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California Every Kid Counts Act

The Student Aid Commission implements and administers the Every Kid Counts College Savings Program

By Chris Micheli, July 15, 2022 4:42 pm

California has a number of formal acts in statute. Government Code Title 19 provides the Every Kid Counts Act, which is contained in Sections 99100 to 99109. Title 19 was added in 2017 by Chapter 23. Section 99100 names the EKC Act.

Section 99101 provides three legislative findings and declarations, including that college enrollment among low-income students has risen but significantly lags behind the enrollment of middle- and high-income students. In addition, recent pilot programs in California and throughout the nation have proven that low-income people can save if they have incentives and mechanisms encouraging them to do so.

Section 99102 established the Every Kid Counts (EKC) College Savings Program. The Student Aid Commission implements and administers a grant program that supports local governments and other entities that sponsor one or more comprehensive citywide or regional children’s savings account programs to help families, especially low-income families with young children, establish and maintain college savings accounts.

In addition, the commission is required to distribute grants to qualifying entities based on how many of these entities are eligible to receive grants, the amount of available funding to award grants under the Every Kid Counts (EKC) College Savings Program, the number of students that each participating entity intends to serve under the program, and the percentage of low-income families residing in the community served by each participating entity.

The amount of each grant award to a participating entity is required to be, at minimum, $100,000. A qualifying entity is required to meet specified requirements in order to receive a grant under this title. Funding allocated to participating entities pursuant to this title may be used for specified purposes. The commission is required to adopt, as necessary, application procedures, forms, administrative guidelines, and other requirements for purposes of implementing and administering the Every Kid Counts (EKC) College Savings Program.

Section 99106 requires the commission to adopt regulations as it deems necessary to implement and administer this title. Section 99108 authorizes the commission to use up to 3 percent of any legislative appropriation for this part for administration of the program.

Section 99109 authorizes the commission may, in implementing and administering this title, consider whether and how proposed actions allow for rigorous evaluation, such as through experimental or quasi-experimental methods, of the effects of a program established pursuant to this title, including whether the program causes certain activities.

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