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Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Photo: Barbara Ferrer Twitter)

BREAKING: LA Doctor Warns County Will Close Schools Again For Even One ‘Case’ of COVID

‘This is a battle of fact versus a misguided agenda’

By Katy Grimes, July 28, 2021 3:34 pm

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health just reinstated a full indoor mask mandate for everyone – no exemptions – effective Saturday. And, County Public Health Official Dr. Barbara Ferrer appears to be planning to close down/lockdown Los Angeles County schools again.

This latest LA County Department of Public Health Update shows the new guidance for schools:

LA County Department of Public Health Update. (Photo: publichealth.lacounty.gov)

Los Angeles physician Dr. Houman David Hemmati spoke with the Globe Wednesday about these seemingly arbitrary orders and the impact to children and families.

“This is a battle of fact versus misguided agenda,” Dr. Hemmati said. He and his wife, who is also a physician, are parents of a school aged child. Dr. Hemmati said his wife is fed up and wants all of these politicians and public health officials out – from the Governor down to Dr. Ferrer. And she’s not alone.

Dr. Hemmati sent Dr. Ferrer an email expressing his concerns, as well as telling Dr. Ferrer that he led the group of several hundred LA County healthcare professionals calling for schools to reopen full time.

In part, Dr. Hemmati’s open letter read:

As licensed healthcare professionals working in Los Angeles County, we recognize recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and are in full agreement with the large group of UCSF health professionals in San Francisco who recently called for full reopening of schools.

Children are being harmed psychologically by school closures. CDC reported that compared to 2019, the proportion of pediatric emergency visits due to mental health issues in 2020 increased by 24% among children ages 5 to 11 and by 31% for children ages 12 to 17.

Prolonged school closure is contributing to social isolation among children and adolescents.  It is taking a heavy toll on their mental health and well-being. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic may be associated with increased rates of suicidal ideation among youth, ages 11-21.

Numerous national and international studies have demonstrated that schools are not major sources of COVID-19 spread. In fact, infections in schools largely reflect existing community prevalence. Because case rates in schools match community transmission rates, reopening schools has not been shown to put teachers at additional risk.

Dr. Hemmati’s concerns remain much the same, only now he says the new guidance on schools says so much as a single “case” of COVID can close the entire school and force everyone into quarantine.

“We are forcing asymptomatic people to get tested. If we close the schools, those kids will be out in the community, rather than in school,” Dr. Hemmati said. “There is significant data in the United States indicating COVID prevalence is no higher among high school students and teachers who returned to campus compared with community matched prevalence rates. Young children are not the primary drivers of COVID-19 transmission. In addition, children are generally not at risk of severe health consequences from COVID-19.”

“Parents cannot plan for this,” he added.

Dr. Hemmati said when looking at the data throughout the country, “Los Angeles County has minuscule cases compared to Florida or other states. We have 1/50th the ‘cases’,” he said. “For us to take such draconian measures is suspect.”

Here are the latest LA County Public Health Department school guidelines:

❑ Required: After identifying 1 confirmed COVID-19 case (student or employee), the School Compliance Officer instructs the case to follow Home Isolation Instructions for COVID-19 (ph.lacounty.gov/ covidisolation). NOTE: a confirmed COVID-19 case is an individual who has a positive COVID-19 test.

❑ Required: School Compliance Officer provides a copy of the Public Health Emergency Isolation Order and informs the case that DPH will contact the case directly through the DPH Case and Contact InvestigationProgram to collect additional information and issue the Health Officer Order for Case Isolation.

Dr. Hemmati and Dr. Barbara Ferrer had an email exchange about this new guidance. This is Dr. Hematti’s message to Barbara Ferrer:

Notably, Dr. Ferrer responds, touting that her “actions” are usually followed by the state and CDC. “I do what I want and the CDC and the State follow me,” Dr. Hemmati said of Ferrer’s message:


Dr. Ferrer has been widely criticized for ignoring actual science and data, and taking extreme measures – seemingly arbitrarily. With only 1/50th of the new “cases” of other states, her latest “guidelines” would appear to be Dr. Ferrer is enjoying her unchecked authority.

However, if Gov. Gavin Newsom would give up his emergency powers, it would also serve to remove Dr. Ferrer’s.

