the woman bully.

  100. I am so done with Big Brother because of this racist BS. I have watched this show since the beginning. What morons work at CBS

  101. This is racism, pure and simple. The Cookout alliance openly admitted from day one their goal was to to vote out any person who is not black. They agreed to stick with each other until the house was only black. They only judge by color, which is racist and shows their true selves in a poor light. If any contestant starts to see and dares to call this racist situation out he or she would be cancelled, lose their job and never get hired again, be called a racist and have their entire life destroyed. CBS and Paramount Plus are racist to orchestrate things based on color and, obviously, tell the blacks to band to get out all other races. Those who sunk low to form the first ever alliance based solely on color proved themselves to be racist. There was no game strategy this year. Nothing. Just a fake, pre-set-up divisive ploy for segregation. I guess going forward every year Big Brother wants contestants to make it a priority to vote out all blacks, just on color, because if not CBS sets it up for them to vote out every other race. What a corrupt way to live.

  102. Totally agree with most of these posts. CBS is promoting racism. I have watched every year and have noticed CBS allowing THE RACISM to creep in. I now hope viewers STOP watching and the show is cancelled. CBS should be ashamed and it is an insult to Julie too. I am white and proud of it, but would NEVER think of judging someone or going against them because of there race, religion, gender or color. This show is teaching whites that people of color are not genuine and will deceive you, therefore DO NOT TRUST them. It’s bad enough LYING is being promoted by DEMOCRATS, now we have to watch our backs with people of color deceiving us. What kind of a world are these people creating? GOD HELP US!

  103. The only people who see racism and color in this house are the Cookout. The cookout is based on their color, nothing else. The rest of the house is ignorant to any racism.
    CBS has made reality TV now a racist game. Stick with your own kind and then you can win. It will follow every BB from now on.
    Its also very unsettling how the Non black houseguest are being used for their loyalty.

    And.dont forget Danielle…..who was a superb player. She would have won the game but CBS made a big mistake showing outed contestants the diary room segments. People got angry and that led to her losing.
    Shame on CBS……this is not Woke. This is racism.

  104. Most boring BB EVER. Was cast specifically for BLM and no one else. CBS has lost viewship and may see cancellation of this reality programming due to “wokeness”. The reason there were previously less POC on the show is because POC (blacks) only amount to 13.4% of the population of the USA. Deck was stacked against any whites from the very beginning. Asians amount to 5.7% of the population and , percentage of Latino is 18.5%, so why were their not more Latinos instead of blacks?. No one wants to bring up those statistics because they will be called racist. Instead, the entire BB production this year is very reverse racist. Wake up America and get a backbone.

  105. The following season of BB will be interesting as the white contestants will have watched this season and know that the blacks will stick together. White vs. black? Do you think in the following seasons that the white contestants will trust the black contestants an alliance? Nice job CBS on ruining the show.
    I have watched BB for years and now I can’t watch.

  106. I agree with the majority of people on this site. Big Brother is promoting racism. I think the show has hurt it self beyond redemption. I will not watch the rest of this season and if it is renewed, (hope not} will never watch again unless Julie and producers are fired. Why would they ever believe this would have been the right thing to do. The only way we will stop racism, is to stop it across the board. I am none with this show and sad that it has sank so low. It was always fun to watch. Drama, drama, drama. I looked forward to each episode. All that is missing this year.

  107. The fact that the stupid BB announcer, who CBS only uses for his annoying voice, states “another unsuspecting sucker” after Sarah Beth get evicted, goes to show that CBS gets off on this twisted b.s. CBS, you might think that you’re so “woke,” but when you are sh*tting your pants when the revolution that you are responsible for causing comes to your backyard, you’ll be asking if the fun and games that are blatantly causing division in this country we’re worth partaking in. This is disgusting. As far as Xavier goes, being so blunt about the purpose and plan of the cookout, i truly hope he gets disbarred for his racism.

  108. We are asking if all the white contestants were thinking all the blacks would form an alliance . But?? It would have been racist to even consider that on tv. “I think all the blacks are teaming up” lol. That wouldn’t go over well. Anyways, if you can’t see the reverse racism here? You need to wake up. And unfortunately CBS is condoning this for whatever reasons. Sad to be honest.

