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UC Regent Denounces Obnoxious, Pompous Pro-Hamas Statement by UC Faculty

‘The faculty should renounce their letter and commit to learning more about antisemitism and all forms of hate and how it lives on our campuses’

By Evan Gahr, November 20, 2023 3:10 pm

As the California Globe previously reported University of California Regents Board Chair Richard Leib and Regent Michael Cohen have maintained a cowardly silence about a professor who was threatening violence against “Zionist” journalists and their family.

But on an uplifting note,  another Regent, Jay Sures, has spoken out forcefully against a pompous and morally obtuse letter from University of California faculty that objected to a statement by University of California leaders denouncing the October 7 Hamas massacre of Jews in Israel as terrorism.

The letter from the University of California Ethnic Studies Faculty Council, which represents 300 professors, condemned the University for “irresponsibly” using the word “terrorism” to describe what Hamas did.

The Faculty Council said it “rejects recent UC administrative communications that distort and misrepresent the unfolding genocide of Palestinians in Gaza and thereby contribute to the racist and dehumanizing erasure of Palestinian daily reality.”

Their letter called on the University of California “ to retract its charges of terrorism, to uplift the Palestinian freedom struggle, and to stand against Israel’s war crimes against and ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Palestinian people.”

In his written response Sures, a high-powered Hollywood talent agent, said the statement would not be retracted and did a masterful job at eviscerating Faculty who used grandiose language to excuse the slaughter of Jews. He called the Faculty letter  “appalling and “repugnant.”

“Your letter is rife with falsehoods about Israel and seeks to legitimize and defend the horrific savagery of the Hamas massacre of October 7, ” he wrote to University of California at Merced history professor Sean Malloy, one of the leaders of the Faculty Council. “Simply put, October 7 was the deadliest single day for Jews since the Holocaust.”

“Our statement of condemnation of the October 7 massacre of Israeli civilians  by Hamas was absolutely justified and necessary because terrorism has no place in our world. As human beings we need to condemn it immediately and forcefully without fear of retribution or that some may  be offended. “

Sures then made clear that the faculty statement was an apology for murder and mayhem. “The UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council’s oppostion to the Regents and President’s characterization of Hamas’s attack as as act of ‘terrorism’ intentionally ignores the reality of situation and can be interpreted as a justification of Hamas’ shocking brutality in which babies, children of all ages, the elderly, the disabled and people  from all walks of live were shot, raped , rortured, maimed, mutilated, decapitated and burned alive.”

“These are the facts behind this current conflict, and they are absolutely verifiable and undeniable,” Sures continued. “To whitewash them is a flagrant and willful abdication of your professional responsibility and indeed morality. It is beyond shocking and almost hard to believe that your entire council would stand by your letters falsehoods, inaccuracies and anti-semitic innuendos.”

He said the Faculty letter would only serve to fuel the anti-Semitim already swirling through campuses. “The UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council letter does not come in a vacuum, but at a time when Jewish students across the country, including on all our campuses, are experiencing increasing anti-semitic threats and intimidation. Your blatant and baseless rhetoric feeds into this hostile environment.”

Then he eviscerated the Faculty for hiding behind  Palesitians when they sided with Hamas. “It is even more disturbing that the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council and its signatories have demonstrated no empathy for Jewish life, nor seek to use their platform to advocate constructive paths to improve the situation for Israelis and Palestinians. Instead, your council has willingly chosen to be surrogates and supporters for Hamas’ destructive action.”

Sures then took aim at the pernicious influence of the Faculty Council. “Equally distressing, the UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council includes over 300 faculty across the University system who could very well be the individuals who are teaching and training–essentially shaping–the next generation of students and the next generation of professoriate ethnic studies teachers in our state. The thought that young and impressionable students might be taught the falsehoods of your letter absolutely sickens me.”

After that broadside he called the high minded professors hate mongers.  “The UC was built on a promise that we must all find ways to foster healthy dialogue, empathy and constructive paths to promote change for the betterment of society. Your letter does none of this. In fact, it does the opposite. It perpetuates hate and discrimination.”

Sures concluded by saying the faculty should renounce their letter and “commit to learning more about antisemitism and all forms of hate and how it lives on our campuses where you are tasked and trusted with educating our next generation of students and leaders.”

University of California at Merced Professor Sean Malloy, to whom Sures addressed the letter, did not reply to a request for comment. Neither did other leaders of the University of California Ethnic Studies Faculty Council.

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  1. Interesting how 300 professors can put their heads together to pen a letter and not a single one of them can correctly define the word “genocide”. That’s all I need to know about the sorry state of the UC system.

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