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Governor Gavin Newsom signs the 2020-2021 state budget. (Photo: CA.gov)

Coerced Compliance is not Freedom in Gov. Newsom’s Staged Re-Opening of California

What’s coming, is some version of a social segregation system

By Katy Grimes, June 13, 2021 11:47 am

Following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s announcement Friday that he will end his COVID stay-at-home order, business lockdowns, and school closures after more than 15 months, he also said a vaccination verification system is coming in short order – which is to say, he wants Californians to use an electronic vaccine passport to gain entrance to businesses, work and events.

The purpose of such an electronic system is to “allow” businesses to confirm that their customers have received their shots.

And those who have not taken the vaccines will be required to continue to wear masks, as a form of a “Scarlet Letter.”

It’s not the responsibility of businesses to confirm their clientele have been vaccinated for the coronavirus, any more than they are required to make sure their clientele have received an annual flu shot, or are boosting their immune systems by taking Echincea during cold and flu season. That’s not the job of the business, or the government; it’s solely the job of the individual.

The lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals is just another strategy to coerce compliance of the vaccination. “Get the vaccine and you can have your freedom; you can go back to normal,” is the idea here. “Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton came out and tweeted, ‘Get vaccinated or wear a mask.’ That’s it. These are the choices … Dr. Joseph Mercola reported on his website in an interview with CJ Hopkins, an American playwright, novelist and columnist living in Berlin.

The masks were and still are the primary means of generating the appearance of an apocalyptic plague threatening the very fabric of society, Hopkins said. When people take off their masks, the illusion will just evaporate.

What’s coming, is some version of a social segregation system.

Yet, according to Bloomberg’s dashboard tracking vaccine distribution, 58.5% of California’s population has received at least one shot and 45.6% of residents are fully vaccinated (up from 44.2% a week ago). California has the highest daily rate of doses administered in the country at 161,902, down from 163,850 a week ago), the Orange County Register reported.

This should be celebrated by the governor and public health officers around the state. Instead, Gov. Newsom plans to keep his emergency powers and wants to electronically track the people of California.

“When the state’s tiered reopening system sunsets on Tuesday, California will adopt federal masking guidelines which state that those who remain unvaccinated must continue wearing face coverings indoors,” the San Diego UT reported. “Businesses are given three different options when interacting with unmasked customers and patrons: Just trust them when they say they’re vaccinated, ‘implement vaccine verification’ or require everyone to wear a mask.”

Rightly so, the UT added, “The second option is somewhat mysterious.”

The UT continued:

“There is no mandate, no requirement, no passport,” Newsom said, noting that the guidance allows businesses to use such a system or ignore it all together without penalty.

He declined to say what form such an electronic verification system might take — whether it might work through, say, a smartphone app, the existing state ID system or some other method — only reiterating Friday that an announcement with deeper details is coming “very shortly.”

Remember that for the first time in history, healthy people were locked down during the worldwide Coronavirus scare. The medical industry set aside all rationale, ignored their own training, as hospitals got on board with the dubious protocols recommended by the CDC and National Institute of Health, according to Dr. Peter McCullough.

California isn’t really reopening, as the governor would have you believe. “While much of public life will officially return to normal on Tuesday, the state will still be under a statewide declaration of emergency,” the AP reported. “That means Newsom retains his authority to alter or suspend state laws indefinitely.”

And that is because the governor issued 58 executive orders during his statewide lockdown. Those “one-man-rule” decrees would also go away if he gives up his emergency powers.

And the state will continue to require face coverings for unvaccinated people, in some version of a social segregation system, pitting citizens against one another.

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54 thoughts on “Coerced Compliance is not Freedom in Gov. Newsom’s Staged Re-Opening of California

    1. The ISSUE is the introduction of these passports or “papers please”. California is always the test pilot for authoritarian policy in the U.S. The passport policy must fail here, or it will spread countrywide. This is Marxism in the works, people. So under Newsom’s plan, individual businesses will have the power to choose to force this upon us. If I am asked if I am vaccinated, I will lie and say “Yes, of course.” If they ask for proof (paper, digital, numeric tattoo) however, they’ve lost my business for life. Our money is the only power WE THE PEOPLE have to reject this – we must avoid businesses that request vaccine verification en mass. These woke businesses will feel the pain when they essentially eliminate half of their business and see a loss of revenue. Join me.

