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De León’s Senate Hopes are Fading Rapidly

The Challenger is Cast Nearly 18 Points Behind Feinstein

By Sean Brown, October 31, 2018 12:48 pm

In a new poll conducted by Five Thirty Eight, shows California’s Senate race between Democratic Incumbent Dianne Feinstein and fellow Democratic challenger Kevin De León has largely widened.

In fact, for De León it looks as if his hopes of becoming a Senator are rapidly fading away. For a moment it appeared the once state legislature leader was mounting a sturdy charge on the 85 year old Senator after a barrage of attacks, a solid debate performance that seemed to resonate well with younger Californians and capturing the Democratic Party’s endorsement.

Despite this, the brief surge in percentage points hasn’t lasted long as the poll depicts Feinstein way out front with a 41 percent to 59 percent advantage. The poll, which was comprised based on an average from a group of smaller pollsters, gives De León a 1 in 50 chance of winning. A long shot to say the least.

Though the overwhelming casts of surveys highly favor Feinstein, a recent poll by U.C. Berkeley only devalues De León by 9 points. A facet that should serve to keep his head in the game with only one week left before elections.

If Feinstein should find victory, this will be the former San Francisco Mayor’s fifth consecutive term as Senator.

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