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Mike Cargile. (Photo: Mike Cargile for Congress)

Opinion: This Election Integrity Lawsuit Is the Key to Restoring America

If we can fix California, we restore the nation

By Mike Cargile, June 29, 2021 9:58 am

Election integrity is the paramount issue of our time, for from it flows all the other issues plaguing our nation. Corrupt elections beget illegitimate laws and destroy faith in our system. Without clean elections America will soon pivot from lofty aspirations and possibilities to unmitigated pain and misery as an unprecedented period of slavery emerges, clothed in the robes of communism.

But we still have this one chance.

Think about it. Every person currently elected to office was put in that position by a fraudulent system. Every single one of them. Why on earth would they want to “fix” the very system that put them in office? With overwhelming evidence that exhaustive overhauls need to take place in virtually every state, we now have a new litmus test for those in office. Do they support a full, top-down, and transparent audit of our election processes? Even if it costs them their position? If not, they need to be removed immediately. To survive what is coming, we must have leaders who value integrity above all else.

We must now harness the collective energies and efforts of our great nation in a way that has not been seen since our inception. If there ever was an hour during which to try men’s souls, this is it!

Election Integrity is the cornerstone of our republic. Consequently, corrupt elections impact the entire structure. As a result, whether it be economic issues, international issues, societal issues, environmental issues…nothing is as it should be! But the truth is those are all distractions from the real issue: We did not consent to the current leadership occupying key positions of power! Therefore, everything emanating from those people, every law, every rule and regulation runs contrary to the will of the American people!

If Election Integrity is the most significant issue shaping our nation’s future, then California politics is the epicenter of that approaching upheaval. As the old saying goes, “As California goes, so goes the nation,” and that has never been truer than it is now.

California politics is driving everything. Where is the Speaker of the House from? California. Where is the Minority Leader from? California. Where is the tie-breaking vote in the U.S. Senate from? California. Where are the worst election laws from that constitute the backbone of the worst election bill in the history of our country (H.R.1)? You guessed it…

The Election Integrity Project®California (EIPCa) has amassed mountains of data over the last decade regarding fraudulent elections in California. It’s overwhelming. Report after report has been submitted to the Secretary of State and the U.S. Dept of Justice with zero effect. These reports include facts such as there are 1.8 million ineligible registrants in the state, and the fact that EIPCa identified 108,000 people who had their birthplaces inexplicably changed by the DMV or some other state agency to California, when they live elsewhere.

The good news for the country is we now know where lies the head of the snake: California. So, if we can fix California, we restore the nation, and by extension, save the world…no problem. You see, I know something most of the rest of the world has not realized yet. California went red last November. The Trump Train blew the smoke of lies and deceit away and we saw our state in all its conservative beauty…and then watched it stolen in a single moment. It was a moment eerily similar to one only two years earlier in which our current governor was mysteriously “elected” in the middle of the night.

California is conservative and has been for quite some time now. Unfortunately, our current leadership (in both parties) has purposely pushed a false liberal narrative for decades. Why?

The simple answer: to use the Golden State as a “test kitchen” for a whole host of bad bills and unconstitutional legislation. It has long been a brokered power base for both parties. Meanwhile, with the support of the Chinese Communist Party-backed mainstream media, the rest of the country was told to just ignore “Those crazy liberal Californians!” Never for a moment were we to consider the idea that maybe, just maybe, this was not something the people decided for themselves. That maybe these evils were being forced on them by a fraudulent election system. That the lunatics running the California legislature were “selected” and not “elected.” And that the end result of these laws would be aimed at the nation as a whole. That’s H.R.1!

So how do we fix it?

We remove the legislation that enables the fraud in the first place. On January 4, 2021, I joined with other congressional candidates and EIPCa in a federal lawsuit filed in the Central District of California.

That case is now bound for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. When we win that appeal, we will be granted discovery into many counties that are currently holding all the ballots and machines (which will be forensically audited) under lock and key, just waiting for the judge’s order.