  109. Xavier- The only way to keep Clair off the scent that we are just getting out non-black
    people would mean Alyssa would have to go. Bigot Brother!

  110. The words used to start the cookout. Let’s form an alliance of just people that look
    like us, so someone that looks like us can win. Bigot Brother!

  111. I am so sick of the media and tv making everything about race. If a group of white contestants said lets get out the people who don’t look like us this would be on the morning news, and a terrible scandal. I hate racism in any form. This was my favorite show until this season. A big fan was lost.

  112. This is terrible for cbs to allow this
    If they formed an all white group and specifically said get all the blacks out the network and people would be besides themselves.
    Or to say they had to sit up with their person
    Imagine that if a white person said they were going to sit up with their black person?
    Are you crazy? To say or to claim you own a person?
    Never watching this show again
    Absolutely racist and no one cares because it’s blacks doing it to whites.

  113. BB is fake as shit.
    They are trying to prove that they are woke to sell more product!

    Julie using her husbands name after his shit is an easy way to see this!

    Open your eyes people.

    I used to love BB, but this is total shit!

    Also, look at all of the reactions and “incredible 1/100th of a second” results…wake up people! Bad actors with horrible fake crying.

  114. I have watched every season of Big Brother, some of them twice even. Never before has someone been put on the block or voted out purely based on the color of their skin. Yes, there have been a tremendous number of all-white alliances, but these alliances were not formed with an explicit focus on race, nor were people excluded because of their race. It is long past due for a person of color to win BB and i hope it happens this season! That being said, how and why is it suddenly ok to target an individual purely based on race, and also exclude them from groups if they’re the “wrong” color? However justified they feel their actions may be, The Cookout alliance is racist because they are knowingly targeting and excluding individuals based solely on their race. And what’s surprising is how many viewers are simply indifferent or feel that such behavior is perfectly appropriate. Why teach children the importance of getting to know for who they are, respecting others, and acknowledging that people are a tapestry of character traits when all we adults plan to do is reduce everyone to the color of their skin.

  115. I am so tired of blacks acting like they are the victim. I don’t and have never owned a slave. I work for a living and earn what I get. I don’t expect everything to be given to me. Therefore, I’m done with bb due to the racism!!!!!

  116. I am through with big brother I deleted it from even being taped. If they say it’s OK for this to be the way it was this season, I am done…

  117. Will NEVER watch this racist bullshit show big brother again and I was one of those that watched almost every season… if white people had done this the whole show would’ve been cancelled… fucking black lives matter bullshit done absolutely on purpose ????

  118. Big Brother and Survivor have been my ” do not disturb me while they are on” shows for YEARS; sadley I will watch something else now. I don’t understand how being racist is “okay” or “the right thing to do” for ANY ONE regardless of color!
    In my opinion, they should have cast ALL black people to ensure a black won, AND we could have seen a great game played from all, and the best player win ! Instead, they(CBS) have MADE this a racist issue !?!? Not a good look for ANY of them. No, I’m not happy with the show, nor will I watch any more.

  119. Since this year of BB was all about race, wait till next year when the whites take out the blacks! BB, you have ruined a very good show. Shame on you!

  120. Big Brother didn’t even put equal amounts of races in the house. They made it all about Black people taking out White people. It sounds like they knew about that too. They said “I know what we’re here to do” and “everything is not all about the game.” Doesn’t that sound like BB tipped them off about what to do and how to do it? CBS has taken it too far and ruined the show. This is all that everyone will reflect upon in future seasons that is if there will be any future. I’ve watched every season since BB’s inception but no more. I don’t even care who wins because it’s all a set up!!! Julie….love you but stop trying to tell people how to feel & love. I know CBS has you saying that because of the controversy but it’s starting to gag me.

  121. This seems to play into dividing us one against another. In past years the white players didn’t form an alliance against the black players. This year the black players did that. They went further and each befriended a white player to gain confidence with them and not draw attention to the cookout. I’m done. It was intentional on cbs
    part to be woke. All the players this year seemed to be very likable. But I do think it put the black players in the position to be critized. It was good to see how good they were to each other. Then the reality. They were good to the white players b/c of their plan to have a black player win. Wouldn’t be surprised if they had a deal to share the money. The real looser is Big Brother.


