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Gov. Newsom’s Fib About California’s Highest-in-the-Nation Gas Prices

Newsom also claims ‘We are more energy independent today’ under Joe Biden

By Katy Grimes, September 29, 2023 4:32 pm

CA Gas prices and taxes. (Photo: CA Energy Commission)

Governor Gavin Newsom continues to blame evil oil companies for the high costs of gas and diesel in California, as well as blaming the petroleum industry for imposing a “mystery surcharge” on the state.  The real culprits are the state’s high taxes, environmental costs and really bad policy.

Gov. Newsom was interviewed by Sean Hannity after the GOP debate Wednesday and lied about energy production. Hannity said the United States was energy independent under President Trump. Newsom told Hannity just the opposite, claiming, “We are more energy independent today. Look that up. It’s a fact,” under President Joe Biden.

Hannity said “Joe Biden has unilaterally disarmed…” Newsom talked over Hannity insisting we are more energy independent today. “5.94 quads… that’s the margin today…” he said. “Look it up.”

Newsom never really answers a question. He filibusters much the way the GOP presidential candidates did during the debate. Whenever he receives a question he does not want to answer, he tosses a verbal salad of words and statistics and feeds it to the camera.

Hannity says, tongue-in-cheek “I come in to your state, In-N-Out Burger, high gas prices, although I know that’s not your fault…”

Newsom tried to defend California’s gas taxes so he instead blames the highest-in-the-nation gas costs to California’s drivers on oil companies “profiteering.” And few in the media will challenge him on it. But it’s not rocket science to figure out.

The state’s high gas taxes, special gas blends, and environmental taxes are behind California’s spike: State excise tax, Federal excise tax, California’s low carbon fuel standard (a total croc), cap-and-trade tax (another total croc), state and local sales taxes, and state underground storage tax.

AAA reports the national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.832 while California’s average is $6.079. The cost at a gas station in Los Angeles is $7.79 for regular and $7.99 for premium gas – more than double the national average. In San Luis Obispo, the cost at one gas station is $6.39 for regular. In Plymouth (Amador County), the cost at a gas station is $5.39 for regular and $5.79 for premium.

The Tax Foundation reports “California pumps out the highest state gas tax rate of 77.9 cents per gallon (cpg).” But looking at the California Energy Commission graphic above shows it is much higher at $1.30 taxes per gallon of gas.

The Tax Foundation explains:

States tax fuel in several ways, including sales taxes, per-gallon excise taxes collected at the pump, taxes imposed on wholesalers (which are passed along to consumers in the form of higher prices), and a variety of operational taxes, such as underground storage tank fees, that are often charged to the retailer.

We add up all these different taxes and fees (not including carbon fees) to calculate a total tax rate on gas for each state.


Earlier this week, Assembly Republican Leader James Gallagher (Yuba City) called on Gov. Gavin Newsom to bring down gas prices by immediately switching the state over to its cheaper “winter blend” of fuel. Despite a new law that Newsom promised would bring down fuel costs by stopping “price gouging,” California gas prices have soared and are projected to jump even higher in the coming days, Assembly Republicans warn.

“California drivers are needlessly suffering with the highest gas prices in the nation – they need relief and they need it now,” said Gallagher. “Gavin Newsom should be pulling out all the stops to bring costs down and make Californians’ daily lives more affordable.”

The following day, Assembly Republican Leader Gallagher “applauded Governor Newsom’s announcement that California will switch to the less expensive winter blend of gasoline, but called on him to do more to bring down costs by suspending the gas tax and reducing barriers to achieving energy independence.”

“Today’s announcement is a win for drivers, but Newsom needs to go further to bring down gas prices,” said Gallagher. “Enough with the finger pointing, sham investigations and unfounded allegations of price gouging. Everyone knows that prices are high because of California’s taxes and regulations – so let’s fix that and get drivers some relief.”

“California gas prices jumped 14 cents/gallon overnight, pushing California’s statewide average over the $6 mark for just the third time in history. The difference between California gas prices and the national average is currently $2.19/gallon, a gap that has widened by 81 cents since Newsom signed a law he promised would bring down prices by ending ‘price gouging,’” the Assembly Republicans reported.

“The California Energy Commission has attributed the state’s high gas prices to our isolated refinery market, environmental programs, unique fuel blends and higher taxes … not price gouging.” [emphasis Assembly GOP]

Gov. Newsom claims “big oil” makes record profits at a time when Californians are seeing gas price hikes at the pump.