      1. Agree with you that a vaccine passport is more unjustifiable intrusion of big government into our daily lives. But, I’m ambivalent about the boycott idea. If a person owns a family business, then do their own family members and friends boycott? Not likely. Why make this kind of vaccine passport policy extent into and divide families and friends? The big box stores like Amazon and Walmart won’t be affected. Their online sales are big enough to keep them going regardless of any boycott. I think a boycott will hurt the small business more. No, I think the best way to deal with this is through the courts AND of course the RECALL.

      2. Vaccine verification requests should be made using a German accent: “Achtung! show me ze vaccination papers or you vill be shot!

    2. Lol umm listen if people had just followed covid guidelines last year and stayed home and not downplayed the pandemic, we might be in a much better place than “get vax’d or mask up”. Is this a shitty thing that that are the only two options? Yes. But it’s not the fault of any governor that those are what we are stuck with. The selfishness and false patriotism that caused the big surges of covid cases in America that lead to lockdowns were exponentially worsened by the likes if the very people complaining on this bored. Your “freedom” to do whatever the hell you want during a GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS is what has pushed us all to this very moment. If people gave a shit about their neighbors then we all would’ve done what ever was suggested by majority of experts in the medical and scientific communities with specific experience in previous pandemic situations. But no, millions of Californians allowed BS rhetoric and conspiracies to cloud their ability to access their rational thoughts, or even their empathy. IF we had tackled this pandemic with much more compliance and a united front from our fellow Americans, then perhaps we’d have more options available. But you can’t do everything humanly possibly to add to the strain of covid surges and then bitch about the affects of having to try to contain it and mask your mistakes with how your freedoms are being attacked. Your reckless behavior infringes on my freedoms, so who gets to dictate in the end who’s freedom is more valuable? You think you shit out stars and stripes so therefore you must be MORE “American” and more entitled to be free from consequence? Lol its that very misguided attitude that got us further into this mess. It was going to be a mess regardless but it didn’t have to get AS bad if we all just did pretend that we were experts on this brand new strain of Sars virus. So yall can wah wah wah all you want but you brought this not just on yourselves but on all of us. None of us wanted lockdowns which is WHY the other half of of country listened to actual frontlines doctors and nurses and we paid attention to global recovery news and did whatever they thought was best. Because in the end even if everything we tried failed… fyi it didn’t considering where the numbers are at now in America.. but even if it did, to do absolutely nothing.. to make ZERO effort to keep covid cases down as best we can would be reckless and yall would be bitching at our government for being heartless and looking the other way while Americans are dying from a pandemic or how govt wouldn’t shut down because they care more about money and profit for businesses than the health of this country etc.. lol yall just love to bitch at Dems for everything no matter what soooo keep bitching. All the bitching and all the eye rolls and all the ???? emojis you post doesn’t actually cure covid so unless you have a better option that won’t potentially cause us to go back on lockdown, I suggest you either get vax’d OR mask up (*in large indoor crowds where you can’t socially distance yourself) no one is saying wear masks at all times. I’d say use your best judgment but this past year has proven about half this country has problems doing so. ????????‍♂️ at the end of the day, just be safe and respect others and businesses had rules before covid was a thing and def now after.. yall respected business rights before so don’t be a dick and lash out at employees who are simply doing their jobs enforcing their company’s policies. You are free not to enter and give money to these businesses if you don’t agree with their policies. So see? There’s your freedom. ????????

      Fyi this recall election is costing the state over $200M.. and he won’t be recalled. So thanks for wasting our money even more so than it already has. I’m not a huge Newsom fan myself but covid lockdowns weren’t all on him. Lots of Accountability to go around, many of whom are commenting on this page bitchibg at Newsom, ironically. Lol