  123. A show that doesn’t allow racial comments sets up a racial divide. They also violated equal opportunity employment law. This is racism

  124. I was a super fan of big brother until this year. I used to watch as an escape from daily crap portrayed by the news. And now it’s frustrating for big brother/cbs to force their bullshit values on viewers.

  125. All big brother is doing is showing that if you have one dominate race in the house, that race has the greatest chance to win!

  126. Watching big brother now is like placing a half dozen brown eggs (raw) in a microwave and setting the time 5min. Then watching the show.
    Oh you know whats going to happen , but everyone forgets, what kind of mess your going to deal with the next time the microwave is going to be used.

  127. It also could be considered racist because they feel they aren’t smart enough to win without combining all one color, maybe next season have the catholics against the jewish.

  128. If 6 white people would form group to pick of all black people first.Then when they completed there Racist plan high 5 each other and laugh and brag.BLM would burn and loot again.Good bye to shitty show.

  129. I will never watch bb again I am not white but I know if CBS would of purposely excluded African Americans from any tv show they would never hear the end of it. very unfair

  130. CBS is the most racist TV channel that I ever have seen. They force this year big brother to be all about race and went out of their way to make sure it was won by someone of color. Talk about being a racist then you talking about the people in charge at CBS

  131. The Cheif Executiver decided the show will be about Black Americans and bring down the white Americans. He did this by having a one sided show. This was a circus, the White people really were playing the game. When it was a Big Brother game…was it. It was a race game.
    They just did not know that. they were really playing by race.. This was a horrible rasict game show..one white person removed every week totally ignorant of what they were doing to them…I now despise this show!!!

  132. I thought that Xavier was smart and probably would win BB and I was rooting for him but.. then his true colors came out and he is just a racist! I have always liked BB but I am not going to watch anymore. I am disappointed that the producers thought the cookout alliance was an okay thing. This show would have been canceled mid season if the reverse had taken place and the non-black players made such a blatant alliance. I have always rooted for the best player regardless of skin color but this year is rigged and has NOT helped the division in this country. Shame on CBS for causing our country more division!

  133. Lol.. Just like privileged white ppl to miss the entire point. White alliances were made and forced POCS out it didn’t need to be explicitly said on TV to be implied. FINALLY, some Black folks decided to unite and stick together – just like ever other culture does. It’s a problem. Everything is a problem if your a POC. EVERYTHING. If Obama said half of the ish Trump said, it would be a problem. But it’s OK for Donnie to be as offensive as he was, for a reason. Privilege that you guys honor whites but disgrace Black’s. I’m proud of the cookout. Yall racist trolls can stop watching the show. This will be the last Black historic moment in the history of BB. As soon as we get a chance you cry like babies. Yall want to keep us oppressed soooo bad. Lol enjoy putting your energy into the COOKOUT!!!! lol

    1. Soooo bad. Any loss of advantage, be it on tv or irl, is unacceptable. That’s what’s really disgusting to them. That’s why they keep arguing that the houseguest make up should mirror the demographics of the US even though it never has in previous seasons. It is fiction that viewers made up to rationalize casting so many white houseguests 6 outta 16 Black hgs is too many?! As long as there were 2, they could handle them however they liked. I’d be willing to wager that 50 percent of viewers are POC and the other 50 percent are White. It makes more sense to match the contestants to the viewer than the US population anyway. There’s no interest in an equal playing field. To them, majority should always equal advantage. I was surprised by the lack of fortitude, though. . I figured they’d at least watch long enough to see how the White contestants on the show felt about it, seeing how they were the ones voted off. Nope, they went straight for the Cancel Buttons.

      1. The mention Of BLM is so damn ignorant, or just blatantly racist; hands down. A group of three avoid Marxist women ( world body count in the millions) who started BLM wore Carl Marx T-shirts for god’s sake. One absconded with millions in donations and both a 1.4 million dollar house. She politely resigned. Image a white doing that…fricken mayhem. So racist, it gives racism a bad name. Bye-BYe . unfortunately, I have a distinct feeling this will be repeated on every “reality show” . We don’t need CRT, we need Critical Think Theory (CTT) . The paint is almost dry.

