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Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones. (Photo: Twitter)

Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones Refuses to Enforce Gov. Newsom’s Mask Order

‘It would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate’

By Katy Grimes, June 19, 2020 6:35 pm

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones announced Friday he and his department are refusing to enforce California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 24-hour old order mandating all residents to wear masks in public – indoors and outdoors – to continue combating the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The sheriff’s office says “it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate.”

Sacramento Sheriff Facebook announcement. (Photo: Facebook)


Here is the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office memo:

June 19, 2020

The Following Is the Official Statement of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones Regarding Gov. Newsom’s Order (June 18, 2020) for All Californians to Wear Face Coverings While Out in Public Places:

The Sheriff’s Office recommends that everyone continue exercising safe practices, including wearing masks pursuant to the Governor’s recommendation, especially around those in high-risk groups.

However, due to the minor nature of the offense, the potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters, and anticipating the various ways in which the order may be violated, it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate.  Accordingly, the Sheriff’s Office will not be doing so.  Rather, we will continue to operate in an educational capacity in partnership with the County Health Office.

As for the Sheriff’s Office and its employees, we will comply with the Governor’s mask recommendations to the extent feasible.

Sergeant Rod Grassmann

Acting Sheriff’s Spokesperson

Media continues to claim public health officials attribute a recent spike in coronavirus activity, to “large gatherings like parties inside people’s homes” where attendees have not worn masks or maintained physical distance. They also say Gov. Newsom’s contact tracers are the ones claiming it’s large gatherings.

This is not entirely accurate. The “spike” in “coronavirus activity” is due to an increase in testing, according to immunologists and epidemiologists California Globe has interviewed.

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12 thoughts on “Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones Refuses to Enforce Gov. Newsom’s Mask Order

    1. Seriously ? Sheriff Jones would find a way to corrupt the county’s dog catcher job, if there is such a job.
      Sheriff Jones would gladly be king of Sacramento County if given the chance.
      Elect him a few more times and you will find out that I am very close to being right.
      At age 89 , I will not be around to prove you wrong. Scott Jones has all the potential to do what
      President Trump would like to do. Autocrat for life. I am talking about Sheriff Jones and not the
      people working for him. I am a 26 year veteran of the U.S. Air Force. Politically I lean independent.
      I suppose an Independent can not lean either way, but I think for myself and
      read the newspapers from time to time. You ought to try that.

  1. Born and raised in Sacramento, 45 years, I no longer reside there. I in fact live in a very rural community that this hoax has hardly affected. However, I am a proud native of Sacramento and will always call it home. I praise Sheriff Jones on his participation and response, to this “plandemic”. Sacramento has a long history of excellent leadership in the Sheriff’s department, and I greatly admire the fine work of The Sheriff, and I always tune in when he is interviewed via radio.

    1. Hoax? REALLY, are you THAT ignorant?? People like you need to get this virus and end up in the hospital. Maybe then you will realize it’s not a hoax. The only hoax here Donald “Adolf Hitler” Trump.

  2. Instead of blindly accepting everything you’re told, maybe look into things for yourself, do some research, and realize this “Virus” has 99% survival rate, Its nothing but influenza the media wants you to be afraid of.

    Please stop believing everything you’re told and do some research.

    You’re being lied too.

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