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SB 1254 Requiring Greater Care for High-Risk Patients Gathers Governor’s Signature

Pharmacists At Hospitals Will Be Required to Obtain Accurate Medication Profile

By Sean Brown, September 26, 2018 7:15 am

California State Senator Jeff Stone (stone.cssrc.us)

Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 1254 requiring all pharmacists at hospitals to obtain an accurate medication profile for each high-risk patient admitted to that hospital.

This new law that takes effect on January 1, 2019, was introduced and authored by State Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside) in order to increase patient safety. According to the Senator, “Up to 70% of patients have errors on their medication lists or histories when they are admitted to hospitals and up to 59% of these errors have the potential to cause moderate to severe harm.” However, when pharmacists and trained technicians obtained medication lists, in comparison to current standard care, there has been an average of 80% reduction in medication errors. Furthermore, SB 1254 will ensure that medical lists are accurate upon hospital admission for high-risk patients so that pharmacists are less likely to miss an error.

Gathering the signature of the Governor is surely a great accomplishment for the senator, but it will save the California taxpayers an enormous amount of money. While such errors on patient’s medication lists can lead to significant harm to the patients, studies have shown that this problem also costs billions of dollars due to medication-related readmissions and adverse drug events. A front that taxpayers will hopefully see decrease tremendously.

This non-partisan ,measure passed the assembly with 75 ayes, 5 abstentions and the senate with 39 ayes and only 1 abstention.

“This bill will enhance patient safety and reduce physician and hospital liability,” said Senator Stone. “I honestly believe this bill will save lives.”

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