  134. BET was calling. Worst BB EVER!. Thanks for ruining a show that WAS watched for so many years.. Never thought of racism involved until this year. Each of the final 6 thinks they are better than everyone else. No wonder we are in the $hit$ with society. Thanks for nothing, again..

  135. I am so discouraged that racism is on this show or anywhere for that matters. No way should anyone allow what is taking place. Whether or not they are all black or all white or whatever they are, making comments such as “there has never been an all black alliance” or “this is the black alliance and now we will have the first black winner” or “I don’t care if there are all white walls, you need this black &^* to have fun” or “I was so happy to see all those black faces”…OMG. Is it not a game show for GOD shake. How can people support people one another if racism is constantly being brought up. Education is what needs to happen. Big Brother is definitely promoting racism!!! Just play the game. Let’s see what happens with Big Brother Canada.

  136. From here on out, contestants will have to assume that all people of another race have an alliance against them.. so blacks, etc. will automatically be the first to go

  137. Seeing Big Brother this year has made me see black people in a different light and it’s not good at all. Black people obviously are the most racist people.

  138. Nope. Sorry author, but we as where people were not enslaved for hundreds of years. We have NEVER been treated as second class citizens so it is NOT the same as an “all white person alliance”. I beg you to educate yourself on the horrific history of injustice, racism, and civil rights in this country.

    1. White people have never been treated as second class citizens? Are you kidding me? Look up the Irish in early America, or how the Italians were treated as utter garbage when they came. Go further back and you can see all sorts of “white” people being treated unjustly. The world itself slave is based on Slavic peoples whom the Romans enslaved. Educate yourself on the unjust history of all people.

  139. This was one of my favorite shows but I stopped watching weeks ago. It is not surprising that the ultra-liberal media (CBS) would let happen.
    However, I can’t wait for next season to see how the non-black members react to this season. They will have to team up and not trust any black in an alliance, right?
    I can’t see any black voting against another black in the future.
    You see the search results on Yahoo and Google and it makes it look like everyone is for the Cookout. But, the search sites are ultra-liberal and they will push to the top the “everyone is so happy for the Cookout” and suppress the articles that say it’s racist.

  140. Thrilled to see someone had the balls to cover this situation. The blatant racism and decisions made in the game based on skin color (dress it up however you want, that’s exactly what has occurred) will leave a stain on this show and cheapen the so called “achievement” of first Black winner. Achieved in large part because CBS chose to overrepresent Blacks and POC. When that doesn’t align with demographics of this country, you end up with a season of manufactured garbage all centered around race. Just cancel Big Brother. CBS ruined it.

  141. Actually, Monica, Ken is on the money. White houseguests in future seasons will be looking for alliances consisting of all BIPOC people, assuming they’ll try to replicate the racism we’ve seen with formation of Cookout. They’d be stupid not to have it front of mind when strategizing and considering threats to their game.

    If memory serves, people from Cookout agreed that should the final 2 be a Black person and a non-Black person, they’d all vote for the Black person to win. Racist, and another consideration for White people in terms of who should make jury.

  142. I’m worried every episode from here on will be a race war. It did feel like the show was determined to have a black person win finally. Can’t help but wonder if production told them to. Idk. I’ll probably stop watching if this happens again.

  143. I this show is so racist. To say it’s an all black house.thay should.make.the show go off the air. Because if a white person said this it would be all racist.so what is the difference. Not a damn thing.so the jury should say they don’t vote for anyone .or they need to cancel the show for good.

  144. If the White people had won HOH, or the POV, then no one could have eliminated them. So, apparently, the White people didn’t win enough competitions.
    I have watched the white make alliances over the last 21 years, which did not include the Black players. Just because they didn’t say it was based on race, does not mean it was not.
    I have watched Whites call the Black people “N-word” (Numbers), and slide all kinds of racist things into the play, that they didn’t think anyone noticed. So much so, that I stopped watching, so all of the hypocrites here, crying racism, can just go sit down somewhere. You all were okay with a 20-year history of no Black winners. The one time that 1 Black person finally has a fair chance, you’re all up in arms. Shameful, and I bet none of you will admit to being racists. #youareracists

  145. How is this not racism? To be voted out because your skin color? I watch big brother for the personalities of the contestants and how well they play the game.. It was a great ride CBS but it’s time to close this chapter in life and move on to a new reality show. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime lead the way!

