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California Anti-Trump, Anti-Republicans Pressuring Moderate Republicans to Impeach

‘By any means necessary’ was once reserved for the most extreme radicals

By Katy Grimes, January 27, 2020 8:35 am

‘Our nation is suffering from self-inflicted wounds that will fester uncontrollably until Donald Trump and Trumpism are defeated. This is our mission and our duty.’  ~The Lincoln Project


After California Globe covered the recent Sacramento Press Club for Capitol media on “How to Beat Trump in 2020,”where political consultant and strategist Mike Madrid was introduced as “Republican” and “outspokenly anti-Trump,” his activities have spoken more loudly than just “anti-Trump.”

The virulently anti-Donald Trump Republican Strategist Mike Madrid, and his cohorts in the Lincoln Project are now turning their attention and money to moderate Republicans. 

And they are doing it with federal money, which doesn’t have the same disclosure requirements as California requires. As CaTargetBot posted on Twitter, “#NeverTrump The Lincoln Project drops another $15,498 on digital production and ad buys opposing Susan Collins in #MESEN, with all of it paid out to Summit Strategic Communications, owned and operated by The Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen.”

In December, Two Republican groups seeking President Trump’s removal increased the pressure on moderate congressional Republicans, including Maine’s Sen. Susan Collins, as the impeachment process heads toward a Senate trial, the Press Herald reported. “A new ad released this week by the Republicans for the Rule of Law wants the Senate to allow witnesses to be called during the trial and urges voters to “Call Sen. Collins and tell her these witnesses must testify.”

Madrid helped launch the Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump effort started by George Conway (husband of Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway) to convince Conservatives to vote against the president in November.

The Lincoln Project mission is to “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box” (emphasis, theirs). “This is our mission and our duty,” they say on their website.

Madrid’s group is apparently just anti-Republican now.

Ironically, Madrid was a past executive director for the California GOP and promoted Republican candidates whose politics and policies today he claims are racist, and white nationalistic. His Twitter feed demonstrates this.

Madrid is melodramatic on Twitter, and frequently fights with Republicans in his Tweets: “Let’s make this really clear – if you work for a candidate, office holder or party that supports Trump you are working for the nationalist xenophobic vision he’s advocating for. The way you create a post Trump party is be speaking out against it – not being quiet. Follow?”

Madrid, who is frequently identified by the media as “Republican Consultant,” weirdly was the 2018 political consultant for California Gubernatorial Democratic candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, and regularly went on the attack of both Republican candidates John Cox and Travis Allen. Notably, Madrid hasn’t run a campaign since Villaraigosa did not make it past the primary. Many questioned his decision to represent Villaraigosa.

But Madrid wasn’t always such an anti-Republican Republican consultant. In the 1990’s Madrid represented plenty of Republican candidates, including Republican Assembly candidate John Geranios running in the 43rd Assembly District in 1996. “I’m the absolute dream candidate for this district,” Geranios enthusiastically explains, the LA Times reported. “I’m a perfect match for the values of the voters here. . . . I’m fiscally conservative and I’m anti-illegal immigration.”

Geranios and Madrid were anti-illegal immigration. Madrid supported the 1994 Proposition 187 and promoted candidates who supported the measure. Prop. 187 proposed to make immigrants residing in the country illegally ineligible for public social services, public health care services, and all levels of public education. Prop. 187 passed 59% to 41%.

Prop. 187 supporters’ concerns were economic, and voted for passage saying the state could not afford to provide social services for so many people who had entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas. This has proven to be true.

Madrid joined USC/Dornsife as a Center Fellow, as an “Expert in Latino Voting Trends.”

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