Here are the 7-Day Moving Averages for Los Angeles County:

7 Day Moving Averages
Los Angeles County, California
Fri Jan 01 2021 – Sun Jul 25 2021. (Photo: CDC)

Here are the 7-Day Moving Averages for Palm Beach County, Florida:

7 Day Moving Averages
Palm Beach County, Florida
Fri Jan 01 2021 – Sun Jul 25 2021. (Photo: CDC)


Dr. Hemmati’s and the hundreds of medical professionals’ open letter does a far better job of explaining the science, data and actual risk:

“Opening schools may lead to some degree of spread. However, case increases would be modest based on the data and unlikely to lead to large amounts of critical illness.  The evidence shows these effects will be more than counterbalanced by the benefits to children, parents, and teachers of getting schools reopened.”

The letter was signed by hundreds of actual medical professionals. This is just a sample:


As for the mandatory mask mandate, this Biomedical engineering/cardiovascular biomechanics dude has it right:

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38 thoughts on “BREAKING: LA Doctor Warns County Will Close Schools Again For Even One ‘Case’ of COVID

  1. This is an EVIL woman…to give this diabolical woman this much power is beyond pale….folks such as her have no place in office.

    1. At some point, I think we have to recognize that she’s probably an intelligence asset and doing her job. Corona is a huge intelligence operation/psyop – the conspiracy is so much bigger than people are willing to entertain. Los Angeles County is full of intelligence agents holding public office – Garcetti is even acknowledged to be Naval Intelligence. What do intelligence agencies do? Lie. In the case of Los Angeles, it’s about influencing all the workers in the entertainment industry which sets the national narrative. Going back, the Woolsey fire and Paradise fire (which were not natural) makes sense because they psychologically prepared the public for the mask psyop (especially among key workers in the Bay Area tech industry).

      Unless we call this thing out for the intelligence operation it so obviously is and analyze it as such, we won’t understand it or be able to push back. This means recognizing the intelligence control of media and politicians. Arguing medical science is pointless because the junk science disinformation put out by the intelligence agencies (this includes professional pieces of disinformation published as propaganda in scientific journals whose editors are controlled by the intelligence agencies) plays into the psychological flaws and biases of the medical profession.

      But if you bring up the intelligence agencies and their $80 Billion dollar budget and $200 Billion dollar black budget, the public has been trained to bleat “conspiracy theory.” What do all these assets do? Bake cookies? No – the pull of things like this whole Corona hoax planned decades in advance to further their agendas – and given 9/11, I doubt this is in the public interest or your own health and welfare. Nobody demanded a real 9/11 investigation, so what hope is there for accountability regarding this psyop?

      1. We did not get a hearing, much less a commission, into what happened in W. Bush’s Gulf War 2. Obama had the House and Senate. Nothing.

        I did watch the hearing the House Republicans had on the orgins of Covid (no Democrats showed up). Prof Muller from Cal Berkeley (who sides with those who say Covid was lab-designed) stated that he had numerous colleages who acknowledged the evidence but absolutely would not say anything that could benefit Trump and would not participate in a hearing just because it was Republicans.

      2. I hope you people who read this KNOW YOU ARE ALL INSANE. Covid case go up, more people get sick INCLUDING kids who are NOT vaccinated, so schools should close. A class of 34 students packed together in a classroom with no social distancing will spread Covid. Kids are NOT safer at school. Most kids made it through distance learning just fine. How many more people need to die because YOU PEOPLE won’t get vaccinated or wear masks…all of you should move to Georgia and then the rest of the REAL Americans could put a fence around that “so called state”….you can live with your own kind.

  2. This woman, L.A. County health officer and fake doctor Barbara Ferrer, lost her marbles from being a power-mad SJW some time ago. Like 16 months ago. (Maybe longer, we didn’t know her before her current reign of terror.) This is completely crazy, it’s like something out of a horror movie, SHE’S like something out of a horror movie. Good for these solid-as-a-rock doctors and God bless them for speaking up and publicizing what they have to say and confronting her nonsense, and God bless Katy Grimes as usual for writing about them so we know who they are and what they have done, but all Fake Doctor Ferrer knows how to do is answer like a robot while saying nothing; she always has, and she always will. That her powers end if Newsom’s powers end is all the more reason to Recall Newsom. VOTE YES! This insanity has gone on long enough.

  3. Katy, would you please stop posting that picture of Barbara Ferrer. It gives me nightmares right before bed. But thank you for another great article!

