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South Lake Tahoe beach. (Photo: Public domain. Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority)

Two Tales of One City: South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe Mayor threatening no Memorial Day, no July 4th fireworks, and maybe no Labor Day

By Katy Grimes, May 16, 2020 9:55 am

Despite that El Dorado County has reopened, the Mayor of South Lake Tahoe is telling tourists to stay away or pay a $1,000 fine. The Tahoe Basin draws millions of visitors each year.

Border with Stateline, NV, corner at Harrah’s. (Photo: Pinterest)

With no deaths due to COVID-19 in El Dorado County, the Board of Supervisors recently met and agreed it is time to reopen, California Globe recently reported.

South Lake Tahoe is unique: the city straddles the California-Nevada border. Part of the city is in California, and the rest of it is in Nevada, and the contrasts are stark.

Across the state line, the Nevada side is open for business: dine-in restaurants and eateries, boutiques, barbers and salons, brew pubs, ski shops and watercraft rentals, for rent to use on the lake as it opens.

KCRA reported on the little tyrant mayor of South Lake Tahoe, threatening no Memorial Day opening, no fireworks on July 4th, and maybe no Labor Day weekend.

South Lake Tahoe Mayor Jason Collin. (Photo: www.cityofslt.us)

It’s curious that Mayor Jason Collin doesn’t realize that his city is a tourist town, and cannot survive without… tourists.

Collin said he could not estimate when the city might reopen to tourists. “I can almost guarantee we won’t be open by Memorial Day,” he said.

Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kickoff to the summer season and a gauge for how business will be in the months that follow.

Memorial Day weekend is also when most cabin owners open up after the long winter.

South Lake Tahoe’s much anticipated annual Fourth of July Fireworks show has officially been canceled, according to Mayor Collin.

When asked if a Labor Day fireworks show is a certainty, Collin said, “we’re not exactly sure.”

Collin said, “This will definitely not be a normal summer in Tahoe.”

No it won’t be a normal Lake Tahoe summer as visitors drive right past all of the shuttered California side shops, restaurants, motels, and businesses on Lake Tahoe Blvd., across the border to the Nevada side where casinos, hotels and fun await them.

With Mayor Jason Collin’s term up in November 2020, perhaps he will have a challenger.

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9 thoughts on “Two Tales of One City: South Lake Tahoe

  1. The California side of South Lake Tahoe has seemed to be a problem for a L-O-N-G time, as they indulged in all sorts of expensive environmental wetlands projects, transportation projects, and other leftist nonsense that swept away affordable motels and recreational opportunities that were bringing them needed revenue. But tourists may not have paid attention to what was interfering with their fun on the CA side until now. The thing is, often tourists have long memories after being snubbed and insulted and many may get in the habit of vacationing entirely ELSEWHERE, never mind the Nevada side, and not come back when this COVID-panic is a distant memory.

    Also obviously can’t imagine that this tyrannical virtue-signaling by Mayor Jason Collins is a big hit with the locals and business owners who depend on tourist dollars to live. Maybe this will be a sea change not just for the Mayor’s future but for the entire (no doubt) like-minded bunch who are in leadership positions in So. Lake Tahoe, CA side. Or who knows? Maybe the locals will say good riddance to the tourists. Fine..

  2. Mr. Mayor. Where in the constitution do you get the power to fine people for traveling within the borders of the United States?

    1. I know, sigh. I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we? Can’t imagine the situation being any worse than it is now to cause a sea change in this state, but I’m pretty sure we’ve said that before, haven’t we? What has to happen now is that sensible voters, who may have given up, although I KNOW they are out there, will be galvanized to actually come out of the woodwork and VOTE —- to overwhelm the cheating and malevolence.

    1. The stay-at-home order is not law. It is an Executive Order under the State of Emergency by the governor, which Constitutional attorneys say is unlawful; i.e. quarantining the healthy is the violation. Quarantining the sick is legal.
      If you want to stay at home for health reasons, you have every right to, but to order the healthy to shelter-in-place, lockdown their businesses and shut down schools, is a significant abuse of power by this governor.

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