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Katie Hill has been elected to serve California's 25th Congressional District. (katiehillforcongress.com)

Katie Hill Got Steve Knight’s Concession on Voicemail

Millennial Congresswoman Seals Victory via Obsolete Tech and Twitter Giggles

By California Globe, November 10, 2018 6:00 am

California 25 was one of the Democrats’ top midterm targets and they successfully captured it this week when first-time candidate Katie Hill toppled two-term Republican Rep. Steve Knight. Even before the race had been officially called, Knight phoned the 31-year-old who defeated him and handed her party another victory on a great night in the House.

That concession phone call has set off a bit of hilarity on Twitter.

Elana Schor, who covers the Senate for Politico, tweeted that “Rep. Steve Knight (R-CA-25) conceded ‘via voicemail’ this morning to Democrat Katie Hill, 31, who ran the self-described ‘most millennial campaign ever.'”

This led Seung Min Kim, who reports on the White House for the Washington Post and CNN, to jokingly refer to Hill’s presumed smart phone habits. “Like any millennial, she will never check that voicemail.”

The replies came fast and furious, and hilarious, with responders to Kim detailing exactly how reluctant young people are to check their voicemail. Some posted memes showing 100 unheard vm’s and one told a story about surviving a year at a new gig without changing the outgoing message from the previous jobholder.

Bill Burton, who served as deputy WH press secretary for President Obama, now heads the California office of Democratic political consulting behemoth SKDKnickerbocker. As her GC, Burton helped lead Hill to victory. He weighed in with a first-hand account:

“Witnessed it with my own eyes. (And she called him right back and left him a vm too.)”

Burton offered a further take on what was surely an emotional night for all those who participated in the upset. “You don’t really expect a monumental two-year effort to abruptly come to its peak while checking voicemail, but that was how this Wednesday morning went for Congresswoman-elect @KatieHill4CA.”

Funny business aside, the congresswoman-elect will face immediate challenges as one of the youngest women ever elected to Congress. The southwestern part of the 25th CD touches Thousand Oaks, which was the setting of this week’s horrific bar massacre, and now people are being evacuated as the Malibu fires rage.

Just one of the clever replies to Seung Min Kim’s tweet about the uselessness of voicemail. (@MaplesM78)
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