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Sacramento homeless. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Sacramento CA Ranks 2nd Dirtiest City in America

Only Baltimore is dirtier than California’s State Capitol in sanitation-related 311 complaints

By Katy Grimes, September 2, 2023 9:01 am

“From clean drinking water to sewage disposal, littered streets to missed garbage pick-ups, we analyzed 12.3 million sanitation-related 311 complaints in a series of U.S. cities to reveal which metropolises need to clean up their act,” Housefresh.com reported on the Dirtiest Cities in America.

Housefresh.com analyzed 12.3 million sanitation-related 311 complaints placed over the last 365 days to reveal the dirtiest cities in America, then ranked locations based on the number of sanitation-related reports per 100,000 population.

“According to our research, it’s the East coast city of Baltimore that needs to concentrate on its cleanliness the most.” Baltimore came in 1st with 47,295 per 100k population, and a staggering 89,391 complaints per 100k population in the 21213 zip code.

And in second place is the Capitol city of California, Sacramento, with 39,186 complaints per 100k population; the Sacramento zip code of 95818 had 48,864 complaints per 100k population (my zip code).

Even Los Angeles, in 4th place, didn’t fare as poorly as Sacramento, with 21,616 complaints per 100k population for filth.

Oakland came in 15th place, with 6,139 complaints per 100k population.

San Francisco came in 19th place with 2,411 complaints per 100k population.

Again, the report covered clean drinking water, sewage disposal, littered streets and missed garbage pick-ups, and analyzed 12.3 million sanitation-related 311 complaints in a series of U.S. cities to reveal which metropolises need to clean up their act.

Sacramento’s 95817 zip code had 48,468 complaints per 100k population.

Sacramento’s 95822 zip code had 45,143 complaints per 100k population.

Sacramento, once a sleepy middle class “cowtown,”  has turned in to a big filthy dirty city, with homeless vagrants living on the streets – residential streets, under freeway off-ramps, in public parks, along the two rivers,  – wherever they are allowed to squat by Mayor Darrell Steinberg, the Sacramento City Council and Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Gov. Newsom and state lawmakers. This rests squarely on politicians who want the federal and state homeless funding, but don’t spend it to help get the drug addicted and mentally ill vagrants off the streets. Instead the billions spent have been funneled into dubious non-profit organizations and non-governmental organizations, often paying out big salaries. This model is not at all prioritizing eradicating the homeless plague but in growing it so the funding spigot remains on.

Sacramento Homeless, Miller Park. (Photo: Art Taylor)


Sacramento Homeless, Miller Park, 95818 zip code. (Photo: Art Taylor)

The Dirtiest and Cleanest Zip Codes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles ranked as the fourth dirtiest city according to the Housefresh analysis.

“Ramping up a surprisingly high complaint rate is the affluent neighborhood of Mission Hills, an area boasting many local businesses and where most people own their homes.”

Inglewood came in much cleaner, issuing just 72 complaints per 100k population. The city of Milwaukee is the cleanest in the U.S., with only 309 reports – the smallest number of complaints per 100k population.

Housefresh.com has an interactive table you can put your zip code in to see the ranking.

Here is another dirty Sacramento photo – look closely.

Sacramento Homeless, Miller Park. (Photo: Art Taylor)

Sacramento is even paying for security at the homeless trailer camp at Miller Park. How nice.

Sacramento Homeless, Miller Park. (Photo: Art Taylor)
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46 thoughts on “Sacramento CA Ranks 2nd Dirtiest City in America

  1. This very telling ranking of Sacramento’s continual downward condition of blight (and danger) is quite an indictment —– another one —– of its unrepentant “leadership” Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Sacramento City Council, Sac County Board of Supervisors, Sociopath Gov Gav Gruesome, and our shameless state legislature. (All Dem/Marxists or Dem/Marxist majorities, of course.) Good job, “leaders” —- MORE shame and scandal and stigma to add to the already stinking, fetid, revolting pile that was already there, and nothing done, ever. No consequences, either. Not one. Just more and more and more money spent, more useless Friends of Darrell rewarded with cash and incentives, more unwalkable streets, more unhelped junkies and crazies, more filth, more crime, more open-air drug use and lewd behavior, more drug-fueled assaults, more hopelessness, more attack dogs running loose, and more taxpaying residents afraid to step outside.
    It’s absolutely horrifying to watch this destruction happen to such a nice city as Sacramento.