      1. Wow. So much hate. Where is your data to support that your ½ of the country (your words not mine) is right (correct)? So hypocritical. Why does one ½ have to be ‘right’ and the other wrong? Let’s follow the science. This has been political -not scientific – from the beginning and being self-righteous is NOT going to solve anything. Look at the data (from other sources than CNN). Compare states that are open -have been open for months – compare their vaccination rates. Compare their masking policies and look at their case #s. Then ask the question has all this been in the name of science? Or politics? It’s an easy answer. So now you’re looking backward at national spikes to try and prove your point – blaming republicans all the while bitching about being blamed by them. Stop the hate. Stop the blame. Let’s work together to find solutions that are consistent with our values. That blend compassion with freedom and where our government and media follows the truth even when it is counter to their narrative and no longer supports their power grab. Is that the America you want to live in? Really? I want to live in one where the truth prevails. Where people admit when they were wrong and/or change course in the face of new compelling information. I want to live in an America where individual liberty is valued over government control. If you want to keep wearing your mask to protect yourself by all means please do. If you believe in the vaccine then you should have nothing to fear. Do the math, you’ll find your chances of catching and dying from Covid are minuscule… on the order of winning the lottery. And, those odds aren’t any different in states where mask mandates were dropped months ago and vaccine passports are now unlawful. There is no blame here. We did our best. Now it’s time to remember who we are and what we have fought for as Americans. Liberty and justice for all.

      2. I am glad I am not the only one who writes l-o-n-g comments! FYI:
        There is no evidence of any contagion. Claims have been saturating the airways of the entire world-as planned-relentlessly around the clock on TV, radio, in signage, even highway signs- since day one and continue this morning, just turn on the TV/radio, they will robotically recite -and get paid extra for reading these PSA’s-“wear a mask, there is a (bs) “variant”, a (bs) “mutation” take the injection (its not a vaccine). Lies from liars with endless resources to gas light ALL of us.
        Stay 6 feet away from the global predators news outlets. They have no concern for us. 6 corporations own/control it all.
        The test is phony, and it is their main driver-next to their controlled media-and it makes the “case numbers”-the new “cases” ,the “hospitalizations”, “ICU admissions” and “deaths”-100% of the normal health incidents that we normally see in any given year were/still are re-classified as “covid” related. Look up all case mortality for 2020-nothing is significant-how is that possible if we had a “pandemic”. Now the deaths will sky rocket from the dangerous/deadly/experimental injections. This is their move for control over ALL of us.
        Puppet Fauci is so brazen he used this same test in the 80’s and as long as he does not get any push back he will stop at nothing. He knows how to hypnotize the masses, similar to Jim Jones.
        Newsom was the first of their (puppet) governors to declare the emergency on the basis of a threat, not on evidence from Wuhan. 42 governors followed his “lead” and this whole thing went according to their plans. This is all true. The only thing to do is for the people who love America and care about America is to come together and fight together. We outnumber them. Just stop complying to their pulling us around by the nose. The money is takes to get rid of Newsom and get a patriot (someone who loves our country and will defend it) is worth it and far far less than Newsom has blown away on helping non-citizens.
        The global predators want all of us divided-“divide and conquer”. They love us fighting about this issue, it makes us easier to control.
        They control the media so IF they can control our perceptions, they can control our behavior. Do your own research. If one has patience and can read and doesn’t already know all the answers and is able to question other opinions and question anything one can find out what’s really going on. One has to be open to accepting that things we thought were true were actually lies-that is not easy but it has to be done or we are just complying with criminals and their plans to take everything.
        We don’t have the luxury to slip into a compliant delusion, especially when they have not won. Anybody “democrat” “republican” whatever our label must agree to stop fighting amongst ourselves-for now- so we can discuss and debate-two of their biggest threats. They live in constant fear that we may catch on to their divide and conquer game that their media plays to get us all divided. Why censor debate??? That is not America, that is North Korea, and China. Countries that have to mentally break down their peoples to keep them under control. This has been a devastating time to live in for all of us, to be lied to constantly is their cruel way of making fools of us and keeping the wounds salted.
        We come together and out aside our differences-whatever they may be, and we will win.

        1. Excellent. This brings us back full circle to the beginning of this charade and what is and has been most important all along. It’s especially valuable now that we come to a new phase in it. Thank you for posting it.

      3. Asymptomatic spread is a myth. The usefulness of masks is a myth. The lack of treatment other than vaccination is a myth.

        Take away these myths and the Covidian Communists have no power. Enforce these myths by dictatorship or public-private partnership (fascism), and Covidian Communists win everything.

        Fauci lied. Birx lied. Ghaly lied. Cody lied. Ferrer lied. Colfax lied. Newsom lied. Pelosi lied. Breed lied. The LA Times lied. The Mercury News lied. The SF Chronicle lied. The Sacramento Bee lied. They all deserve life in prison at minimum for crimes against humanity.

