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Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

California School Walkout: Thousands of Parents, Students, Teachers Protest Newsom’s School Mandates

Huge State Capitol protest surprises many

By Katy Grimes, October 18, 2021 2:34 pm

Thousands of California parents, students and teachers opposed to school vaccine mandates took part in a statewide walkout Monday. And thousands of these parents, teachers and students took their protest to the State Capitol.

Estimates of as many as 5,000+ attended the protest on the State Capitol grounds, but spilled over onto Capitol Mall, L Street, N Street and 10th Street.

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The crowd was pumped up, determined but respectful. And diverse. When asked why they were there, every parent interviewed said “no mandates.” Many moms said they were not okay with the government telling them how to parent.

Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is the first governor to mandate vaccinations for children to public and private schools. Students who don’t comply will be sent home to do online learning.

The Governor also ordered school staff and teachers to get the vaccine.

At the Capitol protest, moms with infants, toddlers and school aged kids carried homemade signs.

Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

School choice advocates with Fix California passed out flyers promoting a ballot initiative to create education savings accounts that follow the students to an accredited school or homeschool of their choice. Students would be able to opt into a K-12 savings account with $13,000 a year in state education funds to be used for tuition or other eligible education expenses.

Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Speakers told their own stories of wrestling with the vaccine mandate, as well as stories of their children.

The mandate has already led to a spike in parents withdrawing their students in favor of homeschooling.

Walkouts were planned from Redding in far Northern California to a large Capitol protest in Sacramento, to numerous cities in Orange County and San Diego County in Southern California, the Globe reported. Spearheaded by social media groups and parent-led organizations, goal is to get the attention of the Governor and school officials by showing the sheer number of people in the state oppose the mandate.

Mom at Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
Mom of three at Statewide School Walkout State Capitol protest. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)
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44 thoughts on “California School Walkout: Thousands of Parents, Students, Teachers Protest Newsom’s School Mandates

  1. How is Gav and the CTA going to save face?
    CREATE a loophole big enough to drive a carload of test packets through.
    You know the test packets that came from Gav’s testing lab in So Cal, that we generous taxpayers paid for!!

    1. Okay parents don’t wear mask and don’t get vaxxed – just don’t send your little Petrie dish to school. Is your choice to suffer from Covid-19 and die or get vaxx and wear a f

      1. If your vaccine works why do you need anyone else to get it ? If you think it doesn’t protect your little petri dish why are you taking an unnecessary risk with your child’s life? You should know that you cannot sue anyone shoukd your child have an adverse event from the vaccine,, not even if it kills your child. So If that’s what is motivating you,, you should do your homework. And just because your child seems okay today doesn’t mean your child won’t suffer or die Yeats down the road. I’m praying for your poor children and all the children of idiot parents who are allowing them to be guinea pigs to help elite billionaires depopulate the planet of all us peons.

      2. Iris sounds quite hostile. If you are vaxed , and supposedly protected, why would you worry about getting sick from someone that isn’t?

  2. Oh yeah, how about the loop hole created for the prison guard union?
    You know the union that gave Gav 1.7 million dollars. The union that is now exempt from the jab!

    1. Thousands of clowns with false information and traitors to this country who just want to prolong this deadly disease what a farse on their part kick them out and ban them from all schools Public services and federal money let’s see how far they get then asshes!

      1. laughable. how could anyone believe anything these days. with the daily barrage of covid deceit for over a year i can understand the hesitance to believe any authority. did it flatten the curve?

      2. You’re an ignorant ass! Probably benefitting from government handouts. Politics has no business being involved in someone’s health care. The flu kills thousands of people annually but it is not mandated. There have been other viral pandemics, of which our government has never reacted to such an extreme as they did Covid. All a bunch of political bullshit, where the desire to have power n greed is more important than the lives of the people in what used to be a great country, now a joke to the world because of fools like you

      3. I’d say you are the traitor asshat!! Take your judgmental opinions of hate and anti-freedoms and go suck dick in China where your communist ass belongs!!! ????????????????????????

      4. I’d say you are the traitor asshat!! Take your judgmental opinions of hate and anti-freedoms and go suck dick in China where your communist ass belongs!!! ????????????????????????

