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Newsom Pits Base Against Trump

Gavin Newsom has Released his Second Campaign Ad

By Sean Brown, October 12, 2018 12:32 pm

Former San Francisco mayor, current Lieutenant Governor and now candidate for governor, Gavin Newsom is keeping his campaign trail blazing.

Launching a new ad today, the 51 year old Democrat from the Bay Area is, according to a tweet from his campaign, “not backing down. We will fight for healthcare as a human right, defend our schools against Betsy DeVos and her backwards agenda, and protect our coastlines against destructive oil drilling” Newsom said before adding “See you in November.”

Newsom’s previous ad focused on the “California dream” covering topics such as quality prenatal care, access to high-quality after-school programs and meaningful job opportunities; however, this ad takes aim at President Trump before echoing familiar campaign themes. Healthcare, coastal lands and public school have proven to be a major emphasis for Newsom whose slogan is “Courage for change”, but why not rile-up the base in the state that least favored Trump?

The video begins with a press conference held by Donald Trump presumably talking about immigration where he states “we’re getting no help from the state of California… frankly it’s a disgrace.” Shortly after, Newsom assures viewers that he will protect the American Dream regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status. The latter of the four, representing an issue that has long pitted the Trump Administration and California against each other.

While playing the anti-Trump card may very well be the ticket to success in November, is it not something that has gone unnoticed by Newsom’s Republican Rival John Cox. Cox who is running on #helpisontheway and the #forgottencalifornians has been steadfast to blame Newsom for California’s current faults. Cox has said “Newsom is too busy focusing on Donald Trump that he has forgotten about the Californians in his own state.”

Newsom’s ad comes after the two candidates had their first debate earlier this week. It has already begun to air state wide.

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