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Governor Newsom Announces $10 Billion Combined Plan For More Zero Emissions Vehicles, ZEV Infrastructure

‘This bill ignores average Californian driver’

By Evan Symon, January 27, 2022 2:43 pm

Governor Gavin Newsom announced Wednesday that he would be adding another $6.1 billion to his $3.9 billion zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) program created last year to ramp up electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure for when California stops the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2035 and to becoming carbon-free utility-wise by 2045.

Under the now $10 billion combined plan, Newsom has focused on several areas where electric vehicle usage and infrastructure would generally be lower without state support. One such area is low-income neighborhoods. According to his plan, $256 million will go toward subsidies  for electric vehicles for low-income people with another $900 million going towards ZEV infrastructure in those neighborhoods such as high-power fast charging stations and at-home charging options. Another $419 million would be going to zero-emission mobility projects in the same areas, such as sustainable transportation and equity projects.

Heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses will also see significant state investment. In addition to the 2,000 buses already being purchased as a result of the first part of the plan announced in September, California will pay an additional $935 million to add another 1,000 short-haul trucks and 1,700 buses to the state’s fleet. School buses will specifically see a $1.5 billion injection to rapidly switch over school district fleets, with another $1.1 billion going to buy more miscellaneous needed ZEV trucks, buses, and off road equipment, along with more charging stations. Ports would also not be ignored, with $400 million going to electrification programs there.

Finally, high carbon-emitting areas such as ports, airports, and rail lines would see $200 million go towards pilot programs and demonstrations to bring zero-emissions solutions to these areas and gradually reduce their carbon footprints.

Governor Newsom pointed out several needs during a press conference in Palo Alto on Wednesday, including reducing oil dependence and having more ZEV owners in place to fight climate change, boosting the growing electric vehicle industry in California, and to prepare for the end of gas-powered vehicle sales in 13 years.

“The future is electric, and we’re making it easier and cheaper than ever before to go electric,” the Governor said in a statement. “That means more assistance to help folks buy clean cars and more charging stations in more communities throughout the state. California is eliminating our dependence on oil and providing a blueprint for the entire world on how to aggressively fight the climate crisis while growing the state’s clean energy economy.”

A $10 billion combined plan

Environmental groups praised the Governor’s additional allocation on Wednesday, specifically noting how the focus on low-income areas would help boost those areas now before becoming a critical need in the future.

“To achieve California’s climate goals we must focus on the needs of the most polluted and underserved neighborhoods. Governor Newsom’s ZEV investment proposal recognizes this reality,” said Alvaro Sanchez, Vice President of Policy at The Greenlining Institute. “We’re excited to work with the Governor and the Legislature to prove to the rest of the country that we can not only advance our climate agenda but also advance equity.”

However, critics pointed out that Newsom’s additional funding ignores general consumers when it comes to personal cars, as well as pumping in billions into a system that would otherwise organically grow with demand.

“Besides maybe the charging stations, this bill ignores average Californian driver,” explained Jim Cohen, a Los Angeles -based lawyer who has dealt with electric vehicle lawsuits in the past, to the Globe on Thursday. “While some rebates are currently available for ZEV purchases, there’s nothing here that would boost consumers to buy more than currently available. Californians know the electric vehicle revolution is coming and have been buying more and more. But rather let it happen naturally, California just keeps speeding the whole thing up, with many not being ready for this huge change. The state should be focusing on areas ready for the change and spread out from there, have more localized and spreading adoption. Under this, they expect everyone to get on board all over, even though that is far from the case.”

The new allocated funds are expected to be dispersed soon.

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Evan Symon
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14 thoughts on “Governor Newsom Announces $10 Billion Combined Plan For More Zero Emissions Vehicles, ZEV Infrastructure

  1. Let me guess. China will be getting the dragons share of the money. The buses and trucks will be quietly scrapped after a short time.

    1. with newsom its all about China; even brown made several trips to china – this has been the plan all along for China to take over california – see how much influence they have in hollywood and tech…now see them rise in controlling the farming.

      The left kool-aid comes with blindness to this.

  2. 10 billion on zero emissions when the roads in CA are the same as they were 40 years ago or more. I’ve hit the same pothole forever. CA tax dollars NEVER go to what they are intended for. They tax and pocket, tax and pocket. There has never been improvements on roads, power lines, anything in many many years. Where I live now, I notice every day how nice the roads are, no trash, tax dollars go for what they are intended for. I notice these fancy power lines that you would think CA would have with high taxes etc. It’s so backwards. CA money is going to politicians pockets. And the free healthcare for every non citizen.

  3. So we increase the reliance on an already strained electrical generation system, so we can virtue-signal and issue mandates that will increase the demand while restricting the supply…

    Time to get serious and find greener pastures before the economic impact of this stupidity affects property values…

    And no one from the CAGOP takes a strong stand against this idiot, indicating their complacency and/or complicity… I become more and more convinced that Newsom is setting up CA for an eventual CCP takeover, either economically or militarily…it’s that bad….

  4. Does Newsom know that interstate 80 near Tahoe was littered with electric vehicles during a big and very cold storm? Batteries are no good in cold weather. These EVs may sell here but never in the Midwest or back East. Going from energy independence to begging OPEC for fuel is deliberate and is hurting those who can least afford it. How are we going to plug in our cars when our electricity goes out in a storm? No way to get to the hospital or flee a fire. More liberal foolishness.

  5. Will King Newsom mandate other states to abandon fossil fuels for electrical generation too, since California imports over 30% of its electricity? If so, then where will the electricity come from? Wind and solar are too dilute and sporadic. An electric car without electricity is as useful as a governor without common sense.

    1. The point of this “GREEN” is to crumble USA meanwhile China powers up coal, gas, etc..without worrying about environmentalists.

      Jobs moved from USA to CA does not affect climate maybe is USA but the absolute number remain same across globe if not worse because in china its not restrictive

    1. These Chinese buses are also mobile spy devices. Funny thing that BYD also is the provider for Hair Gel’s billion dollar mask deal. The corruption runs deep with this one.

  6. 1 in 5 EV owners (20%) switch back to gas-powered vehicles. Batteries last an average of 8yrs, and replacement batteries run from $3k to $15k at the present time. How will they be recycled???? They lose 20% energy savings in cold weather. It takes over 3,000 gallons of water and several hours to extinguish a battery fire, what a great idea for fire-prone California. A single battery weighs 1,000 lbs for a standard vehicle, and requires 500,000
    lbs of mining and processing raw material. All done by diesel-powered and hydraulic (oil) equipment.

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