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CDPH Covid ad. (Photo: cdph.ca.gov)

Cringy CA Dept. of Public Health COVID Ads

‘I haven’t seen such a catchy PSA since ‘VD Gets Around!’

By Katy Grimes, March 7, 2023 9:27 am

“Test it. Treat it. You can beat it!” That is the cringy witticism of several California Department of Public Health ads trying to sound hip and cooler-than-cool, as they convince you to test and treat for Covid.

The ads are so cringy, and clearly directed toward certain groups of people: minorities, overweight and obese, and the elderly.

However, what doesn’t square is the song – it sounds like a rip-off of Daft Punk‘s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

The ads are billed as “Covid treatment sing-a-long.” They are played on radio and television incessantly – all day, all night.

Don’t try to sing this at home:

“Is it Covid or is it not?”

“Treat it. Ask for medication. Decrease risk of complications.”

“Beat it! That’s the 1-2-3.”

“To stop Covid from multiplying.”

“Isolate so you don’t repeat it.”

“Yeah. Visit YouCanBeatIt.org.”

Here’s another ad:

“Covid symptoms? Let’s defeat it. Test it. Treat it. You can beat it.”

“Test it. If you feel sick.”

“Test to know if it’s Covid.”

“Medication is key.”

“To solve the virus in your body.”

“Beat it. Recover smoother.”

“You may recover sooner.”

“California you know you need it.”

“Test it. Treat it. You can beat it.”

I am not alone in my critique. Some of the comments left on just one of the ads are priceless:

  • “This makes me cringe so badly it makes me wanna bury my phone”
  • “We live in the fucking Twilight Zone.”
  • “You look at this and tell me there’s a god.”
  • “I keep thinking this is a Pepto-Bismol commercial. This is a very clumsy attempt at making Covid…relatable? I’m not sure what the purpose of the commercial is. I want my taxpayer money back.”
  • “This can’t be real from the ‘California Department of Public Health’”
  • Hilarious. Didn’t the producers of this commercial ever pause to think how the phrase “You Can Beat It” could play out? 😂 “
  • “They literally went and found people suffering of every illness possible to make this video, I saw diabetics, cancer patients, obese people, high blood pressure, Etc…”
  • “Oh no, the deadliest disease known to man. Quick, let’s dance and make a TikTok!!!”
  • “WOW!! I haven’t seen such a catchy PSA since ‘VD Gets Around!'”
  • “When you try to be “hip” and “down with the youth” but have no idea what you’re doing”
  • “Let’s make possibly the worst PSA ever, and people won’t forget it!”


Remember in June 2021 when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced his awkward new plan to draw winners to receive $50,000 as part of the state’s $116.5 million “Vax for the Win” program – the largest vaccine incentive program in the nation.

Oddly, no one in California asked why this financial incentive was needed if more than 40 million vaccines were already administered at that time.

Newsom’s “Vax for the Win” drawing would ultimately award $116.5 million to previously immunized individuals, along with individuals who agree to be immunized, and was designed to motivate residents to get vaccinated before the proposed state reopening June 15, 2021, the Globe reported.

Newsom’s “Vax for the Win” was a sideshow during a supposedly deadly pandemic – as are the CDPH Covid ads. And taxpayers paid for all of it.

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19 thoughts on “Cringy CA Dept. of Public Health COVID Ads

  1. Wow. EPIC cringe. PSAs to grind your teeth by. Plus CDPH is so clueless they probably think this unbelievably embarrassing stuff is good! Really don’t know whether to laugh or cry. And yup, Katy Grimes, CA taxpayers are paying for it. All of it. Thanks for reminding us. We’re paying for this AND for the 24/7 stream of vaxx PSAs (still running) AND let’s not forget the “Warm Line” that the state rolled out after they succeeded in beating the mental health out of us. https://calhope.org/ Gaaahh!

  2. Those CDPH injection ads are cringy and it’s infuriating that taxpayers are paying for them. Newsom and his cronies in the legislature along with the CDPH bureaucrats all need to be brought before tribunals and be held accountable for crimes against humanity for mandating ineffective masks, for locking healthy Californians and small businesses down during the plandemic, and for mandating experimental mRNA shots that have injured and killed thousands of innocent Californians.

  3. The #1 covid comorbidity is obesity, yet that ad said not one thing about losing unnecessary weight. On top of that, most of the people in that ad could use to shed a few pounds – or in the case of the lady in the glasses and striped shirt, a couple hundred pounds.

    Forget “test it treat it”. Just back away from the buffet table and start putting some miles on the bicycle.

  4. Wanna bet that the “First Partner” was involved in the production of this piece of artistic excrement???

  5. 😂🤣😂Told ya Katy, it is a winner!
    Ugggh, an ear worm no one wants!!
    At this point I think they are just targeting the dense! They must have a lot of covid bucks left over.
    As you know the government would never return unused Fed money, gotta spend it!

  6. Looking at the still photographs of these ads is reminiscent of most of the ads I see on tv. Whites are disproportionately underrepresented. When they are, they are primarily overweight, old, unattractive or all of the former. This is not a coincidence. It’s coldly calculated.

    1. Agree, Fed Up. And they are SO PROUD of themselves for being untalented, maudlin, unfunny, and lame.

  7. Wonder what’s wrong with California? It employees people to create and air things like this to a RECEPTIVE audience.

    This is absurd, yet perfect for all things California. Wall it in and isolate the lunacy!

  8. These commercials are nothing but annoying. I change the channel when they appear but they rerun them multiple times per program.

  9. Democrat commercial staring democrats, the people that support this messed up administration. The ugly and dumb dancing around like turds sending messages to their own kind, the majority. Keeping them dumb means the keep those freak’s votes.

  10. I like the author of this article. She is cute and has a good head on her shoulders. When I first saw these ads I thought to myself that these are the people who voted for Biden. Gross assholes.

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