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CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Florida ad. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

Newsom Doesn’t ‘Love’ People Making Money Off of Family Connections

Really – That’s What He said on CNN

By Thomas Buckley, September 19, 2023 5:45 pm

Gavin Newsom – whose entire business and political life (practically) has been funded by the Getty family –  said on CNN that he doesn’t “love” the idea of trading off of family connections.

He actually said that.  Really.

He made the statement when asked about the Biden impeachment inquiry during the interview Monday.

Newsom said that impeaching Biden based on Hunter Biden’s ultra-sleazy, possibly ultra-illegal, business activities is “student government” silliness.

“If (family connections are) the new criteria, there are a lot of folks in a lot of industries, not just in politics, where people have family members and relationships and they are trying to parlay a little, get a little influence and benefit in that respect, that’s hardly unique,” Newsom said.  “I don’t love that any more than you love it or other people, I imagine, love that. We want to see a lot less of that.”

In other words, Gavin is giving Hunter a pass, as if he was the ne’er-do-well son of a Hollywood producer rather than the Vice President of the United States.

“We want to see a lot less of that.”  Where to begin?

Newsom’s father was the attorney for the Getty family trust, Gavin’s winery business career was financed and/or in partnership with a family member, and family members have piles of cash for his political campaigns. True. This Los Angeles Times story is actually pretty good – at least up until 2018 – look at the Newsom’s money trail.

Former San Francisco mayor – and former state assembly speaker and former Kamala Harris boyfriend and not at all former political power player – Wille Brown appointed him to his first political job and then his second.

Newsom’s aunt was married to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law.

The Pritzkers of Bay Area power and Hyatt ownership fame are friends and ardent supporters, as is the Fisher family – they started The Gap.

Newsom’s helpful family and friend list is lengthy and extremely rich and powerful, but “We want to see a lot less of that.”  

On other topics, Newsom kept up the façade of being a loyal Biden-Harris ticket supporter in 2024.  

When asked if he was a candidate, Newsom said: “The answer is no. No ambiguity,” adding that he has not thought about whether he would make a good president. “I’m not that guy. I’m just not,” he said. 

Newsom had high praise for the current administration, saying it has much to run on and that Democrats need to get behind it immediately.

“Biden-Harris administration — a masterclass in terms of performance, bipartisan deals on infrastructure, bipartisan deals on guns and debt ceiling, on the CHIPS and Science Act,” told CNN. “I mean, by definition, if I think this administration last two, two and a half years, has been one of the most outstanding administrations the last few decades, and she’s a member of that administration, she gets to lay and claim credit to a lot of that success.”

He added that Democrats need to get “out of this sort of navel-gazing about Joe Biden, and let’s get going…Let’s get on the train. This train has left the proverbial station,” Newsom said.

The governor added that Republicans saying Democrats support abortion essentially up to the moment of birth is “a canard” and that he and others support it up until fetal viability, or about 24 weeks.

However, he said there should be no legal time standard set because those situations are “so extreme, so rare, when you have literally viability issues that are deeply personal and painful.”

The public can be assured that Newsom will adamantly deny he is running for president on many more occasions in the coming months…until he doesn’t.

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5 thoughts on “Newsom Doesn’t ‘Love’ People Making Money Off of Family Connections

  1. I wish I could send every American from the other forty nine states to California, they could spend a week seeing the destruction of one party rule.

  2. Gavin Newsom is the most annoying, phony, obnoxious politician EVER. At one point in that interview he quoted Plutarch! Seriously. “I think it was Plutarch who said… ” blah, blah, blah, blah. (when asked about the UAW strike.)

  3. When he said “the Biden administration is a master class” and that the Biden administration has been “one of the most effective administrations of the last two decades” I was hoping the ground would shake and lightning would strike, but no such luck.

    Weird how things are going so well, but the Democrats best strategy is to block their leading opponent from the ballot “to save democracy.”

  4. I’m past thinking any successful politician tells the truth. They say what their constituency want to hear them say. Regardless, my vote is decided on the politician that can fix problems like the homeless situation, electricity/energy shortage, budget balance, responsible immigration …….. So far, California democrats are mostly impotent on these issues.

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