If we find massive fraud in our audit, unlike any other suit in the country, we will ask the court to strike down the legislation and regulations that enabled that fraud. This is a CRUCIAL distinction from other lawsuits that have thus far been pursued. And it makes this the most important legal action in the United States because if the court grants that remedy, it will cut the legs out of H.R.1 (and any future version of it).

It also makes us the target of both major political parties. I often tell people “Election integrity is like cancer. Everyone says they want to cure cancer, but in reality, no one wants to cure cancer because there’s too much money to be made treating it.” The same holds true of elections. Many leaders say they want election integrity, but in reality, none of them do because they would lose their power to manipulate the outcomes. Why would they want to trust those “ignorant voters” with the reins of power and the destiny of the greatest country in the world?

How many of you have received emails saying “The elections were stolen! Send me money!” This is just one of the ways we are being attacked. None of those individuals or groups have filed a lawsuit in California and probably never will. Unfortunately, what they are doing is siphoning up the funds needed for our lawsuit. And because of the way these solicitations are worded, many people think they are donating to us, when in actuality, we aren’t seeing a dime of it.

Don’t be fooled! There is only one lawsuit filed in the Great State of California dealing with election integrity. You can see it here: www.FairAndTransparentElections.com.

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23 thoughts on “Opinion: This Election Integrity Lawsuit Is the Key to Restoring America

  1. Will definitely be supporting this effort by Cargile, et al. with $$$. Let’s clean up this mess once and for all.

  2. “Election integrity is the paramount issue of our time…” Seriously? Mike thinks this is more important than dealing with the pandemic, more important than addressing climate change, social unrest, unequal economic development, loss of US manufacturing capacity, paying the national debt down and a host of other issues?

    Anybody who would start off a supposedly well-thought-out article with “Election integrity is the paramount issue of our time…” ain’t getting my vote. Ever.

    1. Short answer – YES, Concerned Citizen…

      Fraudulent elections are more important than all those ephemeral Democrat “issues”…

      And here’s your proof – the long list of California counties that use a certain brand of election equipment – straight from the Secretary of State’s website :







      California Counties that use Dominion:
      Alameda, Butte, Contra Costa, Colusa, Del Norte, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Imperial, Inyo, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Marin, Mono, Monterey, Napa, Placer, Plumas, Riverside, Sacramento, San Benito, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Shasta, Siskiyou, Sonoma, Sutter, Tehama, Tulare, Tuolumne, Ventura, and Yuba.

      1. Shall I repeat myself: “Seriously?” Of course it’s true that no Democracy cannot function if elections are fraudulent. Just like there’s no point setting the dinner table if the house is on fire. But we don’t have the massively fraudulent elections you think we have. The house isn’t on fire, but it is almost time for dinner. And this is important to understand. Because somebody needs to cook dinner and set the table rather than running around as though the house were on fire. When you distract from California’s critical needs by running around after ghosts of fraud that never existed, you are wasting everybody’s time and endangering our state. It may be more exciting, but the ordinary work of getting our labor force fully back to work and feeding our families is what we need to do!

        You listed the number of Dominion voting systems in use by California jurisdictions. That is a total distraction from what our state really needs. There has NEVER been any evidence presented that there’s anything wrong with these systems. The fraud is 100 percent in the fraudulent world of “alternate facts” and these only serve a particular narcissist who is unable to come to grips with the fact that he’s lost an election because the majority of Americans consider him an utter failure. And, while you’re tilting at windmills in the World of Crazy, back here in reality the State of California has real needs and they are urgent. Come back and help us get dinner ready.

