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Sacramento Del Rio Gate. (Photo: Steve Aunan for California Globe)

Family ‘Threatened’ for Supporting Sacramento’s Del Rio Trail Project

The five-mile multi-use path will run from William Land Park to Meadowview along defunct Sacramento Southern Railroad line

By Steven Aunan, November 20, 2022 2:44 am

“It was ugly,” Brian Ebbert told community members assembled near the Sacramento Utilities Department on 35th Avenue in South Land Park. “They threatened my children.”

Ebbert, who earns $198,000 working for the California State Assembly and is a former president of the South Land Park Neighborhood Association (SLPNA), was telling the story of how the community organized to support the Del Rio Trail project.

The $16 million project, a five-mile multi-use path that will run from William Land Park to Meadowview along the defunct Sacramento Southern Railroad line, has taken almost nine years to organize. SPLNA’s Trail Committee helped gauge community interest in 2014-15. Ebbert told the crowd that both he and his family had been threatened at an unspecified date in the past by other community members opposed to the project.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg. (Photo: Steve Aunan for California Globe)

The groundbreaking, held Nov. 17 in a small park at 35th Avenue and Park Village Street, was attended by approximately 100 people — neighbors, city staff, Caltrans representatives, members of the City Council, and local news crews from KOVR 13 and ABC 10. 

Ebbert did not elaborate on the alleged threats to his family, but Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg recalled his early involvement with the project as Speaker Pro-Tem of the California Senate. He appeared to be on the cusp of telling a salacious story when he suddenly asked, “are there any TV cameras here?”

The cameraman for CBS 13, whose professional tripod-mounted video camera was positioned 15 feet in front of the mayor, raised his hand in response to the question. Steinberg pivoted, ending his short speech with praise for the trail, the community, and city government.

Steinberg also praised Caltrans, saying the state transportation department found $5 million to pay for public art along the trail. City project documents say up to 20 “wayfinding” sculptures will be installed to help guide people along the trail, and up to four “gathering locations” will contain larger art installations to help travelers find “rest or contemplation.”

City Councilman Jay Schenirer told the crowd about a confrontation he had with someone who opposed the trail and threatened to sue. “He told me to strap in,” Schenirer said, before concluding the brief story by saying one should never bet against the community.

There were no ribbons to be cut, but there were plenty of shovels and much talk about climate change. The trail, said officials, will give city residents a way to access Land Park, the Sacramento Zoo, schools, stores, restaurants, retail centers, jobs and other community parks without using a car.

Sacramento Del Rio trail groundbreaking. (Photo: Steve Aunan for California Globe)
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7 thoughts on “Family ‘Threatened’ for Supporting Sacramento’s Del Rio Trail Project

  1. Boy, I bet the the homeless are exuberant, along with the homeowners, at this new public space literally in their back yard. One thing feral people have been needing is 5 million dollars in art, and “rest and contemplation”. Well done

  2. Whenever leftists want power they pull out the victim card. Almost always without any evidence. They think it makes them, their opinions and actions untouchable.

  3. What a scam! Some folks are making buckets of money on this pink elephant… Hmm, let’s rip off the happy ever-giving taxpayer: eleven million dollars to pull out some old railroad tracks and pave a bike trial and icing on this stinker project- a million bucks a mile for “art”.
    Oh, one more thing- Isn’t the Sacramento Zoo moving to Elk Grove?

  4. If they were smart, they wouldn’t turn it into a trail. They’d actually build a nice light-rail interurban that is fast, given they own the right-of-way. The Sacramento Light Rail is glacial.

    And yeah, I like trains.

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