      4. Just roll over and take it in the rear “for your neighbor,” yah??? The term “pansy” is woven into every single sentence you just typed, and I couldn’t even get through all of them, so I’m assuming…but that is only because I know that what I didn’t choose to read, equates to a product of your predictive programming. UGH. Gross. Grow some and think for yourself, PLEASE…for the sake of humanity! It’s disheartening to know that THIS is where we are at and that there are actually people out there who refuse to use their critical thinking skills!!!

      5. Hey Gavin, or Xi er “Dave” – go back to watching MSNBC & CNN…

        Your. emotional screed is so full of progressive talking points that it would take all night to rebut them, so let’s just agree to disagree & you çan go vote to keep Newsom in office , Karen.

      6. You are so brainwashed. You have no clue on the actual facts regarding this plandemic, and the truth is being censored. I could go on, but it’s not worth it..how incredibly sad that you believe the lies. And think the govt has a right to have us inject an unapproved experimental gene therapy into our bodies..and many effective treatments are available! Do you happen to know how many people have been killed from this vax? And all the teens with heart inflammation after getting the ????? And that it DOES NOT prevent transmission or provide immunity! Do the research!

        No one should be taking the poison, or wearing a mask!

      7. 200 million is nothing compared to the 40 billion in fraud that was syphoned from the state in one year under his watch…. You are a shill and nobody cares what you say…

  1. Only a tyrant keeps his unconstitutional emergency powers! According to our state constitution he has exceeded the 60 day emergency declaration limit. Yet we have a complacent citizenry, media and legislature that allows this.

    Are our hospitals to still overwhelmed or were they ever in the last 15 months? Is the virus running rampant in this state? Are we approaching herd immunity?

    If the experimental vaccine is so effective how are the unvaccinated and those who have natural acquired immunity a danger?
    Also after all the incentives of lottery winnings and allowing only the vaccinated to be unmasked, why does Newsolini feel the need to dangle an unconstitutional vaccine passport?
    Mind you the “vaccine” has not been FDA approved and is in 3rd stage trials. It is unconstitutional to force an experimental shot onto people and violates the Nuremberg Code.

    I value my life and I value my liberty.


  2. Why should the high rate of injections in California be celebrate by anyone? Doesn’t everybody know by now that the spike protein in these vaccines are maiming and killing people on a daily basis, so much so that the VAERS system is now in full manipulation mode, where the government is making the number of deaths disappear from record? Anywhere between 30 to 300 people a day are dead from these non-vaccines. It’s just a ludicrous conclusion. Another ludicrous conclusion is from Newsom himself who thinks he is helping anyone by developing a vaccine verification system. By 2023, almost everyone who got both jabs will be dead. The verification system will implode as useless. It’s a ludicrous project, and by 2023 most people will know what a con job this whole “pandemic” has been and will start revolting and rebelling — those who are still alive, that is. The fake pandemic was created so that the lethal non-vaccine could be injected into people’s blood system, doing to them what the CV-19 never was able to do in the first place: kill.

    1. P.S. As everyone should know, the CDC does not track vaccination status of individuals. That information is kept privately by individuals and their physicians; as it SHOULD be. I would say that this policy will be challenged legally based on violation of HIPAA – patient confidentiality. I believe that the California Globe has made this point previously.

  3. “… according to Bloomberg’s dashboard tracking vaccine distribution, 58.5% of California’s population has received at least one shot and 45.6% of residents are fully vaccinated (up from 44.2% a week ago). California has the highest daily rate of doses administered in the country at 161,902, down from 163,850 a week ago), the Orange County Register reported.

    This should be celebrated by the governor and public health officers around the state.”

    Unbelievable. I still can’t believe that from Bloomberg’s assessment, a writer could make such a fatuous, unfounded conclusion about a celebration for the high number of vaccinations. There has never been any scientific proof whatsoever from any manufacturer or science institution that these “vaccines” protect anyone from CV-19, prevent CV-19, or stop the spread of CV-19. Just the bare fact that all of these people participating in a vaccine trial for an unproven, unapproved, experimental, liability-free jab or jabs on the basis of blind trust in government is enough to give one pause — not to celebrate but to weep over the stupendous stupidity of California citizens at large. And then to simply ignore the number of deaths and severe injuries through blood clots, paralysis, and seizures in order to “celebrate” the Bloomberg numbers is something out of an Adams Family skit — silly, fatuous, and false but sadly laughable.