    1. what I find most difficult to believe about all this is that nowhere in the article was Trump blamed for this …… I’m sure it’s coming. sooner or later.

    2. the Miller Park pics reflect a Safe Camping zone set up by the City. posting theses images as reflective of Sacramento is a false flag used by Grimes to push her “dirty Sacramento”, anti -Democrat agenda.

      1. I would hardly categorize Ms. Grimes’ reporting as a “false flag.” The SafeGround camping sites at Miller Park and other locations around the city, have only attracted more tent encampments along their peripheries instead of just confining the homeless to the city-sanctioned sites. If you travel to Miller Park or X Street and Alhambra Blvd., there are unauthorized tent encampments strewn about at the entrance to these sites. I’m glad to see our County D.A. holding City leaders accountable for their dereliction of duty in regards to this matter.

      2. GariRae Gray – The photos are of illegal camps set up near the Safe Camping trailers. It’s not a false flag but more evidence that even the areas the city deems “safe camping” is not at all.

    3. Had my 40 foot live in trailer stolen in broad daylight was posted on Facebook marketplace for sale in a week showed to all police agencies any help no!!!!!!!!!!!! And the seller is still selling more people stuff no justice what should I do it’s getting me to that place we’re I shouldn’t be understand shits going to blowup. Need help

  2. Sacramento was better when it was a town.
    I have seen the collapse of our quality of life when the politicians saw $ signs and put in the arena. Everything has become monetized in Midtown, no more unique stores or mom and pop businesses.
    And yes, by the time agencies and city leaders grift from the homeless funds, the population and problems of the unhoused balloons.

    1. wow! I completely agree with you! The arena initiated our decline in quality of life . Now all we have are luxury apts and blocks and blocks of restaurants. Sac has become like a corporation catering to SF transplants while it kills it’s roots and displaces it’s native and long-term residents.
      A decline in quality of life and overwhelming homelessness are the consequence of Sac’s current direction.

  3. As Katy Grimes mentioned, Sacramento was once a pleasant and somewhat sleepy“cowtown.” It has since turned in to a big filthy dirty city, with homeless vagrants living on the streets thanks to the leftist policies of Democrats Mayor Darrell Steinberg, Democrats on the Sacramento City Council and Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Democrat Gov. Newsom and Democrat state lawmakers. Democrats have been in control for years and they need to be held accountable for the destruction their policies have caused.

    1. no surprise. I watch as Sacramento turned into the city of greed by displacing renters with bay area refugees with a higher income. while this happened officials are too busy concentrating on protecting the Trans population. spending money on ,’all-gender restrooms that real women will not use. our leaders need to pay more attention to protecting all residents

    2. “There comes a time in a man’s life when you have to grab the bull by the tail and face the situation.”

      W.C. Fields

  4. Is it possible that people in other cities aren’t calling 311? The results are based on calls. I’ve lived in several California cities not thinking about calling these services. I do notice that Sacramentans are very quick to call 311. And that’s good.

    1. Completely agree with you. City residents NOT calling 311 likely reflects years of seeing it does no good. It is a sign of hopelessness and continued downward spiral. CALLING 311 shows active involvement and optimism. When those residents then see nothing is done it may convert and fire people up to FURTHER involvement and activism in a place that is seen as more manageable and fixable, unlike the chaotic maw of a place like (heaven help us down here) L.A. City and County. Now if that massive Sacramento resident SNIT could only be funneled into methodically tossing the Sacramento Dem backstabbing traitors OUT on their ears. It could happen.
      Fingers crossed.