        1. AND – she is NOT a medical doctor!!!! That’s why she hesitates when answering and looks at a REAL doctor and then repeats their statement!!! She’s NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey John, I kinda LIKE the photo. Gets me in the mood for carving pumpkins for the trick-or-treating kids on Halloween, the one last festival we should be so lucky as to be allowed to celebrate in this state. Maybe? 🙂

      1. Showandtell, we should be able to have Halloween as it looks like the mask mandates are coming back. And all the kids will be wearing masks! I think my costume will be Barbara Ferrer in drag as I hand out candy. That will be enough to scare the liberal parents in my neighborhood! Maybe even the few conservatives too!

        1. John, you are funny. It’s a pleasure. Have a wonderful day and by Halloween who knows what will have happened in California? Knock wood. 🙂

  4. Neanderthals
    Do you really expect to ever beat the statistics of large numbers. The numbers have spoken, you got an average jab response result, not dutiful high percentage jab compliance.
    Even if mandatory and Blitzkriegs are imposed it will take a generation of “Brown Shirt -Climate Corp” goons to run down whomever for jabs and six month boosters…..
    You’re arm will be wore out-

  5. This was posted before, and i bears repeating:

    We’re reminded of what Maggie Smith’s character Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abby had to say about the the types of people we’re seeing here. It goes something like this:

    “That’s what happens when you give too much power to little people. It goes to their heads and they don’t know how to handle it.”

    I would say this:

    “Power is best used when used sparingly.”

    These people don’t know that.

    Neither do they know this either, this time from 1492, where Armand Assante’s nobleman character Sanchez starts to refill an influential and self important clergyman’s glass, then suddenly stops:

    “Funny thing about power. It’s so easily granted. And just as easily taken away.”

    These people are in for a surprise.

    Just a thought.


  6. Every single time they point out that children are not the “drivers” of an “epidemic,” they end up proving there is no pandemic or new infectious virus out there. It’s a bedrock axiom of epidemiology that novel infectious agents in a population (aside from venereal transmission) disproportionately impact children because their immune systems are still developing and they have a smaller “library” of antibodies. For children not to get sick but only elderly – that’s not an infectious disease. It simply can’t be. I don’t understand how these public health experts can be so willfully blind to the basic principles of their own profession. Old people get sick and come down with pneumonia all the time due to numerous triggers because their frail bodies are giving out. Just relabeling this phenomenon as a “new disease” and backing it up with a bogus test that has never been validated against a real pathogen is mass-delusion.

    Perhaps this “doctor” is getting off on the power trip, but really what you’re seeing is an application of the Stanley Milgram experiment: well-educated professionals will kill other people and follow any instructions as long as the guidelines come from an authority figure – such as crony CDC guidelines or a standard-of-care flowchart. There is no critical thinking.

    Although there is no evidence SARS-Cov2 causes nonspecific “respiratory syndrome” or that it even exists, there is ample evidence that it causes mental retardation in 9 out of 10 professionals who have heard about it.

  7. Last wake up notice to “Los Angeles County Public Health Director” Dr. Barbara Ferrer:

    ~You are being used as puppets right now

    ~This can all stop if county by county, city by city, we stop all of this nonsense.

    ~Children’s Blood is going to be on your hands if this does not stop.

    ~We the people can not be bought, join our side, the non liars side. Continue to be a zero or choose right now to be a whistle blower/hero.

    ~The only “one case” may be yours. The case of “The school children of CA vs Barbara Ferrer” for crimes against humanity.

    ~This is YOUR warning. Come clean before it is too late for your own freedom.
    Fraud is a felony. “Fraud is misrepresentation of information for gain.” The fraud will not reach fruition. No matter how many Bill Gates billions have been spent or are earmarked for future lunacy or how many millions Biden wants to bribe each county and school with. The plandemic to control all of humanity is on the end because public awareness is on the rise. We outnumber the cult, we are on to them, and we no longer comply with these global predators.

    ~QUIT LYING To the public now.

    ~The EVIDENCE (not the controlled media’s claims) shows there is no state of emergency/peril.

    ~The pcr test is the basis for the so called covid “cases”. That test is not even a test and the inventor warned Fraudulent Fauci to stop misusing it to diagnose people 40 years ago. It is an amplification process. It is very useful to amplify teeny bits of material such as a blood drop found in a crime scene to match the DNA in the blood drop to a perpetrator. Look up the inventor of this test-Kerry Mullis. This test -not testing for any virus-has already been proven in court to be fraud when used to “test for covid” in the courts in Portugal. Similar cases are pending around the world. Depending upon the calibration cycle it is set to-anybody or even any object-a piece of fruit- can test “positive”. Even the CDC admitted the cycles were set higher for the “unvaccinated”. No reliable test = No cases.

