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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe

The Scheme to Label Gov. Newsom as ‘Moderate’ Exposed in New Report

California state lawmakers voting even more radical left as Newsom vetoes to appear moderate ahead of 2024

By Katy Grimes, September 26, 2023 4:49 pm

Last November the Globe reported on the the Center for Legislative Accountability’s annual California Lawmaker Scorecard, and as a surprise to no one, the California legislature earned a failing grade against other states’ conservative ratings.

The weakest issues for California state lawmakers are:

  • Taxes, Budget and Spending
  • Health Care
  • Welfare and Poverty
  • Education
  • Government Integrity and Transparency

Not much has changed except to get worse.

Now there is a new analysis of the California Legislature by the Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA), which includes “the most comprehensive Governor and state lawmaker scorecard ever produced.”  The ILA found “Democrats within the California state legislature vote in-line with the limited government principles of the U.S. Constitution a dismal 5.08% of the time – compared to the Republican average of 83.72%.”

The report is based on nearly 8,000 votes cast by lawmakers across 10 key policy areas and the legislative actions taken by California Governor Gavin Newsom last year.

“The analysis shows that the policy strategy deployed by California’s democratic lawmakers is enabling Gov. Newsom – a former progressive San Francisco mayor – to portray himself as a ‘moderate’ by vetoing many far radical left bills, while still signing countless other progressive priorities into law. As a result, the ILA found that Gov. Newsom’s legislative actions aligned with the limited government position 39% of the time based on ILA’s new Governor rating system – the first-ever Governor scorecard based upon bill actions across the 50 legislatures.”

Some of the bills Newsom signed include expanding prevailing wage mandates (AB 1851), forcing taxpayers to fund “scholarships” and training for abortion providers (AB 1918), expanding taxpayer funded legal services to illegal immigrants (AB 2193), unionizing the agriculture industry (AB 2183) – there are many more – this is just a smattering.

As the ILA found out, “the data reveals Newsom is placing a high emphasis on moderate portrayal for issues relating to crime as well as on tax and fiscal policy. For example, while the average Democrat tax and fiscal ratings was a horrifying 1%, Newsom aligned with the limited government position a staggering 60% of the time – even slightly above Republicans who averaged a miserable 58%. However, on progressive priorities such as Energy and Environment, Newsom scored a mere 20%, closely aligning with Democrats who voted with the limited government position just 9% of the time.”

Gov. Newsom vetoed a bill which would have forced taxpayers to fund unemployment for illegal immigrants (AB 2847). And he vetoed a bill which would have required even more recycled mandates (AB 2784). Does this make him moderate? Probably not, but it’s clearly an attempt to improve his public optics.

Read through the entire report – it’s interesting and thorough, and paints an accurate picture of the far-left leaning California Legislature, as well as those legislators who are champions of individual liberties, less government and lower taxation, and far-left leaning Governor Newsom, who is “reimagining” himself a little more moderate.

You can also see How Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Record Compares to Trump, DeSantis, Haley, Pence, Scott and Christie.

Here is the link for the California Limited Government Index scorecard for Gov. Newsom as well as individual Senators and Assembly members. Share your thoughts, please.

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12 thoughts on “The Scheme to Label Gov. Newsom as ‘Moderate’ Exposed in New Report

  1. Well, isn’t that special. Here it is, in black and white, Newsom’s cynical manipulation of how he hopes to be perceived by the public. The Worst Governor Ever has maneuvered a political scorecard so that he comes out smelling like much more of a rose than he actually is or could ever be, on this planet, anyway. This falls into the “just when you thought you’d seen everything” category. It’s stunning at first but then when you think about it, not AT ALL uncharacteristic of this sociopathic gaslighter, Gavin Newsom.

    Thank you Katy Grimes for bringing this to our attention. Much better to fully and specifically know how a destructive con-man operates than to not know. Especially when that con-man is the governor of your state and has presidential ambitions. Forewarned is forearmed, after all.

  2. What’s the old adage used in many political debates.
    You can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it is still a pig!
    They are not fooling anyone with the political tricks!
    Ask a parent who just wants their child not to be exposed to pornographic material , Newsom will declare it is age appropriate education and required reading because “book burning” is not allowed. Does that sound moderate?
    Yeah, sure a true moderate communist!

  3. This public manipulation is being done at a higher level. Newsom is not smart enough to to do this on his own. He’s being led. Newsom will be on national stage at the next Republican primary debate. He will be giving the “Democrat Response to the Republicans” – not sure that means. Who is putting him up there? This is not the State of the Union address after all. It’s just a so-called “debate” amongst Republican candidates and most of them won’t be around when the bell rings in 2024. As usual, the Democrats are all over the top with their reaction. But yes, Ms. Grimes, this does look like an interesting analysis tool.

  4. It seems like a concerted effort to get Biden out, and promote Newsom but call me suspicious.
    Kamala Harris is still in the picture. Could the Democrats go through the primary, with Biden winning by default, forcing Kennedy into a third party, and then have Biden announce he wouldn’t run for a second term (something about health), pardon Hunter, dump Kamala, and go with Newsom? That would be a lot of chaos.

  5. Sorry, but the democrats in California do not even blink when presented with statistical facts.
    They own ballot harvesting, mail in voting, motor voter registration. They have worked long and hard to control the counting of the ballots. A small fact here or there will not dislodge them from power.
    With that said, keep presenting the truth Katy. Your efforts are not lost on many of us.
    SUPPORT Election Integrity Project!!

  6. The guy who locked down California longer than any other governor is being labeled a moderate?

    Newsom is the worst governor this state has ever seen. People are leaving this state in droves.

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