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Beach at Lake Tahoe, at the Sugar Pine Point State Park, California. (Photo: parks.ca.gov)

El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Votes to Re-Open

‘Our Board has determined that El Dorado County has well surpassed the minimum readiness standards’

By Katy Grimes, May 11, 2020 7:21 am

With no deaths due to COVID-19 in El Dorado County, the Board of Supervisors recently met and agreed it is time to reopen. Supervisors sent a letter to Governor Newsom calling for a full move into Stage 2 for the county.

The Supervisors recently voted unanimously to ask Gov. Gavin Newsom to ease novel coronavirus restrictions, according to a proposed plan.

County health officials have the number of COVID cases are much lower than other areas & say it’s manageable. El Dorado County only had 54 positive COVID-19 cases, and no deaths.


El Dorado County COVID-19 statistics. (Photo: edcgov.us/)

The historical, largely rural county has a population of 181,058 residents, and is home to South Lake Tahoe, gold country, Heavenly Valley ski resort, the South Fork of the American River and the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Dr. Nancy Williams, the El Dorado County Public Health Officer said Tuesday that she has decided to let the county’s stay-at-home directive expire as scheduled on Thursday. However, she said that does not mean the statewide stay-at-home order also expires, KCRA reported.

“We feel that the governor’s order is going to be continued for a while and that we will be comfortable letting ours expire and following the governor’s order from here forward,” Williams said.

The board received letters of support from the City of South Lake Tahoe, City of Placerville, as well as Marshall Hospital and Barton Hospital.

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9 thoughts on “El Dorado County Board of Supervisors Votes to Re-Open

  1. Well, Gruesome nixed SLO’s re-opening, although the arguments for SLO’s move were sound and carefully prepared and should have passed muster under any sensible analysis, so we’ll see what happens here. (Hint: Asm Jordan Cunningham (Repub) represents the area and was involved.) There are also probably too many Repubs in El Dorado County for his taste. Did the words “punishment,” “retribution,” and “vengeance” somehow change into “science” for the Gov & Gang in the interim since the beginning of the March shutdown?

  2. It’s Stupid that the Governor(Go together) & opens the Beaches in Southern California witch will draw Hundreds of Thousands of people gathering together . We the small counties can’t even open small businesses, Restaurants , and even Bars. Maybe Governor Newson need to visit the smaller counties .any Bar in placer Co., Amador Co. & El Dorado have less than 20 bar stools & a couple of table to sit at. They r not Night Clubs the the big Cities have.

  3. Open the doors today. It’s up to our elected county officials to decided. If Gruesome don’t like it, too bad. Let him send in the state troopers and see what happens.

    1. Call your local, mayors, city council members, sheriffs dept and ask them to open ..regardless …its your economy and survival at this point

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