        1. Here, I’m going to repeat MYSELF : read this article from The Gateway Pundit where they’re doing the investigative work on the election results and internal control breaches that the mainstream media SHOULD be reporting on :


          That article references a data flow diagram that’s included in another testing report from :

          and buried DEEP in the final notes & testing observations is this little gem of a notation:

          Protection against Malicious Software
          Testing performed: Tests were performed to verify that COTS products are
          implemented to protect against malicious software, as described in voting system
          manufacturer documentation.
          Applicable to: EMS, Adjudication, ICC, ICE, ICP2 and ICX.
          Review of the requirement 7.4.2, showed that on the EMS Server, the AVAST
          Antivirus (AV) File Shield (the real time AV monitor) was only able to detect and
          clean one of the four European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research (EICAR)
          files which potentially leaves the system open to zipped and double zipped viruses
          as well as infection strings in plain text.
          The ICX system is an android tablet device and contains no form of AV protection.
          The ICE and ICP2 systems are proprietary systems that utilize firmware and
          compact flash cards to run, load, and store election-based software. These
          systems contain no operating system and no AV protection.

          Testing demonstrated that the requirement was partially covered. The findings can be
          mitigated by rigorous adherence to physical security processes and procedures, which
          would preclude the introduction of any malicious applications. (THIS IS THE POTENTIAL POINT OF FAILURE)

          And then there’s THIS potential SMOKING GUN at the bottom of marked page 28 :
          “The ICE machine includes a design characteristic that merits some attention. Any
          machine that includes ballot marking and deposit into the ballot box in the same paper
          path, is not software independent, and could be compromised in a way that is
          undetectable with a manual tally or risk limiting audit. The ballot-marking printer is in the
          same paper path as the mechanism to deposit marked ballots into an attached ballot

          This opens up a security vulnerability: the voting machine can mark the paper
          ballot (to add votes or spoil already-cast votes) after the last time the voter sees the
          paper, and then deposit that marked ballot into the ballot box without the possibility of
          detection. Vote-stealing software could easily be constructed that looks for undervotes
          on the ballot, and marks those unvoted spaces for the candidate of the hacker’s choice.
          This is very straightforward to do on optical-scan bubble ballots (as on the Dominion
          ICE) where undervotes are indicated by no mark at all. The autocast configuration
          setting that allows the voter to indicate, “don’t eject the ballot for my review, just print it
          and cast it without me looking at it.” If fraudulent software were installed, it could change
          all the votes of any voter who selected this option, because the voting machine software
          would know in advance of printing that the voter had waived the opportunity to inspect
          the printed ballot. This would be mitigated by using the ICE for accessible sessions
          only. Additionally, the ICE should include procedural controls whereby a technician
          completes the L&A procedures prior to an election, and then a second technician goes
          through the validation procedure to validate the firmware and software on the ICE, and
          then applies the seals to the machine. Any ICE that is presented at a polling place with
          broken seals should be replaced.

          This is 100% refutation of your observations that “There has NEVER been any evidence presented that there’s anything wrong with these systems. The fraud is 100 percent in the fraudulent world of “alternate facts” and these only serve a particular narcissist who is unable to come to grips with the fact that he’s lost an election because the majority of Americans consider him an utter failure. ”

          There is PLENTY wrong with these systems and the PROOF is on the California Secretary of State’s website!!!

          1. @CD9: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof…” and yet the article you sent us to says “There is no indication that this happened in the 2020 Election.” That’s a cut-and-paste from the article, not a paraphrase.

            Of course there could be something wrong. Like there could be little green men hiding on the far side of the moon.

        2. What are you afraid of…? There’s Nothing higher in priority than Voting Sys Integrety! Let’s verify with a Full Audit!

    2. You are dead wrong about the most important issues and that would fair and legal elections. Everything else pails in comparison despite what you think or say.

  3. Democrats rule CA and they do NOT want to change anything that could interrupt their stranglehold here. I would like to see an honest system in CA, but I just do not see Democrats wanting anything honest. Their thirst for power consumes them and honesty to them has the same definition as manipulation in their dictionary.

