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Sacramento Epidemiology map. (Photo: sac-epidemiology.maps.arcgis.com/)

Media Fear Mongering in Sacramento County over ‘Spike’ of Coronavirus Cases

SacBee headline in search of a story

By Katy Grimes, April 27, 2020 7:12 am

The Sacramento Bee published an article over the weekend about coronavirus in Sacramento titled, “A ZIP code emerges as Sacramento’s coronavirus epicenter. But what’s behind the spike?” This truly is a headline in search of a story.

Sacramento County, with a population of 1,527,718, has a total of 41 deaths from complications of COVID-19, who were either age 65+ and/or had underlying health conditions, and 1037 cases of those testing positive for it, according to the Sacramento County Pucblic Health officer​.

Here is the breakdown in Sacramento County:

Sacramento County Public Health. (Photo: saccounty.net/COVID)

The Bee reports: “The 95817 ZIP code – which includes sections of Elmhurst and Tahoe Park – has 71 cases of the coronavirus, more than any other ZIP code in the county, data show. The infection rate per 10,000 residents is four times higher than any other ZIP code in Sacramento County.”

“Some community leaders say they want to know more about the cases and what the county is doing to reduce spread.”

The “spike” is located within the City of Sacramento, which also has a more dense population. It also covers the lower-income Oak Park neighborhood. It’s also the corridor which is home to most of the city’s homeless vagrant population.

Immunologists and epidemiologists across the country have said the coronavirus is disproportionately affecting minority and low-income areas because of housing density, underlying risk factors, complications from compounded diseases, and diet.

Nowhere in the Bee article do Sacramento County officials identify these factors, nor does anyone acknowledge the three most important risk factors for coronavirus: age, obesity, and diabetes.

Instead, they call is a “spike.”

Sacramento County coronavirus data. (Photo: SacCounty.gov)
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4 thoughts on “Media Fear Mongering in Sacramento County over ‘Spike’ of Coronavirus Cases

  1. I love (not) how publications like the SacBee have us drowning in lies 24/7, then the activists are irritated that people don’t believe them. Try following the evidence instead of your own wacky agenda and see how the ciphers you’re used to ordering around magically quit acting so annoyingly squirrely. Not sure it can be done after so many many MANY years of bad journalistic habits, but it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? To save lives?

  2. I’ve been reading SacBee for updates, but now I avoid. I saw a recent article trying to make Dr. Bob Sears into an idiot, and the author wasn’t listed. It just stated “SacBee Editorial Board.” They’re just hiding behind their own stupidity. Protect yourself from the left-run MEDIA at all costs.

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