        1. And take off the headphones FTrump or you won’t be able to hear your mom calling you for breakfast. She made waffles, yum…

      5. Wow you are so beyond dumb… You need to ware 6 masks, have 45 shots… and drop a rock on your head… Shoot up your own kid and leave ours alone

      6. I believe gullible fools like yourself are beginning to sense a horrendous case of “vaxxer’s remorse.” Aren’t you frightened?
        You got jabbed and can still get COVID, AND your spike proteins can infect others. Boosters for life. The people you trusted, financially supported the virus research and the vaccines that have killed millions and will kill millions more. Nice going.
        All of them as well as yourself should rot in h€||

  3. Thanks Katy for being there and providing us updates and pictures as I doubt we will see much on MSM! I am so happy there was a great turn out. Keep on fighting CA!

  4. This makes my heart sing!
    I have great confidence in the California Mama and Papa bears to fight for their children’s health and welfare. This shot will do more harm to their healthy children than the virus itself.
    There is no coming back from a shot that does harm.
    Thank you Katy for the reporting and awesome pictures of these beautiful families.
    Say no to medical tyranny.

  5. I am so happy to see this huge turnout. It’s wonderful!
    Thanks as always for covering this stuff so well Katy!

  6. Is it too late to unvaccinate all those kids who have had inoculations for a dozen other diseases? Because they are mandated and mandates are bad.

    It’s a public health issue. If you don’t want to have your child in public schools, then make whatever choice you want. These vaccines are safe and effective. COVID will be shown to have had a long term impact on kids with MIS-C being a preview. The brain damage stuff is going to be sad.

    1. Wrong. Those vaccines are proven to not create worse illness. The vaccines our children take to get into school have a TRACK RECORDS FOR DECADES!!! Not a 12 month lab rat test dummy. Dont be so foolish.

    2. Ummm….those are immunizations and are totally different. Look up
      The definition. Also, those immunizations have had years of research. This vaccine is less than a year old and doesn’t work. Fully vaccinated people are dying as well. ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  7. In 1986 when vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from any all damages their vaccine could and did cause, every public school in every state parents were given 3 opt out of vaccine forms. They are/were personal, religious and medical. Personal and religious was taken away from California about 6 years ago. I guess you didn’t know you went to school with unvaccinated children. Did you die??? MIS-C has been around for a very long time, here are some of the causes until covid appeared… high fever, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

  8. Acquiescing to fear and cowardice is over with-being made fools of with the masking-this is what these ever growing and getting larger and larger rally’s for freedom are saying.
    “You stay safe, I will stay free” Best slogan ever!
    We enjoy our freedom because others before us didn’t stay asleep under the warm covers, now for the first time in world history we- who have not served- our “new normal” is repaying that debt by fighting for our freedom 24/7/365 until these criminals are jailed or on the run.
    If we wait until its “safe” we will wait forever. We already waited. We gave this hoax a very reasonable amount of time 3/2020 to until each of us found out the truth. We played their plandemic game. We risked our breathing pathways with the filthy oxygen deprivation/obedient signaling masks….too many lost their businesses….many were duped into getting jabbed…..too many injured/dead from the jabs.
    Now we are in mass awakening mode.
    A one world government and destruction of the USA was not meant to be.
    People increasingly know now what they didn’t know then….we are not going to keep repeating this whole thing over & over again.
    Next begins the traitors and the perpetrators -in all the gov’s in all 168 countries -wait behind bars as we decide their punishment for these crimes against humanity.

    1. My what a sanctimonious idiot we have here. Must be a wonderful fantasy world you live in. Keep smokin. Natural selection is an unforgiving bastard.
      Good Science saves lives, or you wouldn’t be here spouting unsubstantiated garbage.

      1. You have no idea what you are talking about, but I guess you think your nastiness, redefinition of words, and nonsense talk will hide it.

      2. One single open public cross examination of any of the people Doctor Sparta follows-Fauci, Gates, Klaus Schwab, CNN…-open public discussions with these people by opposing opinions about all of their claims (a claim is not a fact) : the pcr tests (no it’s NOT testing for a virus), contagious/infectious people with “covid 19”, super spreaders, the masks, the injections,,,-and he would see that the people he puts on a pedestal are duping him. They are frightened of non controlled non scripted open public debate and this is why they have turned down all offers all of these months and been protected by it from the media they control- because it would expose them as the criminals that they are.

