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California State Governor Gavin Newsom before a meeting in Sacramento, CA, May 31, 2020. (Photo: Matt Gush/Shutterstock)

Gov. Gavin Newsom – A Tinhorn Dictatorship

California is not ‘a font of freedom’

By Ray Haynes, July 6, 2022 3:30 pm

One of the most frightening things I ever saw occurred in April of 2020.  Gavin Newsom had just declared a “public health emergency,” seized “emergency” powers, and bureaucrats were running through the city in which I lived in “red-tagging” small businesses, basically ordering them to shut down. If I wanted to go to the grocery or hardware store, I had to wait in line, wear a mask, and stand at least six feet away from everybody, by government order. Tens of thousands of people lost their jobs, children were kicked out of school, government workers received their full pay without ever showing up to their jobs, but nongovernment workers were forced to apply for meager public assistance, churches were shuttered, small businesses collapsed across the state, all because of the exercise of tyrannical government power by California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom was the first Governor in the country to declare this emergency, install himself as a virtual dictator by seizing this unilateral power, and completely ignore the democratic process. This is ironic now since he is advertising in Florida that, if Floridians want freedom, they should come to California.

Floridians know better. From March of 2020 through December of 2021, I was in Florida as least a dozen times. It was “Free America.” Businesses thrived, people kept their jobs, one could go to church without worry of police intervention. Even better, streets were clean, that is, not cluttered with homeless tents and trash. Crime was down, that is, businesses were not threatened with “smash and grab” criminals. The economy was booming, and taxes were low. It was a breath of fresh air for this Californian.

In California, we know that there is something seriously wrong. Our schools are falling apart, our houses cost too much, the price of gasoline is out of control, our city streets are cluttered with the trash and feces of drug addicts and the mentally ill, our freeways are overcrowded, and we are running out of electricity and water. The government is letting our worst criminals out of prison, and those criminals are terrorizing the law-abiding citizens. Yet our Governor is running around buying commercials in Florida, attacking, and criminalizing, the behavior of law-abiding citizens (like churches and gun owners), and promising California will be a sanctuary for illegal aliens and abortions.

That is how dictators keep their power. First, they use an emergency to seize power and eliminate freedom. They then use every excuse they can think of to distract people from the real problems facing them and creating false scenarios to allow the dictator to harass and arrest those who disagree with them.

California makes around sixty-five cents in taxes from every gallon of gas (by contrast, oil companies and gas stations make about forty cents of that same gallon of gas), yet when called upon to reduce those taxes, Newsom said no and instead raised the taxes on working class Californians. He had no problem, however, giving government workers huge bonuses, significant raises, and yesterday a “tax credit” for the union dues they pay.

He increased your taxes and cut the taxes of the government workers. Why? Because government worker unions give him millions of dollars every year to keep him and his Democrat minions in power. You, on the other hand, just pay the bill.

As of this date, Newsom has never given up the power he seized in March of 2019.  Working Californians have been faced with crushing government controls, taxes, regulations, but he has pursued an endless string of issues and press conferences focused more on political posturing and pandering than on actually solving the problems of working-class Californians, just like the 20th Century dictators. And, as an example of his arrogance, he recently took a vacation in Montana, a state he has placed on the list of states banned from state travel. “Regulations and controls for thee, but not for me,” is his arrogant approach to governing.

He is a dictator in every sense of the word, or as I have called him, an “Arrogant Lazy Authoritarian.” Yet his shills in the mainstream media compliment him on his “aggressive pursuit of Democrat values” rather than his real policy failures. California is not, as Newsom claims in his commercials, a font of freedom. It is rather a tinhorn dictatorship, ruled by government fiat that destroys the life and freedom of its residents.  Floridians know that, and that is why Newsom’s commercials are a joke.


This article has been updated to correct the date of April 2019 to April 2020. 

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14 thoughts on “Gov. Gavin Newsom – A Tinhorn Dictatorship

    You nailed it. Newsom is the absolute worst Governor of California in my lifetime.
    Yes, worse than Gray Davis!

  2. Ray Haynes is great! Always enjoy reading his stuff. This was another good, satisfying one about our own CA dictator. Would love to see more of Ray Haynes here at The Globe.

  3. Newsom is a dictator, that was selected and installed through corrupt elections. Newsom will be California’s next Governor as we do not have free and fair elections.

