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AAA gas prices. (Photo:screen capture. gasprices.aaa.com)

California Gas Prices Surging Above $4.00 Per Gallon. Again.

‘If you like your car, you can keep your car’ could become the big government fib of 2021

By Katy Grimes, May 3, 2021 2:16 am

After filling up my gas tank Sunday, I was stunned at the total – $92.79. That’s because gas prices in California are rapidly climbing again, as they did in 2019. Sunday’s gas was $4.19 for Regular Unleaded, $4.29 for Unleaded, and $4.39 for Premium at a gas station in the City of Sacramento.

AAA shows the national average gas price is $2.90 and California’s average is $4.04. Ouch.

Adding insult to injury is California’s special blend of gas, which changes twice a year, from a winter formula to a summer formula.

And, when voters voted down Proposition 6 in 2018, they essentially approved more future gas tax increases. A YES vote would have repealed the gas tax imposed by the California Legislature in 2017. A NO vote approved more gas tax increases.

“The price in the most-expensive U.S. fuel market is up about 10 cents over the last month, according to AAA, amid a rally in crude oil and expanding fuel demand nationwide, Yahoo/Bloomberg reported. “Gasoline consumption across the country is on track for its third straight monthly increase, which which would be the longest streak since last summer, Energy Information Administration figures showed.”

California’s nearest neighbor Nevada, is selling gas at $3.71 for unleaded. Premium unleaded in Nevada is $3.886 – a far cry from California’s $4.39 premium per gallon.

A road trip in Texas would cost only $2.88 for unleaded, and $2.80 for diesel.

New York unleaded, usually high, is $2.94 per gallon.

The bulk of California’s high gas prices are a result of the most stringent regulations for gas in the nation, imposed by the California Air Resources Board under the guise of lowering the state’s greenhouse gas emissions, and explained in recent California Globe articles. This leads to very few refineries willing to produce gasoline for the state, driving gas costs up.

Additionally, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an executive order under his COVID emergency powers in 2020 requiring sales of all new passenger vehicles to be zero-emission by 2035 and “additional measures to eliminate harmful emissions from the transportation sector,” as the Globe reported

For his dubious executive order, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley and Assemblyman James Gallagher filed a lawsuit against the governor for exceeding his emergency powers: “A California Governor is constitutionally forbidden from doing the very thing Gov. Newsom has done here: exercise legislative powers;


“Contrary to the Governor’s claim, the Emergency Services Act does not and could not inaugurate an autocracy in the State of California. Such a wild misapprehension of his own authority is precisely why this case demands a resolution on the merits.”

In September 2020, the Globe reported:

In a Tweet, Newsom said: “We’re experiencing a climate CRISIS. Transportation is responsible for over 50% of CA’s greenhouse gas emissions. It’s time to be as bold as the problem is big. Today we announced that by 2035 every new car sold in CA will be an emission free vehicle.”

Gov. Newsom’s 2020 order allows the California Air Resources Board to develop new passenger vehicle and truck regulations requiring increasing volumes of new zero-emission vehicles sold, as well as developing new regulations affecting medium-and heavy-duty vehicles, and to develop strategies with state, federal and local entities to achieve 100 percent zero-emission from off-road vehicles and equipment operations in the State by 2035, Chris Micheli reported at the Globe.

Yet California contributes less than 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, so even if we were to reduce all our greenhouse gas emissions, that is not ultimately going to be the answer to climate change,” Tiffany Roberts, Western States Petroleum Association’s Director of Legislative & Regulatory Policy repeatedly explains. “What IS important is that we have policies in place that recognize there needs to be a balance between environmental integrity and economic vitality.”

Scarily in-tuned with California’s insane “climate” policies, Michael Shellenberger, best-selling author of “Apocalypse Never,” Tweeted in 2020: “California’s bet on renewables, & its shunning of natural gas & nuclear, is directly responsible for the state’s blackouts and high electricity prices.”

It’s gonna be a long hot summer.

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18 thoughts on “California Gas Prices Surging Above $4.00 Per Gallon. Again.

  1. The Biden administration has declared war on the oil/gas industry. Closing new AND existing pipelines is adding to both unemployment for the workers and the price of oil/gas nationwide. The so-called Green New Deal is just another way to introduce their social change agenda. California leads the nation in this war on the working class. The burden of their policies always falls on the middle, working class.

    1. There will be a domino effect on the California economy. Since people will drive less, they will curtail travel during the summer months and the areas that rely on visitors will take an economic hit in addition to the business loss during the pandemic lock down. Food prices will increase because truckers will pass on the cost of fuel to the consumers, and so forth and so on…Voters need to start waking up to the reality of blindly supporting a PARTY instead of what is best for the PEOPLE.

      1. food prices are on the rise an have been for a while do you know how many farms or small businesses have closed in the last 4 years.. prices are going up cause demand is going up without the old supply …do you know how much food we sale to other countrys when america has starving people …….gas price were the lowest under 2$ in april 2020 due to huge amounts of supply refineries lowed production prices started to rise back to normal prices now demand is higher prices are higher …

  2. Stupid policy upon stupid policy upon stupid policy, with the usual corruption and sleight-of-hand thrown in, that can all be traced back to Gov Gav & the Gang, is seriously coming home to roost now. (And fire season has begun down here in SoCal in APRIL, thank you very much. Probably in Central and Northern California, too.)
    Hoping for a ruling very soon from the slow-as-molasses-in-January appeals court hearing in April re the suit that hero-Assemblymen Kiley and Gallagher brought (in Sept 2020?!) against Newsom’s fake emergency powers. And hoping against hope for a reasonable outcome that will end this nonsense Californians have been enduring.

  3. Yes, California has the most expensive gasoline in the United States, but much of that cost includes exorbitant taxes which are used to fix our roads. California’s roads are wonderful, aren’t they?

    1. Oh yeah, California roads arelifljrltll;lid. As I type this while we drive downlaidrjodikmlsu Highway 99, nothing but smoothlkluirldkmioe9w[pokp asphalt all the wlalyroel;icjieoi089enl.

    1. Yes, Raymond — couldn’t help laughing when I saw that headline. Sometimes common sense wins.

      1. Common sense ain’t so common in California, especially in Sacramento and San Franfreakshow….

  4. I paid just $3.69 per gallon for regular in Maui 2 weeks ago . MAUI!!! Who’da thought that Hawaii would be cheaper than CA? Insane!

    1. That’s because Hawaii doesn’t have all the state taxes that go to SUPPOSEDLY fix the pensions, er, roads….

      California is a cesspool of lies and corruption…

  5. Between Biden and Newsom, California is SCA-REWED!!!

    Oh yeah, just buy an electric car and save the world – WAIT, the other article up the line exposes THAT for the mistake that it is….


  6. Fellow Chumps
    The beginning, only the beginning…..get ready for begging on your knees when they roll out Jimmy Carter’s “Misery Index”.
    The Noose will feel your pain though-

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