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Hypocritical Hollywood Hides from Hunter

Quick to condemn for lesser offenses, the woke left grants First son pass for the n-word

By Joel Brizzee, June 10, 2021 6:26 pm

Joe Biden and Hunter Biden in Pacific Palisades, November 14, 2019. (Photo by Louise Palanker)

We live in a culture in which texting racist things is more abominable than impregnating the widow of your dead brother or having a crack addiction that leads to leaked videos of questionable sexual actions with Chinese prostitutes. However, some people are safe from repercussions from all of the above. Just ask Hunter Biden.

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On Tuesday, text messages were unearthed revealing the President’s son using racist verbiage as he communicated with his white attorney George Messires. One cannot fail to notice the deafening silence from the woke Hollywood elite. The same people who would have gleefully (and rightly) excoriated Donald Trump Jr. if he had ever made such remarks are blissfully unaware that the “smartest man” President Joe Biden has ever met, his son, has been caught using that ugliest of racial epithets. In calling his attorney “N****” and making a vague but pointed reference to “Hennessy rates” and suffering zero consequences, Hunter seems to be enjoying an extra special dose of “White Privilege.”

Bear in mind the way lesser mortals have witnessed the cancellation of their hard-won careers over similar offenses. When country music star Morgan Wallen was filmed using precisely the same slur while out with friends in February, his label instantly dropped him and radio stations across the nation banned him from their airwaves, as did the Billboard Music Awards. Race car driver Kyle Larson was suspended indefinitely from NASCAR and lost all sponsors when the same ugly word squirted out during a virtual race last April.

If there was ever an example of a system that protected a racist, the First Son of the United States not being held accountable surely qualifies. Perhaps his time at Burisma gave him a special status to say what he wants without recourse. Maybe it’s the fact that he is insulated by an activist media that protects progressives while serving as a bullhorn for the DNC.

For the past year we’ve seen nothing out of Hollywood except a preponderance of “Black Lives Matter” messaging. Whether it’s Justin Timberlake providing bail money to rioters during the Black Lives Matter protests last year or the Oscars announcing race requirements for nomination considerations, Hollywood is a non-stop race obsessed community predominantly populated by rich white people. However, it seems appropriate to ask what Black people think of all of this. While the Twitter and other social media accounts of Black Lives Matter L.A. are a ceaseless scroll of calling out racism wherever they see it, it appears that Hunter’s actions do not qualify for even a mention. Black Lives Matter L.A ignored my request for comment when asked what they thought of Hunter Biden’s scandalous texts. This is the same group that has pounced on anyone who doesn’t fall perfectly in line with the critical race theory narrative now being propagated all over our country.

Is there anyone in Hollywood who will have the courage to call Hunter Biden to account for his deeply disturbing language? Who is willing to face cancellation and lead Hollywood out of its inconsistent, hypocritical and myopic existence?

We already know the executives at Hollywood’s largest production companies have sold their souls to the woke and are buying into critical race and gender theories. The higher-ups at Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are more concerned with monetizing Black voices than they are with actually helping the Black community. One merely needs to spend 5 minutes scrolling their apps to see what they promote. However, there must be more actors, executives and producers in Hollywood as well as leaders in the greater Los Angeles area who can take a page from Gina Carano, Kirstie Alley and Caitlyn Jenner’s book and actually speak up. At Los Angeles’ rate of self-cannibalization, what more do these people have to lose?

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13 thoughts on “Hypocritical Hollywood Hides from Hunter

  1. Deeply disturbing language is the LEAST of this vile offspring’s transgressions…

    Front-running for “the big guy” with the ChiComs and the Russians keeps me awake much more than a vile racial epithet….

  2. What happened to the story of the “smartest man’s” gun? You know, where on the federal application he lied on not using drugs? Lying on Federal Firearms forms is a felony! You know the thing!

