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Gov. Gavin Newsom at Lopez Lake Reservoir on July 8, 2021. (Photo: CA.Gov video)

Gov. Newsom Asks Californians To Reduce Water Usage By 15% To Help Combat Drought

‘They’re ignoring the people, ignoring farms, and wrecking our future just to save a few fish’

By Evan Symon, July 8, 2021 9:37 pm

California Governor Gavin Newsom made an announcement in San Luis Obispo County Thursday, asking all Californians to reduce water usage by 15% to help combat the state’s drought crisis.

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The drought, caused largely by rising temperatures, a drastically limited amount of Sierra snowpack meltwater feeding steams and reservoirs and about half of all stored water going to environmental purposes, such as keeping up stream levels for endangered fish, has already caused an emergency proclamation in 41 out of the 58 counties in the state and led to thousands of farms to be denied water so far this year. The 2021 drought has already been labeled as the worst drought in California since 1977, with many experts expecting it to surpass those levels very soon.

As a result of worsening conditions, Governor Newsom added nine more counties to the emergency drought declaration, including the counties of Inyo, Marin, Mono, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara. Only a few counties, mainly Southern Californian counties such as Los Angeles and San Diego, remain off the declaration, largely due to employing water transportation strategies and not solely relying on reservoir systems since the early 1900’s to ensure a steady supply of water to the area.

The 15% that Newsom is asking for is strictly voluntary, although mandatory restrictions, such as those employed by then-Governor Jerry Brown during the last drought in 2015, may come back if not enough Californians agree to reduce water usage.

“This is jaw-dropping, what’s happening in the West Coast of the United States,” said Newsom Thursday at a speech at the Lopez Lake reservoir in San Luis Obispo County. “We have conservation as a way of life as it relates to more effective use and utilization and distribution of water resources. However, conditions are such they continue to devolve and as a consequence today, we are doing what we had signaled was likely to happen.

“We are encouraging people to do common sense things.”

A worsening drought in most of California

While urban water usage is down by 16% compared to previous water usage levels in the mid-2010’s drought largely due to holdover measures stemming from that drought, experts have said that more is needed, spurring Newsom to ask for more reductions.

“What we didn’t understand was we had this deepening and intensifying drought underground,” said the director of the California Department of Water Resources Karla Nemeth in a statement on Thursday. “It really is the speed at which the compounding effects of climate change in soil moisture and ambient temperatures have made this drought a very different kind of drought. It’s no longer a slow-moving train wreck.”

However, many farming groups, whose members have already had crops decimated, if not outright ended, this year, have pointed to a single culprit.

“This is one problem where it’s hard to solely blame someone like Newsom,” explained Dee Wilkerson, a farmer in the Central Valley to the Globe on Thursday. “It’s giving so much water to fish. They’re ignoring the people, ignoring farms, and even ignoring other parts of the environment that need water. Instead they’re putting it to save fish like the Delta Smelt and salmon. They’re wrecking our future just to save a few fish. This is intolerable.

“It’s a hard decision, but ask anyone out here, and they’ll say sacrifice the fish to save the people. At least rational people think that way. As soon as someone says “public trust resources” they should not be paid any attention to. We’re in crisis mode and we need a hard decision on this. No more half measures. I know LA and San Francisco and other areas have more precedence too, especially with the recall coming up and Newsom not wanting to lose a lot of people with water emergencies, but farms are literally dying here. Crops are being dug up. We need it”

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Evan Symon
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27 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Asks Californians To Reduce Water Usage By 15% To Help Combat Drought

  1. QUIT EMPTYING THE FRIGGIN RESERVOIRS and we MIGHT be more amenable to considering it!!!

    This state is run by absolute MORONS…or driven by Cloward-Piven Agenda 21 Communists hell-bent on making the state unlivable…

    1. I’ll bet this policy started under Jesuit Jerry Brown’s special brand of “leadership”…
      Known for his ascetic preferences, and “less is more” philosophy, he probably figured that if he made life miserable and expensive enough, he could drive enough people out of the state to acquire more land for his own interests…
      The whole “save the fish” ruse was just convenient cover for his plans, much like the Covid hysteria was used to destabilize the economy and voting procedures to enable the Democrats and their Chinese funders and overlords steal the Presidency to install Biden the compliant puppet, who’s on the CCP payroll…

      Some of the more aggressive tinfoil hat theorists out there have postulated that this might be tied to a long game, where the CCP army invades to acquire the farmland in order
      to feed all those billions of citizens….
      Makes one wonder, because it makes zero sense otherwise…

      1. Invades, or BUYS for pennies on the dollar, perhaps…once the landowners are driven to economic collapse…

        Regardless, something nefarious is afoot in this nation….

        And it all comes from the same source…

  2. My response to Newsom’s “Reduce Water Usage By 15% To Help Combat Drought” :
    No. You caused the water shortage, you make the sacrifices. Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass when you’re recalled.