  4. Election integrity is crucial to preserving our constitutional republic!
    I thank and commend the Election Integrity Project California. This is a true grassroots effort here in California. It was started before the sham of an election 2020!
    I will support their efforts!
    Follow the money and crunch the numbers! We had more voters than were registered in most states.
    An algorithm was put in place to add votes to Joe Biden in the presidential election in battleground states.
    Keep an open mind and read, watch and listen to Dr. Douglas G. Frank

  5. Our hopes for election integrity have been dashed before, but I am still optimistic that we will break through this fraud that has been going on for God-only-knows how long and prevail. Appreciate the relentless work of EIPca. Fingers crossed.

  6. Thank you, Mike Cargile for Congress and California Integrity Project California (also CapRadio and NPR for original story of the 1.8 mil, bringing this to the public). You would think this would be headlines in all California major media (sure, right!) Thank you California Globe and Red State News for “Real journalism/real news.” Had no idea this was already in the courts, what an absolute relief!!! This whole article is refreshing, on so many levels. Our prayers are with you in the 9th circuit, and representing California in Congress.

  7. CA did not went red last November. And it’s not conservative. The demographics has quite change from the 90’s/early 2000’s. There’s a ripple and waves of immigration of Latinos that slowly grew in California each decade. After the proposition 187 that Pete Wilson put, it passed but it also suddenly increased the political clout of Latinos as it made many pay attention to politics but not so much that it threatens

    1. California did go red last November 2020. It was stolen by China through a cyber attack and these crazy swing states who pulled tricks from under tables and preventing polls watchers to witness ballot counting.

      1. @Marilyn: I can understand Republican voters’ dismay that formerly solid-red states like Arizona or Georgia voted for Biden rather than Trump. But… California? Have you ever totaled the number of Californians living in solid-blue counties, and compared with those living in red or even purple counties? The census numbers are readily available online. Have you ever looked for Trump bumper stickers or lawn signs in the Bay Area? If you did any of those things, you’d come to realize that California is not even close to going red. Even if fever-dream crazy “tricks from under tables” had a whiff of reality to them, it would have been pointless, because there is no way an honest election can go for the GOP in a California presidential election.

        1. The Bay Area is a lost cause – was up there for a golf tournament last Fall & everywhere I looked, I saw the solo drivers with the mask & gloves & many had clear eye shields on WHILE THEY DROVE ALONE with the WINDOWS ROLLED up…

          There’s some special mind-control in the water up there…

          And you’re being disingenuous by quoting half-baked facts as the majority of people have declared as Independents, as they’re DISGUSTED with the feckless Republican party in California and it’s the only way they can send a message to Ms. Patterson & crew that they’re worthless money-grubbers who do nothing for rank & file Californians in opposition to the Communist tilt of the CA Democrat Party….

          If the CAGOP were to adopt much of Trump’s POLICIES without Trump’s PERSONALITY & bombast, I think you’d see a significant swing in this state, ASSUMING that fraudulent voting is removed, and you’re ALSO being disingenuous by stating that no evidence of voter fraud was evident in the November 2020 elections…

          I saw TONS of Trump yard signs and flags down in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties last Fall, and little evidence of Biden support – I saw more Bernie stickers…

          Not going to waste more time as your mind is made up, but there DEFINITELY was “tricks under the tables” in Georgia and there has likely been Dom inioned voting in California since the early 2000’s given the significant dismay I hear from people about voting results….

  8. Not ALL California elected officials are against this. Some were elected in spite of attempts to steal their election. My husband is one of them. I have many stories of election tampering by our opposition and attempts to overthrow legal election results. CALIFORNIA MUST FIX THE FRAUD!

  9. “SHARPIE-GATE” – Reported today 7/19 on Gateway Pundit
    Many in California from Upland, San Diego, So Calif were given Sharpies to fill out in-person ballots, which negated their votes. Ballot boxes opened and re-taped, no I.D. required for in-person voting, no scanners.

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