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Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, Assemblyman Bill Essayli. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

‘Democrats Don’t Want the Public to Know They’re Protecting Pedophiles’

Assemblyman Essayli’s mic cut on Assembly Floor trying to get his bill heard

By Katy Grimes, May 21, 2024 3:24 pm

“Democrats don’t want the public to know they’re protecting pedophiles, that’s why they cut my mic on the Assembly Floor! This is not democracy–it is tyranny.” That is what Assemblyman Bill Essayli said after attempting on Tuesday to get his bill heard to require law enforcement to deport convicted illegal alien child sex offenders. Essayli tried to force a vote on AB 2641, to end sanctuary protections for illegals convicted of sex crimes against minors.

Assemblyman Essayli’s legislation was inspired by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) announcement that an illegal alien who raped an American child was released from California state custody. He says this is a direct result of California’s Sanctuary State laws for illegal immigrants.

Essayli just wanted his bill heard and debated. As he motioned to suspend the rules to allow his bill to be heard in the Assembly, the Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Jim Wood (D-Healdsburg) told him “Stop. Stop. Stop!” Essayli looked perplexed. “You went beyond making a motion – you started to go into debate,” Wood said. Essayli was making the motion to have his bill removed from the Public Safety Committee and taken up in the Assembly to end California’s “sanctuary state” protections for illegal immigrant pedophiles.

Apparently that sounded like debate to Speaker pro Tempore Wood. Essayli had to complete his motion without microphone.

A vote was taken, and not a single Democrat in the Assembly voted in support of hearing Essayli’s bill. Doesn’t that make you wonder why – why Democrats are effectively supporting harboring criminal illegal aliens in the state, prioritizing people here illegally, and criminally, ahead of law-abiding California citizens. What is their motive? No one in the state is safe under these circumstances.


California Democrats should be forced to take a position on sanctuary protections for illegal immigrants convicted of sex crimes against minors, Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R-Riverside) told the Globe last Friday. The Globe wrote, “We need to know why there are Democrat lawmakers in California opposing a bill to protect American citizens from criminal illegal aliens.”

Essayli’s bill has been languishing as Democrats in the Public Safety Committee refuse to hear it “because they know I’d bring Angel moms and County Sheriffs to testify,” he said. Indeed. It is apparent that Democrats don’t want the optics of them refusing to cooperate with ICE, as well as protecting pedophile illegal immigrants.

“Why does state law protect pedophile illegal immigrants?” Essayli asked after the floor debacle. “Why are we shielding them from ICE?”

Assemblyman Essayli invited Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant 22 years ago. Gibboney immigrated to the United States from communist Hungary. Her son was murdered in the driveway of their California home in 2002. “They put illegal aliens before us and our children.” Gibboney said after watching the Assembly Democrats kill the bill. “In the 22 years since my son was murdered, not a single thing has been done. I am outraged.”

“This is just another day in the Capitol,” Essayli said, motioning to the Assembly members walking by in the hallway. “These politicians, they don’t give a damn – they literally don’t give a damn,” he said. “It’s totally outrageous. You should see how cavalier and casually they just voted this down. It’s meaningless to them. They’re totally disconnected. So I hope the people see what happened today.”

Angel mom Agnes Gibboney, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher, Assemblyman Bill Essayli. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) spoke with Essayli and Gibboney after, and was clearly irked. “What happened this morning is totally unacceptable. We are allowing sanctuary for criminals in our state.” Gallagher noted that Essayli’s bill was solely about illegal immigrant pedophiles. “There’s actually a bigger problem – the violations that are happening everyday, crimes being committed against everyday citizens here in California,” he said. “But today we focused on our kids… we should be able to say ‘no sanctuary’ for those committing sex crimes against our kids.”

“This is something that needs to be addressed, and for the majority party to completely ignore it is unacceptable,” Gallagher added.

“It is disgusting that Assembly Democrats just voted to protect illegal immigrant pedophiles, said Assemblyman Essayli. “But they are now all on record that they care more about protecting illegal immigrants — even those who rape an innocent child — more than protecting American children. Today is a sad, shameful day in the California State Capitol.”