  9. Thank you for covering this important protest against the totalitarian-pharma takeover of our schools that is censored on the fake ‘news’. You can tell some of the people in these comments are only here to create opposition and are not actual readers of the Globe.

  10. Stew Peters TV/Dr. Jane Ruby…. First look at child vax injuries
    Dr. Franc Zalewski – ‘The Thing’ Parasite in the CV vax (what kills parasites? Ivermectin)
    What’s is in the hand sanitizer… graphene oxide?
    Someone reported being outside a grocery store, and their bluetooth displayed serial numbers of those entering!
    Ultraviolet streetlights, illuminate veins in vaxxed?

  11. Unfortunately, people can’t trust the government to be honest about this set of vaccines – there’s way too much money involved so they don’t care that they are using us and our children as ginny pigs – The CDC keeps saying things like “there are still millions of unvaccinated people in the USA that are spreading the virus” but the truth is that most of those people have already had the virus and are just as immune as if they got the shot (probably more so) but the government refuses to count them! Huge Red Flag!! When we question them, they claim “we don’t know how long their immunity will last so they need to get the shot” …funny, that’s the exact answer they give when asked if they know for sure how long the vaccine immunity will last!!! They don’t know – so you all must get booster shots! And they’ve decided that those of you who have already had the virus and have natural immunity, should just be fired and or kicked out of school for life, if you don’t get the shot! WOW… I’m not into conspiracies but if you don’t think there’s something wrong with this picture, we might as well just burn the Constitution right now!!! The CDC also tried to discredit the two antiviral drugs (hydroxychloroquin and Ivermectin) two inexpensive drugs that have been around for a very long time which both showed to be effective treatments for Covid when given in the proper doses – Read article about the Attorney General NB that did the investigation of how the reports saying they were dangerous, ineffective, etc. were proven fraudulent!!! Doctors who already knew this, were afraid to prescribe it for fear of disciplinary action but have now Thankfully been given approval to use it- How many were allowed to die without being offered this treatment because the CDC didn’t come out nationally and correct this lie? And they are still trying to cover this up! Maybe because it’s not as easy to mandate vaccines if there are actual treatments-Hmmm??? And let’s not forget the commercials that play late at night that offer to settle wrongful death and injuries caused by medications and insecticides that the CDC/FDA signed off in as “totally safe”. I had to get vaccinated to keep my job but I will continue to fight for everyone’s right to make that decision for themselves and their children! My hope is that even if you believe that these vaccines are safe, you must realize that there is something inherently wrong with forcing people to put anything into their bodies or their children’s bodies that hasn’t even been sufficiently tested on people, especially when there is the alternative – people should at the very least be given the option of “testing” in a work or school situation – not punished by taking away their income or the right to an education. Did you know that in California they demand that your kids are vaccinated or they are not eligible to use most on-line education programs!!??? – look it up! Now tell me there isn’t something seriously wrong going on here!!!

  12. The point being we are not a communist country Newsome, to all you parents and teachers stand proud and fight for your liberties this is America we have rights and liberties here you cannot force mandates on us and think your going to get away with it Dr. Fauci, Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris all in on this plot we will not be ruled by TYRANTS!!!! P.S. Dr. Fauci your a FRAUD! I can’t wait to you go to trial for your crimes and I hope you and everyone who’s involved in this mess get caught, then we are going to see who will be running and hiding be prepared because I know your time is coming

  13. “THEY’RE NOT GOING TO FIRE A SHOT, THEY’RE GOING TO COOK YOU” Joe Imbriano warned in 2018
    They’ll adjust the frequency on 5G or 6G, and the graphene oxide will do the rest.
    UN Whistleblower warns, they will declare a severe virus, quarantine children and you won’t see them again.
    Please wake up…this is not a game.

  14. Where had it been said that children who don’t get vaccinated will be able to study online. That has not been said. It has been said that they plan to add it to the list of mandatory childhood vaccines for school. This means vaccinate or homeschool in California.

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