      1. Thanks John… I am furious about this topic and the complete mismanagement of one resource that is required to SUSTAIN LIFE anywhere, especially in an arid Mediterranean climate like California’s…

        Let’s not forget that this was CODIFIED by “Jesuit Jerry Clown, er BROWN with his capricious 55 gallon per day law in 2018 :

        We gotta plug the holes in the Dominion systems, cuz the Democrats have rigged the system for keeps… Our recall won’t work if the same backdoors are open & available in September….

    1. CriticalDfence9, I agree. But don’t expect a quick fix, if someone like Kiley is able to oust Newsom. The special-interest swamp is thick in Sacramento. Worst case is Newsom stays in. The mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting and voting machines are Gavin’s insurance policy along with his emergency edicts. All he needs is an excuse like Delta-variant virus. Then he can shut down state and local government offices making it almost impossible for in-person voting and having partisan observers. I’m with you but it will be a long uphill battle of attrition to make changes in Sacramento.

    2. Heres the link to the PDF’s that document the potential security exploits that were identified and some swept under the rug on the SOS website….
      The main URL has links to many more PDF’s for the suite of DVS’s


      Dominion Democracy Suite 5.2 –
      Consultants Security and Telecommunications Report PDF

      Bottom line : it appears that DVS themselves did not perform voting fraud themselves, but rather their systems have override features or potential internal control weakness capabilities that can be manipulated by unethical operators… And we all know which party mostly controls the State of California… Hint : It ain’t the Republicans or the Libertarians…

  3. I am so tired of this idiot asking Californians to sacrifice everything. I am still bitter over the “2 weeks to slow the spread” that turned into 16 months. When will he step up to the plate and do something for the good of California? Answer is NEVER. He doesn’t listen to what the people want. Please help educate people around you about the recall election. It’s just not about voting him out. Those interested Kevin Kiley will be holding a campaign kickoff this Saturday at the state capital.

    1. You’re not kidding, Stacy —– we are still reeling in my house and trying to get our bearings from the push-me-pull-you, sadistic, arbitrary, endless and unnecessary jerking around we received at the hands of this arrogant, puffed-up, narcissistic, horse’s ass over 16 months and still believe it was all done ON PURPOSE.

      And I’m sorry but everyone should look back and realize that the Gov’s initial announcement in March 2020 was surely meant to imply — because so many MANY people I knew understood it that way — that half the population of CA would die if we didn’t ‘flatten the curve’ for two weeks. This was meant to scare the bleep out of everyone and prepare them to be brainwashed and obey everything that was told to them thereafter.

      All’s not forgiven, Gavin, especially because you never let up over 16 months (and it continues) and messed with people and their businesses and their life savings and their children and their families and friends and their property and their peace of mind and their ability to work and plan a future and move freely and pursue happiness. Sorry, Gavin, but we’re still holding a grudge for what you did to all Californians, even the ones who inexplicably supported you in the first place. And you are holding on to your “Emergency Powers” because…….? We’re all waiting to hear WHY you still need Emergency Powers. Well…?
      Vote the Recall. And keep Kevin Kiley in mind to vote in as replacement.

  4. You said it Stacy. 2 weeks to slow the spread turned into 16 months of senseless and arbitrary lockdowns and now it looks like they are working on making people prove their covid vaccination status in yet another attempt to coerce and control the population. The only way for Californians to get out of this mess is to vote – vote the recall – vote in every election, in person, vote for sanity.

  5. California is 1/4 of the country’s food supply. Where are the reservoirs built to protect against these natural drought years? Where are the de-salination plants? Leadership lead by the democrats, is non-existent in this state. It cares nothing for the citizens they supposedly represent.

  6. I simply don’t believe ANYTHING Newsom says. He utterly screwed up the response to the Chinese flu. Let’s not worry about fish, let’s worry about people and farms. Recall Newsom. Our state and our well-being depends on it.

  7. If NO ONE trusts or believes Gavin Newsom at this point he has only himself to blame.
    God help us if some REAL emergency or natural disaster were to befall us now — apart, that is, from govt-created fires 24/7/365, water shortages, skyrocketing crime, mayhem in the city streets, dangerous power outages, shocking and sudden cost-of-living increases, and the list goes on. And on.

  8. Now he is asking us to reduce our water by 15%. Gavin Newsom’s biggest campaign donor continues to use 120 BILLION gallons a year. (Hint – Four letters starting with a F ) Enough to supply all the residences of Los Angeles and SFO. Also, Gavin has been draining our resovoires and the water is going directly to the oceans to appease the environmentalist.

  9. Has anyone done a lawn check on Noisome’s house? Are they dry as a bone like most peoples or are they a lush green? Does anyone have to guess which one it is?

    1. You do know the state has cut off100% of irrigation water to a lot of farmers? Let me guess, you think food comes from the grocery store, not farmers. Stop eating if you do not support farmers.

    2. Comrade
      True believers pick the winners and hapless losers….while some fear damnation to hell….remember, Jesus provided unlimited fine wine at the Wedding Feast at Cana…..not cut backs…. just winners


  10. He is cut from the same bolt as his Aunt Nancy (Pelosi). Look at her ridiculous rules. Half the congress is required to wear masks. The other half isn’t. ????

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