  4. NEVER ONCE has Newsom or any of his space-alien bureaucrat public health officers mentioned the people who have had COVID and survived it; the significant percentage who are armed with an immunity that is stronger and broader by miles than any vaccine could possibly be, especially this particular sketchy non-FDA-approved vaccine whose use has resulted in enough illness and death to justify taking the damn thing off the table entirely until more is known. And they’re pushing the vaccine on CHILDREN, dangerously and unnecessarily.

    There is also never any mention by these tyrannical politicians and public health bureaucrats and their underlings about treatment options of ANY kind, never mind the cheap and effective ones most people in the country are well aware of by now. Instead we get the incessant All-Vaccines-All-The-Time drill. There’s obviously a lot of money in it — for SOMEBODY. (not us)

    If these oddities and omissions aren’t considered red flags, what on earth would be?

    What’s even more ominous is that Newsom has been slamming the jackboot on Californians’ necks with such regularity and abandon lately that he appears to think he has nothing to fear from the millions of citizens who are dedicated to recalling him from office. Really? Is this a clue that he and his minions intend to cheat? I know he’s a fool, but does he really want to put everyone on alert this way? He is galvanizing the YES on RECALL throng in ways that have probably never happened in the history of California and — I don’t know — shouldn’t he think about proceeding with much more caution than he is?

  5. He is not ending his tyranny but doubling down on it with the covid passport. Tyrants never give up power willingly, they keep grabbing more and more until it is taken from them. RECALL!

  6. There is unarguable, confirmable evidence that the spike protein in the non-vaccine is toxic and dangerous. People who want to celebrate the high number of vaccinations in California need to get their head out of the government’s backside and do some independent research in order to better understand celebration is not the proper response. See the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Du2wm5nhTXY&t=15s.

    See this video as well: https://www.bitchute.com/video/21qa6jYmLV2C/

  7. Anybody in favor of proof of getting the poison in any way, shape, or form is the enemy.
    They deserve what they get

  8. His “pandemic” has caused the decline in my mental health setting up my insanity defense I’ll use at the trial. He’s given us chaos and destruction, it’s time to take back LIFE AND LIBERTY! He needs to be gone, who cares how it happens just so it happens.

  9. I’ll agree that this pandemic Covid 19 was very dangerous and it really affects millions of lives both physically and mentally. I’m hoping that this Pandemic will gone soon.

  10. Good luck forcing Californians to take an injection that is released under Emergency Use Authorization in direct contravention of the Nuremburg Code regarding human experimentation…

  11. So………………according to Dave, the rebels who protested and refused to give up their constitutional rights on the say so of unelected “experts” and then forced to do so by tyrannical law-defying DemocRAT mayors and governors, are the real problem? This Chicom virus response by leftist mayors and governors was an unconstitutional power grab and blatant violation of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution, enforced by a complicit media and social media companies shutting down ALL opposing viewpoints from the “accepted” lawless edicts. You would think that Mao was sitting in the oval office now, and in governors’ offices in blue states. This is NOT America, and we better have learned that we will NEVER AGAIN allow elected officials to annul the Constitution. The only thing that stills baffles me is the extent to which AMERICANS will give up their precious, hard-fought, constitutional rights to fell safe from a Chinese bio-weapon that 99.7% of those infected will survive. History will record 2020/2021 as the time in our history where we shamed ourselves and nodded our heads to tyranny without a fight.

  12. I thought for a moment that Grady got it right, Dave is a shill. THINKING about it I sadly realized that there are a lot of Daves out there! Some call them lemmings, some call them sheeple. They read the sound bites of the corrupt Social Media and the MSN. They do not read or understand in depth writings like the Constitutions of the U.S. or California. These mis-guided souls need more truthful guidance provided by the thinkers, the doers and the California Globe.

    1. Yes, Tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is not our fathers’ Democrat Party. Today, “If you start to THINK, you are no longer a DEMOCRAT” – Anonymous

  13. Revelation 13:17
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name

    How progressive doing something that is in the bible.

  14. This will not happen and our current Governor knows it as these unlawful measures will result in the loss of his waning voter base which will impact future elections for his party. Liberals and conservatives in California have had enough of government over reach. I agree that it’s time to stop blaming others and come across the aisle to formulate, good, rationale decisions in our COVID 19 recovery period that are based on science, continual data trends which currently demonstrate a sharp decline in infection rates/hospitalizations and death from this virus. I do not understand what Governor Newsom doesn’t get about maintaining our freedom through individual choices, moving our state’s economy and healthy, vibrant, lifestyle forward on a positive trajectory without the strangle hold of Sacramento.