  146. It takes 6 black people to take out one white person. How would that look if 6 white people ganged up on one black person. Race in either direction is racist. I’m so done with this show.

  147. I’m done with Big Brother. They just turned it INTO a racist show. How is there any “honor” or excitement in being the first blacks person to “win” when the show was clearly staked to ENSURE a that a blank person won. Every member of the cookout made certain to “align” loosely with a NON black person to ensure that the non black person went home every week. There was no strategy involved except for all blacks in the end no matter what. 50% of the cast is NOT representative of the population…not at all. There’s nothing to be proud of for whoever ends up “winning”. It’s a shame, because I honestly liked all the individual black players. I blame CBS for this far more than the players. I also suspect that CBS made it clear to the black players that they wanted them to align so they could ensure a black winner. If they played fairly and a good game, they wouldn’t need six of them to get to the final six to get a winner. Why not allow them the chance to have an honest win they could’ve been proud of. BYE Big Brother. You ruined a great show. RACIST.

  148. I am a big fan of Big Brother. What happened this season has really been a extreme disappointment to me and a lot of my friends. To go racist when we are trying to unite our country. Majority of white people aren’t racist. When shows like Big Brother throw it up in our faces., We are discussed. Watching the Cook out so proud of what they have done to win Big Brother is so disappointing! What is even more unbelievable is the jurors now know they never had a chance to win Big Brother. They are ok with it and support and admire what the cook out did to screw the rest of the house guests. Don’t get it! So unfair and so unnecessary to promote whites against blacks???? Shame on CBS for promoting racism! Didn’t need to do this!

  149. We stopped watching and won’t ever watch again.
    In my opinion Chan is one of the most racist along with Oprah. Keep in mind if you are taping/ recording it helps their ratings.
    Morgan Freeman said it best.. To end racism stop talking about it!!

  150. I completely understand Morgan Freeman’s frustration he has for his own race and how they continue to embarrass him over and over again crying racism when things don’t go their way. I watch Big Brother every year and this year was no different till I realized CBS was allowing the black people to use this show as platform for racism. History in the making, a legend, the first black to win! So tell me CBS, when you people were all sitting around the big long conference table having discussion about how BB#23 should play out this season and with George Floyd being the elephant in the room and decided you were going to make changes so you can finally get your first black winner give any thought, especially announcing from here on out that future contestants will behalf white and the other half black that your BB#24 and on will pit the blacks against the whites? The white people of BB#23 didn’t have a clue that the blacks had made this a racist game but you can bet next season they will. So congratulations CBS, you have just destroyed the integrity of the show. Next year you might as well call it Big Brother Race War. I do have a suggestion, go ahead and sell Big Brother to BET channel, they like all things black. Jesse or Al I’m sure would love to host the show. CBS, America is trying to end racism, quit throwing gas on it!

  151. Derek F. continually said he couldn’t stand Tiffamy, but he couldn’t vote her out because she was black. NO OTHER RACE could say that. This is just as bad as Jeff Probst no longer saying, “come on in guys” after 40 seasons because one guy (!) said he was offended by that. What about the 17 people who were not offended!??! Tired of the racism and trying too hard on CBS. DONE!

  152. It terrible that bb and survivor has decided to stack the numbers to favor people of color, ignoring the percentage of races in america. Where is the indians, asians, Germans, etc? If they wanted to have a black winner why didnt they just put in all black people? Stupid that race has altered bb. I have watched bb and survivor since day one and if this continues this will be my last season.

  153. I never finished watching this season after I heard the blacks get together by saying they could disagree and get angry with one another, but as long as they (the blacks) voted together and voted all the whites out, a black person would be guaranteed to win. This is nothing but racism at its finest. I have NEVER heard of any white contestants on BB stating they were voting others out simply for the color of their skin. If it had been uttered, somebody would have stepped in and said/done something. However, it’s ok for the black contestants to so blatantly say they were voting by skin color? At the same time speaking of racism, etc., what do they think they were doing? Being racist is what they were doing, while claiming to be “woke”. Stupid word btw, it should be something like “more aware”!! All lives matter, no matter the color of the skin!! BB you should be ashamed. You gave lost a viewer who has watched since season 1

