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State Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Senator Weiner Begging for a Fatwa

Why is mocking Christianity acceptable?

By Richie Greenberg, June 9, 2023 2:52 pm

The question of the day: Would a Fatwa be issued condemning California State Senator Scott Weiner? The word Fatwa conjures up a 2017 episode of Curbing Your Enthusiasm, where Larry David earned himself condemnation after a public gaff impersonating the Ayatollah. And factually, author Salmon Rushdie earned an actual condemnation to death in 1989 with his criticism of Islam when he penned The Satanic Verses; though cautiously in hiding for nearly twenty-five years, Rushdie was nearly killed just last summer in a stabbing attack on stage in New York.

A Fatwa is defined as a legal pronouncement handed down by an Islamic leader when important issues of Islam are in question; Matters of blasphemy, mockery, homosexuality – all could be grounds for a Fatwa with the harshest condemnation.

Now, the issue: The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (thesisters.org) and the controversy escalated by the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team’s invitation to include The Sisters in their annual Pride Month celebrations. The Sisters are men dressed as nuns, in habit and headpiece, faces painted white, save any beards and facial hair, each making use of witty pseudonyms. And in these getups, they appear in public doing good deeds, in fact their organization is a registered 501c3 nonprofit, founded and based in San Francisco, existing since Easter Sunday, 1979. They do outreach promoting human rights, respect for diversity, they do street performance and activism as well; they provide resources for people in crisis, domestic violence, suicide and mental health, addiction, support Black Lives Matter and trans-affirmation and HIV/AIDS care.

Yet, shockingly The Sisters sponsor an annual Easter Drag Show (“as God intended”), along with a “Hunky Jesus” contest featuring scantily-clad “Foxy Mary” donning “the hunkiest and foxiest Biblical costumes.” “Mary” does a pole dance up and down a cross with Hunky Jesus hanging from it.

So, when word got out of The Sisters’ participation in the LA Dodgers celebrations featuring men dressed as nuns habitually insulting and mocking Catholicism, ofttimes sexualizing faith, Angelinos publicly fumed. The Dodgers ultimately canceled The Sisters inclusion. But just a week later, The Dodgers reneged and reinvited The Sisters once again, who claimed victory.

This past week June 5th 2023, the California State Legislature held a commemoration at the state capitol at the start of Pride Month, including honoring The Sisters, presenting a certificate of appreciation to “Sister Roma,” long-time member of the group. Republicans walked out. Catholics prayed outside the building. Inside, lots of photos were taken. Speeches too, featuring CA State Senator Scott Weiner, himself a member of the LGBTQIA community, who rabidly attacks critics on social media. (Twitter photo above) Weiner, from San Francisco, proudly endorses and defends The Sisters. (Twitter photo below).

We must ask a very valid question: Why is mocking Christianity acceptable? What if Islamic leaders, Imams, were mocked? Men dressed as women in burkas, performing sexually-charged acts on objects holy to Muslims, or even a parody of the prophet? Surely the outrage would come swiftly, widespread, and harsh. Yet, if you follow Wiener on Twitter, he retreats to the corner when he himself is criticized on social media for his hairbrained social justice initiatives failing his elected constituents, often pulling the “antisemitism” card – fairly often lately – claiming that he’s a target of hate, as he is Jewish.

Why is mocking Catholics fine? Surely, Senator Scott Weiner’s support of denigration of Islamic faith would earn him a condemnation, perhaps even a fatwa. It’s time he opens his eyes.

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6 thoughts on “Senator Weiner Begging for a Fatwa

  1. If Wiener and the rest of the perverted Democrats in the legislature keep pushing their pedo groomer agenda on to kids in public schools, maybe there will be an uprising of concerned parents such as the Armenian and Muslim parents did earlier this week in Glendale?

  2. Don’t let this article be read to Wiener, because his addled brain will likely interpret this as a “fat one” that he’ll want to play with inappropriately…
    He is why it’s known derisively known as “San Franfreakshow”…
    Surprised the Giants aren’t leading the charge with the freak-show “Nuns”, not the Dodgers…
    That noise you hear off in the distance is Tommy Lasorda spinning in his grave….

  3. It is because the Muslims don’t keep turning the other cheek and allow themselves to have their faces pressed into the crotch of some pervert on the steps of the capitol in the name of exclusivity. It is a war on decency, pure and simple, and our ballot harvested leaders are “all in”.

  4. Why don’t people recognize that Weiner, who is part of a protected class because he identifies as gay and is Jewish, has Commie values — period. He supports pedophiles, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, drug use, and drug therapy. He represents nothing wholesome and only what’s kinky. If it weren’t for Jewish power, he’d have been gone long ago. He really should not be around children or public government offices.

  5. Wiener is going to Hell on that day along with all of the Anti-Christ Freaks, sodomites and groomers. They will be cast into the “Lake of Fire” by angels of the Lord Christ, and will burn there for eternity without end. God Almighty is a righteous and holy God, and will punish the wicked and the depraved and the degenerate. 🔥

  6. Why is mocking Christianity and Sacred Christian Religious Symbols considered a mark of inclusivity in San Francisco? The organizers of the Dolores Park Show could either consider including Sacred Symbols from Other World Religions for Inclusivity, or they could choose to exclude All religious symbols, in their Celebration held on Easter day.

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