Here is the video:

Here is the vote – and non-votes:

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22 thoughts on “‘Democrats Don’t Want the Public to Know They’re Protecting Pedophiles’

  1. More evidence that the democrats are the party of demonic acts! The globalist cabal keeps them in power. How much more evidence does a registered democrat need that the party they support do not care about them or their children!
    Child trafficking is on the rise with our borders wide open. They will not even allow a bill to protect children to be heard.
    They are sick and twisted. This is the same party that advocates for the mutilation of children’s bodies in the name of gender affirmation!!
    Buffy Dead Eyes Wicks advocates for the killing of babies after birth!!
    Sick, sick, sick….

  2. Not only are legislative Democrats protecting pedophiles, no doubt many of them are pedophiles themselves? It would no surprise that many are involved with the cartels and human trafficking? The Democrat party has become like an evil satanic cult?

    1. No need for the question marks. A significant part of the Republican party is also part of the same cabal. Politics here are theater for those that are asleep.

      1. What nonsense. Look at the vote! This BS is backed by the democrats not the Republicans. The democratic party is the party of pedophillia.

  3. Of course we already knew these people were bottom-feeders but even so I still can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing. These disgusting Democrat legislators are perfectly fine with harboring illegal alien pedophile rapists and other sex offenders. Just sit quietly for a minute and think about that.

    Contact your Dem assembly rep and let them know you witnessed what happened with AB 2641 in the chamber today. Ask them why the heck they think it is okay to protect and refuse to deport CONVICTED pedophiles and other criminals who are in our state and in this country ILLEGALLY. Ask them why they don’t even want to HEAR or DEBATE Asm Essayli’s bill AB 2641, which would address this issue.

    In fact, if you want to send a group email to the entire raggedy bunch of Democrat NO voters listed above, you can do that. For each assembly member use the email format shown below, using the last name of the assembly rep instead of “smith”:

    Find your assemblymember here:

    These people need to hear from us. And WE need to know the answer to this question: WHY on earth are Assembly Democrats so hell-bent to protect convicted illegal alien pedophiles and other criminal illegal immigrants?

    1. For some reason my post above didn’t pick up the email format for contacting any assembly member. Perhaps it was automatically nixed somehow because of how I wrote it. I suspect that readers here may know it already, but will try again. Use the last name of whatever assembly rep you want to receive your email instead of “smith”:

  4. You go Katy-thanks so much for doing the hard work needed to try to keep our crooked politicians accountable. I sent my thoughts to Agiuar Curry today. Blessings to you

  5. Still waiting to hear this on the 6 O’clock news on CBS.
    Really should be broadcast on channel 19!

      1. Agree with your reasoning here, Raymond. And these days we have unfortunately come to the conclusion that it is not at all crazy to think the modern Dems’ goal is to “create more fodder for pedophiles.” At least that is ONE of the entirely plausible explanations for their actions.

  6. Here is only one example of the sick and monstrous crimes that do not at all concern the zombie Dem legislators who voted NO or who DID NOT vote listed in the above article.
    The story linked below is a recent example of an illegal alien serial rapist (whose victims included children). He was finally caught in the act of raping a 26 year old woman at knife-point and arrested. He picked up his victims in what has been called a “rape dungeon on wheels” and drove each of them to a remote area of the Angeles National Forest (San Gabriel Mountains), out of cell phone range, where he attacked them. Victims continue to come forward after the arrest as the crime has been publicized and prosecutors build their case. Who knows if it will be for naught. John Kobylt of KFI-AM 640 reminds us that convicts are now released at 50, because they are considered “elderly” at that age, according to rather recent law passed by the CA legislator and signed by Gavin Newsom.
    “Family Members Including Child Say They Were Victims of Alleged Serial Rapist”

  7. Methinks that the Dems don’t want to legislate against their new voting cohort…. aka “newcomers” in their parlance…

    1. You’re probably right, CD9, but that just makes things worse, not that the Dems are allergic to making things worse — HA! Nevertheless, why put yourself as a legislative Dem on the record as protecting illegal alien pedophiles when, by deporting THEM, you could appear to be sane on the surface and yet still have your way with SO MANY illegal voters who remain to do your bidding?

  8. At this rate the state will be filled with only illegals, kid diddlers, corrupt politicos, lefty self-righteous tech moguls, and Hollyweird elites. Good luck Golden State.

  9. Do a search on the bill number and notice that the ONLY result that actually states the
    purpose of this bill and uses the word pedophile is buried toward the bottom of the first page and it is the link to this page.
    Disgusting main stream media towing that party line.
    Also, not at all surprised that my local representitive was not voting.
    My socks represent me better than my elected officials. (Connolly & Huffman)

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