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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: screen capture governor's video press conference)

Gov. Newsom: Coronavirus Is ‘Opportunity for Reimagining a More Progressive Era’

‘We are at a completely different place than the state of New York’

By Katy Grimes, April 1, 2020 3:05 pm

Thursday will be two weeks since California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued his March 19th mandatory shelter-at-home order to the state’s 40 million residents. Since then, he predicted his order could extend into June.

Gov. Newsom has been giving live daily video press updates on the state’s ongoing medical response and preparation for COVID-19 in the state.

Wednesday he said the state is working to acquire 66,000 hospital beds “toward the end of May,” but the state needs ventilators to go with the beds, he said. He said his more immediate goal is 25,000-30,000 beds and ventilators.

The governor discussed the formation of the California Health Corps, an initiative designed to gather all healthcare workers in the state to help treat an expected upturn of COVID-19 coronavirus patients. He said 34,000 individuals have registered in his Health Corps.

Capitol news reporters are not allowed to attend the governor’s press briefings because of Coronavirus and the need for social distancing, so reporters call in with questions.

A reporter with Bloomberg News asked Gov. Newsom: “Do you see the potential, as many others in the Party do, for a new progressive era and opportunity for additional progressive steps?” (video at 51:45)

The governor admittedly gave a long-winded answer which culminated in, “yes,” admitting there is political opportunity born out of the pandemic. “There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,” Gov. Newsom said. “So yes, absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”

Thus far, according to the California Department of Public Health, the numbers of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in California are:

  • 6,932 total cases
  • 1,617 in the hospital
  • 657 in ICU
  • 3,439 “suspected” of having coronavirus
  • 602 “suspected” to be in ICU
  • 150 total deaths – Newsom said Wednesday that number is now 171 deaths.
California Department of Public Health Coronavirus numbers. (Photo: screen capture CA Dept. Pub. Health)

Another reporter calling in to the press conference asked Gov. Newsom about how New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is handling his state’s coronavirus outbreak. “We’re not waiting around for others,” Newsom said. “We are at a completely different place than the state of New York.”

However, as California Globe reported this week, “Gov. Newsom claims 56 percent of the population will get the coronavirus. This is apparently based on a death rate of 3.5 percent out of all persons diagnosed with the disease in one county (Santa Clara County). The actual death rate in the entire state is, 0.003%, reflecting 3 out of every million, or 11,666 times less than forecasted.  If California and New York are exaggerating coronavirus incidence and death rates, should the reported statistics even be trusted?”

New York has a population of 19 million. There are 1,000 confirmed deaths and 41,000 confirmed coronavirus cases. The New York Department of Public Health reports the State has tested 220,880 individuals, with 15,694 new people tested Tuesday, March 31, but does not break out how many patients are actually in the hospital and the ICU, or are “suspected” cases.

California, with a population of 40 million, has 150-171 confirmed deaths to date, and nearly 7,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, broken down above.

“The whole point is to buy more time – to flatten the curve,” Gov. Newsom added.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

“More than 1,800 people with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 respiratory illness are hospitalized. Roughly 774 are in intensive care, Newsom said Wednesday.” (Emphasis sacbee.com)

“County data shows more than 150 people have died.”

Actual county data shows 9 Sacramento County residents have died. The 150 dead is statewide.

According to the California Department of Public Health, the statewide seasonal flu numbers this year are still higher:

  • Deaths: 658* since Sept. 29, 2019
  • Outbreaks: 150 since Sept. 29, 2019
  • Laboratory: 20.0% flu positive
  • Outpatient ILI: Above expected levels
  • Hospitalizations: Above expected levels


California Department of Public Health seasonal flu numbers. (Photo: screen capture CA Dept. Pub. Health)

The Center for Disease Control reports the seasonal flu 2019-2020 national the numbers:

  • 38,000,000 – 54,000,000 flu illnesses
  • 18,000,000 -26,000,000 flu medical visits
  • 400,000 – 730,000 flu hospitalizations
  • 24,000 – 62,000 flu deaths
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61 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom: Coronavirus Is ‘Opportunity for Reimagining a More Progressive Era’

  1. When is open border Democrat Gov. Newsom going to invite members of the press (and the public) to his live daily video press updates so they may question him? Gov. Newsom seems to be dictating like an isolated dictator?

