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DA Chesa Boudin’s Deadly ‘Criminals First’ Policies

Boudin fulfilling radical campaign promises while elected officials bury their heads in the sand

By Katy Grimes, January 3, 2021 2:12 am

“A drunk driver accused by police of killing two pedestrians in downtown San Francisco on New Year’s Eve, and in a stolen car, is a parolee who remained free despite being arrested several times in the city in recent months,” the Globe reported Saturday based on a San Francisco Chronicle article. But there is much more to this story.

San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, a former deputy public defender, whose office office opted to refer the case of parolee Troy Ramon McAlister to state parole agents instead of keeping him imprisoned, blamed the “mistake” on inadequate parole supervision. “We referred these cases to parole because we believed there was a greater likelihood of him being held accountable and having the kind of intervention that would protect the public and break this cycle of recidivism,” Boudin said. “Clearly, it was a mistake to think parole supervision would be adequate.”

The Globe spoke with San Francisco Police Officers Association President Tony Montoya about these tragic killings, and about what is happening in the city under DA Boudin’s strange takeover of the DA’s office. Strange, because as Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said, “When you put a public defender in to be the chief law officer, you can expect him to side with criminals and not victims.”

The Chronicle reported: “A driver accused by police of killing two pedestrians in downtown San Francisco on New Year’s Eve while intoxicated and in a stolen car is a parolee who remained free despite being arrested several times in the city in recent months, according to city officials and public records.”

Montoya explained that this was a case of a criminal act committed by a violent repeat offender.

The Globe believed the “intoxicated” driver was drunk. However, the “intoxicated” driver was actually high on methamphetamine. As for remaining free, Montoya said police knew who Troy Ramon McAlister was from past arrests: a really violent guy who committed robberies, and most recently December 20th.

Montoya said McAlister stole a weapon, stole the car, and was high on meth when he mowed down the two female pedestrians on New Years Eve.

“Had this guy been in custody, these two women would be alive,” Montoya said. “This was 1000% preventable.”

We discussed DA Chesa Boudin. Montoya said the San Francisco Police Officers Association heavily opposed Boudin when he ran for District Attorney in 2019 because of his policies. “Our fears are now real,” Montoya said. “Mr. Boudin puts his criminals first.”

Radical Chesa Boudin believes in freeing criminals, while prosecuting police and ICE agents for doing their jobs. He’s no fan of the police. Montoya says Boudin is going after police while letting gang members and criminals go. “He’s made it clear that it’s open season on law enforcement. He won’t charge a gang member on probation, but will charge police officers with weapons enhancements for using semi-automatic weapons.”

“He’s supposed to be the voice of the people,” Montoya added. “Anytime you send in a Public Defender to prosecute a case, you are going to get a defense.”

And now Montoya says Boudin’s office is filled with public defenders, after the new DA fired a significant number of the prosecutors. It all started within days of taking office last January, when Boudin fired six prosecutors, including the managing attorney for the District Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit, in what was called the “Friday Night Massacre.”

The Globe understands that Boudin is also bullying crime victims into dropping charges in the name of “restorative justice.”

Montoya said Boudin was also using his office to get his father released from prison. “It’s just the latest example of his ‘criminals first’ policies.”

Boudin’s parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert are convicted terrorists in the Weather Underground, who murdered two police officers and a security guard during a 1981 robbery of a Brinks armored security car outside New York City. His father remains in prison, and his mother is an assistant professor at Columbia.

“He’s smooth,” Montoya said. “He claims his heart goes out to the families of victims,” but Montoya said Boudin’s actions say otherwise.

A glaring example is the deadly shooting of a 6-year-old boy who was killed while watching July 4th fireworks in the Bayview neighborhood. “Boudin said ‘there’s nothing we can do to bring him back.'”

“We wonder who’s next,” Montoya said. “But public officials are burying their heads in the sand, more concerned with optics. It’s very disheartening.”

San Francisco crime statistics are up, Montoya says. “They’ve surpassed 50 homicides this year… maybe 54 or 55.” And now with the two New Years Eve killings, Montoya says “these two women, these are homicides.”

“Nancy Pelosi’s vandalized garage got more press than these killings,” Montoya said. “And it directed more police resources too.”

As the Globe asked in 2019 when Boudin was elected, “How does a radical leftist activist lawyer, raised in Chicago by Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, get elected to San Francisco District Attorney?”

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13 thoughts on “DA Chesa Boudin’s Deadly ‘Criminals First’ Policies

  1. God Bless the families of these two innocent victims! I sure hope they get a good attorney and sue the DA and the city. Just a shame that two productive, law abiding citizens were killed at the hands of a free felon with multiple arrests. This was 100 percent preventable. San Francsisco has always been a big attraction for homeless and drug addicts, now it is also a safe place for criminals, felons. This is the day when criminals have more rights than law abiding citizens. San Francisco is history, too unsafe to attract tourists, long time residents are leaving, and those who used to travel in for a weekend of fine dining/shopping is no longer desired. All under Gavin Newsom’s watch. I’d like to ask what criteria this felon met to be considered for “intervention” and released from jail ? If the cops had needed to use force to detain this killer, it would have made the news only because of police behavior and skin color, not because of the horrific crime. Praying for these families.

  2. It’s a psyop folks. Boudin is CIA, and they’re putting on a show. The chatter I’ve been getting is the national security state is planning an extended blackout in California (a “Dark Winter”) so reducing jail and prison population in advance will reduce some of the collateral damage. If the SFPOA was serious about criticizing Boudin, they would push for an investigation of the 1971 Park Station bombing attributed to the Weather Underground – but they don’t. Why – because they’re IN ON IT. It’s the classic frenemy deception and straw man technique. The SFPD just got its crony mandate taken out of the city charter from the staged 1993 101 California Street killing (which passed the National Crime Bill gravy) so they’re buzzing up a scandal so they don’t have their numbers cut.

  3. Another tragedy another family will never be the same again due to the release of another criminal. Thanks to Chesa’s new way of giving criminals leancy another 2 innocent victims have died just like my Uncle Ed French on Twin Peaks. Chesa thanks for nothing you have turned my home San Francisco into a home for criminals and the innocent now prey. You’re distroying it, please go somewhere else.

  4. It was to be expected. A son of criminals becomes a DA prosecutor. Why? Do your kids rebel against you? If yes, that’s why Cheesy Boudin rebelled against his parents and became a DA. However, guilt ridden, no son likes his parents to go to jail, Cheesy is now fighting against his own unconscious guilty part that he blames himself for which puts his parents into jail. Really? Cheesy is not a mature man, and in effect most men and women are not mature, so yes, but it’s unfortunate how many victims the delayed onset of true maturity causes.

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