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State Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Bill to let 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent Could be Voted on in Assembly This Week

Why are we even having this discussion?

By Katy Grimes, June 6, 2022 9:50 am

The bill to allow children as young as age 12 to take the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent, passed the California State Senate three weeks ago. Senate Bill 866 by Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) may be heard in the Assembly this week.

Why are we even having this discussion? Passing laws interfering with parental rights is unauthorized intervention in a child’s healthcare, and is no business of state lawmakers. There is nothing more insidious than the government wheedling its way in between parents and their children.

Should SB 866 pass, the law would undoubtedly have significant consequences, and possibly dangerous consequences for some kids. Sen. Melissa Melendez, a mother of five, warned about parental concerns over vaccine side effects:

“More importantly, any vaccine can have side effects, sometimes life threatening. That’s why parents are required to furnish information on the child’s medical history, prior allergic reactions, and the child’s overall well- being.”

“Do we believe all 12 year olds will know what they’re allergic to and communicate that to the person administering the vaccine? Do we believe they will be aware of any past reactions to vaccinations received as a toddler?”

California legislators formed a “vaccine working group” earlier this year, claiming they wanted “to facilitate coordinated action and bring thoughtful, comprehensive approach to save lives.”

SB 866 was one of several bills introduced in the Legislature designed to increase vaccinations by Californians aged 18 or younger. However, as the number of COVID-19 cases in California drastically plummeted throughout the first several months of 2022, vaccine legislation efforts quickly lost steam. Support dried up as more scrutiny on the bills exposed mandates and the erosion of parental rights, in many cases.

But Sen. Wiener kept on with SB 866.

The bill would apply to any vaccine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including the COVID-19 vaccine.

Children aren’t allowed to make many decisions for many good reasons, primarily because they are children. Children can’t go to the doctor without a parent. Children aren’t allowed to enroll themselves in school without a parent. Children can’t even sign up for the local soccer team without a parent. They can’t open a bank account without a parent. They cannot drive until age 16. Children can’t vote until age 18. They aren’t even allowed to administer cold medication to themselves at school. So why would ostensibly rational adults allow them to make decisions about taking vaccines at school without a parent’s approval?

The bill never was heard in the Senate Health Committee – only in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Here are the lawmakers who voted to pass SB 866 in the Senate Judiciary Committee: Sen. Maria Elena Durazo, Sen. Lena Gonzalez, Sen. John Laird, Sen. Mike McGuire, Sen. Tom Umberg, Sen. Bob Wieckowski, and the bill’s author – Sen. Scott Wiener. All Democrats.

SB 866 is an assault on the rights of every parent in California.

The Capitol Resource Institute explains:

“SB 866 will eliminate a parent’s right to make decisions for their young pre-teen(s). This bill is another threat to parental rights in California. Parents are already told by school districts and the government to stay out of their child’s education, and now the government wants to eliminate the necessary safeguards that protect minors from the adverse side effects a vaccine may bring.”

And, SB 866 puts children in the untenable position of being extremely susceptible to being pressured to receive vaccines – from peers and school officials.

We don’t let children inject themselves with dangerous, illicit drugs – why would any lawmaker think it is okay to allow children to inject a substance into their bodies without a parent’s consent?

Here’s who voted YES to pass SB 866 in the Senate: Sen. Pres. Pro Tem Toni Atkins, Senators Josh Becker, Steven Bradford, Dave Cortese, Bill Dodd, Maria Elena Durazo, Susan Eggman, Steve Glazer, Lena Gonzalez, Bob Hertzberg, Sydney Kamlager, John Laird, Monique Limón, Mike McGuire, Josh Newman, Richard Pan, Anthony Portantino, Nancy Skinner, Tom Umberg, Bob Wieckowski, Scott Wiener. All Democrats.

Here are the Senators who voted NO on the Senate floor: Republican Senators Andreas Borgeas, Brian Jones,  Melissa Melendez, Jim Nielsen, Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh, Scott Wilk, and Democrat Senators Ben Hueso, Sen. Melissa Hurtado.

Sen. Scott Wiener, SB 866 author says this on his website:

“Existing California law gives minors 12 and older the autonomy to make critical and even life-saving decisions about their own bodies under certain circumstances.

Wiener dubiously says on his website, “This bill does not take away the rights of parents to decide to vaccinate their child. It simply allows children to get vaccinated on their own, without their parents. This bill will encourage more vaccination, not less.”

And Wiener claims, “Even if a teenager desperately wants a vaccine — and even if not being vaccinated prevents a teen from participating in sports and music activities or from seeing friends — a parent can simply refuse to allow the teen to get vaccinated.”

Sen. Scott Wiener is not a parent, yet makes as if the role of the parent is unimportant if a child “desperately wants a vaccine.”

Here are the votes to pass SB 866 in the Assembly Judiciary Committee: Assembly members Richard Bloom, Matt Haney, Ash Kalra, Eloise Gómez Reyes, Robert Rivas, Buffy Wicks. Those Assembly members voting NO: Jordan Cunningham, Laura Davies, Kevin Kiley, Brian Maienschein.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley noted that SB 866 passed the Senate by a single vote. “We will stop this obscene legislation in the Assembly.”

GENup, ProtectUS, and Teens for Vaccines are the sponsors of SB 866. Look them up – share your thoughts. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

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16 thoughts on “Bill to let 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent Could be Voted on in Assembly This Week

  1. Outrage piled upon outrage, courtesy of Sen Scott Wiener, who lost his marbles and his sense of shame a long time ago. It only enables and encourages addiction and doesn’t save lives either, as the addicted tend to stumble out onto the street and overdose and die there. Also adds to the already-unacceptable problem of addicts living on the street as they tend to congregate around the injection sites. What is this supposed to be, in addition to everything else, a state jobs program for people to staff these unholy death chambers? Contact your state assembly rep to VOTE NO on this. SB 57. Please. I know everyone has their hands full but please:

    1. Please forgive me, I was too impulsive! Be sure to contact your state assembly rep about SB 866 too, so we can put a stop this ridiculous bill in the Assembly. Thank you Katy Grimes and Kevin Kiley and so sorry for the impulsivity!

      1. Wiener is a weather underground, WEF evil pervert psychopath.
        Wiener should be in a mental ward not government.

        How can we drag wiener and Pan out for the children sake?

        1. History, and not too far in the future, will show these legislators and the governor, guilty of crimes against humanity. They are after the children–we need to be in the way!

  2. this all about the road to COMMUNITY raising children and breaking up of family.

    Seems parents cannot have a say in certain child’s upbringing or being hidden from their view by others.
    The responsibility of child seems to be gov’t according to these people.

  3. Wiener is sick. He’s actually wants to promote drag queen shows for children. He needs help and is clearly unfit for any office.

    Senator Scott Wiener
    This guy just gave me a bill idea:

    Offering Drag Queen 101 as part of the K-12 curriculum. Attending Drag Queen Story Time will satisfy the requirement.

  4. It’s all part of the Commucrat agenda “we own your kids, not you, the parents”.

    So if a child has a medical condition that would result in injury from the vaccination, and the child is coerced into the vaccine, who’s going to take responsibility for that?

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