In October 2022, Sen. Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield) boiled down the actual problem of California’s highest-in-the-nation gas prices and gas taxes in a letter to the governor. The highlights are:

  • California’s isolated markets
  • an inability to access additional fuel that meets California’s stringent standards
  • the most hostile regulatory requirements
  • the most aggressive environmental policies
  • the extraordinary expense of cap and trade
  • the highest tax per gallon of gasoline
  • impossible standards that are not found in any other state in the nation
  • limited supply

“There is really no need for additional explanation of why California has the highest and most volatile, gas prices in the nation,” Sen. Grove said. “Simply put, your [Governor] policies have created this problem and have caused the pain at the pump that is hurting every single California family. In fact, federal judges have continued to throw out cases alleging price conspiracies by the fuel industry finding no basis for the allegations that you continue to levy.”

Someone needs to expedite this article to Sean Hannity in time for the November 30th debate between Gov. Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in order to put an end to Newsom’s spin since the California media doesn’t appear to have the will to.

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13 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom’s Fib About California’s Highest-in-the-Nation Gas Prices

  1. “November 30th debate between Gov. Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis” good to know

    Newsom has had plenty of time to stop the invasion at our border, by simply closing it b any means possible-TODAY!!!!!!!!
    Newsom’s sitting on his ass doing nothing as the total destruction and eventual collapse of Ca with the 24/7 365 -increasingly not so secret-invasion at our border will have Desantis wiping the floor with him at this debate but so what because the permanent damage continues.
    Even for an experienced evader of the truth-better than Fauci?-like Newsom – There is no defense he can dream up about what is happeing this second on our border and the billions going to aid the invaders while our people are made to suffer.

    Newsom has one way out: Shut down our border right now, today-before the debate. Call it what it is-its a state of emergency.

    Chinese Nationals Plan Violent Uprising In America: Illegal Invasion To Destroy Nation

  2. My understanding of the word “fib” is that of a relatively harmless lie; like a “white lie” (no racial connotations intended). What Newsom says, and does, is NOT harmless but very harmful. Meanwhile, the “scheme” to project Newsom’s image as “moderate” continues as he vetoes the bill about the CDCR releasing felon illegals and banning ICE referrals (AB1306) citing “public safety risks” as his CONCERN…..while he releases 76k inmates including violent and repeat felons into our communities? What a crock of horse manure:


    How about asking Newsom about THIS at the DeSantis/Newsom debate on Hannity.


  3. Watched Governor Slimeball worm his way through his verbal jousting with Hannity post-debate on Wednesday, and this guy is the ABSOLUTELY SLIMIEST LIAR I have ever encountered….
    EVERY single thing he uttered was a complete falsehood and completely devoid of any truth or awareness of Economics or the interdependence of political regulations on an economy….
    I hope that De Santis can nail his verbal Jell-O to the wall and make the lies so egregious that the uninformed will recognize this lying charlatan for the B-S’er that he is….

  4. Why can’t they say “You’re not answering the question!!” – politicians need to be put on the spot!!

    I’m seriously tired of word salads from CA democrats!!!

  5. He talked over Sean? That’s a very telling little phrase. It shows that you’re trying to cast him as rude or somehow inconsiderate. Hannity talks over everyone, and I don’t point that out because it’s just what these interviews are. So already you lose me with that unnecessary editorial addition that doesn’t I forward the narrative. As for the gas prices, they’re gone up
    before but proportionate to other states., This time around the increase has been far and away disproportionately higher here in California. Nothing else has changed since the last rise, there have been no additional taxes and fees
    added on in the last year. So you’re suddenly saying that now for some reason it’s the governor’s fault? And lastly, we should all just come to a truce on lying now, right? I mean, if you even dare to pretend that the world’s
    preeminent liar, one Donald J. Trump, didn’t blow the lid off that you’re dreaming. What is truth anymore? Yours? Mine? Where is it? Fox? Is that it? Facebook? X? Tell me where this righteousness comes from when lashing out and calling others liars when you support the undisputed heavyweight liar of all time?? Or is it just that it’s ok when the lies you’re being told line up with what you want the truth to be?

  6. Since when is $100 a barrel Saudi oil “energy independent” for the USA? And does one blame American oil companies for Arab oil prices?

    Why does the entire state require “seasonal blends” of fuel?

  7. I will not be watching a phony debate on Fox.
    Now if they had a Grimes vs Newsom debate, then I would watch. Katy would bring the receipts.

  8. Newsom is without a doubt the worst governor the state has ever had. He has destroyed more businesses and lives than any prior governor.

  9. I can’t stand Newsom and how he’s making a mess a California, but he is right about America’s oil production. It’s at an all time record right now. However, Russia and Saudi Arabia are countering our production by reducing theirs. You can confirm this on every conservative leaning energy website. below is an excerpt from oilprice.com… conservative media needs to stop ignoring this fact…

    Despite the fact that U.S. oil producers are now deploying the lowest number of drilling rigs in more than a year and a half, America’s crude oil production is set to hit a monthly record in September-at 13 million barrels per day (bpd), according to estimates by Rystad Energy.

  10. Your the best Grimes.Hear you all the time on KABC with John P.You hit it out of the park with the pump break down.Will work for free if you need a body guard from the libtards.Cheers

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