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California Backlash over Order Not to Charge Electric Vehicles During Heatwave

Electric car and zero emissions supporters say car buyers looking elsewhere

By Evan Symon, September 2, 2022 2:29 am

The announcement by the California Independent System Operator (Cal ISO) on Wednesday asking California residents not to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours to help conserve electricity continued to face backlash on Thursday, due to the state approving a ban on the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035 only a week earlier.

Since September of 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom has pushed for the state to adopt a new policy eliminating the sale of new gas powered vehicles by 2035 to help meet 2045 zero carbon climate goals. At the same time, the power supply in California has been in a state of constant flux due to the same 2045 policy removing oil, gas, and coal plants at a rate faster than wind, solar, hydro, and other renewable sources of energy can replace them. On Thursday, a huge 9% loss of energy in 2025 was averted by the legislature passing a bill saving Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Station for several more years as a bridge to help meet power needs in the state.

However, the mix of strained power supplies and a major heat wave occurring throughout the West this week and into the next week caused Cal ISO to ask Californians to not use electricity in large amounts between 4 P.M. and 9 P.M. In particular, they asked residents to voluntarily reduce their power consumption by avoiding using large appliances and charging electric vehicles during peak usage hours of 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. While many agree with using less power during these times, the inclusion of ‘charging electric vehicles’ has brought considerable criticism due to California just passing through the 2035 new gas powered car sale ban.

Within California, many who opposed the 2035 ban quickly pointed out all the flaws leading to electric cars being praised one day then the state asking people not to charge them the next.

“This is a glimpse into America’s future. It certainly is a glimpse into one path,” said former California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore on Thursday. ” I would argue it’s the wrong path, but look at this issue with the electric vehicles. I think it’s very interesting that California only has 600,000 electric vehicles on the road today out of about 20 million or so operational. If they ban internal combustion engines, you’re looking at about 2 million new electric vehicles a year and they can’t even handle 600,000. You’re looking at about 14% of California’s grid dedicated to electric vehicles when people come home from working. And if all those cars charge at the same time, that’s about one-seventh of what the grid is requiring to operate in those evening hours where things are real tight. I think we’re getting a glimpse into the future if we go all-electric and people are just constantly underestimating the enormous amount of electricity needed to make this happen.”

Nationally, California was also ridiculed by many prominent lawmakers, including House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) who tweeted out that “California is now telling people to ‘avoid using large appliances and charging electric vehicles’ from 4-9pm. This from the same state that’s going to force everyone to buy electric cars by 2035. This is what Democrat control looks like—and they want it nationwide. What a joke.”

Many concerned with Cal ISO announcement

While electric car and zero emissions supporters have pointed out that these are just temporary measures during the heat wave and that California’s power supply will be in much better shape in the coming years, the Cal ISO announcement have left more in doubt of the plan. In a Globe interview, Stephen Ruiz, a car seller and buyer who focuses on hybrid and electric vehicles, noted the change in buyers questions in the last several days.

“You know, the last few days have brought up questions I never thought I’d hear before,” explained Ruiz. “Before the pandemic until a few days ago, people were really gung ho about these cars. The gas price rise brought even more people out and, just like dealerships and other buyers, I had a long list of people waiting for any electric or hybrid to come on the market. A used RAV 4 I got literally had a bidding war going over it, including bids coming from Toyota dealerships. That’s how crazy it was.

“Now, when I e-mail and call people of electric cars I have in, they aren’t snapping at them, and the reason they have given was this flex alert thing. Many think it’s permanent, but even after I tell them it’s temporary and voluntary, they still got pretty wary. Because gas, you can get that anytime. But if they keep having these charging fluxes, it could really cause a long-term wrinkle.

“Hybrids are still very popular because they still require gas to run, but it switches over to electric. You know, best of both worlds. But the state is insistent on straight electric, and, well, you can see the problems. If we don’t get more power coming in, you know, this could be disastrous for California. It’s great thinking ahead, but not when you are actively destroying peoples lives.”

More days of Cal ISO asking residents to not charge electric vehicles during certain times is expected in the coming days.

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Evan Symon
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35 thoughts on “California Backlash over Order Not to Charge Electric Vehicles During Heatwave

  1. Wow! A recent report says that 95% of all electric cars are still on the road! The other 5% made it home!

  2. “It’s great thinking ahead, but not when you are actively destroying people’s lives.”
    LOL. Probably the most important sentence in this entire article.

  3. There were reports two hot days ago that in Pasadena EVs were lined up at public charging stations during the so-called “flex alert” order. I’m speculating that it wasn’t just “selfishness” but also fear, because a huge fire and evacuations orders at Lake Castaic and a lesser one in the hills above Azusa reminded San Gabriel Valley residents and EV owners to think, during CA fire season, that they, too, might have to evacuate at a moment’s notice.
    There is nothing quite like packing a “go-bag” in 110 degree temps under looming evacuation orders —- and trying to decide what of your life to take or to leave behind —- to concentrate the mind. As many of you know. Can’t even imagine what that would be like if I were saddled with an EV that, even when charged, is going to quickly lose its charge in the stop-and-go traffic on the road as people evacuate. And don’t turn on the AC!

  4. There are probably no power outages at Gov. Newsom’s mansion or at the mansions of Democrats in the legislature during heat waves? Where’s the equity for the Democrat party elite?

    1. Nor power outages at the Getty Family mansions. Nor power or water shortages at Gavin Newsom-Getty’s many wineries.
      san fran “royalty” stick together

  5. Maybe they can offer a discount on the ‘obsolete’ high speed rail ($105 billion) to nowhere
    ‘Canada Might Be Getting a 1,000 kph Vacuum Tube Train’ ($18 billion) cnn.com

  6. All of this pointless misery to *supposedly* “save the planet from warming 1.5 degrees”? We know it won’t make a difference in controlling “climate change” but I gotta tell ya, it’s been 104° and if were 106.5° it’s still hot and none of the mandated conservation, none of the billions of dollars spent has changed a thing. I believe elected political representatives OWE THE PEOPLE NOW, not the earth’s future. The earth has taken care of itself for billions of years without billions of dollars. PEOPLE deserve inexpensive, efficient, RELIABLE energy NOW.

  7. I predicted this exact same thing over 10 years ago. There just is not enough juice to even partially replace gasoline even without shutting down all the fossil fuel plants. And be advised, If they tree huggers get their way it won’t be “ASKING” not to charge when you get home, either. They will be killing the power altogether during peek demand times 3 days a week on a rolling basis because there is no way windmills and batteries are EVER going to be able to take up the slack,,,,,, and it;s too late to build enough Nuclear plants to meet their inane deadlines to outlaw gasoline.

    Don’t worry, though. These kind of shortages are not ever going to happen in most of the rest of the country. You know why? It’s because most of us are not stupid enough to fall for the pie in the sky EV and “man made climate change” horse crap. (BTW, Even at 5 bucks a gallon we still keep driving our gas cars. The the NWO Marxists are falling flat on their commie faces. )

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back,,,,,and keep it this time.

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