  5. Newsome is a selfish self centered ass. he needs to be booted out of office along with pelosi. there greedy hipocrits and don’t care about the people or the city!!!

  6. We are the only ones to fix all the destruction that the parasites keep hitting us with and we have the great advantage that they hate the most-we outnumber them. They want uson line and stuck in complaining gear.

    The parasite swarm behind our destruction want us on line reacting to everything that they orchastrate, they want us mentally leashed up and not organizing and being actively out there in the streets, getting our hands and clothes dirty (temporarily) and being ‘leaders in our own communities’ as Dr Shiva Ayyadurai says.
    How do Californians rise to meet this seemingly relentless garbage/blight challenge?
    In any community, this works; We the unelected, nobodies can just begin-with our own trash bags- and step in and the momentum will grow-or the tone is reset that this is not an area to dump trash in.
    When it becomes uncommon (again) to see an area full of trash, it eventually stops.
    This is neutral ground-everybody from every label/affiliation/genetic makeup can do something about before the sun sets today.
    if we all wait until everything is safe and ‘normal’ again, we will wait forever.
    “‘You cant be afraid of making a sacrafice” If we wait, we will wait forever and we dont have forever. Stew Peters
    Imagine a flash mob of people descending upon the worst area first, each one filling up a giant hefty bag of garbage.


    1. i agree with this, this is what we need revolutionary positive change and if we get a couple of victories under our belt maybe then we can gather some following and real change can happen. Im only 32 but Ive watched our city,state, and country collapse. When I was young my parents at my age owned 2 homes, the american dream, but now I cant even afford rent! Let alone a child and a mortgage! The middle class is slowly dissappearing and cities like Sacramento are going to start happening everywhere.

  7. 2nd Prize! Quite an achievement for a State Capitol.
    Unfortunately, the only job of “Non-governmental Organizations” (NGOs), much like government itself, is to perpetuate the illusion of *need* for their existence. If they actually SOLVED anything they wouldn’t be *needed* anymore. They can only exist if there are *issues*, if there are ever SOLUTIONS, they cease to exist, as do their paychecks. Legislators help by creating legislation that encourages drug addiction (because ppl should be free to get high), discourages mental health intervention (because we can’t force them to get help), encourages homelessness (because even those lying incapacitated on the streets deserve to be treated with *dignity*), encourages illegal immigration (because *refugees* deserve **free** stuff too), all to perpetuate the NEED for “humanitarian aid”. Oh, and paychecks.

  8. Looking for a benefactor to take Governor Abbott’s lead and hire Amador Stage lines to bus a hundred or more vagrants, (unhoused) to the Pristine Pocket area of Sacramento and to the quaint ‘village” of Fair Oaks.
    Then when those residents have to step in some pooh, maybe Darrell “the compassionate” and Pretty Boy Gav will betray those perpetuating this scam.
    Any takers?

    1. No kidding, tomorrow, we’ve now had a chance to see, haven’t we, that THIS IS EXACTLY the only kind of action that has any effect on the current crop of Dem/Marxist freaks, wherever they may be. Kiinda funny, at first it seemed commenters here were saying it to make an amusing point with no expectation it would actually happen. Now a few years later it doesn’t seem farfetched at all and I’m sure there are many people who would pay and plan and work to make it happen.

    2. you’re welcome to wander over by the river here and see that the encampments continue for a few miles. maybe leave the house every now and again

  9. The City has a top of the line digital 311 system that residents use because it works and doesn’t require someone to field a call. If you think Sacramento is the dirtiest city in America you must be born and raised in the CA suburbs. A city like Flint MI is one giant 311 call. Maybe be thankful you don’t have lead pipes.