    ~How many masks did a billion dollars buy? (How else could we have spent that money?) How many of the billion dollar’s worth of masks that Newsom purchased were tested for graphene oxide? Even Canada got rid of those masks. The masks should be a concern for a “health director”. It should concern a health director to make sure that nobody is wearing one of those masks. https://www.letthembreathe.net/

    ~Asymptomatic people do not make others sick.
    Follow the science and stop following the pseudo science.
    Prove to the public, with a case where a healthy person made another person sick.
    Prove that the virus in question-“from Wuhan”-that has never even been proven to exist-or that a variant of that same virus-“the Delta virus” (lol) -is infecting a single person and has made that person so sick that their lives -and their bodies-need to be under the governments control-to “slow the spread” to the rest of the entire world.
    ~No longer do China style 24/7/365 hyped up claims coming out of the radio/TV/newspapers & internet and signage posted everywhere carry any threat to us.

    ~You are not above the law.

    ~Just quit parroting other’s propaganda.

    ~You can at any time do the right thing,

    ~Re-join humanity now before it is too late.

    1. Exactly, the CDC just admitted that the PCR test doesn’t work, so why are they using the test? (every week on children) Graphene oxide is on the swabs.
      The border is overrun with people sick with this new strain that are being released into the country.
      The vaccine is causing the “variants”.
      They do not care if children die, in fact this seems to be their preference.
      Defund the public system, pull your kids out. They are nothing more than brainwashing camps that specialize in child abuse.
      Teachers need to stop paying the dues and defund the unions. The teachers unions just funneled 2.1 million to Newsom.

    2. What is weird is how Kerry Mullis died–of a respiratory virus–a few months before this all broke out. I did not see it reported at the time. He was a reasonably healthy man I believe 68, a surfer who swam in the ocean. His privately held company was researching respiratory viruses.
      It takes a bit of searching but look for his video where he tears Fauci apart–this is prior to Covid–and states that Fauci is afraid to face him in a public forum. None of this was ever in the corporate media-what is being shown to us is fake news.
      Search for Dr. Malone who INVENTED the mRNA technique and for Dr. Peter McCullough, the “most published” MD in his field, he’s only a professor of medicine who also has a daily practive. Somehow the Commonwealth Clud of California affored him a platform I think the presentation is still on Youtube. Pure logic and clarity.

  8. That one case is on its way from the border along with hundreds more. LA is a wasteland until they stand against this kind of tyranny.

  9. Tried to look this woman up on wikipedia to show wife how she isn’t a medical doctor. They removed her wiki page, probably from too many finding the truth about this woman. Dr. Robert Malone the discoverer and investigator of mRNA has also been scrubbed. the coverup continues.

  10. I am convinced that this harpy is the earth beast from the Book of Revelation. Lockdowns and school closures are what happens when you give power to SJWs who believe they are God. This creature is fueled by demonic power. But as long as there are so many sheep out there willing to follow any mandate in the name of being “safe,” nothing will change. Fear is more powerful than iron shackles. See the sign post up ahead? We are entering the Twilight Zone.

    1. Hospitalizations have increased 10 fold in LA. Do you understand the concept of exponential growth. Actually, “sheep” have brains that follow science and medicine. We had the power to bring the virus to a halt and there are those who are still clamoring that vaccines are experimental, which they technically are. However, when literally billions of people have taken vaccines around the world, and as far as I know, no one has grown horns. I think they’re pretty safe, TinFoil people.

  11. Here’s another case of someone who has too much time on their hands. Make up a fake story and run with it for publicity’s sake. They’re taking your guns away as well, right? How about just telling everyone to vaccinate. That would be a much better use of everyone’s time!

  12. Hospitalizations have increased 10 fold in LA. Do you understand the concept of exponential growth. Actually, “sheep” have brains that follow science and medicine. We had the power to bring the virus to a halt and there are those who are still clamoring that vaccines are experimental, which they technically are. However, when literally billions of people have taken vaccines around the world, and as far as I know, no one has grown horns. I think they’re safe TinFoil people.

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