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Gubernatorial Candidate John Cox (middle) Talking With Farmers. (Via johncoxforgovernor)

Underdog Cox Picks Up Another Big Backer

San Joaquin Farm Bureau Endorses Republican for Governor

By Sean Brown, September 18, 2018 4:26 am

Any Republican enters a statewide race in California as an underdog. The state’s registration advantage is so lopsided that Republican John Cox wasn’t even a shoo-in to make the ballot in the top-two primary system. But now that he has, the underdog is waging an energetic campaign to be the next California Governor, and he’s picked up some big supporters along the way.

Coming in a tweet this afternoon, the candidate was “thrilled to earn the endorsement of the San Joaquin Farm Bureau” who stated “John Cox is the best choice for California’s agriculture community.” Cox also included his signature slogan “help is on the way.”

The San Joaquin Farm Bureau is comprised of hundreds of farmers who work together on issues including everything from state tariffs to pest control, and most importantly water regulations. The announcement that they will be supporting Cox this November should be perceived as a shot at Gavin Newsom, as they will undoubtedly set a precedent for farmers statewide.

While President Trump has been Cox’s biggest supporter, it seems as if Cox has been on a recent hot streak in gathering other prominent backers. Just last Friday he picked up the support of San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who said “millions of forgotten Californians face unaffordable housing, struggling schools and the worst poverty rate in the country. It’s time for new ideas to turn Sacramento around, and John Cox is the best choice for the job. He will never stop fighting for our communities.”

Cox is trailing in the polls to rival Newsom; they have just announced their first planned debate for October 8th.

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