  154. You’re absurd! Did you actually read the article? First of all, it was talking about how racist it would have been if there was an alliance on BB that was based on race- there has never been an alliance on BB where they were all white BECAUSE they were white and if there had been, the show would have been cancelled by morons like you. Secondly, TV shows have only ever expected to be as diverse as the ACTUAL population, but even so, there has almost always been more minority representation on TV shows since the 80’s. 13% of the population is black, but TV shows almost always have 20% black cast members. Lastly, let’s be very clear about what “white privilege” actually is. It’s the privilege of not having to live your life under the delusional concept of self-oppression and self-victimhood based on social conditions that no longer exist. Though your grandparents may have experienced the racist social conditions always alleged today, fact is, that is NOT the social condition of today. Minority hand-me-down life stories do not dictate reality. Grandparents pass to the parents who pass onto you their jaded vision of life has done an injustice to minority generations now and to come. If you think you’re oppressed, you have no incentive to do anything for yourself- that’s your fault and your problem. You’re racist if you think only white people have access to privilege, because ALL of that privilege would be anyone’s who dares wake the F up and see the world for what it REALLY is today, as opposed to 50 years ago.

  155. The bottom line is that if there was an all white alliance, CBS would suspend the show, people would be up in arms screaming racism. It doesn’t take strategy to create a identifiable group and not only say let’s group up but also befriend a honkey. If your going to build a cast fairly do it based on the real demographics. We just had a census.

  156. I have watched Big Brother from the beginning, but what I saw on this last season Guarantees that this is a show I will never, ever watch again…. it was horrifying to watch something like this and we all know that this would never be accepted by any other race and happening right in front of me on national TV!!!! CBS YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF!!!

  157. Just be done with it. Give them the trophy. Let the racism began n stop watching. It’s a waste of time. If a black doesn’t win they will holler racism. I’m done, don’t care to watch. Boring.

  158. If white ppl had openly said on a reality show to only vote minority out there would have been so many ppl outside the bb house yelling cancel. Just plain racist. No trying to explain anything. Everybody knows now that blacks are racist. I’ll never watch bb again

  159. When will the NBA or NFL adopt this 50% people of of color requirement? That would mean there would be a lot of people of color would be let go. Teams want the players with the most talent regardless of race. BB should follow that model and be colorblind.

  160. I’m very disappointed in CBS & their views on this. It’s a game. You strategize to be able to win the game. It was never never based on racism & now it will since the cookout was allowed!! Ruined a great show that before that was based on honesty & definitely no racism. It was just how the game was played. I thought it was a excellent strategic move for the cookout to form like they did but now Kyle for this year’s BB is the bad guy. He just mentions the possibility of a cookout & he’s a bad guy. He was just trying to do what he thought was best for his game. It will change the game forever because everyone will be afraid to talk openly to anybody.

  161. There is a reason it took 23 seasons for the first black person to win BB and That reason is RACISM. All you white people are just mad because the POC are using the same tactics that white people have been using for years hurts doesn’t it. When you are already the majority you don’t need to form an alliance because its all ready privileged for you.

  162. I used to love this show. this week trying to make Kyle a racist is bs. there was an all black alliance last year. wtf people. is this real life…..wtf

  163. Big Brother royally screwed up a good thing. Trying way to hard to be “woke”! This whole racially motivated alliance was most definitely constructed by the producers and SHAME ON THEM! We have enough BS to deal with everyday in our real lives. I don’t watch tv to see all this BS during my downtime. I will never watch again.

  164. It’s called reverse racism. I am so tired of walking on egg shells and watching what I say because it might hurt someone’s feelings. We are a bunch of pussy’s. Americans are a bunch of pussys.

  165. I’m done with Big Brother. It is definitely anti white. Whites cannot discuss what is Ok for others. If hopping into bed with someone gets you a win, good for you. I guess that’s what the show has come to. Kyle was bullied and is not racist just because he suggested doing what was applauded last year. Shame on you Michael for making it an issue when it wasn’t.

  166. SO sick of this show, DONE WITH BB!! It has become SO racist and sickening towards white people. Poor Kyle says one thing and BOOM, he is torched for life and called a kkk member? Fricking ridiculous!! Yet Taylor can say she won’t put up a black for eviction and that’s ok??? F.U. BB!!! Done with you and CBS!!

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