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DA Chesa Boudin Was Former Public Defender for Parolee Involved in Fatal New Years Eve Hit-and-Run

Now Boudin announces homicide charges against Troy McAlister

By Katy Grimes, January 5, 2021 2:15 am

It appears San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has a shadier past than we thought.

The 45-year-old parolee held for the New Year’s Eve hit-and-run deaths of two pedestrians had been facing a Three-Strikes life prison term until he was freed last year under San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, NBC Bay Area reported Monday evening.

On New Years Eve a driver high on methamphetamine in a stolen car with a stolen gun, killed two pedestrians, Elizabeth Platt, 60, and Hanako Abe, 27,  in downtown San Francisco. He is a parolee who remained free despite being arrested several times in the city in recent months. According to San Francisco police, Troy Ramon McAlister was well known from past arrests as a really violent guy who committed robberies, and most recently on December 20th (below). He should not have been free.

As the Globe reported Saturday, all DA Chesa Boudin had to say about this was to flippantly blame the “mistake” on inadequate parole supervision. “We referred these cases to parole because we believed there was a greater likelihood of him being held accountable and having the kind of intervention that would protect the public and break this cycle of recidivism,” Boudin said.

Sounding sociopathic, Boudin added, “clearly, it was a mistake to think parole supervision would be adequate.”

NBC Bay Area just reported Monday that DA Chesa Boudin then flipped and announced homicide charges against Troy McAllister, the parolee involved in the fatal New Years Eve hit-and-run.

According to court records (below), McAlister had a pending “3-strikes, 211” known as a “violent felony” under former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, where Gascon and his committee approved three-strikes because McAlister has multiple prior strikes, including two “violent felony” arrests, and a “215” – carjacking.

Enter stage right, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin comes into office, drops all the strikes and gives McAlister credit for time served, according to sources. McAlister gets out of prison in April 2020. He then gets re-arrested multiple times including a few days before he kills the two women in San Francisco. Charges include Penal Code Section 10851, Grand Theft Auto. Chesa Boudin again refuses to prosecute. Until Monday.

California Globe sent a request to the San Francisco District Attorney asking for a copy of the complaint against Troy McAlister. We suspect Boudin did NOT allege the prior strikes in the complaint, despite that McAlister has a record a mile long including two separate robbery cases, and possibly, three prior robberies. He also had the carjacking conviction and a slough of prior prison terms for various crimes.


Late Monday, NBC Bay Area reported that until April of last year, McAlister was in jail awaiting trial on a 2015 robbery charge. “Prosecutors were pursuing the case under the state’s Three Strikes law. If McAlister had been convicted, he could have faced a life sentence. McAlister was eligible for life based on his previous convictions for robbery and carjacking.”

And the real kicker is that Chesa Boudin had appeared on behalf of Troy McAlister in 2018 as a deputy public defender, triggering concerns about a possible conflict of interest now that he’s District Attorney, according to NBC Bay Area.

As the Globe reported Saturday, Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert is very clear on why this parolee is not locked up: “When you put a public defender in to be the chief law officer, you can expect him to side with criminals and not victims.”

DA Boudin appears to be unilaterally refusing to follow the law and charge the strikes- which is exactly what Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon is being sued over by the Association of Assistant District Attorneys of Los Angeles, as the Globe reported last week.

We spoke with DA Schubert again, who explained that the three-strike law has been reformed over the years, in a good way. But Boudin gave away the 2018 robbery case because he dropped the strikes and only gave McAlister time served. As a result, McAlister got out, was arrested several times for more felonies, and Boudin essentially abandoned his job as District Attorney… but maybe not as McAlister’s former Public Defender.

This is the 2018 case by then-San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon, against McAlister:

Information on Mcallister (1)



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12 thoughts on “DA Chesa Boudin Was Former Public Defender for Parolee Involved in Fatal New Years Eve Hit-and-Run

  1. THIS IS HUGE! Can you please make this into national news?
    This DA is endangering all of us San Franciscans!!!! Joe Vazquez KPIX just reported something similar, and Dion Lim tried grilling him but didn’t have this context. Enough! Chesa needs to be fired!

  2. San Franciscans need to act on a recall ASAP!
    Boudin endangers the entire SF Bay Area.
    I am so sick over this! Year after year, the crime moves up and down around the bay, thanks to the likes of Boudin and Gascon and yes, Kamala Harris. Innocent people pay for their dereliction of duty.
    Some would say, “Boudin has blood on his hands”. I would go further and say, he BATHES in it on a daily basis.

    So tell me Californians when will you realize, voting for Social Justice Warriors gets you,

  3. “When you put a public defender in to be the chief law officer, you can expect him to side with criminals and not victims.”

    Actually, Stanislaus County had the exact opposite experience with a former public defender named Frank Carson. He ran for DA many times and went over to the office. Well it turns out he was part of a vigilance posse with the CHP that over the course of two decades sought to rid the county of undesirables. As public defender, Carson would throw cases. Then a couple years ago, he and six CHP officers got together and murdered a meth addict named Cody Kaufmann. The DA was put on trial for first degree murder. Nobody covered it because it was Rank police misconduct. Back in 1994, Carson threw the representation of his client Bobby Eugene Lestourgeon who was framed by the CHP in a weapons smuggling operation involving Sulu Palega Jr, son of the Sulu Palega who smuggled weapons for Leland Yee in the Shrimp Boy Case – and had deep ties to Willie Brown.

  4. This DA needs to be fired, recalled and we need to set up a fund to do so. Free for all, no laws for thee, isn’t going to bring back two dead people. The times are changing and we need to start and recall him now. The next part is that when you set free people who then kill other people, due to the faucet that you failed to do your job, it’s you who should be on trial for murder. Total phony election to get him in, total BS.

  5. Hey, folks, you better get in your pickup trucks and move to SF so you can vote then. Cain’t vote in SF elections if you’re livin’ in Cow Town, ya know.

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