  4. If it started in 2019 then there are a lot of dead people and inmates that are owed another year of EDD money…..LOL.
    Great article though.
    I traveled out of state all through 2020 – 2022 and it was very clear that California was just putting off the inevitable spread of the virus while driving the ‘new normal’ of devastation deep into Californians backs.
    I would get very depressed when returning to California.
    I plan to get out just as soon as possible.

  5. Great article, but each instance of 2019 should be changed to 2020

    We were still SOMEWHAT free in 2019… The Young Global Leaders. (Bill Gates “of Hell” included) and the World Economic Forum had not launched their Communist takeover with their Wuhan virus yet…

    1. Want proof?
      Look at the actions of Newsom, Trudeau, Ahern… All disciples of Klaus Schwab and the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum…
      At least the Georgia Guidestones have been toppled…
      When do we topple the WEF, the WHO and all other “globalist” NGO’s that wish to enslave us???

  6. One of the biggest frauds perpetuated by Newsom and the vast majority of our elected representatives is that our water shortage is the result of drought. Not true. This is a manmade drought, and it is fixable. CA has ample water, but half the state’s water flows to the ocean and there is ongoing resistance to adding to the extensive water infrastructure that in prior decades stored enough water that we barely noticed drought years.

    We used to store water for up to 5 years of drought. Now we have a shortage with stored water already used, and we must question if that water has been used wisely and wonder where our additional water storage is that we voted for in 2014. (They haven’t even broken ground yet. And no additional storage built by the state is even under consideration.) Meanwhile, our “leaders” focus on reducing the human use of water – which does not create any new water stored – while funding and supporting increasing use of “environmental use” of our water with no accountability on if those projects to Save X are even working. Many are not, based on their own stats for saving fish. Yet the water and taxpayer funding continues to flow. Human use of water is closely monitored. “Environmental use” of our water is not monitored or justified by demonstrating successful effort. Our “leaders” are allowing waste of our limited water supply while not pushing for increasing that water supply.

    This is triggering even more problems for humans, by shorting or even denying water to Agriculture. Water is needed to grow food, so our farmers are producing less and less. There is even a plan to intentionally reduce the number of acres where crops are produced, blaming agricultural use of water as being too much even when the farmers get almost no surface water because the environmental projects have taken it for some project. So we are facing both water scarcity and food scarcity … and a manmade economic crisis.

    The actions of many of our elected “leaders” are driving up the cost of food and contributing to the food shortage, and in the process the Ag industry is taking a major hit financially and that is crippling the related economy, including entire communities.

    The most basic solution has always been to add to the water storage infrastructure. A generation ago there were planners who laid out what to do as the population grew, but the plan for more water storage was not followed … and we see the results. Environment projects get funded and expedited, but new water storage does not. The priorities of our “leaders” are not to the advantage of the CA residents. The “environmental” groups that keep wanting more water are also the ones putting up road blocks to adding more water storage. We need better balance in water distribution. And we need more of our state’s water captured and stored.

    We do need a cleaner environment, but humans also need adequate water and affordable food to survive. We need to elect new leaders who will act on actual problem solving that has better balance.

    Some excellent sources for information on the manmade water crisis and how to fix the problem include:
    * Facebook Group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/CaliforniaWaterForFoodMovement
    * 15 chapters that cover the history, the solutions – The Abundance Choice: Our Fight for More Water in California, by Edward Ring
    * An interview with Darcy Burke … Is California’s Water Crisis Man-Made? https://youtu.be/D6GKOnatfVU

    CA voters need to understand that our current path is not sustainable. And because the vast CA Ag region is the most productive in the country and feeds much of the country and the world, the inexplicable decisions made in CA to intentionally reduce food production will be impacting the country and the world.

  7. And one of the first things that dictators do , when they seize power, is to restrict or take away people’s guns.

  8. Brother you are totally right, Newsom is a dictator, just like Canada’s Justin Trudeau. Worst thing is, Newsom probably doesn’t even realize that, or maybe he does but he doesn’t care. Instead of fixing the problems with crime, homeless, gas and home prices, etc, he and his left wing idiots focus way too much on social justice issues, and definitely punishing gun owners. He claims he isn’t against gun owners well guess what, he’s lying. He’s basically saying to law abiding people “You can’t be trusted, no matter what.” Here’s my worst case scenario, recently people have been talking about secession from the US, at first Newsom was against that, but now he’s starting to reconsider. There not a doubt in my mind, that if they do secede in the near future, then the dictatorship and issues are gonna get far worse, hell California would end up being a Communist Dictatorship like Cuba, China, or the former Soviet Union, and Newsom would be the next Fidel Castro.

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