  2. The truth is clearly there, but is seems to fall on deaf ears in our zombie republic! A really good point that has been being recently mentioned in these “Death” statistics is: Of corona deaths, how many died WITH covid as opposed to FROM covid? The Answer will be substantially low, for many of the dying are already severely compromised with other ailments.
    One more thing few talk about: 1. Who developed the Covid test, and what (at least two) independent research facilities have verified its effectiveness and frequency of false positives, and if it marks all corona species or just covid-19? 2. If we just started testing for it… how can it ever be known if the virus was present in mankind for centuries? Thus, testing “positive” becomes nearly irrelevant. ( for example: 1 out of every 3 human beings test positive for TB!!)
    There is Far too Much hasty generalization coming from supposed “Experts” (a word which now nauseates me… For the Church of 1600s looked to their Cardinal as the “Expert” and imprisoned Galileo as the FOOL, who was “foolish and absurd in philosophy…”).
    It is common sense that when you start looking for something “New” and every day more and more people are looking for that “New” thing, that amazingly, the “new” thing appears “exponentially”!
    All of this known could make the virus practically benign and a gnat next to our normal flu! Which then makes all of these governors subversive traitors guilty of severe abuse of power, and needing removed immediately.
    … One last thing… these hospital beds that they are pushing all over the nation are ICU beds with a price tag of up to 40K a piece! and the “need for ICU” rooms… they bill out at 10k per day, BUT what people forget is the cost to build the room around that bed which can be over several hundred thousand dollars! Someone needs to research the contractors involved in pushing this Racket! 😉 Keep up the Good Fight Mrs Grimes!

    1. My thoughts exactly. Thanks for putting it out there. As I say in these things FOLLOW THE MONEY! How did we have billions one week and in debt the next? Still dishing it out with frivolous spending. I feel doomed.

  3. Kind of amazed Newsom said out loud in public that he wants to go full “progressive” (Communist) in California, even though of course we already knew that without him saying so.

    On the bright side, though, it’s a good thing that more people — with the extra time they now have from being locked down — will be able to see what this guy is really all about. That he’s not just annoying, but that what he wants is scary. These days of life with corona virus and lock down will look like halcyon days compared to what he wants for your future.

  4. Influenza is not a disease. Chinese Flu is not a disease – it’s a bioweapon. If this idiotic tool doesn’t acknowledge that, then he needs to be sent home to his Chinese masters.

  5. By the way, this is another example of how valuable Katy Grimes’ reporting is for Californians. She isolated Newsom’s statement about his “progressive” intentions from all the cliches, jargon, and nonsense-talk of an over-long press conference (that I’ll bet even his most ardent supporters didn’t listen to), posted the video, and wrote an article about it, which was then picked up by Breitbart News. Thus Newsom’s statement became national news and has been widely reported throughout the U.S. This is what happened as best I can tell and it looks like it wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

    It’s important that the rest of the country knows what the California Governor is actually up to during this time, and in my opinion — as much as I wish it weren’t so — it sure as heck isn’t about protecting the state’s citizens from a “pandemic.”

  6. 66,000 beds needed? For what? California only has 7,000 cases and less than 2,000 in the hospital. Uhhh I’m not a mathematician but I think have a remainder of around 64,000 beds.

  7. Thank u governor for having the foresight to protect your citizens. If every state as California did in locking down we would not have as serious a situation as we have now. If we are patient we can contain this thing. Better to wait a few extra months than to have a second wave of the disease that could be far worst than the first one. I think that encouraging more technology to make it easier for all would be good. As far as being progressive it is time that we did something about the horrendous income inequality we have, and healthcare being unequal for many, and many dying due not being able afford the premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. If that is the way u are progressive, count me in Medicare for All!

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