  10. I live in a suburb of Sacramento, and there is no doubt that there is homeless clutter and junk here. On the other hand, I believe the translation of “number of sanitation calls per 100,000” to “dirtiest city ranking” is a shortcut in meaning that makes too many assumptions. If Sacramento citizenry were more concerned than some other cities, and making more calls, then the data ranking Sac as number 2 would have less to do with being the dirtiest, and more to do with be the most concerned city.

  11. The number of complaints reflects the concerns of the citizens in those neighborhoods not the actual level of issues., The metric is misleading without additional data.

  12. Sacramento has its parts but compared to other cities in this country I’d hardly say that Sac is the dirtiest. I’d say the same for any of the west coast cities. Baltimore is dirty and very rundown. That’s a dirty city. You don’t get that on the west coast.

  13. No, this means Sacramento just has the most people who complain. Maybe if everyone did something to help, instead of calling 311, the city would look a little better.

    1. I try to be part of the solution. In addition to contacting the City’s 311 service to report graffiti, street light outages, illegal dumping and homeless encampments, I pick up trash along my street on a weekly basis. It would be nice it my virtue signaling neighbors would chip in and do likewise.

  14. This seems like a great time to remind everyone that there is a FEDERAL INJUNCTION barring local authorities anywhere in the ninth circuit from cleaning up encampments and getting people into shelter. This is not a Mayor Steinberg issue, or a Gavin Newsom issue, they literally cannot do anything without getting sued because the FEDERAL COURTS decided it so.

    In fact, just last week Gov Newsom was backing up Mayor London Breed in SF to push the FEDERAL courts to allow California to clean up encampments.

    1. Actually J, that is not correct. Sacramento DA Thien Ho has explained numerous times publicly and told the Sacramento City Council that the Martin v. Boise case “does not suggest that unsheltered individuals are immunized from law enforcement in any capacity, nor does it allow for the City to ignore the problems in a way that creates a public nuisance.”
      DA Ho dispelled how Martin v. City of Boise has been incorrectly used by city officials to do nothing with homeless. DA Ho explains:

      “When these issues in the downtown area have been raised by members of the public, some in elected positions point the finger of responsibility to others or misinterpret legal precedent by citing Martin v. City of Boise, 902 F.3d 1031 (9th Cir. 2018), as an excuse not to enforce the law or delay enforcement of city ordinances and codes while waiting for increased shelter beds. However, Martin does not suggest that unsheltered individuals are immunized from law enforcement in any capacity, nor does it allow for the City to ignore the problems in a way that creates a public nuisance.”

      “Just this year, a Court in Arizona ruled the City of Phoenix “created, maintained, and/or failed to abate a public nuisance” in an area called “The Zone” for refusing to enforce laws prohibiting loitering, obstruction of streets and sidewalks to remove homelessencampmentsthathadtakenoverseveralcityblocksinthedowntownarea. (Freddy Brown, et al. v. City ofPhoenix (2023) Under Advisement Ruling filed March 27, 2023).

      Additionally, just this month, the City of Portland reached a tentative settlement brought by people with disabilities who argued homeless tents and encampments prevented them from accessing the city sidewalks. The Plaintiffs filed their lawsuit in federal court and argued the City violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by failing to “maintain its sidewalks clear of debris and tent encampments.” (Tozer v. City ofPortland, 3:22-CV-01336 (U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon)).”

  15. The Sacramento Business Journal had photos of the Sacramento Region Business Association Gala that was held on Aug. 29th. It appeared from the photos that a majority of the attendees were connected with local government and non-profits connected with the Democrat party instead of Sacramento businesses? Sacramento Democrat Mayor Darrell Steinberg, West Sacramento Democrat Mayor Martha Guerrero, Sacramento County District Attorney Thien Ho, California State University Sacramento President J. Luke Wood, and Sacramento City Manager Howard Chan dominated the photos. Kate Wright with Climate Mayors was featured in one of the photos which a globalist funded group of mayors who have demonstrated “climate leadership” in their committment to “climate progress.” No doubt Democrat Mayor Darrell Steinberg is a member of Climate Mayors?

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