  3. So,…let me get this straight..You all do not like Hollywood…Is that about right ? Then don’t watch movies or television that is associated with same. You have the right to NOT watch things you do not like…just as we have the right to NOT be oppressed by you’r religious gobbledy-goop….and to NOT have our democratic republic attacked by a group of Fascists…Hunter Biden has a drug problem. He needs help with that . What is the reason behind you’r insanity ? Do you also have a drug problem ? If so, believe me, we want you to get help. If you are simply mentally ill,…we also want you to get help….But if you are just a political (w)hack job…we want something quite different for you. So,…let us review …watch whatever you want…Get help if you are sick,… and keep you’r slimy hands OFF of OUR Constitutional Republic if you are a stinking Fascist. Sound like a good plan ?….WE the People think you had better agree….If you get what I mean here, Der KinderGOPpen . INDEPENDENT voter….WHY ?..Because there are BAD people on BOTH sides ! P.S…How is it ANY of you’r business….or ANYONE else’ for that matter….What Hunter Biden and Beau’s widow do in their private lives? SHAME on you …God does NOT need you’r help….It may very well be something that was discussed between them during the EXTREME hardship of Beau’s death….AGAIN, NONE OF OUR BUSINESS you hosy, self-righteous jerks !

    1. Terrie P. Kully, our republic is being attacked by a group of Fascists and they are called the Democratic Party.

    2. @Terrie P. Kulley
      That is quite an entertaining rant you went on.
      I would suggest you re read the op-ed.
      The main point is the hypocrisy of the Hollywood elites. They will condemn former sorority girls for having a party on a former plantation and cancel all who disagree with them.

      This is about a guy who has been put in compromising positions because of his arrogance and in turn compromises the integrity of our country our national security because his Dad happens to be the big guy in the White House.

      One more thing, you failed to call those who point out the hypocrisy, racists and white supremacists, extra points for getting Fascists and “hosy self righteous in and thanks for not using the N- word( not that N- word), the one that ends in i.

    3. Seems to me you need to take your own unprofessional, extremely important advice and get help. “We” want you to get help!
      P.S….”get help if your sick and keep your slimy hands OFF…..”

    4. @Terrie. P. Kully, Wow you have been triggered. I think you entirely missed the point of the article. Concisely put hypocrisy. Your hyperbolic rant negates any points you attempted to make. Calling people Fascists for simply pointing out and questioning a glaring double-standard demonstrates that you either do not understand the meaning of the word or attempting to intimate the discussion. Either way, you are a fool or just another another tool!

  4. Come on man, if Ol’ Joe says he is the smartest man he knows then that is good enough for the
    self serving, low IQ stooges in Hollywood!
    If they only would have taken the advice of just shut up and sing, dance, act…

    1. Full disclosure…I don’t like Hollywood either…But I just find something to read…or do some OTHER activity…I mean, rather than worry about what other people enjoy doing with their own time…which, of course, is NONE of my business as long as no laws are being broken. AGAIN….It is NONE of ANYBODIES business what others are doing with their private lives …unless some law is being broken. This is ESPECIALLY true when it comes to peoples’ intimate lives…unless you are invited into someones bedroom..it is NONE of you’r business WHAT is going on there…( again with the following the law ) …NO CHILDREN ! NO ANIMALS. !

  5. @Joel Brizzee, this is the first article I have read of yours. Are you a new contributor? Well done and I look forward to reading your future articles.

  6. That was great ! I love it…and of course ,..you are not wrong about the whole hypocrisy thing…It is way too much…on both sides…It is a good point you have all made and I am so happy that this article brought out these comments…Maybe I am just SO sick of the the religious factions pointing out the things that are NOT any of their business. Thank you all again for making me further consider the other aspects of this writing…YES. The hypocrisies are awful…on both sides…..and it is a VERY good article. Please take care and be well ” One Fed up Gal”and others….I also, am fed up…but am thankful to you all ..

  7. you can tell Terry is a die hard democrat. if it was Eric Trump, I bet he would have raged and ranted. Hollywood knows that they have a lot of pull when it comes to politics, so don’t give me that crap because they make it their business when they want to. I wouldn’t doubt it, that some are in cahoots with Jeff Epstein etc.

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