  15. If you are quoting anything by Mercola to justify your beliefs, this entire article is in question. The people that are most vehemently against masks are the ones who also seem to be anti-vaccination. In essence these people are using the excuse of ‘personal freedom’ to perpetuate the virus. Living in a society comes with responsibilities that we contend with every day. These to some extent curb out personal freedoms and are accepted, with those that flout the rules being in some way ostracized. Instead of complaining about how mean it is to make someone perfectly healthy get vaccinated OR wear a mask, please trying caring about those that are unable to get vaccinated or about the prevention of further strains of COVID mutating in a naive population. I say this as a Covid survivor with persistent debilitating symptoms over a year after my hospitalization, who is tired of those that are willing to continue to risk imparting suffering on others.

    1. My “lived experience” has consistently been that so-called compassionate people like “Tara” are the most uncaring people of all. Plus I’m not entirely sure I believe her. She seems to be singing the old song that not wearing a mask makes someone a killer; i.e., “please try caring about others.” She seems too keen to “ostracize” others. Shouldn’t SHE be caring about others? Where’s all the caring? Show me the caring! But whatever, if she’s telling the truth, now she has full-throated immunity from COVID and I’m sure she’s been vaccinated too, right? (Probably not a good idea.) So what does she care if others are not vaccinated? She’s protected, right? People like Tara would have you wearing a mask for eternity. Why? Because she likes seeing you masked up. I wonder what she would do if the sensible and nice people she has decided to HATE actually DID become as mean and nasty as “compassionate” people like her?

    2. It is not my responsibility to endanger myself to protect you. I don’t ask or expect or want that from you you so do not ask, expect, or want that from me.

      We are each only responsible for ourselves. Period.

      Oh and my family had covid and it was no more than the flu, including my elderly parents. Less for most of us. Spare me the “survivor” hyperbolic moniker. 99% of people who contract covid recover. People “survive” cancer or ebola. Insert eye roll here.

  16. Hey Tara it was brave of you to come here and post about your experience. Sincerely sorry you got sick. Best wishes for recovery and looking forward to tomorrow when California can take off its masks and end these useless virtue signaling behaviors that are only meant to make people feel good about being herded into that great big padded government cattle car on its way to perdition.

  17. Hey Tara it was brave of you to come here and post about your experience. Sincerely sorry you got sick. Best wishes for recovery and looking forward to tomorrow when California can take off its masks and end these useless virtue signaling behaviors that are only meant to make people feel good about being herded into that great big padded government cattle car on its way to perdition.

  18. Tara,
    I am happy to hear you survived the Wuhan Virus and sincerely wish you a full recovery. Please do not make villains of people who are making a personal choice. This virus for most of us in good health is 99.7 % survivable. There are many studies outside of Mercola that have found masks to be useless and can do harm to those with breathing issues. The vaccines are in 3rd stage trials and we will not know the long term side effects for 3 to 5 years.
    You are more than likely immune for life, it is a horrible virus that was unleashed on the world. I am sorry you had to be a victim of it. You have a right to your anger, but you are misdirecting it.

    As with the annual flu virus, we will have to come to terms with this virus. It can go along way for symptomatic people to stay home and for the rest us to wash our hands, and live a healthy lifestyle to fight against all viruses that come our way. My attitude would be different if this were effecting the young with unimaginable death tolls and we did not have early treatments available but we do. Scientists and doctors have learned much about this virus. We must now get back to work and educate our young and yes embrace our liberties.

    You may want to read about Dr. Peter Mccullough,


  19. Hey Tara & Dave….

    Natural immunity from those of us that have already had the China virus

    Direct your self righteous fury at the Chinese Communist Party and Lord Fauci, who,steered millions of dollars to the Wuhan Virology Institute to study “gain of function” with the Chinese Communist military…

    And educate yourselves…

  20. How much money didn newsom take from IMF ? many countries who imposed the lockdowns were given millions of greenbacks to impose lockdowns. This is the klaus schwab and billy gates illuminati shit they want. Audit this man and inject 2p pcr tests up his rectum so the nanobots take over.

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