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California State Assembly
California State Assembly. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

EDD Automation Reports

The EDD Director is required to prepare a biennial report to the California Legislature

By Chris Micheli, March 13, 2023 7:28 am

California’s Unemployment Insurance Code, in Division 1.5, concerns the automation of the Employment Development Department (EDD). Division 1.5 was added in 1986 by Chapter 799. Section 4900 provides definitions for the EDD and Director of the EDD.

UI Code Section 4901 requires the EDD Director to prepare a biennial report to the Legislature by February 1 in the even-numbered years regarding the EDD’s automation plans, including any recommendation on improvements for the purpose of consideration by both policy and fiscal committees of the Legislature. UI Code Section 4902 requires this report to be sent to specified Assembly and Senate committees, the Department of Finance, Governor, and Legislative Analyst.

This report is required to provide: A strategic information technology plan that describes the long-term goals and strategies by the EDD to create an information technology environment; and, a tactical information plan of specific automation and infrastructure projects to be undertaken within three years of the date of the report.

UI Code Section 4903 requires the EDD Director to submit the report to the Department of Technology, which must review and comment on it. The Department of Technology is required to assess the strategic plan, as well as costs and benefits identified in the report.

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