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Schools look very different after returning from Covid-19 lockdowns. (Photo: Halfpoint/Shutterstock)

24 School Districts in 10 California Counties Disregard State School Mask Mandate

‘It’s a huge vindication for what we’ve been saying for months’

By Katy Grimes, February 24, 2022 9:00 am

It started with the Roseville Joint Unified School District. Wednesday, the Clovis, Wheatland and Western Placer school districts joined 22 other school districts to lift the mask mandates still ordered by the state in K-12 schools in California. The parent revolution is real and parents are forcing change.

Jonathan Zachreson, founder of Reopen California Schools, has the Twitter thread: “First, we have @RJUHSD which kicked off the mask choice wave we’re seeing.”

“Clovis was the big deal with 44,000 students,” Zachreson told the Globe Thursday morning. “Roseville was first, then the others followed. And we are hearing of many more.”

Zachreson said he’s been on the phone with school board members all across California over how to lift the mask rules.

“It’s a huge vindication for what we’ve been saying for months. It’s bearing itself out now!”

Attorney Tracy Henderson has been fighting on behalf of parents to fully reopen schools and to end the mask “mandates,” noting that California Department of Public Health has only issued guidances which are non-binding recommendations that schools can disregard by law.

And school districts are disregarding these recommendations.

And school districts throughout the state have not disappointed:

Zachreson noted, “Glad to see @PlacerUnion strengthen the optional part of their mask optional policy today. Their updated policy now reads in bold letters, “The District will not exclude students from class or school for choosing not to mask indoors.” ????”


And then Clovis Union School District, with 44,000 students joined in:

“Two districts in Sacramento county, @GJUESD and Arcohe, will no longer remove students from the classroom who choose not to wear a face mask. ???? ”

This shows just where the masking orders are really coming from:

“The union president for NJUHSD, upset about the district allowing maskless kids to stay in class, said if kids don’t have to wear masks, then he wants to “carry a gun on campus,” say “the F word and N word” to students, and doesn’t think he has to wear a shirt at school.”


A complete listing of California’s School District Mask Enforcement Policy Changes allowing no actions of exclusion is available at Educate Advocate.

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5 thoughts on “24 School Districts in 10 California Counties Disregard State School Mask Mandate

  1. Someone familiar with OSHA laws, made a valid point… When masks are required in industry, there are specific steps OSHA must adhere to: physical exam, supervision by OSHA for proper type and fit among them, as well as hazardous waste disposal. California has always been in violation of OSHA standards, because it’s always been about control and submission at the risk of health and safety.

  2. Good news! Let those dominoes fall! But check out the extremely nasty and hostile NJUHSD union president. Wow. Oh well! Thanks for confirming that it’s the unions behind all of this endless misery for kids. We suspected as much already but keep talking! Maybe we can find out more about how much you are “all about the children.”

  3. In other news, LA County continues to peddle the fear and shift the language to exclude purebloods with natural immunity from indoor activities…
    They can go pound sand…. Ventura County is nicer, anyways….

  4. Just received this by email from Quest Diagnostics. This is the next mandate; compliments of Bill Gates and control freaks like Senator Pan:
    “Now Available: A COVID-19 At-Home Rapid Antigen Test With Virtual Supervision. This test provides convenience, flexibility, and results in 15 minutes for those age 4+. As part of your purchase, you’ll receive online supervision from an eMed telehealth proctor, which may allow you to leverage the test results for travel and events—including current CDC guidelines for travelers returning to the US. Plus, eMed telehealth proctors are available 24/7 so you can test when you want. BUY NOW”

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