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Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education. (Photo: LAUSD)

Nearly 500 Los Angeles School Employees Fired for Not Complying with State Vaccine Mandate

600 more LAUSD employees expected to be fired for not complying with state vaccine mandate in coming weeks

By Evan Symon, December 8, 2021 3:55 pm

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) fired 496 employees for not complying with the District vaccine mandate on Tuesday. And 600 more are on the chopping block.

The LAUSD COVID-19 vaccination mandate was first announced in the late summer, following the statewide school worker mandate announced by Governor Gavin Newsom in August. The LAUSD board set up an October 19th date for employees their first dose by, with a second dose date by November 15th to allow for two shot vaccinations. Those who did not comply could then be fired afterwards.

On the first dose-deadline in October, the LAUSD announced that 97% of it’s 73,000 employees were vaccinated, leaving around 2,200 unvaccinated who had not received a medical or religious exemption. Many of them were placed on leave that month for not getting at least one dose. By Tuesday, when the first terminations began to be issues, the District reported that nearly 99% of LAUSD employees had been vaccinated.

However, despite the high vaccination percentage, the school board still voted 7-0 to let go of 496 employees who remained unvaccinated. Officials maintained that the firings were necessary due to the health and wellness risks that unvaccinated individuals posed to others.

“Parting ways with individuals who choose not to be vaccinated is an extremely difficult, but necessary decision to ensure the safety of all in our school communities,” said interim Superintendent Megan Reilly in a statement on Tuesday. “We wish everyone the best in their future endeavors and encourage everyone to get vaccinated.”

Even after the firings on Tuesday, LAUSD officials said that the remaining employees who are unvaccinated without cause, currently numbering around 600, can expect to be fired soon. Despite more firings occurring soon, LAUSD board members noted the positives  to the vaccines and encouraged unvaccinated employees who are or will be fired to vaccinate, as they will be eligible for reemployment once they do.

“Despite no one’s excitement at dismissing over 400 staff members, the overall majority of our employees have been vaccinated and one of the reasons we’ve been able to keep schools open since August,” added Board Vice President Nick Melvoin.

Meanwhile, fired employees fretted over the decision on Tuesday and Wednesday, with many telling the board that firing experienced teachers will only hurt students by severing close, emotional-seeking support contact with them.

“I’ve got 24 years and I just want to be back on my school site with the students that I love, with the staff that I love, with the school that hired me,” said district employee Tracey Schroeder on Tuesday. “On behalf of all the teachers, please reconsider. There is natural immunity. … There’s choice. And there’s no need for such extreme measures.”

LAUSD employee, student vaccination mandates

Others noted the now real risk of court battles.

“I’m somewhere between emotionally distraught and blindingly angry,” another fired district employee who wished to remain anonymous told the Globe on Wednesday. “There’s already lawsuits out against the mandate, and now a lot of us are looking at other legal action we can take. They don’t care about choice, or deciding what you put in your body or any of that. And now 500 good people lost their jobs. For now.”

In addition to more layoffs, the school district has to contend with as many as 34,000 unvaccinated students moving to independent study programs by January 10th, when the second semester begins, for failing to meet the LAUSD student vaccination mandate. 15% of the roughly 600,000 students in the system are currently unvaccinated, have received one dose, or have medical exemptions. Transient students such as the homeless, those in foster care, children from military families, or those who have certain special education needs are under conditional admission.

“34,000 students suddenly going independent study is crazy,” said Maria, a Los Angeles teacher who has a few students in her class likely being removed next month at the mandated vaccine deadline. “The logistics of that is staggering. I try and speak well of my school district when I can, but I really don’t think they know what they’re doing on this one.”

Further independent study details for affected students, as well as more firings of unvaccinated teachers, will likely occur in the next few weeks.

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11 thoughts on “Nearly 500 Los Angeles School Employees Fired for Not Complying with State Vaccine Mandate

  1. Its for the kids right? now they have less teachers….their way to building indoctrination centers faster

    Tyrannical govt is regressing America into peasant/serfdom with rulerships like kings where they just make rules via mandates, without any legislation or liberty of the people.

  2. 1) The vaccines don’t prevent one from getting infected
    2) The vaccines don’t prevent one from spreading infection to others
    3) The probability of people under 30 of having serious, even life-threatening reactions to the vaccine is higher than the probability of being permanently injured or killed by the disease.
    4) The only thing the vaccines MIGHT do is lessen the symptoms for some people who catch Covid.
    5) 100% vaccination will not eradicate the disease
    6) The vaccines are still experimental, and their long term effects are unknown
    In light of these facts you would think these so-called “educators” would be able to do some critical thinking..

    1. Critical thinking has left the room – Fauci and his evil minions have conditioned too many impressionable, FEARFUL people to bend to their narrative, but the adverse side-effects are starting to make themselves known IN SPITE OF the media, industry AND Governmental BLACKOUT on all the harm that these CLOT SHOTS are causing people…

  3. All of the Marxist teachers who are pushing CRT (in any of it’s various disguises) are all down for this vaccine tyranny. That means the folks who just got fired are the (comparatively) few teachers who would actually stand up for and teach the values upon which America was founded. This is a handy way for the bad guys to weed out the teachers who would resist the destruction of our public education system and clear the way for an entire curriculum focused on indoctrination rather than education.

    1. D3F1ANT not only are they weeding out the teachers but cops and military as well. At least the courts halted Bidens mandates. Were still in better shape then what’s happening in other places around the world. I cannot believe this is happening. They are conditioning people to view the unvaccinated like the Nazi’s did the Jews before they started exterminated them. We are living under a cloud of evil right now and the longer this goes the harder it will be break free. There has never been anything like this in the history of mankind. We have to do something, no one is coming to save us.

  4. “LAUSD board members noted the positives to the vaccines and encouraged unvaccinated employees who are or will be fired to vaccinate, as they will be eligible for reemployment once they do.”

    No COERCION there, right??? Nope, none whatsoever….

    This psy-op is a TOTAL violation of the Nuremberg Treaty and I hope everyone who gets fired for NOT BENDING to this FORCED MEDICAL COERCION for an EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION / EXPERIMENTAL / Phase III clinical trial product SUES all these spineless organizations into submission or worse….

    But GOOD on those that held firm – Justice will prevail eventually and hopefully Fauci gets his proverbial “last ciagarette” for the harm that he’s caused to people and especially to those poor beagles… he is EVIL personified…

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